Our 1998-2002 Guests

Ralph Reid
Email: rafreid-at-yahoo.com
Date: Monday, December 23, 2002

Sak pase Guy,

Windows on Haiti... se sa nèt!
I have been following your web site for a long time. Back in the days, when I ran the original UHHP from Los Angeles - I know what it takes to maintain a Haiti related web site: long hours, dedication and a true love of Haiti and fellow Haitians -

Wishing you the best and continued success.

Ralph Reid

Claire S. Michel
Email: julianne101-at-hotmail.com
Location: Philadelphia, PA
Occupation: Student
Date: Monday, December 23, 2002

Hey to all my powerful Haitian brothers and sisters: I want you to know that Jesus is Lord. If you believe and confess with your heart that He is Lord you will receive Eternal Life. He came for those who needed Him and He will accept you just as you are. In Isiah it states that there is no condemnation to those who accept Jesus.

Ricardeau Scutt
Email: rscutt-at-msn.com
Location: Philadelphia, PA
Occupation: Student
Date: Sunday, December 22, 2002

M kontan paske genyen yon sit ayisyen kote m ka pale.

Diana Irigoyen
Email: diana_irigoyen-at-hotmail.com
Location: Vancouver, British Columbia
Occupation: Nurse
Date: Thursday, December 19, 2002

I lived in Port-au-Prince in 1974-1977 and till this day I miss the people, the peacefulness of their existence. I also love the food, specially LAMBI...

Samuel Hinojosa
Email: shreck_01-at-hotmail.com
Location: Barquisimetro, Colombia
Date: Thursday, December 19, 2002

¡Felicidades en tu cumpleaños, Haiti!

Gonzales Ricardo Joseph
Email: Gonzo_da_7don-at-hotmail.com
Date: Tuesday, December 17, 2002

Gee! I don't even know where to start but I do know where I will finish though! For the last 7 years I've been looking for a website such as this, paying tribute to HAITI in such manner and could not find it. I tried building one myself but my resources were limited. I am overwhelmed with happiness over your website that I cannot go to sleep. Thank you and God bless you. If there were 1000 more Haitians like you and myself then maybe, just maybe, Haiti would no longer be considered a 3rd world country of poverty and misery. Let the revolution of 2004 begin, and so make our ancestors proud and so that they know that their blood was not shed in vain.

Rose Tuffet
Email: raeniquah-at-meet-u.com
Location: Miami, USA
Occupation: student at University
Date: Monday, December 16, 2002

Congrats!! it's amazing!

Smith J. Georges
Email: hebc99-at-yahoo.com
Location: Stamford, CT
Occupation: College Student
Date: Friday, December 13, 2002

I have been reading and learning from this site as soon as I found it, it's like a hidden treasure for me that I look at from time to time to see if it's there.

Mike Cadet
Email: mikecadet-at-hotmail.com
Location: melbourne, florida
Occupation: sales
Date: Friday, December 13, 2002

Just that I am proud to call myself Haitian. Though I have been in the States for many many years my heart aches for my country. My prayer is to be there in 2004. 200yrs of freedom.

Jack Joseph
Email: tipouchon10-at-hotmail.com
Location: Concord, United States
Date: Friday, December 13, 2002

sak pase? I am just writing to say that I am praying for everyone. I would like to know what is going on in Ayiti right now. I am very concerned for the entire country. Please feel free to send me email. Bondye beni-ou.

Prudencio Logorio
Email: prl-at-blessmail.com
Location: San Antonio, Texas
Occupation: estudiante
Date: Thursday, December 12, 2002

¡Buena pagina, es estimulante!

Islande Charlemagne
Email: ms_charlemagne-at-hotmail.com
Location: Stockholm, Sweden
Occupation: Student
Date: Wednesday, December 11, 2002

I would like to say that your website is great with lots of information about haiti. You are doing a good job,keep up with the good work of our beautiful Haiti.

Jessica Ligonde
Email: volleyballbabe4life2003-at-yahoo.com
Location: New York, New York
Occupation: Student
Date: Wednesday, December 11, 2002

Hi! My name is Jessica Ligonde. I'm 14. I was born in America (New York, New York). My family background is Haitian and I really just wanna know if you guys can give me updates on how Haiti is doing. I would really be happy if you do. If you guys can't do that, it would be ok. Well, thanks for your time. Thank you and God bless. Good night.

MarieJose Dorvilier
Email: mjd1982-at-blackplanet.com
Location: Washington D.C, D.C
Occupation: Howard Univesity Student
Date: Tuesday, December 10, 2002

I'm a 20 year old Haitian female, born in the U.S; and every free time I like to learn more about my culture. So I really appreciate a web site that embraces their culture. Keep it going!!!

Patrick Bryson
Email: pdbryson-at-yahoo.com
Location: Portland, Oregon
Occupation: Law Student
Date: Saturday, December 7, 2002

I was a Peace Corps volunteer in Aquin, Haiti. Haiti is an amazing country with great potential and a dynamic population. Se yon pay ki te tretem byen pandan m te viv ladan'l... mesi. With benevolent leadership Haiti can become a vibrant, one-of-a-kind tourist destination.

Jean Max Cadet
Email: jeanmaxc-at-onebox.com
Location: silver spring, maryland
Occupation: waiter - journalist
Date: Tuesday, December 3, 2002

Sa se youn vrè windows = sa yo rele rido-a. Gras a ou mwen konn tout sa kap pase Ayiti e menm nan Washington DC.

Mèsi mèsi mèsi anpil.

Email: b_naddy-at-hotmail.com
Location: Silver Spring, MD
Occupation: college student
Date: Tuesday, December 3, 2002

Aa a Haitian teenager, I am really proud of my culture despite what's going on in Haiti. My only hope is to pray for Haiti. I am also very happy to see more info on Haiti through this site.

Sondra Weiss
Email: sondraweiss-at-yahoo.com
Location: Columbia, SC
Occupation: Coordinator Community Service Programs
Date: Tuesday, December 3, 2002

I am a returned Peace Corps Volunteer that served in Haiti from April 1998 until January 2001.

Leo Darbouze (Rojas)
Email: LeoRojas1-at-yahoo.com
Location: Brooklyn, New York
Occupation: Physician Assistant
Date: Tuesday, December 3, 2002

I would like to comend you on a wonderful site. Keep up the good work. I am currently in search of my biological father who is Haitian, The only thing I know about him is that his last name is Darbouze. If there is anyone out there with information on the Darbouze last name please feel free to e-mail me, I will respond immediately. Thank you very much and keep up the excellent work.

God Bless Haiti and all my Haitian Brothers and Sisters.

David & Shirley Barbee
Email: dbarbee-at-always-online.com
Location: Vanceboro, N.C.
Occupation: Retired Missionaries
Date: Friday, November 29, 2002

We spent two years in Haiti, operating RADIO SELECT FM, on Mount Refuge. Two of the friends we remember are John Hanson and John Bowers. If either of you receive this, please reply... God Bless, David and Shirley

Nadege Damys
Location: Naples, FL
Occupation: Housewife
Date: Thursday, November 28, 2002

Hi Guy! It just happened, while I was surfing through the net, I typed this address by mistake, but believe it or not I enjoyed every single minute of it. KEEP UP the good WORK!

Marianela Medrano
Email: Marianelamed-at-aol.com
Location: New Milford, CT
Occupation: writer/social worker
Date: Friday, November 15, 2002

Thank you for this marvelous window to hope! Gracias por esta ventana a la esperanza. Keep up the good work!

Esperanta Civil
Email: esperantac-at-yahoo.com
Location: Spring Valley, New York
Occupation: college student
Date: Thursday, November 14, 2002

J'aime beaucoup ce site. Kenbe bon travay la.

Matt Greenwood
Email: steevesommet-at-yahoo.fr
Location: Mountlake Terrace, Washington
Occupation: student
Date: Friday, November 8, 2002

I am really exited to write you guys. I am Matt Greenwood and I am an American. My friend Evens Josma told me so many good stuff about Haiti I can't wait to come and see with my eyes. He told me about the political situation too but I am not afraid of that. Evens is one of the most passionate people I have ever met, he loves his contry more than anything else and he wants to go back to Haiti so he can serve his people, that is how he call the Haitian people.I will be in Haiti soon with him on a mission trip. I feel like I am as much Haitian as I am American now.

God bless Haiti.

Jean Claude Castor
Email: JCAS2J-at-AOL.COM
Location: NYC, Queens
Occupation: social worker
Date: Monday, November 4, 2002

Sa fè lontan mwen tap chèche yon fowòm pou'm pataje lide sou peyi DAYITI, mwen kontan opòtinite sa.

Ketty Dorga
Email: kdorga-at-ptd.net
Location: East Stroudsburg, PA
Occupation: RN
Date: Saturday, November 2, 2002

I'm so happy to finally view a website that satisfies my thirst and hunger for the real, true Haitian History.

Terry McGraw
Email: terry.mcgraw-at-us.army.mil
Location: Burke, Va
Occupation: Army
Date: Saturday, November 2, 2002

It still breaks my heart to see what Haiti has become. I wish with all my heart that the Haitian people could resurrect what was once such a beautiful country. I made a website about my experiences there. It is not all favorable I am afraid. http://angelfire.com/ia/TerryinHaiti

Vanessa Barringer
Email: nessbar-at-cox.net
Location: Newport News, Va
Occupation: chef
Date: Saturday, November 2, 2002

My uncle was a priest in Haiti for 40 years, then moved to Florida and opened his own Haitian church in Ft. Lauderdale. Does anyone know of Father Roland Lamy?

Sanon Pierre Geot
Email: sanonpierregeot-at-caramail.com
Location: haiti, port-au-prinece
Occupation: géstionnaire, psychologue,manager
Date: Friday, November 1, 2002

koman nou nan gouvman? mwen salye tout moun kap pran sa mwen di a an konsiderasyon, apre tout reflesyon ke mwen fè e anpil analis , mwen vle pote kolaborasyon ak gouvman aysien, e, mwen se manager yon group ki fe mizik rap engage nan peyi ya, nom Group la se Master's oh Haïti. se yon desisyon mwen pran pou mwen ede ni prezidan, ni la prezidans lan, si nou vle na voye reponse pou mwen sou mimm e-mail sa mesi bcp .

Lucienne Flerijean
Location: Tampa, Florida
Occupation: college student
Date: Thursday, October 31, 2002

I like this web site because it reminds me of the time I visited Haiti with my parents. There is a lot of ignorance out there about the Haitian culture and I think this web site will clear some of that ignorance.

Pierre Richard Osias
Email: posias-at-msn.com
Location: orlando, florida
Occupation: student
Date: Wednesday, October 30, 2002

Solèy liberasyon gen pou li klere sou Ayiti.

Zwezo Ayiti yo sispann paroze
paske yo pa jwenn pyebwa pou poze

Gouvènay bato l chire
paske l pran twò gro mare

O Ayiti ou pase twòp tray
li lè pou pran youn lòt ray

Ti neg te goumen
pou te ka byen mennen

Pipirit ap chante libera
Kolibri di ou pran nan mera

Rosignyol di fòk ou leve kanpe
pou w ka delivre

Ou ki te pi dous pase myèl
jodi jou ou amè pase fyèl

Ayiti ou gen move vant
pitit ou yo pa janm wont

Tout peyi ap rantre nan modènite
ou dwe sot nan malpwòprete.

Cadichon Della
Email: Cadichon98-at-hotmail.com
Location: Brooklyn, New York
Occupation: Police
Date: Wednesday, October 30, 2002

As a police officer for the state of New York ,i encourage all Haitians (diaspora) to keep doing the best for the future of the new generation and teach our kids what best for them.

Lesa Lashinsky
Email: ilikesmilin-at-yahoo.com
Location: Sproul, PA
Occupation: Community Service
Date: Wednesday, October 30, 2002

What a wonderful site!!! Thank you.

Shandy Stewart
Location: Groveton, Texas
Occupation: Instructional aide
Date: Wednesday, October 30, 2002

I find it very appaling that the Haitian immigrants that came over to Miami, October 29 were treated so coldly by our American government. America is supposed to be the land of the free and all are supposedly "welcome", but as we see, this is not so. My heart and prayers go out to your people and I hope that one day you all find the peace that you are striving for. Comtinue to fight, and we will continue to pray!!! Peace and blessing to you.

Laneah Guyton
Email: babygirl-at-msn.com
Location: Dublin, Georgia
Occupation: school
Date: Tuesday, October 29, 2002

This is a great site. Will you show me more?

Gerdien Goossens
Email: f.x.goossens-at-hetnet.nl
Location: Heeswijk-Dinther, Holland
Occupation: coordinator visitor's program APF Fondwa
Date: Sunday, October 27, 2002

2 years of working in Fondwa Haiti as a program coordinator, guide and translator made me very rich in my heart. I really believe in sending groups to Haiti in our educational 5 day program, because the visitors see, feel and learn at the same time. Haiti is an experience for life. Live with the Haitians, love them and learn from them.

Kristi Renee Williamson Murphy
Email: Kristimrphyk-at-aol.com
Location: Clinton, North Carolina
Occupation: Self-Employed
Date: Friday, October 25, 2002

I visited the site attempting to see if it would assist me in learning some kreyol. My boyfriend is from Haiti. And there are times I feel like an outsider when he's with his friends. Because I don't understand nothing they're saying.

Michel Vilson
Email: mvilson-at-aol.com
Location: Spring Valley , New York
Occupation: Pharmaceutical Research Scientist
Date: Wednesday, October 23, 2002

I watched your interview with Marc Mathelier on Expressions Dominicales and I was truly impressed by the goals you set and what you've been able to achieve so far. You desserve some heartfelt congratulations and even more because I am certain that you need some resources (monetary, human etc...) to keep going. I strongly believe that you should let these same people who appreciate your site so much know about your needs. Lip service cannot take us too far.

Amy Schmid
Email: graceasufi-at-att.net
Location: Lititz, PA
Occupation: Secretary
Date: Tuesday, October 22, 2002

Haiti is the home of my heart. I was raised there from the time I was 2 months old. I now live in the US but Haiti is and will always be near and dear to my heart.

Carline Germain
Location: Tampa, FL
Date: Thursday, October 17, 2002

This is a great informative website. We as Haitians must remain united and aware of the events that occur in our country. Despite the unfortunate fact that our feet are not on our soil, We should remain true Haitians by blood and soul.

J. Leslie Pean
Email: peanles-at-attglobal.net
Location: Harlingen, TX
Occupation: Physician
Date: Wednesday, October 2, 2002

Patick Isaac told me about your site. It's great! Good job, Guy!!!

Don Barnett
Email: jdonb-at-bnnorth.net
Location: Ridgeville Corners, OH
Occupation: Pastor
Date: Monday, September 30, 2002

We lived in Port au Prince from July 1984 to October 1991. Have returned for several visits since then. Still support our Haitian son monthly. Love Haiti dearly. Can't wait to return there for a visit. Thank you for helping me "touch" Haiti from far away.

Fritz Dufour
Email: fritzdufour-at-aol.com
Location: Brooklyn, New York
Occupation: Database Administrator
Date: Monday, September 30, 2002

Ce matin je suis aux anges parce que je suis tombé sur votre site. Je vous félicite pour cette louable entreprise. Mes félicitations s'étendent aussi aux autres visiteurs. Je pense que ceci est un maillon de la grande chaîne qui, un jour, nous unira vraiment et nous aidera à concrétiser notre devise: "L'union fait la force".

Minouche Joseph
Email: jcantave-at-sbcglobal.net
Location: bridgeport, connecticut
Occupation: student
Date: Saturday, September 28, 2002

I'm Haitian and proud.

Clarence Nappier
Email: ricknappier-at-surewest.net
Location: Citrus Heights, California
Occupation: Sales
Date: Thursday, September 26, 2002

What a great site!

Danny Dante
Email: Dantebrothers-at-yahoo.com
Location: West Palm Beach, FL
Occupation: Sales & Marketing Director
Date: Thursday, September 26, 2002

This site really enthuses me. I wanna thank you all for putting this site together. I'll keep checking in...


May God bless you all

Alvar Antillón-Salazar
Email: alan931-at-msn.com
Location: San José, Costa Rica
Occupation: Writer
Date: Tuesday, September 10, 2002

So glad I found this website. At present am sketching a novel taking place part at Gonave Island and part in mountainous Haiti, circa 1930-1949. Research outside Haiti has been very difficult, but many years ago, visited the country and met important people who explained to me who were the Group des Griots and who was Lorimer Denis. I think Haiti is unique and has a lot to teach other nations and cultures. Thank you all. (I write in Spanish, mainly)

Lisa Hubbard
Email: Auntlisahubbard-at-aol.com
Location: Orlando, FL
Date: Tuesday, September 10, 2002

Thank you for making this website available for those who have their heart in Haiti. I will visit your site often.

John Weldon
Email: beweldon-at-alltel.net
Location: Sanford, North Carolina
Occupation: Self Employed
Date: Monday, September 2, 2002

Interesting and different

Michael Cineus
Email: Socrates21thc-at-aol.com
Location: Tampa, Florida
Occupation: Student
Date: Monday, September 2, 2002

Windows on Haiti is a great site. I am very passionate about this site when it comes to be informed about Haiti and also the rest of the world. I visit this site almost every day. I'd like to say to the staff that you are doing a good job and keep up the good work.

Thanks... Mike

Leonel Jean-Baptiste
Email: lenel1-at-comcast.net
Location: west windsor, nj
Occupation: cosmetic chemist
Date: Monday, August 26, 2002

This site keeps me from being bored from the monotony of paying BILLS!

Moïse Jacques
Email: mossjac-at-consultant.com
Location: princeton, NJ
Date: Monday, August 26, 2002

I click on "Windows on Haiti" every day as part of my daily activities.

Yelline Isidor
Email: youne39-at-hotmail.com
Location: Bloomfield, Michigan
Occupation: Student
Date: Monday, August 19, 2002

Windows on Haiti is wonderful. Being away from home, isn't easy. When I want to get in touch with my country, I click on this web and I find almost everything I am looking for. Poetry, Books, Haitian authors, History, Culture, Receipes and many more. Windows on Haiti has helped me for one of my classes. Good job guys, keep it on. God bless Haiti.

Email: Mousseline9-at-aol.com
Location: Marysville, Wa
Occupation: Homemaker, daycare etc.
Date: Saturday, August 17, 2002

Bonjour à tous mes amis d'Haïti! Grâce à une personne en particulier "W.O." j'ai appris beaucoup d'Haïti et des grands coeurs qui s'y cachent.....

Dor Alces
Email: doralces-at-hotmail.com
Location: Providenciales, Turks & Caicos Islands,
Occupation: Res. Manager/Tropical Airways D'Haiti
Date: Saturday, August 17, 2002

Je vous presente mes sincères compliments d'avoir au seuil du 21st siècle, mis notre chère Haïti parmi toutes les technologies de pointe que le monde actuel prône. I'm proud to connect and listen to you all. Bon courage! The Almighty God will shed his richest blessing upon you all.

