@2000 Marguerite Laurent; Windows on Haiti special edition

A dramatic memoir by Marguerite Laurent, Esq., based on her experience in Haiti in 1995. This theatrical piece is a segment of a larger work, Kenbe La: Crossings Of A Vodun-Roots Woman that tells the story of a young Haitian-American lawyer who, bolstered by her success in America, goes to Haiti, believing (naively, at first) that she has the power to bring positive change to her ancestors’ complex and tormented island.

a) Much like here

b) Bwa Kayiman

c) Maroon lineage

d) Scattered seeds

e) Vodun Woman

f) Unifying ourselves

g) Journeys of S&M

h) Breaking Chains

i) Rolling on

j) Beyond 2004

k) In the distance

l) Self-Defense

@2000 Marguerite Laurent.

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