Sabrina Pierre-Louis
Email: Dee0515-at-yahoo.com
Location: Miami, Fl
Occupation: Nurse
Date: Thursday, August 15, 2002

Just wanna say Hi, as a Cap-Haitian native it was a joy for me to reminisce on my beloved town, however hoped there was more shots of au Cap available to see.

Terry Kurz
Email: zruktr-at-aol.com
Location: New Orleans, La
Occupation: camp manager
Date: Tuesday, August 13, 2002

Would like to hear from friends I made while working in Haiti for Brown & Root in P-au-P and Gonaives. It's been a long time but I miss all of you and hope all of you are doing okay. E-mail me.

Herold Mimy
Email: notredamedeleogane-at-yahoo.fr
Location: Leogane, Haiti
Occupation: teacher
Date: Sunday, August 11, 2002

I am planning to start a project to show Haiti's different regional resources on the web. Where can I receive help for that? Thank you in advance for your suggestions.

Farah Calixte
Email: faralixte-at-hotmail.com
Location: Port-au-prince, Haiti
Occupation: Etudiante
Date: Friday, August 9, 2002

Félicitations! Vous faites du bon boulot. J'espere toujours vous visiter.

Vicki C. Bryant, Esq.
Email: vickiesq-at-bellatlantic.net
Location: Silver Spring, Maryland - USA
Occupation: Attorney
Date: Friday, August 2, 2002

As an African-American history buff, I have an avid interest in Haitian History. Truly, without the success of Haiti's successful revolution, our history in this hemisphere would be undeniably dismal and more sad. I love HHaiti, having visited there twice. I visited the history museum. It was awe inspiring!

Mickaelle Germain
Email: Mickjoli-at-heronet.ne.jp
Location: psc 76 box 8499 , apo, Japan
Occupation: Registered Nurse
Date: Monday, July 29, 2002

I just want to comment on a job well done on your website. I just happened to stumble on Windows on Haiti accidently while surfing the web. It was very helpful to me for my reasearch project. I learned so much about Haiti. I am a Healthcare provider. I needed some informations on Haiti's census population data in regard to healthcare. I found what I needed and more. Great resource! Keep up the good work.

Also this is a good way to network. I try to stay abreast to what's going on in my homeland. I am proud to be a well educated Haitian woman.

Thanks, Guy

Lenny Rojas
Email: rojaslenny-at-hotmail.com
Location: Vega Baja, Puerto Rico
Occupation: Contadora
Date: Sunday, July 28, 2002

Recientemente intercambié correspondencia con una persona de Haití. La forma tan positiva de él ver las cosas me motivaron a conocer más sobre la República de Haití. Siento mucho respeto y admiración por esa persona y deseo algún día poder visitar Haití. Mis saludos a todos los haitianos.

Vermon Pierre
Email: vermonp-at-yahoo.com
Location: Bridgewater, New Jersey
Occupation: Computers
Date: Thursday, July 25, 2002

It was exciting to see a nice Haitian web site.

Email: mokataste-at-hotmail.com
Location: Laval, Canada
Date: Wednesday, July 24, 2002

Très beau site, félicitations, ne lachez pas.

Barbara Wander
Email: barwander-at-aol.com
Location: San Rafael, CA
Occupation: teacher
Date: Monday, July 22, 2002

I will be going to Haiti next week to teach English to teachers. I am sure I will learn more than I will teach.

Catherine Howland
Email: cat843-at-hotmail.com
Location: Ottawa, Ontario, Canada
Occupation: Student
Date: Friday, July 12, 2002

I like the music that can be heard on this site. I would love to visit Haiti one day because I hear it is very beautiful.

Marie-Chantal Ridore
Email: mcrloveyawah-at-yahoo.ca
Location: Ottawa, Ontario
Occupation: Teacher
Date: Friday, July 12, 2002

I really enjoy your Website, I hope mine will be fun as well. It is like a complete meal, we are well informed, because of your sense of creativity, I feel very connected to Haiti.

David Gonzalez
Email: davidgonzalez417-at-hotmail.com
Location: Villa Vazquez, Monte Cristi
Occupation: Retired
Date: Saturday, July 6, 2002

I am interested in visiting Haiti in the next few weeks and came upon this site by using yahoo search. Now, this is good information here, but I still have some questions unanswered and I hope that I find the answers here in your site. This looks very complete and interesting. You should start some kind of friendship page so us foreigners can make friends with Haitians living in Haiti. That will be really nice.

Jane Wakjer
Email: jwalk34-at-aol.com
Location: Flossmoor, Il usa
Occupation: self employed
Date: Tuesday, July 2, 2002

Need contacts in Haiti to work with for any service that I may be to the people.

Marc-Elie Chery
Email: mchery16-at-hotmail.com
Location: Cap-Haitien, Haiti
Occupation: student
Date: Thursday, June 20, 2002

Vive haiti2004!

Carline Leopold
Location: Westboro, MA
Occupation: etudiant
Date: Tuesday, June 18, 2002

I love Haiti.

Hearts Together
Email: htfh-at-hotmail.com
Location: Canada
Occupation: Mission Volunteers
Date: Sunday, June 16, 2002

Great page! Great info! We at "Hearts Together for Haiti" ( www.htfhaiti.org ) appreciate sites like yours that hep us learn more about the country we love, too! Kenbe forte!

Kevin Mabry
Email: kkmkbass2-at-yahoo.com
Location: springfield, oh
Occupation: retired
Date: Monday, June 10, 2002

It's a wonderful site and learning tool. I'm glad Guy is the host of this website and my longheld friend from school days. Au revoir, Adios, later... kevvek

Suzette Huff
Email: balebond2-at-yahoo.com
Location: Bonne Terre, United States
Date: Friday, June 7, 2002

Planning to go to Haiti with my friend who is from there. Am looking forward to meeting his family and friends that he constantly speaks often and highly of. I am finding myself counting down the days for my departure, 62 days remaining. I know it will be a positive experience and will be the first of many visits and many new friendships in the future.

Rodney Laurent
Email: plumheadd-at-aol.com
Location: Baltimore, Maryland
Occupation: Banker
Date: Thursday, June 6, 2002

I will be visitng Haiti for the first time. Both sets of my grand parents are from Haiti so, I am very excited and looking forward to my visit in late August 2002.

Erliz Mortenz
Email: erlyaverion-at-yahoo.co.nz
Location: Christchurch, New Zealand
Occupation: Doctor of Medicine
Date: Wednesday, June 5, 2002

I have a friend in Haiti. He is A Dentist. His name is Dr.Ludger Remarais and his family. His brother Sidney sent me your web site. They are very professional, kind and loving family. Please send to Dr Ludger Remarais and Sidney my personal thanks if you be able to contact them. I will be in Haiti next year if GOD Will. Once Again thank you so much for your time.

Beaujour Hihohito
Email: beaujour_hihohito2-at-hotmail.com
Location: Port-au-prince, Haiti
Occupation: Student
Date: Saturday, June 1, 2002

Well I enjoyed this site and I think this is the most important thing that we can have cause it keeps us in contact each other I mean people in the States and in Haiti.

Robert Magic St Fleur
Email: printemps2424-at-yahoo.com
Location: Bridgeport, Connecticut, USA
Occupation: Music Teacher (Jazz)
Date: Friday, May 31, 2002

I really enjoy meeting my people; it's always a pleasure. We need to communicate to each other for a better Haiti.

Elouse Thwreatt
Email: www.luckyluvs-at-hotmail.com
Location: SAN DIEGO, CA
Occupation: student
Date: Monday, May 27, 2002

I want to have more information about Haiti. Please email me at www.Luckyluvs-at-hotmail.com

Giselene Charles
Location: Boston, Massachusetts
Occupation: Adoption Social Worker
Date: Saturday, May 18, 2002

I just discovered this site. I am very pleased with its "fond et forme." I have already found valuable information on your Culinary Arts page. Bravo to the founder/editor. I hope that you will consider adding a page for Family Life. Also, maybe one of our psychologists or psychiatrists could have a page on mental and psychological health, a taboo concept in our culture. I think that it is time for us to realize that broken spirits and souls hurt as much as broken arms and legs!

Many thanks, and keep up the good work!

Pierre Paul Isnardin (Rudy)
Email: rupipa2000-at-yahoo.com
Location: Atlanta, GA
Occupation: Chief medical Technologist
Date: Saturday, May 18, 2002

Great web site, keep up the good work, and God bless you guys, and one day we'll be back in our beloved country....Keep hope alive...

Midy Gladisse
Email: gladissem-at-yahoo.fr
Location: Haiti, Port-au-Prince, Jacmel
Occupation: Etudiante
Date: Monday, May 13, 2002

I love you.

Normand Varieur
Email: normand74-at-cs.com
Location: Denville, New Jersey, USA
Occupation: retired(?) priest
Date: May 5, 2002

I regret that it has taken me so long to acknowledge the wonderful work that Guy Antoine is doing with this website. One of the goals of HSNNE (Haiti Solidarity Network of the North East) is to make known the truth about Haiti. That is precisely what this website is doing.

Congratulations, Guy.

Ludjina Saintil
Email: edens182002-at-yahoo.com
Location: Orlando, FL
Occupation: College Student
Date: May 4, 2002

I would like to wish y'all Haitians real good luck with y'all life and to keep on doing the good work. Don't forget that Haitian Flag Day is just around the corner.

Magalie Stephen-St.Victor
Email: mstvictot-at-att.net
Location: Queens Village, New York
Occupation: Account Executive
Date: April 27, 2002

This web page has proven the beauty of Haiti's people.

Hans-Werner Siebenborn
Email: HWMC.Siebenborn-at-t-online.de
Location: 38458 Velpke/Wolfsburg, Deutschland
Date: April 18, 2002

I visited Haiti on March 2001. Haiti is a wonderful island. I'm the headmaster of a German catholic school. We are linked with the College Notre Dame de Lourdes in Port-de-Paix. I'm very interested on information of Haitian programs of education. Thank you very much.

Jean-Marie Valcourt
Email: jeanmarv-at-yahoo.com
Location: Lynn, MA
Occupation: IT Consultant
Date: April 12, 2002

Cela fait bien des années que j'ai quitté mon pays de rêve. J'aimerais rencontrer d'autres concitoyens désireux d'apporter la technologie et de promouvoir l'internet dans le but d'apporter une nouvelle source d'information à nos enfants pour l'avancement intellectuel. Vous pouvez m'envoyer un e-mail à cooljmv-at-hotmail.com ou à jeanmarv-at-yahoo.com. Merci.

David Laguerre
Email: lgdave2001-at-yahoo.com
Location: Newark, NJ
Occupation: College student
Date: April 11, 2002

I am from Port-au-Prince, Haiti. I would like to say that your web page about our country is very satisfactory and excellent.

Tony Gerard
Email: ruledestiny-at-hotmail.com
Location: Norcross, GA
Occupation: Billing Analyst
Date: March 31, 2002

Well, this is my first time surfing this web page. I think it well designed with a lot information on Haiti. I am a Haitian living in Georgia, and I will visit this web page a lot from now on. Moreover, I hope to meet a lot of Haitian friends as well.

Fr. John Duarte
Email: jjcd-at-hotmail.com
Location: Windsor, Ontario, Canada
Occupation: RC Priest
Date: Saturday, March 30, 2002

I lived in Haiti for 18 months as a seminarian and have a great love and respect for the Haitian people. Along with Fr. Jim Higgins, I founded "Hearts Together for Haiti" for the Betterment and Education of the Children of Haiti. I return to Haiti many two and three times a year and lead an annual Mission and Cultural Exposure Trip to allow the people of Canada to also experience Haiti and its wonderful people.

Lucilia Afonso
Email: labadiegirl-at-aol.com
Ontario, Canada
Occupation: Secondary School Teacher
Date: Saturday, March 30, 2002

Since my first trip to Haiti in 1997, I have been interested in all things Haitian. I love Haiti and its people. I am a vital part of an organization called "Hearts Together for Haiti" founded by Fr. John Duarte that works for the betterment and education of the children of Haiti.

Mwen pale Kreyòl! Luci (Lucilia Afonso)

Lineda Seide
Email: bolote15-at-yahoo.com
Location: Naples, Florida
Occupation: student
Date: Thursday, March 21, 2002

i am willing to talk to anyone who would like to be my friend because i am looking for a haitian friend. please give me an halla!!!! and by the way je parle français aussi.

Patrick Pelissier
Email: patpelissier-at-yahoo.fr
Location: port au prince, Haiti
Occupation: executive
Date: Monday, March 18, 2002

Vous avez réalisé un travail qui mérite d'être encouragé.


Claudio Tavarez Belliard
Email: cladaja -at- aol.com
Location: Dajabón, Dominican Repubic
Occupation: Gestor Educativo
Date: Saturday, March 16, 2002

A tremendous source of information, well done page and very educational.

Patricia M. Abner
Email: mamaHaiti1-at-cs.com
Location: Detroit, MI
Occupation: Administrative Assistant
Date: Wednesday, March 13, 2002

Your site in informative. My church, Sacred Heart, Detroit, MI does work in Ennery, Haiti and feel we need to learn all about Haiti. Thanks vor this site. It is through your site that I first learned of Frederick Douglass's interest in Haiti (Until She Spoke)...Pat Abner

Michael Stritzke
Email: mist-at-eds.wolfsburg.de
Location: 38446 Wolfsburg, Germany
Occupation: Teacher
Date: Wednesday, March 13, 2002

An Haitian friend told me about this website and I have tried it immediately. I hope to learn more about Haiti this way. Our school is linked with a school in Port-de-Paix. Maybe I can find one of the teachers or students in this guest book or they find my email address and send a message.

Danielle F. Benjamin
Date: Sunday, January 2002

Dear Mr. Antoine,

I found your website by accident although I now realize that I am acquainted with a few contributors such as Serge Bellegarde. I believe that you are doing a great service to the community and a fantastic educational job. I have been visiting regularly, because it has helped me to "re-learn" Haitian creole. I have learned songs , expressions and proverbs which have assuaged my quest and my reacquaintance with my Haitian roots, thus enabling me to pass it on to my African grandchildren.

All this to tell you that in my opinion, you are doing a fantastic job.

I understand the issues you are facing, for after 30 years in Africa, I realize that we are confronting the same problems in Haiti and in Haitian communities. Our African atavisms have transcended two centuries it is eerie!! However, please keep up the good work.

This is to wish you a happy, prosperous, healthy and rewarding New Year.

I am also hoping that you remember how important you are to the cause we have all committed ourselves to and which unites us in friendship, collegiality and mutual respect.

Knowing that great love and great achievements require great risks, I will be retiring from the United Nations and continue my commitment along side Haitian brothers and sisters whom, as professionals, are determined to make a difference no matter how small. Moreover I share their determination not to let Aids exterminate our Haiti cherie and our communities here.

The year 2002 hopefully will see all of us more tolerant as we will continue to strive to inspire the next generation, promote equity for girls and women and set some good examples.

I pray that the New Year will bring you and your loved ones many blessings and Peace.

Danielle Fignolé Benjamin

Jean Auberto Juste
Email: jeanaubertoj-at-yahoo.fr
Location: Ottawa, Canada
Occupation: Student
Date: Friday, March 8, 2002

Je viens de Jérémie (Haiti), j'ai fait mes études secondaires au Collège Saint-Louis de cette ville. J'ai laissé Haiti en 1993 pour m'installer au Canada. J'aime la politique, l'agriculture et le droit qui sont tous des domaines dans lesquels je détiens un diplôme.

Ma ville préférée est Jérémie. Les sports particulièrement le football sont ma passion. J'adore aussi la canne à sucre.

Marilyn Mason
Email: MariLinc-at-aol.com
Location: Boston, MA, USA
Occupation: President, MIT2
Date: Tuesday, January 29, 2002

My experiences of living in Haiti in 1976-77 and working in collaboration for many years thereafter with the staff at Enprimri Metodis at Frères-Pétionville in the preparation of Haitian Creole educational materials were pivotal in preparing me for this stage of my life as I create computer tools in support of the Haitian Creole language. The Haitian People have taught me that personal dignity is not dependent upon what we have but what we are and what we rise above.

Email: EmanuelGay-at-hotmail.com
Occupation: Freelance Interpreter
Date: Tuesday, November 13, 2001

I just hope we can come together as a nation in order to overcome the problems that we are facing today. Let us remember: "L'Union Fait La Force", and let us try to live accordingly.

Geraldine Chery
Email: vainaf-at-hotmail.com
Location: Spring Valley, NY
Occupation: student
Date: Thursday, September 6, 2001

i just want to say thanks to the Lord for granting the honor to be born in Haiti. i cannot emphasize enough how much i love this country. every morning when i wake up i smile and say thank God i am kreyol.

i love it when people call me black, tell me my hair needs a perm, make fun of the way my teeth are white, compliment me of my coke bottle shape, but most of all, i love it when they say that girl is HAITIAN.

HAITI is my home, HAITI is me, HAITI is my life and most importantly of all HAITI is my grave.

mwen voye yon gwo sak pase a tout Ayisyen'm yo.

Kelly Guichon
Email: kellybooboo-at-yahoo.com
Location: Chicago, Illinois
Occupation: Homemaker
Date: Tuesday, August 28, 2001

I am of Italian heritage and I have married a native Haitian man. This site has given me recipes that I can learn to cook. Our eldest son has just entered highschool and he had to do a paper on his culture (Haiti). I offered to help him and found that I was more into his research paper than he was. I kept a copy of all of the information I found and one night my husband and I read it together. It brought back many of many childhood memories for him and it was wonderful to hear them from him again. The culture and history behind Haiti is magnificent to learn. We are considering planning a trip Home to Haiti with all of our children.

Jim Briese
Email: jb18zbiff-at-msn.com
Location: Mount Prospect, Il
Occupation: Mgr of Distance Learning
Date: Tuesday, August 21, 2001

Impossible to describe. Spent 6 months in Haiti during 1995/1996. Purpose was to safeguard the people of Fond Verette and Chiote so that they could vote without the fear of being killed by gun or Machette. The experience could be described as a period of time where I was constantly on edge, always establishing a relationship of trust and friendship with the Haitians in these two villages and in awe of the violence I dealt with. I found the country folk to be happy, filled with song and dealing with their lives much better than Americans could do. I felt that the people we worked with were unhappy when we pulled out of the country. Hope we helped some of the folks!

Gustavo Setrini
Email: setrinig-at-lawrence.edu
Location: Morris , IL
Occupation: Student
Date: Wednesday, August 15, 2001

Haiti is so much more than the poorest country in the Western Hemisphere, and the resources on your websight will help remind me of the time that I shared teaching and learning from the music students of L'Ecole Saint Trinite. So few people ever know that a country and a people so beautiful exists so near our own.

Bito David
Email: david_b-at-firn.edu
Location: Boynton Beach, Florida
Occupation: Bilingual Public Information Specialist
Date: Wednesday, August 8, 2001

Fenèt la louvri byen laj, pou kite moun wè bèl imaj. Li pèmèt rense je, redrese eskanp lòlòj, jwenn enfòmasyon, pati navige nan rèv souvni yon peyi paradi. Li ede egzile retranpe nanm yo ak tabli bon jan koneksyon ki soulaje maladi nostalji pou yon peyi bèlte l se maji. Ayiti, peyi nou, soti Mòlsennikola rive Ansapit, Fòlibète rive Ansdeno, pase pa Latòti, Lagonav, ak zile Kayimit, nan tout rakwen kote n plante rasin kòm abitan natifnatal pou yon koneksyon mistik peyizan ak peyi l, lafanmi ak teritwa l. Konsa, nou va rive klere lantèn lespri n, fè n vin moun ki kapab reyisi transande tan ak espas pou kontinye vanse.

Mèsi pou jefò nou fè pou louvri fenèt sa a. Nou tout ta dwe pouse l pi laj, nan chèche plis bon jan imaj, bon jan son, bon jan gou, bon jan lodè, ki kapab fè fyète yon kominote ak tout moun ladan n pou selebre lavi tan apre tan, dat apre dat, jou apre jou. Se pa pou dat n ap reve yon Ayiti miyò.

Marie Lyne
Email: bigthanmlm-at-hotmail.com
Location: brooklyn, NY
Occupation: STUDENT
Date: Tuesday, July 17, 2001

M'ap di yon gwo s'ak pase pou tout ayisyen k'ap vizite website sa. I find this website very resourceful and I want to say "good job!" to the creator of this website. I'm Haitian and rigth now I go to school at Buffalo State College, majoring in fashion design and literature in French. I have never been prouder than to be born in the land of Haiti. People sometimes don't understand why my face glows when I talk about my country or when I see my flag. If they had the opportunity to experience the richest culture I've received while growing up in Haiti they too would glow rigth along with me.

I went to Haiti this past January and I'm going back again this August. Let me tell you, a lot has changed since I've left it. I was amazed by how much renovation they have done to the country. There's a lot of clubs, stores at the gas stations, just like in New York, and Champ-mars is beautiful. Those of you who have not been to Haiti in a long time, make it your business to visit or else you'll be missing out, honey. It was a pleasure to let you all know about myself and my beautiful country. So long , m'ap di bonswa pou nou lè mwen rive nan paradi mwen an.

Jean Milord
Email: Jbigcdl-at-aol.com
Location: Philadelphia, PA,
Occupation: STUDENT
Date: Saturday, July 7, 2001

I really have a lot to say about Haiti, but it won't be enough for me to say what I really have in my heart for my country. We, Haitians, need to do a lot. The government in Haiti is really not going to meet the needs of this nation. The change has to begin from the government system. Too many political parties, where all of those people are going, why they all want to be President, why can't one even try to create something? You don't need to be President to help a nation, a nation such as Haiti which needs all the help it could get. You know what, I can't even continue cause I am too upset seeing these people dying because of poverty. There is money in Haiti but they do not know how to make it work and the government does not have any clue how to create. Only one way, change our government system and we will have some ideas.

Max François
Email: MaxF154047-at-aol.com
Date: Saturday, July 7, 2001

I have visited Windows on Haiti several times. Bravo, Guy. It is a very neat site.You are doing a good job. Felicitations to you and your team.

Emilio Estelhomme
Email: eemilio10-at-aol.com
Location: Pompano beach, Fl
Occupation: student
Date: Thursday, July 5, 2001

Haiti is my love, no matter what any one says. I believe the country has enough money for it to be developed but in the wrong hands. The reason why Haiti is being called the poorest nation in the Western Hemisphere is because those who have the money are very selfish. I believe once each and every Haitian has learned the true meaning of that bigggg... phrase that is on the flag (L'union Fait La Force or Union Make strengh), Haiti will then start going forward instead of backward.

Thank You

Pierre Louis
Email: pilou-at-rocketmail.com
Location: West Palm Beach, Florida
Occupation: System Analyst
Date: Sunday, June 24, 2001

What an experience! I would never think of enjoying a "mere visit" to a website. Browsing your guestbook took me back to some unforgettable memories. Seeing names like Patrice Baker, Patrice Dougé, Gattereau Jr., reminded me of the old good times spent at St. Louis de Gonzague, in les Cayes for the-15-of-August-annual-celebration. About the site, there's nothing left for me to say. So let me repeat like some of you: «It's just great». Keep up with the great work.

Regina Woods
Email: wrastagoddess-at-aol.com
Location: Chicago, Illinois
Occupation: rec-instructor
Date: Saturday, June 23, 2001

I too have visited Haiti and felt very at home there. Jacmel, Pétionville, Port-au-Prince were great. The food, the scenery, the people, the ocean, it was a feeling I cannot explain. But one thing is for sure, being there was the break I needed. It was a humbling experience and a relief from the crazy pace of Chicago. Thank you to Madam Cena and Madam Meade and their families for their hospitality. If there is anyone in Chicago who could help me in my efforts to learn Haitian Kreyòl, please e-mail me. Maybe we could be language partners. I am a beginner. If you know of someone interested in being a tutor, I really want to learn, really want to become a fluent speaker. One day soon, I will see Haiti again.


Serge Guérin
Email: sguerin-at-cs.com
Location: Staten Island, NY/ USA
Occupation: Marketing
Date: Thursday, June 21, 2001

Your photos remind me of my last visit in the high mountains of Haiti in the southern part of the country. Well done.

Ibi Aanu Akowe
Email: ibiaanu-at-aol.com
Location: Cambria Heights, New York
Occupation: writer
Date: Thursday, May 31, 2001

It's been 20 years since last I left ayiti. I'm 24 now. Now I'm going back to fetch so that I can move forward (sankofa). While most Afrikans retrieve directly from the continent, I chose to go back to my recent ancestors. I search for Afrika in Ayiti. That is most valuable since I am a writer. Born Pascale Philantrope, I reclaimed a name for myself, but have not forgotten its source--the French colonization of a culturally and spiritually rich people. Hence, a mere translation--Ibi Aanu. Indeed, we are coming/returning to know ourselves. This site is proof.

I am a writer of speculative/science fiction. Of course, there is no such thing for us. So, I just tell our stories with truth and courage. I hope to receive guidance from any elders willing (I've humbly gained Mama Bayyinah Bello) to continue the path.

Respe. Kenbe fèm.

Horacio Deschamps
Email: horaciopoeta53-at-aol.com
Location: Miami Lakes, Florida
Occupation: Consultant
Date: Monday, May 28, 2001

Soy Cubano y me interesa la historia de Haiti pues esta muy relacionada con la llegada de nuestros antepasados al Caribe.

Saludos, Gracias.

Wibens Louis
Email: poubens-at-juno.com
Location: N Miami, Fl
Occupation: Student
Date: Thursday, May 24, 2001

I just want to say hello to all my true HAITIANS who are working hard out there for a better tomorrow. I'm from HAITI and I'm proud to be a HAITIAN and I'm not scared to rise up my BLUE and RED flag and tell them that I'm ready to die for it. I would like to thank everyone of you for putting together that web site.

Max-Arthur Daniel
Email: daniel_m_ht-at-yahoo.fr
Location: N Miami, Fl
Occupation: médecin
Date: Thursday, May 24, 2001

I'm from HAITI and I'm proud to be. I would like to take this opportunity to say hello to all my true HAITIAN people and "KENBE LA PA LAGE".

Kathy Dunn
Email: kdunnsun-at-yahoo.com
Location: Erieville, New York, USA
Occupation: Marketing
Date: Tuesday, May 15, 2001

I visited Haiti in February 2001 for a short term mission trip to La Gonave and absolutely fell in love! I keep in touch and am learning Creole so when I go back I can be even more involved.

Rudy Ruffé
Email: rudyruffe-at-planetinternet.be
Location: Gent, Belgium
Date: Tuesday, May 15, 2001

I spent about 4 months in Haiti some 7 years ago, and still can't forget this country. Thank you Haiti for this wonderful time.

Patricia Lamour
Email: patricia.lamour-at-t-online.de
Occupation: Teacher
Date: Friday, April 20, 2001

Thank you so much for all the inspirational and informative material you have painstakingly posted on the web. In the quiet of the night whilst my children are asleep I have saved a lot of speeches (Dessalines, Frederick Douglas, Femmes de notre Histoire) and will use some quotes from them in a short radio spot called Sankofa that I do as part of a community radio programme together with other African sisters and brothers here in Germany!! We also run a community Saturday school for children of African descent and 2 weeks ago, my husband and our eldest daughter did a presentation on Haiti - again with help from your site. Thanks again!

I read with great interest the essays on language - particularly as I teach in 1 of the 9 European schools where children are taught and have a right to be taught in their "mother tongue" (French, English, German, Italian, Dutch, Portuguese) and 2nd language (again 1 of the European languages) from the primary school(1st to 5th grade). Later in the secondary school (6th to 12th), the pupil receives history and geography taught in her/his 2nd language and can later choose to learn a 3rd and/or a 4th language. This is in addition to the other subjects, i.e. sciences, maths, art etc. Although such schools primaríly exist for the bi-lingual children of officials working for European institutions (i.e. the élite), such pupils happen to be in a minority in the school where I am working. Therefore I am aware of some of the advantages (and disadvantages) of working in an a multi-lingual language teaching/learning environment - and know it can work!!

All the best for the future and keep up the great work!

Charlie Gunn
Email: sonofagunn11-at-aol.com
Location: North Olmsted, Ohio
Occupation: Retired
Date: Thursday, April 19, 2001

In March I took my first trip to Haiti. What a wonderful experience. I went as a volunteer to help build a clinic in Juampas, a remote village about 35 miles from PAP.The villagers were just great. They had started on the construction by digging the trenches for the foundation. For three days we worked side by side, there was a language barrier, but somehow we communicated. We are going back in May to help with the construction again. The Haitian people are very special, I can hardly wait to return. If you know of anyone that would be interested in participating in this project, please give them my E-mail. Thank you. Charlie

Patrice Douge
Email: patricedouge-at-hotmail.com
Location: 26 ludlam ave, elmont ny 11003
Occupation: photographer
Date: Thursday, March 29, 2001

I am a photojournalist who covered Haiti for 5 years mainly for the Reuters news agency, during my stay there I also took pitures of the beauty of Haiti, which I would be interested in displaying on your site .

Norman J.Dobbs
Email: carobbean-at-yahoo.com
Location: Scotia, NY
Occupation: Retired
Date: Monday, March 26, 2001

I am moving to Port au Prince to live. Love the country but most of all the people

Lunise Couamin
Email: zesinul-at-yahoo.com
Date: Friday, March 23, 2001

I love this site. Thank you very much to everybody who works so hard on this site.

Eva Pedersen
Location: Alameda, California
Occupation: QA Engineer - Electronic Brokerage Technology
Date: Monday, March 12, 2001

A week from today I shall land in Port-au-Prince! I can hardly wait. This site has been one of the principal sources of information on Haiti for the past few months. I am going to work in rural Haiti as a Peace Corps volunteer, finally living a long-held dream. I expect to learn a lot, to make friends, and to open my mind and my heart to a full array of new experiences.

Kenbe! Eva

G. Philogene
Email: gsp39-at-hotmail.com
Location: Silver Spring, Maryland
Occupation: Policy Analyst
Date: Friday, March 9, 2001

Great site!

Ed & Barbara Bornemann
Email: bornagain-at-suscom.net
Location: S. Williamsport, Pa
Occupation: missionaries
Date: Saturday, February 24, 2001

We are planning to be in Haiti this summer to take over management responsibilities of the Oasis Guest House in Carrefour. We will be working for Ministries in Action, from Miami.WOH has been, and continues to be, a tremendous resource for us. Through WOH we hope to make many new friends, and many new discoveries about haiti.

Arlene Magloire
Email: amagloire-at-hotmail.com
Location: Austria
Occupation: artist
Date: Tuesday, February 20, 2001

This is a good site for information about one of the most beautiful places in the world. I miss the good food and the warm beaches.

Kathy Lynn
Email: klynn1-at-darkwing.uoregon.edu
Location: Eugene, OR
Occupation: Graduate Student - Environmental Planning
Date: Friday, February 16, 2001

I was in Haiti for three years as a Peace Corps Volunteer. I lived outside of Jeremie in the Grand Anse, in a small village called Sassier. Of all the things I learned, the most profound is of the generosity, beauty and spirit of the people that hosted me. -lespwa fe viv, se vre

Richard Pinede
Email: jrpinede-at-yahoo.com
Location: Miami, FL
Occupation: Project Manager Telecom Italia
Date: Monday, February 12, 2001

Good site, I miss home (Haiti Cherie).

Rosângela Rennó
Email: rrenno-at-uol.com.br
Location: Rio de Janeiro, Brasil
Occupation: visual artist
Date: Sunday, February 11, 2001

I am looking for lullabies (and all songs for babies) in créole haitien for an on-going art project (for web and for an "artist book"). I need only the text of the songs. I would appreciate if you could collaborate in my project sending the texts to my personal email. Please, remember a lullaby in kreyol and transcribe it! My collaborators will receive a sample of my book.

M. Sovaj
Email: sovaj1-at-aol.com
Location: Waltham, MA
Date: Friday, January 30, 2001

Thanx for the memories. I like the pictures of Port-à-Piment. Never been there. I would like to go to visit the place, this town got a natural beauty....I fell in love.

Sandra P
Email: vwgirl73-at-hotmail.com
Location: Seymour, TN
Occupation: Hotel industry
Date: Friday, January 19, 2001

Thanks again 'GUY' and everyone else involved in creating this fantastic website!!! Your site has opened my eyes and my heart to your beautiful country. Now I want more... To learn "Kreyòl". To travel there (to do some volunteer type work, maybe w/the Children's House of Hope?). Something to help make a difference.

***If you have any good suggestions, pls feel free to e-mail me***


Hugues Louis
Email: JustTheBucs-at-aol.com
Location: New Port Richey, Florida
Date: Monday, January 15, 2001

My life where I grew up. Wish I was still there every now and then.

David Gatta
Email: enamored_hearts-at-hotmail.com
Location: Pittsburgh, Pa
Occupation: student
Date: Tuesday, January 9, 2001

I am a premedical student with many interests. I have a deep spiritual and anthropological interest in the world's religions. I have wanted to travel to Haiti for some time in hopes to learn about and see the practices of Vodou first hand.

I was wondering if anyone might suggest a group or organization who might organize trips to haiti for this purpose. Having spent time in Miami FL. where I learned a great deal about Santaria, and in New Orleans where I spent time with a high priestess at her Vodou cultural and spiritual center, the obvious progression for me seemed to be Haiti. Any input on traveling to Haiti for this purpose would be helpful.

Claude Duprevil
Email: cduprevil-at-yahoo.com
Location: Port-au-Prince, HAITI
Date: Thursday, January 4, 2001

Ayiti cheri, pi bèl peyi pase ou nan pwen, fò mwen te kite w pou m te ka apresie w.....

I wrote this for all Haiti's kids who are now living in Miami, New York, Boston, Montreal, etc... to come home and help as much as they can, so we can keep on having that sweet mother, Haiti.

Rosedanie Cadet
Email: danie61-at-yahoo.com
Location: Kushiro City, Japan
Occupation: Rugby Coach
Date: Wednesday, January 3, 2001

I left Haiti at the age of 10. Although i've returned only once in all those years, I still have strong happy memories of my childhood there. To me Haiti means "HOME" and always will.

Stefan Schwab
Email: schwabstefan-at-t-online.de
Location: Künzell, Germany
Date: Monday, January 1, 2001

We visited Haiti in Jan 2000 for the first time. We adopted our little son. We´ll always keep his origin and culture alive. The people of Haiti impressed us deeply. If there are other families with Haitian children, please contact us.

Monique Moleon
Location: Nashville, TN
Occupation: Project Coordinator, Centers for Community Health
Date: Friday, December 22, 2000

Great web site. The pictures are FANTASTIC and I love the way the screen saver changes each time! (brings back a lot of memories too).

Joanna Martine Antoine
Email: joeyawesome-at-yahoo.com
Location: South Orange, New Jersey
Occupation: Daughter/Sister/Friend/Student/Instigator/etc.
Date: Wednesday, December 20, 2000

DAD!!! I'm at school in French class right now researching Haiti....Ummm....I'm writing to you because I obviously have nothing else to do...just kidding...Maybe...I guess I'll see you at home...Just letting you know that I finally went to your site, cause you always ask us why we never go to it...well, Madame is coming now, so I have to go...BYE!

Rolf Sambale
Email: rolfsambale-at-aol.com
Location: Orlando, Florida
Occupation: Artist
Date: Monday, December 18, 2000

Chak bèl bagay ki fèt pou ti peyi nou an, se grenn lespwa nan tè ka va donnen demen.

Elizabeth Clark
Email: izzylax112-at-juno.com
Location: New London, Connecticut, USA
Occupation: student
Date: Wednesday, December 13, 2000

I would just like to say that I am very interested in the Haitian culture. I went to Haiti for the first time in February and I enjoyed myself immensely. I just wanted you to know that I think it is wonderful that you have a website and are making the information available for those that may not be aware. Please keep me updated with email whenever you receive new information. Thank you.

Tom Fame
Email: Fame5-at-BellAtlantic.net
Location: Salem, Virginia
Occupation: Health Care
Date: Monday, November 27, 2000

Thank you for your wonderful web site to show off your beautiful country and people. I have traveled to Haiti many times over the last five years to be with the Haitian people, to meet them, talk with them, listen to their laughter and stories, and to pray with them in their churches. I have been working with the Catholic church in Lascohobas to assist them in small and bigger ways to accomplish the dreams of their people. Recently we have worked together in building a new school building for the people of Cabestor, a small village near Lascohobas. This was built by the Haitians, designed by the Haitian people, with funds provided by your friends in the Parish of Our Lady of Perpetual Help in Salem, Virginia,U.S.A.

We will be in Haiti over the new year of 2000/2001 and hope that the country will be peacefully united behind Jean Bertrand Aristide. Our continued prayers, and thanks for all the ways the Haitian people have taken us in and shown us the way of Haitian life which is so rich and beautiful.


Miriam Magnoni
Email: mohamedb-at-tin.it
Location: Verona, Italie
Occupation: EDUCATRICE
Date: Thursday, November 16, 2000

Depuis longtemps je désirais ardemment visiter Haiti; l'été 2000 m'a donné la possibilité de connaitre personnellement ce pays. Je suis restée fascinée. Je crois qu'il ne sortira jamais plus de mon coeur. J'en aime l'histoire, la littérature, les parfums et surtout les gens, si orgueilleuses et vraies.

David Serge Woolley
Email: Dwoolley-at-socal.rr.com
Location: Los Angeles, CA
Occupation: Financial and Budget Consultant
Date: Thursday, November 9, 2000

Just would like to say that this is a fantasic web site and it brings me many memories of Haiti.

Jack Speese
Email: jspeese-at-vt.edu
Location: Pungoteague, Virginia
Occupation: Agricultural Research Scientist
Date: Thursday, November 9, 2000

Mwen pat jamn vizite Ayiti, sepandan mwen te aprann Kreyòl paske genyen kèk ouvriye ayisyen bò isit. Ouvriye ayisyen sa yo ede jadinye yo avèk rekòlt. Mwen renmen aprann lang etranje yo anpil. Mwen te aprann Franse nan lekòl mwen. Travay mwen se pou ede jadinye yo touye move ensèk ki domaje plant yo. Lè mwen te nan ayskoul, mwen te vizite lòt zile nan zantiy yo. Mwen renmen andwa sa yo anpil, espesyalman resif yo avèk joli pwason koulè tankou akansyèl. Mwen renmen elve poul ak kanna, epi mwen renmen etidye zannimo ak plant nan lanati. Mwen gen anpil enterè pou papiyon yo. Pajwèb sa-a bon anpil, mwen renmen li anpil tankou aprann pawòl granmoun yo lè mwen ouvri paj sa-a. Si ou ta vle ekri mwen, mwen ta renmen sa anpil. Bondye beni tout moun.

Pierre Antoine
Email: pierre_a_1999-at-YAHOO.COM
Location: Uniondale, NY
Occupation: Billing specialist
Date: Friday, November 3, 2000

I really like your site... it brings me memories from when I was a kid in Haiti.

Michael "Mickey" Lespinasse
Email: Lespinasse-at-netzero.net
Location: Queens, New York
Occupation: Revolutionist
Date: Wednesday, November 1, 2000

I only can make a quick comment on my country because I am at work right now. But so far what I see is that our country needs a lot of help right now and I am trying to figure out a way to save our people before it is too late! I will love my family and my people of Haiti til the day I die regardless what was done to me or our people! Nothing at this moment can change my mind and nothing will. I have so much to say and so little time right now because my brain is constantly working on how we can help our Uncles and Aunts and other family members we have in Haiti before it is too late. But right now I must go because I am at work and if my boss finds me I'm doomed.

Love everyone, and Guy and whoever else is involved with this web site keep up the good work. We need people like you on our side.

Email: mr_haitian_2001-at-yahoo.com
Location: Lansing, MI
Date: Tuesday, October 31, 2000

Haiti means a lot to me. It's my life, my blood, my everything. Let's put our heads together to help the Haitian community, the needy, suffering people in Haiti.

Kathi Andrepont
Email: kba3-at-aol.com
Location: Lake Charles, Louisiana
Occupation: Homemaker
Date: Monday, October 26, 2000

My family and I are having a child from Haiti come and stay with us for several months while she has an operation on her eye. We are making this possible with the help of Children Cross Connection. If anyone could send me information on the country, I would be forever in your debt. I want this child to feel at home and I want to make her stay one that she will be happy with. Please send "any" info that may help me to help her. Thank you.

Kathy Marvin
Email: kjammsw-at-aol.com
Location: Ithaca, NY
Occupation: Teacher
Date: Monday, October 23, 2000

I visited Haiti in 1995 and fell in love with the people. I have since tried to learn the Kreyol language. I have 2 Haitian/American kids.

Bayyinah Bello
Email: bayyinah9-at-yahoo.com
Location: Port-au-Prince, Ayiti
Occupation: professeur
Date: Monday, October 16, 2000

We congratulate those who took time out to create Windows on Haiti. It is important that our points of view and concepts do get vehicled around the world. It is certainly not easy. Keep the faith and go on forever!

Pat Duncan
Email: patd-at-worknet.org.uk
Location: Borehamwood, Hertfordshire, England
Occupation: Charity Chief Executive
Date: Thursday, September 28, 2000

Met the lovely Marguerite Laurent today here in England. What a great performer. What a great website.

Email: v_standley-at-yahoo.ie
Location: burtonsville, Maryland
Occupation: student
Date: Wednesday, September 20, 2000

Haiti is my country, let's not say that it's poor only. Look the other way, it has a lot of fun nice beaches, beautiful women, it has nice weather; and it is the first independent black country. We can look into this issue to say that she's something more than the poorest country.

T. Paul Hernandez
Email: temepaul-at-aol.com
Location: Austin, Texas
Occupation: Professor/Sculptor
Date: Tuesday, September 19, 2000

Trying to decide which part of Haiti to visit in Dec or March. Originally from South Louisiane. Interested in cultural aspects of slave migration from west Africa, Haiti and up to New Orleans and its impact on United States. Also interested in religious aspects such as vodun and its marriage with Catholicism. Appreciate any advice on locations in Haiti to visit. My first time to the Island.


Caroline Henrius (Anris)
Email: carolineislands-at-hotmail.com
Location: Lawrence, Kansas
Occupation: Humanitarian
Date: Friday, September 15, 2000

Haiti is the richest country in the Western Hemisphere! It is our lack of vision that dubs her "poor." Yes, Haiti has her troubles and all of us that love her continue to work and pray in whatever way we know that economic exploitation and oppression may one day come to an end and Haiti can rise up on her feet in true freedom. But economic troubles, political corruption and civil unrest are not powerful enough sources to rob Haiti of her spirit. My husband, born and raised in the Artibonite Valley in a family of master drummers and drum-makers, cringes each time he hears someone refer to Haiti as the poorest country in the Western Hemisphere. He says Haiti is not poor, but all her resources are sitting in one place. I agree, but for me, I see the people as Haiti's riches. If there were some way of quantifying spirit like we do per capita income, we'd all be saying, "Haiti is the richest country in the Western World!"

Sheree R. Thomas
Email: esmarth-at-banet.net
Location: New York, NY, USA
Occupation: writer and editor
Date: Wednesday, September 13, 2000

I am editing an international literary anthology, _Dark Matter II: Speculative Fiction from the African Diaspora_ forthcoming from Warner Books in 2002. Please share this call for submissions with the community.

Doreen Flood
Email: dflood-at-stamfordarts.com
Location: Stamford, CT
Occupation: Webmaster
Date: Monday, September 11, 2000

I am so happy I received this web site address. Red, Black & Moonlight is a fabulous trip for my imagination (since I was only in Haiti once as a stop over). Thank you, Guy S. Antoine, for publishing this work. What better way to visit then by imagination?

Robert Bance
Email: rlbance-at-aol.com
Location: Redwood City, Ca
Occupation: Retired
Date: Friday, September 8, 2000

Congratulations for an excellent job, so important to the Haitian community. This is as good as http://www.agh.qc.ca

Ian Paradee and David Pelletier
Email: Snyper333-at-hotmail.com
Location: Brandon, Vermont
Occupation: Student
Date: Wednesday, September 6, 2000

nice page!!!!

Herby Salvodon
Location: Queens, NY
Occupation: Technician
Date: Sunday, September 3, 2000

Haiti Chérie, the best Caribbean country, with so many beautiful things in it: "Pi bèl peyi pase ou nan pwen"

Elcesiace Sympreux
Email: sympreux-at-hotmail.com
Location: Jean-rabel, Haiti
Occupation: U.S. Navy
Date: Friday, August 25, 2000

I think this site is terrific. I like the beautiful picture I saw. Keep up the good work. Haiti is my heart, I'll always love her till I die.

Jali Rashid
Email: dishar-at-theoffspring.com
Location: Estado de Méx., México
Occupation: Estudiante
Date: Sunday, August 13, 2000

Soy un estudiante de la preparatoria, ultimamente me he interesado mucho en la historia de Haiti, es un pueblo que me ha asombrado, la forma en la que se llavo su independencia, es increible, justamente estoy realizando un trabajo sobre Haiti, pero casi no encuentro informacion sobre Makandal, espero que si alguien lee esto me pueda ayudar mandando informacion a mi direccion(dishar-at-theoffspring.com) en verdad se los agradeceria.

Por último les mando una felicitacion a sus artistas que son increibles.

Gracias por su atencion

Email: haiticheri63-at-kreyol.com
Location: Texas
Occupation: U.S. Army
Date: Friday, August 11, 2000


I just wanted to say hello to everyone. Keep in touch.

Moryl Gattereau Jr.
Email: mgattereau-at-hotmail.com
Location: South Hempstead, USA
Occupation: QA/System Engineer
Date: Saturday, August 5, 2000

It is with great pleasure and pride I discovered Port-à-Piment on your site, hometown of my ancestors (Henry Gattereau, the Damas, the Saint Dic, the Peck, etc). I have to point out that one of the buildings, representing the "administrative complexe", was built by my father Eng. Moryl Gattereau Sr.

Good work, guys, and proud to be from Port-à-Piment!

Margaret Belizaire
Email: mcb1968-at-yahoo.com
Location: Brooklyn, New York
Occupation: Secretary
Date: Wednesday, August 2, 2000

I enjoyed browsing through this site.

Mwen swete k nou kontinye travay k nap fe a. Voye monte pou Ayiti.
Si nou ka kembe bit la toujou fem konnen.

Thank you.

Michael Kaasch
Email: Michael.Kaasch-at-HaitiCare.de
Location: Berlin, Germany
Date: Wednesday, July 26, 2000

We are feeding, educating and taking healthcare for about 300 kids in Port-au-Prince. We take care of their families by setting up education programs, health education etc.

The homepage is http://www.HaitiCare.de. It's only in German.

In case you are interested in our tasks, just drop me a line by mail!

Michael Kaasch
HaitiCare e.V.

Email: simiyac-at-hotmail.com
Location: Brooklyn, N.Y
Date: Time: Sunday, July 23, 2000

A powerful nation that has overcome the worst. Though it is a poor and struggling nation, this is due to the outside forces we have allowed into our country, but I believe that a resurrection of the nation will occur due to its cultural and spiritual significance. When it occurs, I hope everyone is ready.................

Peace and Love

Jenny A Etienne
Email: jennyetienne-at-hotmail.com
Location: Norfolk, Virginia
Occupation: U.S. Navy
Date: Thursday, July 20, 2000

I've heard for the past year about an organization called Ayiti 2004 and their main objective is to prepare and rebuild Haiti. I've heard some good stuff about it, however I have not had a chance to meet any of the members so I get a better understanding of their work and hopefully get involve. Please let me know something. Also Windows on Haiti is great way of keeping in touch with our culture.

Joyce Pipkin
Email: jpflys-at-mindspring.com
Location: Columbia, SC
Occupation: outreach
Date: Monday, July 10, 2000

Researching facts on Haiti for a Church project... incredible amount of information...so much to review! Need the most basic facts to provide an overview of life in Haiti...our missionary connection is in the town of Les Cayes. Any suggestions welcome.

Manes Pierre
Email: manesmpierre-at-aol.com
Location: Margate, Florida
Occupation: Professor
Date: Friday, July 7, 2000

Last night, I had the opportunity to reflect on my experience in Haiti as a youngster. As my friends, family members, and colleagues gathered together in my brother-in-law's house, I was asked to give my opinion about the current state of Haiti and my memories about the island as a child. Here is one of the answers I shared during the conversation, " I learned the French alphabet in Haiti. I also learned to develop a sense of community and self-respect. But I was never taught to espouse my own culture." The challenge I pose to the current generation is to educate Haitians with a new attitude, that is, to teach all Haitians to learn to research the causes of the current state of the Haitian "shifted consciousness." As the maxim goes, "A tree without roots will die." I agree with that statement. It is equally reasonable to assume that a people without its roots will die. As an educator, I am for a wholistic approach to educating Haitians. In contrasting cultures in China, Israel, and Saudi-Arabia, I have deduced that the those countries are able to exist today as a result of their strong attachment to their roots.

Haiti means a lot to me. Nevertheless, I had to experience a sea of loneliness in order to realize, no matter what I achieve in foreign land, I am always going to be Haitian. There is a degree of mystification associated with being Haitian. A Haitian is someone who is constantly in search of an identity. We look like Africans but we want to be Europeans. Until our shifted consciousness has been fully retrieved, we are forever indicted to psychological trauma.

Manes Pierre, M.S.
Adjunct Professor, Miami Dade Community College

Patty Gaines
Email: PSutrG-at-aol.com
Location: Brentwood, TN
Occupation: outreach
Date: Monday, May 29, 2000

The people of Haiti that I have met give me the gift of hope that is all too often missing in the United States. The spirit of love and hope that illuminates from the Haitian people is inspiring to me, and incites a good anger inside of me that causes me to work for the betterment of their living conditions, infrastucture and dignity of their lives. It is hard to lay my head down at night on a soft pillow, knowing that, in this 21st century, people are dying due to lack of basic necessities, when we have so very much. I am humbled by the people of Haiti.

Patti K. Harris
Email: pharris-at-ou.edu
Location: Norman, OK
Occupation: doctoral student/anthropologist
Date: Sunday, May 14, 2000

I met Haiti as a consequence of my destiny. I visited her the first time in December 1998, and discovered home, discovered the "good mother". Favorite Place in Haiti: Lakou Badjo. Favorite thing to do in Haiti: Hang out at the river in Badjo with my Haitian friends (in sunlight and moonlight), watch the night sky fill up with billions of stars.

Favorite Books on Haiti: "Divine Horsemen: The Living Gods of Haiti", Maya Deren, "Haiti: State Against Nation", Michel Rolph Trouillot, and "General Sun, My Brother", Jacques Stephen Alexis.

Favorite Hatian Musical Artist(s): Boukman Eksperyans, Boukan Ginen, and my good friend Zaka. Favorte Haitian food: Congo beans and rice with piklis (sp?)

Mwen pa manje kabrit! ;-) Things I don't like about Haiti: 1) Baggage claim at the P-a-P airport; 2) irreverence at temple ceremomies (researchers who stick microphones in the mouths of serviteurs).

Things I love about Haiti the most: 1) her people; 2) her spirit.

Alison Creech
Email: alison_creech-at-hotmail.com
Location: Halifax, Nova Scotia , Canada
Occupation: Librarian
Date: Friday, May 12, 2000

Like many people signing here, I spend some years of my childhood in Haiti--from 1979-1986. We originally moved so that my father could work as an engineer at HASCO, and I attended Union School for grades 3-9. Living in Haiti during my impressionable years has meant that Haiti shapes my outlook on many things. I will never forget the years I spent there, or many of the things I learned. I have to thank Haiti for giving me a wider world-view than I would have had without living there. One day I would like to return and visit again.

Tammy Jones
Email: 2702JOnes-at-cs.com
Location: Jeffersonville, Indiana, USA
Occupation: Dental Assistant
Date: Thursday, April 27, 2000

I will be traveling to Haiti in a few weeks with a group from my church community. I am looking forward to bringing the "Good News" to the Haitian people.

Kathleen O'Malley
Location: Hoboken, NJ
Occupation: Internet publisher
Date: Saturday, April 29, 2000

For me, a young American, Haiti was just a vague notion of an exotic island until my sister Chris met and married Guy, my beloved brother-in-law. My first taste of Haitian graciousness and hospitality was Chris and Guy's wedding, where I felt like I was joining the Antoine family, too. And I was. That was nearly 20 years ago. I haven't been to Haiti yet, but since knowing Guy I've enjoyed Haitian hospitality, food, art and music enough to deeply appreciate the beautiful, lively culture of Haiti. I've also realized that Haitians bring a bit of their homeland wherever they may go in the world, and I'm glad of it.

I've learned something about Haiti's bittersweet history, including a lot of first-hand stories from Guy, and it's instilled an enormous respect for the courage, inventiveness, and resilience of the Haitian people. I look forward to the long-overdue day when the world recognizes and honors Haiti's place in history as a nation where slaves overcame slavery against great odds, when it appreciates Haiti's beautiful culture and traditions. Windows on Haiti is helping to bring that day about; good work, Guy!

Marie Carole E. St. Louis
Email: mstlouis-at-imf.org
Location: USA, Washington, District of Columbia
Date: Wednesday, April 19, 2000

After living here for so long we tend to forget our traditional greetings of "Honneur, Respect". Windows on Haiti is indeed a great site, and it is very well designed and does reflect the real life of Haiti. I have placed this site among my Favorites items, and by all means, please keep up the good work.

Roger R. Jean-Charles
Email: rjeanc5748-at-aol.com
Location: Boston, Ma 02118
Occupation: Medicine
Date: Wednesday, April 19, 2000

The more sources of news vulgarisation for Haiti the better.

Rose Irma Lorquet Pryer
Email: RosePryer-at-aol.com
Location: Jacksonville, NC
Occupation: Government Employee
Date: Monday, April 17, 2000

I am looking for former Haitian friends still living in New York, I lived in Japan for 6 years and lost contact and addresses. I attended Erasmus Hall High School, graduated in 1972. I would especially like to hear from (maiden names) Kettly Rigaud, Michaelle Voltaire, Magalie Laguerre, Guy and Richard Elie. Anyone else who remembers me and would like to communicate?

francesca valente
Email: franvale74-at-yahoo.it
Location: asti, italy
Occupation: art historian
Date: Monday, April 17, 2000

Dear people, we went to Haiti and loved it!

I need help and I don't know where I can find an answer. I'm writing a series of articles and I need images of Haiti: places, streets, people, ocean, etc...if you know someone who made videos, please contact me, I'll be an explosion of joy!

Thank you and take care,

Liana Hawes
Email: liana_hawes-at-p2pr.com
Date: Monday, April 10, 2000

Thanks, and keep up the good work.

Dominique Laroche Fethiere
Date: Friday, April 7, 2000

Hello Guy:
I felt compelled to write and say "Well done". What a wonderful site. Perusing through it, I was flooded with memories, colors, smells, and nostalgia ! I have not been to Haiti in 12 years and the beautiful pictures and paintings, the stories, songs lyrics just brought me HOME.
Keep up the good work.

Jackie Settle
Email: jackiesettle-at-yahoo.com
Location: St. Charles, Missouri USA
Occupation: Vending to finance mission trips!
Date: Thursday, April 6, 2000

I made my first trip to Haiti in 1978 and I was hooked. I have seen changes take place in Haiti, some good and some not so good but I look forward to each trip as if it were my first. Always different and always exciting. I work with Haitian Island Ministry and also with Amer-Haitian Bon Zami. I have made many friends in Haiti so when I get to missing Haiti at least I can come to neat sites like this! Keep your sense of humor, Guy.

Arnold Lemke
Email: lifeline-at-qtm.net
Date: Thursday, April 6, 2000

I fell in love with the Haitian people on my first photographic trip to that land in 1983, I have been back almost 100 times, I and some friends founded Lifeline mission and we now feed 750 children every day, we also have built a fine school for 350, all by the grace of GOD. I believe the future of Haiti in of course in the children and we must do all we can to help....

Ray Torres
Email: rtorres304-at-aol.com
Location: Willow Grove, PA
Date: Wednesday, April 5, 2000

I look forward to my return to Fondwa (Windows on Haiti Community) this June and encourage others to visit. I continue to support Fonkoze, the alternative bank for the organized poor.

Blessings to you, Guy

Guival Mercedat
Email: gmercedat-at-hotmail.com
Location: Somerville, MA
Occupation: Engineer
Date: Monday, March 27, 2000

Good job, WOH. I am working in a project to have computers in the "Lycée Fabre Geffrard des Gonaïves et Louis Diaquoi". If you are a former student or you're just interested, please feel free to drop me an email.

I am very proud of any Haitian that is working to put Haiti on the net. I lower my hat for every haitian that is working for a better Haiti. We have a long way to go, but we will make it if we keep our faith in a real free Haiti where poverty will disappear and posperity take root.

I am a proud activist for Haiti, if you are serious about politic in Haiti, join me to discuss a better Haiti for tomorrow.

Rod Myers
Email: RodMy-at-aol.com
Location: Sarasota, FL
Occupation: Minister
Date: Saturday, March 25, 2000

Thanks for your article on Microcredit. I have an idea for a group of deaf Haitiens in one of our churches in Port au Prince. Please send information on a contact in PAP for this program. Thanks, Rod Myers

Bryan Schaaf
Email: bryanschaaf-at-hotmail.com
Location: Columbus, OH
Occupation: Peace Corps Volunteer
Date: Tuesday, March 7, 2000

Ill be leaving to spend over two years in Haiti come March 20 as a community services advisor. I just wanted to thank you all for contributing to this inspired, thorough site. Its one thing to read statistics but entirely another to hear peoples' stories, hopes, and dreams for Haiti. Thank you for making this accessible to all of us;

If anyone should need to get ahold of me while in Peace Corps, I will have (very) sporadic access to email. I will be staying first at St. Marc and then in a rural portion of southern Haiti.
God Bless,

Dawn Snyder-Volk
Location: Edina, MN USA
Date: Thursday, February 24, 2000

As a child, I spent my elementary school years living in Haiti. My father, Harley Snyder, was the Gen. Director for Grace Children's Hospital and my mother, Mary Snyder, worked as an RN at the American Embassy.

Because of the cultural exposure, my life has been enriched by the 7 years we lived in Port-au-Prince. To this day, I am still preaching the beauty and advantages of living in such a country.

When it is safer, I hope to one day take my children, who are now two and a half, seven and nine years old, to Haiti. My wish for them is to be able to experience the generousity of the Haitian people, the beautiful mountains and pine forests and most of all, get a taste of what my life was like as a Canadian child living in Haiti.

I felt "homesick" as I browsed through your site and I was captivated by the art you have posted. As I clicked from one picture to the next, I was taken back 20 years ago, when I would drive by the gingerbread houses or ride a camionett to school.

Thank you so much for giving me the opportunity "to go home".

Natascha Silbersdorf
Email: natascha-at-silbersdorf.de
Location: Duisburg, Germany
Occupation: Callcenter Agent
Date: Wednesday, August 14, 2002

Mwen voye yon pil ak yon dal salitasyon pou nou tout ki pran tan nou, pou nou rafrechi konesans nou, ak kalite bèl paje sa-a Mr. Guy Antoine fè nou jwenn-an. Kòman, nou menm Ayisyen, Ayisyèn kap patisipe nan enfomasyon sa yo, nou pa pale lang KREYOL-la???. Ala bèl sa ta bèl, si nou ta eseye ekri kòmantè nou an KREYOL tou! Oubyen se panse nou panse ke lang KREYOL-la pa prezantab ase nan sosyete-a? Nap eseye pran yon ti tan pou nou panse ak istwa nou menm pèp Ayisyen-an yè, nap panse ak vi nou jodi-ya, epi pou-n mande: ki fèt nou te dwe fete 01/01/2004 ankò???. A,bon "Endepandans". Ebyen mezanmi, kite nou kòmanse an KREYOL, zèpòl nan zèpòl, pou nou ka fete yon vrè Endépandans nan avni nou!.

Mèsi Guy, e ak tout lòt moun yo, ki ban nou mwayen pou nou pran ti enfòmasyon nou 24/24.

Date: Sunday, February 20, 2000

Mwen sonje Ayiti anpil, anpil, anpil!!! Mwen genyen lontan depi'm pa ale Ayiti. Bon, mèsi bokou pou bel paj sa. Asepte yon gwo felisitasyon, epi kontinye konsa.

Carl Michel
Date: Saturday, February 19, 2000

Il est bien de vouloir présenter Haiti aux étrangers, de faire de la publicité pour notre "beau" (! ?) pays. L'intention est bonne. Ne faudrait-il pas en même temps penser à régulariser les structures de notre pays, la mentalité féodale de notre peuple et de nos dirigeants ? Je vis en Haiti et je suis actuellement en voyage. A chaque fois que je laisse ce pays, c'est un grand choc pour moi et je suis inconsolable. Je suis indigné de voir comment tous les pays du tiers monde vont de l'avant alors que nous nous evertuons à remuer le passé. Prenons l'exemple de l'Afrique du Sud et allons de l'avant ! Essayons de changer notre mentalité, essayons d'être plus tolérant envers nos concitoyens. Respectons la vie, respectons le droit de chaque individu à la parole et un jour, Haiti sera un beau pays où il fera bon de vivre.

Location: High Point, NC USA
Date: Thursday, February 17, 2000

I just got back from an 8 day mission trip to Haiti--I worked in an orphanage and ran a medical clinic--I still feel out of touch with the USA I managed to leave part of me in Gonaives, Haiti--this website is beautiful and the pictures and stories are heart touching--thanks so much for sharing!!

Henri Dupont
Location: Boston, Ma U.S.A
Date: Thursday, February 17, 2000 at 13:25:30

Thank you for sharing this beautiful culture of ours with the rest of the world.

Edouard Michel
Location: Scarborough, Ontario Canada
Date: Wednesday, February 16, 2000

Un bilan positif! Plus besoin de vous dire l'effet positif que votre site Windows on Haiti a sur beaucoup d'étrangers qui ont eu la chance de visiter ce site qui permet à tout un chacun de savoir ce qu'on appelle Haiti... Grâce à vous, mssrs et dames, beaucoup d'esprits négatifs commencent à changer la facon dont ils voyaient Haïti.


Date: Tuesday, January 4, 2000

Mssrs les collaborateurs et collaboratrices, plus besoin de vous dire combien je vous félicite pour ce beau travail que vous êtes en train de faire pour le respect et l'identification de notre chère Haïti.

Compliments et courage... Continuité... Jusqu'au fond de mon coeur je vous remercie infiniment.... Que Dieu vous garde et vous guide. Fraternellement et Patriotiquement Vôtre.

Ketty Thomas
Email: ketsiat-at-hotmail.com
Location: New York, NY United States
Date: Sunday, February 13, 2000

Oddly enough, I grew up in the US in a very isolated Haitian community. I've been to Haiti several times, but until I visited your web site, I never knew how much information I DON'T know. I am currently pursuing a Masters degree in Comparative Literature with an emphasis on Haitian Literature. You don't know how much your web site means to me. I look forward to visiting your web site regularly.

Jocelyne Mayas
Location: Queens Village, NY USA
Date: Friday, February 11, 2000

Mon chè Guy, Mèsi anpil pou onè ak respè sa a ou bay figi peyi nou an kote lemond antye kapab wè nou te gen youn peyi e nou ka kontinye espere ankò. Mwen finalman deside kite w konen jan m apresye travay w ap fè a paske paj sa a pote anpil ankourajman pou mwen. Mèsi pou antibyotik sa a.

Frances Malone
Location: Wilmington, DE USA
Date: Wednesday, February 2, 2000

Thank you for a lovely website. I have been a tourist to Haiti twice, and am thinking of another visit soon. Would appreciate it if anyone could direct me to biographical information on Haitian painters: specifically Normil A. and Montilious.

Isnard Estriplet
Location: Wyncote, PA USA
Date: Thursday, January 27, 2000

This is a very informative site. It tells a lot about the Haitian culture.

Sauveur Rosier
Location: Richmond, IN U.S
Date: Wednesday, January 26, 2000

I congratulate you for your beautiful work. As a Haitian, far from home, I feel really proud when I am learning about my country from your Web page. Keep it up !

Miles Williams
Location: Georgetown, Guyana
Date: Wednesday, January 19, 2000

I know Haiti is a beautiful place...I have a ICQ friend named Tam-Tam living there and she tells me all about Haiti I do hope I can visit soon...God spare life...MILO

Joan Brown
Location: Schenectady, NY USA
Date: Saturday, January 15, 2000

Extremely interesting and educational. I wish I could visit Haiti. At least I am able to visit this wonderful site. Thank you.

Marie-Flore Baptiste
Location: Ottawa, Canada
Date: Thursday, January 6, 2000

I am truly impressed by this site. You are doing wonders with your site, you are enabling the Haitian community to interact with each other, to share their dreams. Most importantly, you are showing the rest of the world the beauty of our country and our people. The site is very informative, well designed, easy to navigate and the information is well presented.

Keep up the good work.

Patrice Backer
Location: Weston, FL USA
Date: Tuesday, January 4, 2000

Guy --
The breadth of interesting features on your site is such that I wish I could visit more often. Congratulations on a very nice site!

Location: Elizabeth, NJ USA
Date: Monday, January 3, 2000

I've been looking for a while for for sites with pictures of my country but alas, none to be found until I found this site. I'm happy to see we've some folks that are willing to show that Haiti like any other country has some good parts. I only hope that you could have some pics of Petionville and Peguyville and Laboule. Because the world has yet to see that our country is not all that bad after all. Please keep up the good work.

Now when I get homesick, like anyone away from their homeland in this world of technology, I will have a place to remind me of home.

Paul Cormier
Pcormier-at-usa.net Soleil-at-usa.net
Occupation: Emergency Mgt
Favorite Activity: Travel to Haiti
Favorite Haiti spot: Port au Prince

Location: Bay City, MI USA
Date: Friday, December 31, 1999

Wonderful site! Thanks to all who have donated to my foundation. We now have 132 students in first through third grades. We are supporting seven orphans. My kids still need a building for our school. Currently we are using a church.

Date: - 04/23/98
Founded Soleil Foundation, Inc. in 1997. We assist Vil Bò lanmè in Port-au-Prince. It is a small seaside "stick village" where the main means of subsistance are the fruits of the sea. We built a school in January. Already have 104 students.

Amber Walsh
Date: Tuesday, December 28, 1999

I'm leaving for Haiti for 2 years and 3 months in March to volunteer with the Peace Corps. I'm extremely excited and I'm doing as much research as possible before I leave. Does anyone have any advice they can offer, as to books I should read, things I should or should not bring, any advice on clothing, customs, or traditions that I should be aware of ? Please help!

Joseph Alfred
Location: Atlanta, GA U.S.A
Date: Tuesday, December 28, 1999

Mwen genyen nyès mwen ki vin pase vakans, nou tap fè yon ti fritay e nou te bliye "recipe"-a pou Akra. Nou fè yon ti kout pye nan sit la, apre 10 minit nou te deja genyen enfòmasyon sou Akra. Bon travay and keep up the Good work!

Jean Damys
Location: Naples, Fl USA
Date: Saturday, December 25, 1999

With this web site I finally know the true meaning of my homeland.

I cannot ask for anything better than that.

Well DONE!!!

Hertz Nazaire (Naz)
naz-at-kreyol.com nazaire-at-hotmail.com
Location: Stamford, CT
Date: Friday, December 17, 1999

Dear good people of WOH, i love your site.

Date: Monday, November 15, 1999

This is one of my favorite sites to visit on the Net. I have learned so much about my culture from your pages, please keep up the good work! Thank You!

Ingrid Joseph aka ONI Location: Gloucester, Ontario Canada
Occupation: Multimedia artist,dub poet,jewlry designer, story teller, writer
Favorite Activity: dreaming
Favorite Haiti spot: Jeremie
Favorite Haiti book: L'espace d'un Cillement by Jacques Stephen Alexis
Thing to do while in Haiti: Never been. I will be there in 2004
Favorite Haitian Artist: Anacaona

Date: Monday, January 3, 2000

Happy new year to you all! I wish you excellent health and prosperity in all of your endeavours. I'm a poet/interactive multimedia student.

Leve kanpe. Peace. Wonderful job with this site.

Date: Friday, December 17, 1999

Sak pase tout moun? I added Windows on Haiti as a link to my website on www.blackplanet.com. My username is 'nuage'. Many Haitians reside on this black online community. I am a poet who features an ode weekly on her page. Haitians get a mad shoutout and the Haitian cyber-flag flies high on my site. Leve kanpe! Come by, sign my guestbook and meet me. Peace .

Date: Friday, September 3, 1999

Sak pase?
I see that the windows still remain open. Wonderful effort!

I wanted to give my new coordinates. I just graduated from OTC Computer Tech Inc. as a Microsoft Office specialist. I am currently in the Webmaster's program, and in January 2000 I hope to study Interactive Multimedia at Algonquin College. I am a storyteller, poet, jewelry designer, artist. I've never been to Haiti yet. I was born in Montreal. My folks are from Jérémie. I want to go to Ayiti for the bicentennial. Hope to see you there!

Tout moun yo leve kanpe! A plus tard.

Date: Friday, July 9, 1999

It is not time to close the windows yet! Let it rain. Sak Passe everybody! It feels very good to be home. I'm a Haitian multimedia artist based in Canada. Also, I'm a poet, jewelry designer, storyteller/writer. I would like to know more on Anacaona. This website is fantastic! All Haitians should have it as a bookmark. It would be silly to close such an illustrious site. Don't render me homeless! I'm trying to locate my godfather, Guy Roumer, nephew of Emil Roumer. I'll sign in again later. Bonne journée tout le monde!

Date: March 23, 1999
Your website is very resourceful. What are the Haitian masses going to do to celebrate our bicentennial? The work that you have done is excellent. Do you know of any scholarships offered to Haitian students? Je sius fiere d'etre haitienne. A plus tard!

P.S. Do you know of any haitian artists who have painted Anacaona?

Audrey Gelin
Location: Miami, FL USA
Date: Sunday, December 5, 1999

I am truly impressed by this site. I was especially happy to read the poetry and literature sections. I am an English teacher in Miami Edison Senior High School in Little Haiti. My tenth grade students are currently reading Edwidge Danticat's Krik! Krak!. It was a pleasure reading her short essay on strength of Haiti's women. My students, both Haitian and American, were extremely touched by the short story "Children of the Sea." I think that reading Ms. Danticat's essay will give them more insight into the story.

Also, I loved the pictures of Fondwa. Our students usually hear about the negative aspects of Haiti. It is time that they see some of our country's beauty and understand why Haiti has been referred to as the "Pearl of the Antilles." Finally, I was happy to see the lyrics page. I look forward to visiting the site regularly. I will definitely send the link to my friends. Keep up the excellent work.

Judy Francis
Location: Miami, FL USA
Date: Friday, December 3, 1999

Sak pase! I really enjoyed browsing this site. As a young American woman born of Haitian parents, I haven't been exposed much to Haitian culture, and I really appreciate sources like this. Please keep up the good work! Mesi pou ede mwen cheche rasin mwen!

Angelucci Manigat, Jr.
104525.3536-at- compuserve.com
Location: Stamford, Ct USA
Date: Wednesday, December 1, 1999

Monche Guy,

Sa pa gen tro lontan depi mwen dekouvri sit ou a. Se konpliman net alkole. Se te avek yon paket plezi mwen te li "Les Plaintes de Toussaint Louverture"-yon powem manman m te konn resite pou mwen sitou le lapli ap tonbe.

M espere Edwidge Danticat ap bannou yon ti gout sel anko.

Cassandra Altenor
Location: East Orange, NJ U.S.
Date: Wednesday, December 1, 1999

I would like to meet some Haitian Christians in their mid 20's.

Marsha Figaro
Location: Chicago, IL US
Date: Tuesday, November 30, 1999

It is very uplifting to see so many other Haitians apeak of their pride and love for Haiti!

Katia Dona Ulysse
Location: Washington, DC US
Date: Tuesday, November 30, 1999

Thanks WOH for that picture, Pathways... The mountains, the trees, the unpaved serpentine road, the green color of hope, the haze, the students on their way to school, the rocks, the unseen thatched-roof kitchens, where smoldering ambers are buried under heaps of white ashes on which the morning coffee was brewed. I minimize everything on my monitor and watch "Pathways" unfold.

There is no sweeter melody than the shrill discordance of a 757's rubber wheels screeching across the pavement when it reaches that airport in Port-au-Prince; no flame burns hotter than the deluge behind the lenses of my dark sunglasses when the voice wraps itself around the passengers and announces: "Ladies and Gentlemen, welcome to Haiti." I exit the airplane and look towards the mountains in the distance just like those in the picture, Pathways; I close my eyes for an instant and something within begins to soar.

Now every once in a while, in my office, an ocean away from those mapou trees, I see that picture on my monitor and out of the silence something says, "Welcome Home."

Thank you Windows on Haiti for the unobstructed view.

Venus St.louis
Location: New York, NY USA
Date: Tuesday, November 23, 1999

Thank you for the opportunity to sign your guestbook. I lok forward to getting some information about my country.

Sandra Mignot
Location: Paris
Date: Saturday, November 20, 1999

Mon premier voyage en Haïti date déjà d'un an. Toute une année durant laquelle je n'ai pas cessé de penser à tous ceux que j'avais rencontré là-bas. Comme journaliste je cherchais à montrer autre chose que la misère, la superstition, l'insécurité et l'avenir bouché. Pari tenu. Ce fut à la fois facile et compliqué. Facile parce qu'on trouve de nombreux Haïtiens décidés à sortir leur pays de l'ornière dans laquelle il est fiché depuis de si longues années. Les idées et les compétences ne manquent pas, nous le savons tous. Mais compliqué parce qu'inexorablement, lorsque l'on commence à écrire, peut-être imprégné de tous les préjugés souvent véhiculés dans la presse, la plume plonge dans le funeste, le pessimisme, le négatif.

Mon premier article fut une véritable corvée : comment parler de la pauvreté en respectant la dignité qui ennoblit les haïtiens dont j'ai croisé la route ? Une fois cette épreuve surmontée, j'ai découvert une population riche de sa simplicité, avide d'échanges et imprégnée de son histoire. Des gens attachants qui ont contribué à modifier mon idée du monde, de la vie, des relations entre les hommes.

J'espère bientôt pouvoir retourner en Haïti. Je reste en contact à travers internet (bien sûr) mais aussi à travers la littérature, la musique, les reportages et les films. Même depuis la France, finalement, je continue à découvrir un peu plus Haïti chaque jour.

Sheri Colas
Date: Saturday, November 20, 1999

Great page! Really enjoyed going through it. I am not from Haiti but am fascinated with this beautiful country. I have been through many many pages on Haiti. I must say that this is the most informative, most complete, and well presented page on Haiti that I've seen yet. Congratulations!

Jean-Marc Antoine
Location: New York, waving the Haitian Flag in front of the D.R. Consulate to protest the inhumane treatment of migrant workers. (pix)
Occupation: 5th grade
Date: November 20, 1999

This is the least one can do for a country.

Perry Speakman
Location: USA
Date: Sunday, November 14, 1999

I am happy to have run across this web site. I have been to Haiti a few times and while there I worked in 3 orphanages. When I leave for the States all I can think about is the children I left behind. Lord willing, will be returning soon but just wanted to tell how good it is to read these pages. I'm not Haitian but have got to be very close with the people there.

God Bless you!

Marjorie Mentor
Location: Montreal, Canada
Date: Tuesday, November 2, 1999

I had been looking for the "kreyol" alphabet and I found it on this site. That's going to help me a lot. I wanted to learn "kreyol" a long time ago. It's a shame for me not to know how. Thanks once again.

Date: Friday, October 22, 1999

Bonjour! Je trouve le site très intéressant, il me rapproche de ma chère patrie. Qui me manque beaucoup.

Zacharie Lexima
Location: Roanoke, VA U.S.A
Date: Monday, November 1, 1999

I had the opportunity to visit this web site for the second time. We have done a great job by helping my Country to get back on track. Don't give up! Always strive for excellence!

Ricky Wright
Location: Jackson, GA USA
Date: Saturday, October 30, 1999

Thank you for the opportunity to voice my reflections of Haiti. I am enjoying your website very much. I visited Haiti for the first time a few weeks ago. I will never be the same. I have a tremendous desire now to return. I was blessed with the chance to speak to a group of Christians. I was so impressed with the hunger of the Haitian people for Spiritual things. In my country, it is very difficult for people to sit for an hour or two for a worship service. In Haiti, we met for six hours, broke for lunch, then rested before engaging in evening worship. I could not believe the warmness and genuine love expressed towards me by the Haitian folks. I miss them greatly. I expressed to the group, that before I had only known them in my head; now I truly know them in my heart. Thank you for being so gracious to this foreigner, and may God richly bless you as you seek to serve Him.

P.S. I won't be able to stay away for long, so I hope I didn't wear out my welcome.

Location: CT USA
Date: Friday, October 29, 1999

I first visited Haiti in 1996--it was a work group to paint a mission house. I thought I could "help." I learned quickly that there was so much to learn, and went back the following year to visit orphanages, clinics and schools and found that a part of my soul must be Haitian. Now I am part of a parish that is twinned with a Haitian Parish and my dream is to see education available to all the children, and health care and clean drinking water within reach of all.

Carine Despinos
Location: Port St. Lucie, Fl.
Date: Wednesday, October 20, 1999

Hello Guy (cousin),
I have visited your site many times and have bragged about it to everyone I know. Keep up the great work!!! You have so much wonderful information, thank you for this great opportunity :)

Maritza Guillaume
Location: Princeton, NJ US
Date: Tuesday, October 19, 1999

Great job!!!

Jennifer Laforest
Location: Brooklyn, NY USA
Date: Tuesday, October 19, 1999

Interested in getting in touch with my Haitian roots.

Adeline Bellot Mathieu
Location: Boston, MA USA
Date: Wednesday, October 13, 1999

Guy - a job well done! Whenever the nostalgia for Haiti hits, I take a trip to WOH.

Jean Desgrottes
Location: Boston, MA USA
Date: Wednesday, October 13, 1999

Great site! keep up the good work. Thanks for the lyrics. I couldn't ask for more.

Kyria-Alexandra Duplessy
Location: Stamford, Connecticut USA
Date: Wednesday, October 13, 1999

It gives me great joy to see sites like these about our country. This site is not only well done but also well presented. I like it a lot and will send some of my friends there to visit it.

Ghenny S. Joseph
Location: Atlanta, Georgia USA
Date: Wednesday, October 13, 1999

I think this web site is great. Keep up the good work!

Angeline Vincent
Location: Orlando, Fl U.S.A
Date: Friday, October 8, 1999

I am very impressed. I am very happy to see that someone, besides myself, is trying to show a positive perspective on my country. I hope that this will inspire others to do the same.

Rose Carmel Sime
Location: Orlando , FL Orlando
Date: Thursday, September 30, 1999

I am very happy to see this site, it is amazing! Thank you for your efforts. Please keep up the good work.

Rene Devis
Location: Valley Stream, Nassau NY
Date: Saturday, September 25, 1999

I would like to compliment your staff for a job well done. Windows on Haiti presents an excellent profile of Haitians' society and culture.

Wooslene Vangine
Location: Oldenburg, Germany
Date: Monday, September 20, 1999

Une haitienne a eu la gentillesse de me recommander votre page et je dois admettre qu'elle me plaît. Je vous prie de continuer à travailler dans ce sens et à améliorer votre page. Recevez mes compliments!

Nadiege Jean
Location: New York, NY Bronx
Date: Tuesday, September 14, 1999

I just want to say how nice this site is and also that I would like to get in touch with most of my friends from Nouveau College Bird. E-mail me.

Rachel Alexandre
Location: Brockport, N.Y.
Date: Thursday, September 9, 1999

Salut, I just discovered this site, and I think you guys are doing a swell job, keep it up.

Joseph Etienne
d2kole-at-yahoo.com jetienne-at-newssun.med.miami.edu
Location: Miami, FL
Date: Monday, August 30, 1999

Going to Haiti as a medical personel was the best thing that happened to me for the past two years and a half. I have been involved with an organization that allows med students to go to Haiti not only to help but also to appreciate another culture. Although we are living in Miami_ a very cosmopolitan city_, people still misunderstand the whole notion of Haitians as an ethnic entity. Thus, a few Haitian physicians and medical students have tried to bring some light to the matter. Through project medishare, we take medical students to Haiti twice a year. We bring meds, supplies, education pamphlets to help. Although the trip is short (one week), the results are far-reaching. We hope that the future med. personel will understand us more as a country and as a people. So far, we have had that program started -at- Univ Of Florida, Nova Southeastern Med schools. If anybody is interested, they can e-mail me or check our new web site: www.haitimedishare.com . Ainsi soit-il!

Date: Tuesday, July 13, 1999

I am a Haitian-American student. This site is a refreshing oasis. Nice pictures. I go to Haiti twice a year with some foreign med students. They always come back fascinated. I just hope Haitians can be as fascinated with their country.

Tess Barton
Location: Dallas, TX USA
Date: Saturday, August 28, 1999

I am planning a month at a hospital in Haiti (HAS) soon. Any words of advice? Anything special in particular I should do while I'm there? I'm so excited. Everyone thinks I'm crazy for going to Haiti, but I can't wait.

Carmelle Lucas
Location: Doylestown, PA USA
Date: Thursday, August 26, 1999

I hold a PhD in chemistry and work as a research scientist in the pharmaceutical industry. I am devoted to all causes concerning the homeland, Haiti Cherie!! Thank you for bringing it into the spotlight!

Raisa White
Location: Brooklyn, NY
Date: Tuesday, August 24, 1999

This is so far, the best Haitian website that I've come across. It is so educational. I have never been to Haiti, but am curious about the culture and general lifestyle. This site answered many of my questions.

Nadiege Jean
Location: Bronx, NY
Date: Friday, August 13, 1999 at 15:38:02

Je ne suis pas Haïtienne de naissance mais mon coeur y est. J'ai passé le quart de ma vie en Haïti et je peux dire que cela a été une belle expérience. 1) sur la découverte d'endroits précieux : Jacmel, Cayes, Morne L'Hospital et certainement les plages. 2) la découverte de l'amour, la sagesse. 3) les bonnes manières. J'apprécie beaucoup l'effort que vous faîtes pour pouvoir donner à Haïti une nouvelle définition (Sa propre définition).

Peggy Gustave
Location: Tallahassee, FL USA
Date: Thursday, August 12, 1999

I love this website and encourage ALL- Haitians and non-Haitians to "feel" and not just see the Haitian culture that permeates the pages of this website.

I recently just visited Haiti for the first time since I was a child. I felt GREAT to be HOME- loved by all. We are a people with so much to share with the world and this website is as good place to start. Bonne Chance!

Ebony E. Thomas
Date: Friday, July 23, 1999

During my last three years in high school, I wanted to be Haitian. This was a strange proposition on the surface. I am African American with family roots in Florida and Alabama. I grew up in almost all-black Detroit, and only had one or two friends who were anything but African American. Yet Haitian culture and history had a depth and resilience that my own seemed to lack. I started an Africentric children’s workshop in my junior year, and fell in love with the idea of the Haitian Revolution. Wouldn’t it have been glorious if one of the black American slave revolts—that of Denmark Vesey, Gabriel Prosser, or Nat Turner—had been even a bit as successful? I thought, wishing with all my heart I could claim Haiti as home.

I lightened up a bit in college. If I couldn’t be Haitian, I reasoned, I could write about it! A reknowned agent has been working with me for the past few years to publish a four-book series about four American families of color. One of them is Haitian. The family I’ve created owns a five-star restaurant with locations in Chicago, Detroit, Toronto, Montreal, and I think one other city comes into play later... New York, I think. I’ve done a lot of library, Web and cultural organization research... but I haven’t met a lot of Haitians. As a poor college student, I couldn’t visit Haiti to do research, either.

I am a 1999 graduate of Florida A&M University, which has a large Caribbean population, but most of my friends were from the South, Jamaica, and the Virgin Islands. The Haitians that I met at school I really didn’t get a chance to be friendly with. They either were very insular, only hanging around other Haitians, or were very Americanized—they weren’t born in Haiti, they told me, their parents were. I wish things had been different.

Now that this agent is interested in selling my manuscript to a large publishing house, I have a problem. She is African American, so she doesn’t know much about Haiti. I only know what I’ve read. I DO NOT want to make the same mistake that Terry McMillan did in “How Stella Got Her Groove Back”.

So I can only do one of two things: 1) Find an expert to read the two chapters of this novel that refer to this family to make sure that nothing is offensive and all of my details such as recipes, proverbs, etc. are correct. I was doing this with a contact I had at Rutgers University this spring but he got too busy with his studies to continue (I assume). Or I could 2) cut all the Haitian references out of my book—as a black American woman, the argument could be made that I have no business writing about what I don’t know about. Even though this would destroy the fabric of the novel, I’d rather do that than create an uproar.

Which course of action should I take? I’ve e-mailed a few people already. Any insight anyone could offer would be considered and appreciated. I am not trying to offend or to be a pest... but to enlighten myself and pay tribute to a place that I haven’t seen but wish with all my heart to be of some use to. (BTW, the book is on deadline so I’m pressed for time.) Please e-mail me at ebonyink-at-hotmail.com if you have any suggestions at all. God bless... one love!

Marc Debrosse
Location: Strasbourg, France
Date: Monday, July 19, 1999

Congratulations for such an inspired site! It seems that you miss French feedback... here I am: Haïtian anthropologist formed in France, I currently prepare a Master's based on possibilities of Haïti's development through Vodoo! See you soon.

Karyn Exilus
Location: NYC, NY
Date: Friday, July 9, 1999

I found your site to be one of the best I've seen. I'm Haitian-American, born in the US trying to learn more on Haitian writers. Thanks for so much information pesented in a beautiful manner.

Prosper Sylvain, Jr.
Location: Queens, NY
Date: Tuesday, July 6, 1999

I would like to congratulate you on exposing the world wide web to the beauty and culture of Haiti. Your site is not only professional, but quite informative. I wish you the best and may you add many other ideas to the site... poetry perhaps??!!!

Sheila Colas
Location: Poughkeepsie, NY
Date: Wednesday, June 30, 1999

I miss my Haiti! I am looking for members of the class of 1984 - Union School in Port au Prince. HAITI CHERIE!

George J. Robinson
Location: New York, NY USA
Date: Monday, June 28, 1999

As Founder & Executive Director of NURTUREart Non-Profit, Inc., ("Our name is our mission.") I am pleased to announce that our organization is planning an exhibition of Haitian-AMERICAN art. We hope to hold the exhibition in a premier, historic Manhattan exhibition site within the next calendar year. The exhibition will be accompanied by a lecture and/or panel discussion, which will help us fulfill the educational part of our mission, in this case, to show the public the wide variety of fine art in all media that is the creative expression of Haitians who have been living in the USA.

My colleagues and I have already visited many artists' studios, but we want to reach out and be certain that we do not miss a single talented artist! If you are aware of a talented Haitian-AMERICAN artist, or, if you are one, kindly visit our web site for information about how to submit your portfolio for consideration: www.bullseyeart.com/nurtureart. PLEASE SPREAD THE WORD!

As more details about the exhibition are known, NURTUREart will post them on its own site and, perhaps, this site and in other media reaching the HAITIAN community.

We are excited about the prospect of enriching the wider community with the planned exhibition, and we look forward to you referrals.

Because of limited staff and resources, we cannot guarantee return phone calls and correspondence. Therefore, please be patient until you see information posted on the sites, and thereafter, please communicate via NURTUREart's web site e-mail link.

Thank you!

Yves-Rose Durand
Location: Pembroke Pines, Fl.
Date: Sunday, June 27, 1999

Dear Cousin,
This is the only site that makes me proud to be Haitian. I love Haiti, and I will be so happy if you can add some pictures of Dondon, Borgne, Cap-Haitien. Your site is very nice, well done and very rich.

May God Bless...  

Love forever,


Alexandra Celestin
zanmi-at-hotmail.com choublak-at-world.std.com
Location: Roslindale, MA USA
Date: Wednesday, June 23, 1999

Explosive site!

Marc Verdieu
Location: West Palm Beach, FL
Date: Sunday, June 20, 1999
Email: mverdieu-at-cse.fau.edu
Occupation: Student
Favorite Activity: Design web pages
Favorite Haiti spot: Delmas 33
Favorite Haiti book: Tout homme est un homme
Thing to do while in Haiti: Eat sugar cane
Favorite Haitian Artist: Sweet Mickey

Very informative site, nicely edited and very professional. It is one of the best Haitian sites I've visited.

I'm Marc Verdieu, Historian for Konbit kreyol, the Haitian student organization At Florida Atlantic University. Please feel free to visit us anytime.

Matthew T. Bradley
Location: Cherokee, NC USA
Date: Thursday, June 3, 1999

I am interested in travelling to Haiti to study French and further my anthropology education. Are there any programs for me? I am especially interested in rural life. I have visited Cuba and Puerto Rico, and hope one day to have visited all the islands of the Greater Antilles. Many thanks.

Emily C. Hall - 04/28/99

I first went to Haiti during in 1993 and have returned several times a year since. I have learned a great deal and hope to learn a great deal more. I have met many "cousins" and learned to love many people. Ayiti nan ke'm.

Louis Foxwell - 04/21/99

Haiti, the most exotic and troubling nation, calls me back. I must return again and again to the Pearl of the Antilles.

Elaine Brignac Seghers - 04/20/99


Thank you, Guy Antoine, for this wonderful year to feel and see the beauty of Haiti and her people scattered world wide. Have a successful year and keep us in touch with each other.

Allez Avec Le Bon Dieu, tous mes amis,


Margot Celestin - 04/20/99


Félicitations les plus vives, Guy, pour ce formidable travail, si parfaitement orchestré tout au long de cette année.

"A force d'aimer une fleur, on la fait grandir."

Surtout n'abandonne jamais, NOUS avons besoin de toi.

Bon courage, Bonne chance, Mille fois merci.

Carl Alcindor - 04/20/99
Occupation: IT

Keep up the good work.

Tim Greenwood - 04/20/99
Occupation: Minister

God bless you and your site!

Bryan L. Wharram - 04/19/99
Occupation: Medical Research
Favorite Activity: Web surfing, fly fishing, skiing, SCUBA diving, visiting Haiti
Favorite Haiti spot: Anse d'Hainault, Cotin, Flamands
Favorite Haiti book: krik? krak!; The Rainy Season

I've been visiting Haiti nearly every year (some years more than once) since 1986, mostly on short-term missions trips, but also twice on human rights monitoring delegations during the 1991-1994 coup and as part of an election observation delegation in June 1995. Trips over the past two years have included family visits. I fell in love with Haiti and the people of Haiti, one in particular (my wife). I am going back to school in a physician's assistant Master's degree program, then will move to Haiti with my wife and daughter to be medical missionaries.

Windows on Haiti is a wonderful web site. It's a great resource about Haitian culture and history, and a great forum in which to exchange ideas.

Bon chans

Vivian Tortora - 04/17/99
Email: vtortora-at-capecod.net
Occupation: Self Employed Herb Farmer and Herbal Products Producer
Favorite Haiti spot: Visitation House, Delmas
Favorite Haiti book: Breath, Eyes, Memory,
Thing to do while in Haiti: Visit friends in Dessalines

My husband Pat and I are involved with The Haiti Parish Twinning Program. Our parish (Our Lady of the Cape in Brewster, MA) is twinned with St. Clares in Dessalines. I was an official election observer for The Washington Office on Haiti in 1990 and went again to Haiti to monitor Aristide's return in 1994 for WOH.

Myriam J. A. Chancy - 04/17/99
Email: mchancy-at-imap3.asu.edu
Occupation: Writer, Professor
Favorite Activity: Films & Photography
Favorite Haiti spot: Petion-Ville
Favorite Haiti book: Desmangles' The Faces of the Gods (excellent reference text); Yanick Lahens' L'Exil
Thing to do while in Haiti: Keep your eyes and ears open to everything and everyone
Favorite Haitian Artist: Francois Cauvin

Pamela Wrenn-Roberts - 04/17/99
Email: pamoja_t-at-hotmail.com
Occupation: Asst. Director, Education
Favorite Activity: Travel
Favorite Haiti spot: Jacmel
Favorite Haiti book: Krik? Krak!
Thing to do while in Haiti: Hang out at Oloffson
Favorite Haitian Artist: Asakivle/Franck Desire

Jacmel . . .
crashing waves . . .
glowing moonlit . . .
sweet sounds from the vil . . .
swifts & swallows . . .
sugarcane . . .
tap taps . . .
RAM . . .
cool coconut milk . . .
lambi . . .
'piti, piti Kreyol'
'NUF SAID! :-)

Raymond Laurin - 04/16/99
Email: laurec47-at-hotmail.com
Occupation: Soil Scientist
Favorite Activity: Photography, swimming, surfing the web
Favorite Haiti spot: St Raphael, St Michel
Favorite Haiti book: Adieu la Tortue, Bon Dieu Rit
Thing to do while in Haiti: Swim along the crystal clear water around Montrouis Beach, admire the sunset over "Golfe de La Gonave"
Favorite Haitian Artist: Obin, Lazare

"Windows on Haiti"

The name tells it all: An excellent opening on the "who" and the "what" about our Nation; a site I visit regularly to find a little bit of "l'ESPRIT HAITIEN"... and a little bit of myself.

"Windows on Haiti" is informative, entertaining, and I could go on... and on...

Guy, my congratulations on a work well done!


Rosemary Williams - 04/15/99
Email: rwilli7994-at-att.net
Occupation: Educator, financial planner
Favorite Activity: taking folks to Haiti
Favorite Haiti spot: Cap-Haitien, country villages
Favorite Haiti book: Danticat's books
Thing to do while in Haiti: Be with the people, listen to music, sing

I was introduced to Haiti about five years ago and I have been back about 25 times since. Many times accompanying groups of people for 10 days or so. My work has been and is with the Ministry of Money, a Washington, DC, based Christian group.

JeanGuy Philizaire - 04/15/99
Email: louphil1-at-aol.com
Occupation: Realtor
Favorite Activity: Boating
Favorite Haiti spot: Jeremie
Favorite Haiti book: La Marche Arriere
Thing to do while in Haiti: go to Anse D'Azur
Favorite Haitian Artist: Jacques St.Surin

Elaine Brignac Seghers - 04/14/99
Email: russeghers-at-hsnp.com
Occupation: Retired R.N.
Favorite Activity: Computer & Genealogy
Favorite Haiti spot: Canapé Vert, Home 1938 to 1958
Favorite Haiti book: Written in Blood Haiti, High Road to Adventure
Thing to do while in Haiti: Dance merengue, eat mangos, papayas, and sapoti, visit the beaches
Favorite Haitian Artist: all of them

When this site goes on "leave" I will lose my friends and all the wonderful Haiti contacts and stories. What a blessing this site has been for me. Thank you, Guy Antoine, for allowing me "to imagine". You have given all of us a precious gift to be able to connect to Haiti through her people worldwide. Please don't stay away too long. I'll still check out this site every day. Haiti Cheri you were the home of my first 18 years and I'll never forget you or your people.

Allez avec le Bon Dieu

Date: 03/16/99

I'm back again. Guy, thanks for this site! I found some of my childhood friends through Windows. I'm eternally grateful to be able to read with much interest all the comments from everyone who contributes to Windows. You all bring me back to my childhood's happy home, eating mayi boukannen, sapoti, mango fransis, bannann, papay, cassav, kenèp, best of all my Haiti friends, and the music of Ernest Lamy, Ti Ro Ro, Guy Durosier, and Issa El Saieh. Does anyone remember the Brignac family? From 1918 to 1958, we lived in P-A-P, Mont Rouis, St. Marc, Foret des Pins, Cap Haïtien, Castera, between bananas , sugar cane, rubber trees, Chemin de Fer , Coca Cola at Braserrie de la Couronne, SHADA, SCISP Union School. Ekri mwen (Write to me).

Date: 08/24/98

I was 6 weeks old when I went to Haiti. Had a wonderful childhood speaking kreyòl and dancing meringue 1938 to 1958. I went to Union School on the Champs de Mars next to the Rex Theater. Haiti Chérie, I'll never forget you. I'm 60 now and wish and pray for you for the best. Someone must still be in P-A-P who remembers the Brignacs. Please write!

Michaelle Roy - 04/14/99
Email: mikirouto-at-attcanada.net
Occupation: grandmother/great grandmother
Favorite Activity: talk about Haiti
Favorite Haiti spot: Furcy
Favorite Haiti book: Jacobins Noirs, Gouverneurs de la Rosee, On rêve encore en Haiti, Envol pour les Abricots etc...etc...
Thing to do while in Haiti: chercher a installer quelque chose de positif et concret pour assurer l'éducation d'un enfant au moins
Favorite Haitian Artist: Beethova Obas et tous les autres

Je vous ai déja fait compliments sur compliments pour votre site. Je vous les réitère et vous remercie. Vous avez sû toucher la fibre haïtienne en chacun de nous. Si seulement nos compatriotes, plus jeunes que moi bien sûr, se donnaient la main, surement que nous ne dirions plus ..... Il était une fois, Haiti ...

A ceux que le devenir d'Haiti intéresse et inquiète, je recommande de s'informer sur les incroyables réalisations de Mica Moravia de Verteuil qui en 25 ans a transformé la région des Abricots. En plus de son école principale -465 élèves- elle a ouvert, il y a un an 10 petites écoles Ajoupa qui fonctionnent à sa grande satisfaction. Je fais partie d'une fondation, la Fondation Partage, dont le principal partenaire en Haiti est Mica. Aussi je n'hésite pas à solliciter de l'aide pour son oeuvre. Une école Ajoupa requiert US$1,500 par an; Suis à votre disposition pour toute information complémentaire.

Bravo encore Guy et............continuez, continuez

For Haiti with Love, inc - 04/14/99
Email: ForHaiti-at-aol.com
Occupation: Mission Field Work
Favorite Activity: Procurring
Favorite Haiti spot: North
Thing to do while in Haiti: Work

It is pleasing to learn so many others are interested in helping Haiti - help Haiti.

Leah Gordon - 04/13/99
Email: Leahgordon-at-aol.com
Occupation: Photographer, Writer & Film-maker
Favorite Activity: Horse Riding
Favorite Haiti spot: Belly Beach & Jacmel
Favorite Haiti book: Kathy Goes to Haiti, Sacred Arts of Vodou, Mama Lola, Divine Horseman, Rainy Season, Haiti State Against Nation, Bonjour Blanc and not forgetting Hot Times in Haiti
Thing to do while in Haiti: Drink a rum alexandre on the balcony of the Manoir Alexandre whilst swapping face metaphors and driving to Anse Rouge
Favorite Haitian Artist: Hector Hyppolite, Robert St Brice, Louisiane St Fleurant, Gabriel Bien-Aime, Andre Pierre, Pierrot Barra

I'll never know what drew me to Haiti and the hold it has over me is impossible to articulate but endlessly intriging. Since 1991, my first visit, I have taken many photographs, made a film, 'The Pig's Tale' and written the 'Lonely Planet Guide to Haiti.

Jeanmichel Alexandre Desquiron - 04/13/99
Email: htncrtn-at-earthlink.net
Occupation: Restaurant Manager
Favorite Activity: Music music music
Favorite Haiti book: Loco Miroir/Haiti a la une/papa doc and the ton ton macoutes
Thing to do while in Haiti: Eat

Gary St. Armand - 04/13/99
Email: saintarmand-at-earthlink.net
Occupation: Chemist
Favorite Activity: Eating Haitian Food
Favorite Haiti book: The Black Jacobins, The Rainy Season, Breadth, Eyes & Memory
Thing to do while in Haiti: Eat Lambi Boukan-nin At the beach
Favorite Haitian Artist: Sweet Mickey; Tropicana

The food & recipe section is an outstanding idea. I am fairly adventurous when it comes to the type of food that I am willing to try and experience. Thus far, and it's been 33 years since birth, nothing compares to Haitian Food.

Manus McMenamy - 04/12/99
Email: manus-at-manus.freeserve.co.uk
Occupation: Civil Servant
Favorite Activity: Buying Haitian paintings
Favorite Haiti spot: Route Delmas
Favorite Haiti book: Sacred Arts of Vodun
Thing to do while in Haiti: Walk around and talk to people
Favorite Haitian Artist: Luckner Lazard

How can you describe a place that casts a spell on you like a magician?

John Pearson - 04/12/99
Email: johnapearson-at-yahoo.com
Occupation: Diplomat
Favorite Activity: Sport and music
Favorite Haiti spot: Cap Haitien
Favorite Haiti book: The Rainy Season and The Black Jacobins
Thing to do while in Haiti: Drink Rum Punch
Favorite Haitian Artist: Ishmael Saincilius

I must admit, I have been very impressed by Windows on Haiti. It is a very interesting site, and well structured. My favourite section is Art, as the paintings featured are wonderful. Being a football (soccer) fan I would appreciate some information on sport: Leyla keeps reminding me that Haiti played in the 1974 World Cup finals, but unfortunately I am too young to remember that (as she is as well!).

My interest in Haiti comes from knowing Leyla, and visiting the country in October 1997. I had an excellent time, two lovely weeks. We did the normal touristy things, I suppose: the Citadelle, Jacmel, the lovely beaches, etc. But my lasting memory will be of the liveliness of the country: the wonderful colours, the music and the fascinating art. I look forward to going back one day.

Best of luck with the future of Windows on Haiti.

Susan Huss - 04/12/99
Occupation: English teacher
Favorite Haiti spot: O Cap
Thing to do while in Haiti: live the adventure!
Favorite Haitian Artist: RAM

I returned to the States in January of '99 after living in Haiti over three years. I miss it EVERY day. I miss my friends--Haitian and expat alike. I miss the sunsets and the mangoes and the mountains and the sea and the children and the laughter and speaking Kreyol and the constant adventure and the smiles of the machanns as I walk down the street.

Thanks for this site--which helps keep me updated and helps me remember.

Annia St. Hilaire - 04/12/99
Email: annia_sthilaire-at-hotmail.com
Occupation: IT Recruiter
Favorite Activity: dancing
Favorite Haitian Artist: Zin, Zoom(new band in CT)

I left Haiti when I was 11 and my life was quite sheltered by my uncle. I must confess that I don't know much about Haiti and I am culturally deprived........currently, I've been looking for all kinds of information on haiti's culture and that's how I discovered your website. I am very pleased, it is informative on both current and past happenings in Haiti. Keep it up!

Carolle Charles - 04/12/99
Email: carolle_charles-at-baruch.cuny.edu
Occupation: sociology professor
Favorite Activity: reading
Favorite Haiti spot: a site in the south
Favorite Haiti book: Amour, Colère et Folie; Mama Lola; State Against the Nation; Comprendre Haiti; Le Pays en Dehors; the Black Jacobins; and the list goes on...
Thing to do while in Haiti: talk to people; go to cultural events like a voodoo ceremony.

Very good effort. just keep doing it.

Jean Jean-Pierre - 04/12/99
Email: jean-at-acd-pc.com
Occupation: musician-journalist
Favorite Activity: travel
Favorite Haiti spot: La vallée de Jacmel
Favorite Haiti book: The uses of Haiti
Thing to do while in Haiti: Go to the countryside
Favorite Haitian Artist: Guy Durosier

Due to my hectic and very disorganized schedule I have not gotten the time to participate in Windows on Haiti. And, I must confess, it is my loss. So while you are on hiatus -I hope that's only what your absence will be- I'll prepare myself to be ready whenever you return.

Wishing you success in your new endeavor,

Jean Jean-Pierre

Chantal Dejoie - 04/12/99
Email: cdejoie-at-sci-syscom.com
Occupation: Administrative Asst.
Favorite Activity: Being outside
Favorite Haiti spot: La Mar Del
Favorite Haiti book: Eyes, Breath, Memories
Thing to do while in Haiti: Hang out with my Grandmother
Favorite Haitian Artist: Claude Dambreville

I would like to say thank you, it is a wonderful continious experience reading and learning the lastest going ons through your website and Robert Corbett mail. I am able to pass on information to my father that he does not get from my Grandmother in Haiti when he speaks to her on the phone. Once again, thank you.

Katherine Shafer - 04/12/99
Email: katherineshafer-at-hotmail.com
Occupation: singer/songwriter and nonprofit consultant
Favorite Activity: singing
Favorite Haiti spot: Ti Riviere
Favorite Haiti book: "Gouverneurs de la Rosée" and "The Comedians"
Thing to do while in Haiti: ride the Tap Tap
Favorite Haitian Artist: King Posse

Mesi Anpil tout Ayisyens-yo pou montre-m peyi pa-nou e tout belle bagay endedan. Mwen di mesi osi pou montre-m soufrans, lamize e kouraj ki ouvri zye pa-m. Mwen pa jamn bliye Ayiti e m pral fe visit souvan!


Alvin Campbell - 04/12/99
Email: Monality-at-aol.com
Occupation: DayTrader
Favorite Activity: Trading Stocks

It's Moi...Al. I can now be counted (smile).

Nancy Castor - 04/12/99
Email: nctl-at-erols.com
Occupation: Law Student
Favorite Activity: Reading, surfing the net, and listening to various types of music
Favorite Haiti spot: Les Cayes
Thing to do while in Haiti: Enjoying Haiti's exotic beaches
Favorite Haitian Artist: Jean Marcel Wah, Jr., an ingenious artist in a class by himself..

Superb site....keep up the good work!

Paul G. Dyment - 04/11/99
Email: dyment-at-mailhost.tcs.tulane.edu
Occupation: physician
Favorite Activity: reading
Favorite Haiti spot: Club Med
Favorite Haiti book: Brian Moore's" No Other Island"
Thing to do while in Haiti: Work

I volunteer in a medical capacity as a pediatrician once a year, the last time at the Hopital Albert Schweitzer in Deschapelles near St. Marc; so it is easy for me to be discouraged about the future of non-diasporic Haitians. "Deye mon, gen mon" is an apt metaphor for the fact that behind every problem in Haiti, lie more problems.

Antonio Boyard - 04/11/99
Email: aboyard-at-total.net
Occupation: pharmacist
Favorite Activity: reading
Favorite Haiti spot: Cayes
Favorite Haiti book: Histoire d'Haiti
Thing to do while in Haiti: Visit
Favorite Haitian Artist: Jazz des Jeunes

Votre page est très bien. Je me dis toujours en visitant votre page que si chaque haïtien apportait un dixième de l'effort que vous utilisez pour donner une image de l'appréciation qu'ils ont de leur pays, Haiti serait vraiment la perle des antilles. Parce que chacun de ses enfants l'aurait cultivée (perle). Ayant laissé le pays à l'âge où on n'avait pas les moyens de vraiment le connaître en le visitant, chaque visite en touriste me fait voir la carence dans l'éducation des enfants du pays (être près des gens en vivant à côté d'eux.)

Connie and Robert Gross - 04/11/99
Email: crgross-at-worldnet.att.net
Occupation: Office Manager
Favorite Activity: Tennis
Favorite Haiti spot: the view from my balcony at the Villa Creole
Favorite Haiti book: Breath, Eyes and Memory
Thing to do while in Haiti: Get to know the people and drink Prestige!
Favorite Haitian Artist: Wilson Bigaud

Guy, We'd like to thank you for the past year and your wonderful site! Through our love for Haitian art and our many trips to Haiti, we've come to love the people and their land. Haiti is a mysterious place that grabs your soul and makes you want to return over and over again. Most of all we love the people. Their kind and gentle nature, their smiles and wonderful stories, their pride and their genuiness make visiting Haiti a remarkable experience. We wish you well on your next venture and look forward to that dinner we had to cancel because of the weather.

Connie and Robert Gross

Normand Houde - 04/11/99
Email: servant-at-servant.net
Occupation: Missionary
Favorite Activity: Prayer and Evangelization
Favorite Haiti spot: Fond Jean-Noel

Guy, I really appreciate the work you do for the brothers and sisters in Haiti. Your comments and important additions to the Corbett List are also appreciated. Keep this good work coming for a long, long time.

Tom Buller - 04/11/99
Occupation: Student
Favorite Activity: Travel
Favorite Haiti spot: Perodin
Favorite Haiti book: Masters of the Dew
Thing to do while in Haiti: Gade, Tande

Leslie G. Desmangles - 04/11/99
Email: leslie.desmangles-at-mail.trincoll.edu
Occupation: Professor
Favorite Activity: Reading and listening to music
Favorite Haiti spot: Payan and Port Salut
Thing to do while in Haiti: Climb those wonderful mountains and meet the most beautiful people in the world.

John M. Black - 04/10/99
Email: pjb5-at-pge.com
Occupation: Management Consultant
Favorite Activity: The wild goose chases necessary to find my favorite Haitian artists at home.
Favorite Haiti spot: Sans Souci Palace at dusk
Favorite Haiti book: Written in Blood by Robert and Nancy Heinl; Herbert Gold's short story Ti Moun; The Rainy Season by Amy Wilentz; and High Road to Adventure by Hugh Cave
Thing to do while in Haiti: Travel out into the country and let yourself know the wonderful people of Haiti.

Favorite Haitian Artist: Dieudonne Cedor for his brilliantly colorful Gauguin-esque scenes of everyday Haitian life. Luce Turnier, especially for her basket sculptures. Carlo Jean-Jacques' watercolors. Wilfrid Louie, for capturing the pink and blue light of dusk at Belaire. Louisiane St. Fleurant for her pottery sculpture and unmatched integrity. Decollines Manes, my first love, who chose to leave this world much too soon. I'm still angry at his decision and miss all the beauty he would have created. The animated and joyful Gerard Valcin. Raymond Olivier, who recognized me from my shoes alone, but priced his paintings so that he could keep them in his dusty basement, a loss for all of us. Murat Brierre, who dubbed me The Relax Man, and Georges Liautaud for giving us metal art and the younger Louisjuste who gave it three dimensions. Emilcar Simil, the trombone-playing, Klimt-loving silhouetteist. Calixte Henri, Haiti's modigliani with color and texture. Serge Guy and his son, the best Haitian ceramic sculpture. And so many others including all the anonymous artists of Haiti, especially the person who created the black painted pottery replica perforated with triangular holes, of a pintaud, hands folded in prayer, that I bought at the Baptist Mission for $5.00 and with which I would never part.

After three childhood years living in Haiti, I made my first trip as an adult in 1980. It was a whim--just to satisfy my curiosity about memories of long-distant experiences. I left a week later completely seduced. In 1982 came a second trip followed by many more--sometimes two or three in a single year. Eventually, as my home filled with Haitian art and my conversation with Haitian anecdotes, my friends responded to my enthusiasm but asked: why Haiti? I would like someday to write a book by that title, or to read one which answers the question why and how Haiti casts such a spell on so many visitors. I miss Haiti when I'm away from her. As corny as it may sound, my heart actually quickens on every return visit when I catch my first glimpse of her through the airplane's window. Feeling her air in my face and stepping onto the tarmac I understand the impulse that has made kissing the ground a part of traditional arrival ceremony. Emerging into the noisy semi-circle crowd I know no one but wish I knew them all. Not much later, the arrival jitters give way to calm; I belong here.

J. Roskamp - 04/10/99
Email: audone-at-macomb.com
Occupation: audiologist
Favorite Activity: reading
Favorite Haiti spot: L'lamand (Northwest)
Favorite Haiti book: Breath, Eyes, Memory
Thing to do while in Haiti: Visit friends

Thank you for maintaining this site in support of Haiti. I am grateful for all that the Internet can do for us today. I met three other audiologists through the networking of Corbettland and we will travel together this next week to bring hearing to three Haitian deaf schools. I love meeting Haitian friends and others who understand what it's like to go to Haiti. I can never articulate all that I want to say about why I go- I just go.

Sandy Enders - 04/10/99
Email: slenders-at-aol.com
Occupation: Volunteer
Favorite Activity: reading & walking the beach
Favorite Haiti spot: Northwest (DuBois)
Thing to do while in Haiti: enjoy the culture
My connection to Haiti is through a twinning relationship with a church in the Northwest. I have visited them twice (in 96 and 2/99).

Our church has learned a great deal while trying to help. We have been able to finish a roof water cistern, repair another church roof, bring a doctor and lab assistant to the area weekly and set up a food co-op for the little merchants.

Do you visit the Northwest? Do you have ideas on how to effectively help and serve these wonderful people?

Sherman Malone
Email: GAIA999-at-aol.com
Location: New Haven, CT
Occupation: USA
Date: Wednesday, October 30, 2002

How can we educate the people of the U.S. about the real situation in Haiti? How can we make U.S. people understand their responsibility to act on behalf of the Haitian people?

Sherman Cassidy Malone - 04/10/99
Occupation: clinical social worker
Favorite Activity: swimming in the sea
Favorite Haiti spot: Jacquesyl near Caracol
Favorite Haiti book: Black Jacobins
Thing to do while in Haiti: Site Soley soccer fan
Favorite Haitian Artist: Georges Liautaud

I am a social worker and family couselor working in New Haven,CT and in Jakzi, Haiti. My special interests are safe childbirth (kits & training) and early childhood education. Help & information wanted.

I am writing a biography of the anthropologist and former priest, Renald Clerisme. I will appreciate hearing any personal stories and information about his life and work. Clerisme worked with Father Jean-Marie Vincent in the north in the 1970's-80's. He is an anthropologist with an interest in Liberation Theology and Vodou. Dr. Renald Clerisme is now in Geneva working with Haiti's permanent mission to the UN.

I love children and gardens. I am a mother and grandmother. Jakzi is my home in Haiti. My church, St. Martin de Porres, in New Haven CT, is twinned (Haiti Parish Twinning) with Our Lady of Mercy in Jakzi. Ernst Dorcin, pastor in Jakzi, is the Director of Caritas Northeast. Father Dorcin is a dedicated priest and an effective entrepreneur for the people. He is developing agriculture and fishing to improve the lives of the poor. He believes that cooperative fishing and marketing can be the economic engine to drive sustainable development in the north. My son, Brendan Malone, is a boat builder/ teacher working in Haiti. Fishing and boating information wanted.

I'm a big time girls' and boys' soccer fan at games in Site Soley. Abner Romelus, who grew up as a street orphan in Site Soley and lives there now, leads the wonderful grassroots group,OSEPACS (Organization to Help the Poor in Site Soley) at Soleil 21, #16. He and Alex Marcus and other good-hearted members teach literacy and organize soccer games for the children. They make a way when there is no way.

Help wanted.

Paula Schulte - 04/09/99
Occupation: consultant, sense of place
Favorite Activity: thinking, remembering, smiling in a garden with family and friends
Thing to do while in Haiti: visit
Favorite Haitian Artist: too many

It has been more than 25 years since I visited Haiti, yet the memories are still very sharp. I remember walking back to the hotel from a night at the casino, feeling adult-like and fairly sophisticated. There was a bundle of rags near the side of the walkway that I almost kicked out of my way-but didn't, thinking I might disturb a small critter's nest. As my foot lifted over it, I realized the small bundle of rags was really a small person sleeping. I've never since felt quite the same desire to be so ophisticated.

Kimberly Johnson - 04/09/99
Occupation: Coordinating Director, Campbell Foundation, Inc.
Favorite Activity: There is something to love about even the most menial of tasks, so how can I choose a favorite activity? Hmm... I got it! My favorite activity is just LOVE...
Favorite Haiti spot: I only know the St. Marc area, but I would have to say that anywhere there is some coffee, there are people just 'being' and children running around doing children's stuff..
Favorite Haitian Artist: We are all artists, my favorite being the people of Haiti who have an exceptional ability to use creativity in ways I never imagined possible... Being American, my "artist's tools" are readily provided that do everything for me, and I don't have to exercise much creativity to get through a simple day... How unfortunate for me! Haiti is such a wonderful place for creative exercise!

I just love Haiti - The chance to be somewhere so 'real' where the phone isn't brrrringing, fax isn't screeching, microwave isn't nuking, TV isn't droning, and most of us here in the US spend a grand total of about half an hour a day outdoors - from the door to the car, from the car to the work, from the work to the car, from the car to the front door, running the whole time- and we spend less than two hours a day with our kids - pulling them out of bed, stuffing on their shoes, dumping them off at daycare, picking them up in time to stuff some prefabricated food down their throats and toss them in bed ... Oh, for the slower pace of Haiti, the time spent with others just laughing and talking for hours... the food - cooked with creativity, sans the plastic wrappers, polysorbate-80, and Nutrasweet! Isn't it peculiar how some of us just want to run TO Haiti, when others just want to run FROM Haiti?

Marc-Arthur Georges - 04/09/99
Occupation: Research on Plant nutrition, Rhizosphere, Nutrient efficiency (Tropical and Subtropical Agriculture)
Favorite Activity: reading
Favorite Haiti spot: Ouanaminthe et Camp-Perrin
Favorite Haiti book: Les oeuvres de Jacques-Stephen Alexis (Les Arbres Musiciens, Florilège du Romanesque Haitien, L'Espace d'un Cillement, Compère Général Soleil, Romancero aux Etoiles) , de Jacques Roumain (Les Fantoches, La Montagne Ensorcelée, Gouverneurs de la Rosée) et de René Dépestre (Hadriana dans tous mes rêves, Alleluia pour une Femme-Jardin)
Thing to do while in Haiti: visit Ouanaminthe and Camp-Perrin
Favorite Haitian Artist: Beethova Obas et Ti Manno

"Windows on Haiti" nous réapprend à visualiser nos profondeurs, á redécouvrir cette richesse culturelle en nous et à regarder positivement ce qui palpite en nous. Merci et courage Guy!

Je vous laisse avec cette phrase de Montesquieu:
«Si je savais quelque chose qui me fût utile et qui fût préjudiciable à ma famille, je la rejetterais de mon esprit. Si je savais quelque chose qui fût utile à ma famille et qui ne le fût pas à ma patrie, je chercherais à l'oublier. Si je savais quelque hose qui fût utile à ma patrie et qui fût préjudiciable à l'Europe et au genre humain, je la regarderais comme un crime.» Montesquieu, cité par Alain Finkielkraut, dans La défaite de la pensée, Gallimard, 1987.

Mark Covey - 04/09/99
Occupation: Student
Favorite Activity: You would think it would be studying
Favorite Haiti spot: Jacmel
Favorite Haiti book: The Rainy Season
Thing to do while in Haiti: Study at Quisqueya University
Favorite Haitian Artist: James Phamphile, Haitian dancer

Linda Wood Ballard - 04/09/99
Occupation: laboratory supervisor
Favorite Haiti book: The Rainy Season
Favorite Haitian Artist: Claude Dambreville

The culture and history of Haiti are a unique treasure in this world. May God bless her and her people in this current time of struggle.

George M. Epple - 04/09/99
Occupation: College Professor
Favorite Activity: Saltwater Fishing
Favorite Haiti book: Breath, Eyes, Memory

J.P. Slavin - 04/09/99
Occupation: Writer
Favorite Activity: Travel and staying close to my New York neighborhood.
Favorite Haiti spot: Jacmel
Favorite Haiti book: "The Black Jacobians" by C.L.R. James, "The Comedians," by Grahem Greene, anything by Rene Depestre and the Marcelin Brothers, and "The Magic Island" by William Seabrook.,
Thing to do while in Haiti: Let your instincts guide you.
Favorite Haitian Artist: Duval and Roland Mevs


Good fortune on your 2004 project. My walk from Furcy to Séguin to Jacmel was a great adventure. Still writing it up, but you'll see it soon.

Mark Gill - 04/09/99
Occupation: Consultant
Favorite Activity: travel
Favorite Haiti spot: Les Cayes/Port Salut
Favorite Haiti book: same/like all
Thing to do while in Haiti: travel, travel, travel
Favorite Haitian Artist: too many to name

i love Haitian art......the beautiful colors in that the lovely pastels speak to me of the soul of the people.....

the art of europe i find dark, forboding, reminding one of the past.....

the art of Haiti, i find airy, cheerful and looks toward the future....

O'Brien Martha - 04/07/99
Email: mobrien-at-sfcpa.edu
Occupation: teacher
Favorite Haiti spot: Pandiassou

Keep up the good work--this site is very interesting and informative.

Yacine Khelladi - 04/06/99
Email: yacine-at-aacr.net
Occupation: Economist, Project manager, consultant, in Information Technologies and Development
Favorite Activity: Art and Culture projects
Favorite Haiti spot: Lakou Souvenans, Ti mouyaj
Thing to do while in Haiti: dream
Favorite Haitian Artist: Tout Samba rara Yo

Jennie M Smith - 04/06/99
Email: jsmith-at-berry.edu
Occupation: professor of anthropology
Favorite Activity: wandering around on the footpaths of rural Haiti
Favorite Haiti spot: rural Grand'Anse
Favorite Haiti book: Trouillot's State Against Nation
Thing to do while in Haiti: While wandering around on the rural footpaths, stop and chat with the people you meet.

Jean Hess - 04/06/99
Email: rjhess-at-qcom.net
Occupation: Part Time Librarian at University
Favorite Activity: Sewing
Favorite Haiti spot: St Louis du Nord / Port au Paix
Thing to do while in Haiti: Work with the people for the betterment of the people
Favorite Haitian Artist: Louissaint

I really appreciate all the work ALL of us do with and for and because of Haiti!!! I love the people and they have taught me so much.

David Walmer - 04/05/99
Email: david.walmer-at-duke.edu
Occupation: physician ob/gyn
Favorite Activity: elev Kreyol
Favorite Haiti spot: Cite Soleil, Leogane, Cormier mountains, Fondwa

I travel to Haiti ~ 3 times per year. I fell in love with the people in 1993 and am interested in assisting Haitians to improve health care in Cite Soleil, at Hopital St. Croix in Leogane and in the Cormier mountains through three organizations, Haiti Outreach Ministries, CODEP and Haiti Family Health Ministries. I am interested in learning anything that I can about women's health care in Haiti.

Bill Bollendorf - 04/05/99
Email: macondo-at-telerama.com
Occupation: Haitian Art Collector/Dealer/Photographer/Writer
Favorite Activity: All of the above
Favorite Haiti spot: Issa's, The Iron Market, Jacmel
Favorite Haiti book: The Rainy Season
Thing to do while in Haiti: Watch the show!
Favorite Haitian Artist: Frantz Zephirin, Jonas Profil, Roger Francois

Great site Guy, it contains all the richness, diversity and optimism of Haiti herself. Keep up the good work.

Larry E. Johnston - 04/05/99
Occupation: Publishing/Owner
Favorite Activity: Travel
Favorite Haiti spot: Port au Prince
Thing to do while in Haiti: Enjoy the beautiful people!

I lived in Haiti many years ago...operated an Import/Export business....I loved the country and the people...I hope to return soon! If you haven't been to Haiti go...you too will fall in love!

Lawrence A. Harper, Sr - 04/05/99
Email: Lawrencesr-at-yahoo.com
Occupation: Research
Favorite Activity: Tennis
Favorite Haiti spot: Port Au Prince
Thing to do while in Haiti: Enjoy!

Keep up the good work!

Wesley Madhere - 04/05/99
Email: Wesley.Madhere-at-turner.com
Occupation: Systems Engineer
Favorite Activity: Co-hosting my weekly radio program called "Bouyon Mizikal"
Favorite Haiti spot: Milot
Favorite Haiti book: The Black Jacobins
Thing to do while in Haiti: Visit La Citadelle & Manje lanbi boukanen sou plaj.
Favorite Haitian Artist: Too Many to list here - Rasin Groups at top of the list.

Northern Haiti has more monuments than anywhere else in the country that pay tribute to Haiti and its historical past. Thus, it is in that same tradition that Guy, a citizen of that region, has created this virtual monument that seeks to honor Haiti's past, present and future.

Thanks, Guy for this wonderful monument. Our pride is showing.

Lawless, Robert - 04/05/99
Email: lawless-at-twsuvm.uc.twsu.edu
Occupation: anthropologist
Favorite Haiti spot: Cap-Haitien

My anthropological fieldwork in Haiti was very enlightening. My further fieldwork among Haitians in southern Florida gave me valuable insights into human beliefs and behaviors. I will always be endebted to Haitians.

David E. Volk - 04/05/99
Email: volkde-at-netscape.net
Occupation: Public Health
Favorite Activity: Running, Photography, speaking kreyol
Favorite Haiti spot: Under a clear night sky in rural Haiti
Thing to do while in Haiti: LIVE

I am about to begin a new job, and life, in Haiti. Beginning in May 1999, I will be the Director of Information Services at Hopital Albert Schweitzer (HAS), in Deschapelles, Haiti.

I first went to Haiti in February 1995, as part of a short-term medical mission to the Jacmel area. The experience touched me, and I inquired into work in Haiti. Public health was recommended to me as something needed in Haiti. After two more volunteer medical missions, with Friends of the Children of Haiti (FOTCOH), I quit my job as an engineer at Caterpillar Inc., and began a Master of Public Health (MPH) degree program at Tulane University, in New Orleans, LA.

I completed an internship at the Haitian Health Foundation (HHF), in Jeremie, during the summer of 1998. The three-month experience fulfilled some long-time desires to live in another country, and begin to learn another language, as well as expose me to a good public health program.

My new position is a good blend of my engineering experience, i.e., working with computers and software, my MPH, and my attraction to Haiti.

St. Vincent DePaul said we should thank the poor for being able to help them. I identify with that, in that I have been enriched by my experiences in Haiti.

I was told of Dr. Larry Mellon after my first trip to Haiti, when I spoke of changing careers and working in Haiti. Larry began medical school at age 37. I ended up attending Tulane, where Larry got his medical degree. Now, I will be working at the hospital he founded, with his wife Gwen.

Bonnie Ash - 04/04/99
Email: lanceart-at-alltel.net
Occupation: writer
Favorite Activity: photography
Favorite Haiti spot: port-au-prince
Favorite Haiti book: immaculate invasion
Thing to do while in Haiti: relax
Favorite Haitian Artist: musical group RAM

Dotie Joseph - 04/04/99
Email: dotiej-at-hotmail.com
Occupation: Student Extraordinaire
Favorite Activity: Dancing, Public Speaking, Tutoring/Mentoring
Favorite Haiti spot: Au Cap
Thing to do while in Haiti: Chill on the hillside of Charrier in Okap, and lounge on the relaxing beaches of Mole St. Nicholas; eat everywhere.
Favorite Haitian Artist: Zen, Sweet Mickey, T-Vice

This site is a lovely addition to my personal bookmarks.

Many thanks to Guy for the upkeep.

Mihoko Tsunetomi - 04/04/99
Email: miho0087-at-yominet.ne.jp
Occupation: none
Favorite Activity: Haiti Information Network in Japanese
Favorite Haiti spot: anywhere
Favorite Haiti book: most that Amzon covers. Michel-Rolph Troulliot and many others
Favorite Haitian Artist: those who came to Japan, music, paintings

I am a Japanese who has provided updated Haiti Information to my readers for the last 6 years. I believe this is the only source of such information in Japanese. The HIN usually issues 10-20 times a month. I also work in close co-ordination with the embassy here, providing them any information related to Haiti. So far, I believe I am the only one who can cover Haiti in general. To my surprise, I have become acquainted with 2 Japanese University professors who are deeply impressed with me, and we are having close communications these days. They are good at history, but as usual, they don't know anything beyond '94 when Haiti disappeared from the media, as they do not yet have Internet. Another recent HIN coverage was an exclusive interview with former Prime Minister designate Hervé Denis.

Although I have rather refrained from speaking about delicate situations, I am second to none as to the 'die-hard'ness. My interest could not have continued without this "Windows on Haiti", for which I have no word to express my gratitude worthy of the efforts done by Guy.

Thank you again. Please remember that your contribution is deeply appreciated not only in Haiti, but from a far away land of Japan.

Boarino, Gerald - 04/04/99
Email: glb-at-olypen.com
Occupation: Retired University Professor
Favorite Activity: Philately
Favorite Haiti spot: Cap Haitien
Favorite Haiti book: Several reated to USMC occupation
Thing to do while in Haiti: Search for philatelic material

Merrill Smith - 04/04/99
Email: advocacy-at-bellatlantic.net
Occupation: Atty, Dir, Haiti Advocacy, Inc.
Favorite Activity: Agitating for immigrant rights, trade relief for poor countries, arguing about economics
Favorite Haiti spot: Jérémie
Thing to do while in Haiti: Get out to the countryside!
Favorite Haitian Artist: Bouken Ginen

James D. Neely JR. - 03/23/99
Email: jdneely-at-bellatlantic.net
Occupation: Homeless Bum
Favorite Activity: Superfluous English in E-Mail
Favorite Haiti spot: MOM's house while she's cooking!
Thing to do while in Haiti: Find English speaking escort
Favorite Haitian Artist: Guy S. Antoine

Hello all,

It has been brought to my attention that this site is far more extensive than I had previously considered. Though I have visited a number of times in the past. It seems I have missed a few things. Just a couple of days ago I was admiring the rather eclectic collection of art in the gallery.

I have also been told that 'signing in' would be proper, appropriate, and appreciated, so I've managed that.

Let me start by saying hello to my extended family in the 'Haitian Diaspora' (Guy S. Antoine and family, the Remes, and the Piquions). You have been a wealth of emotional support and an invaluable cultural education over the years. I'm truly blessed to know you. I miss and love you all always! You all sure know how to feed a brother!

Realizing that I have not yet entered any remarks or comments about the site; let it NOT be thought that I have not been privy to the content it contains. I see the site has indeed grown since I first 'peeped in'. It's a vast world that I plan to explore thoroughly. And my brother, Frantz, keeps me continually abreast of the latest topics of discussion (and disruption).

Before I start my expedition let me say again that I love you all and I will be staying in touch.

Linda Kittrell - 03/23/99
Email: LKitt82566-at-aol.com
Occupation: Medical Library Tech.
Favorite Activity: Surfing the net
Favorite Haiti spot: St. Louis Du Nord
Favorite Haiti book: Restavek by Jean Robert Cadet
Thing to do while in Haiti: Work with Haitians

My husband has been to Haiti four times in the last three years, and is going again August of 1999.

Love your site.

David Kittrell - 03/23/99
Email: Bigdave835-at-aol.com
Occupation: custom sign fabricator
Favorite Haiti spot: St. Louis Du Nord

I have fallen in love with the people of Haiti. I have never seen a group of people as a whole [speaking of the people of St. Louis Du Nord] who have so little, and yet are so generous with what they have.I have found that what they are most eager to share with me is FRIENDSHIP. I have met Jean Robert Cadet, the author of my favorite book. The book is a story of his life, from a Haitian"slave" to a middle class American. His talents and his desire to succeed are an example of the spirit that I see in most Haitians.

Pétion Roy - 03/21/99
Email: rosa.fam-at-sympatico.ca
Occupation: ingénieur


C'est un très beau site. Une telle réalisation démentit l'adage qui veut que l'Haïtien bacle toute oeuvre qui concerne sa communauté ou son pays d'origine.

Yolande Lubin - 03/21/99
Email: yolandel-at-aol.com
Occupation: college student and crew leader at Wendy's
Favorite Activity: reading, playing on the computer, shopping, listening to music
Thing to do while in Haiti: I left Haiti at a young age and have not been back

Bravo! this is such a beautiful site. I love everything about it, especially the arts and cuisine. Congratulations to all that worked hard on this site. I'm glad to see that no matter the stereotypes about Haitians, we still have some wonderful contributions to make. I can't tell you how pleased I am to have found this site after searching for months for a site about Haiti. After a while I started to feel discouraged because it seems like everyone is using this new technology called the internet except us.

I love this page so much that I give it a 10. Everything about is perfect. You can navigate through it easily and the information is so in depth. Once again you did a wonderful job.

Saint-Ilma, Yves - 03/20/99
Email: yvesmo-at-msn.com
Favorite Activity: Reading
Favorite Haiti spot: Cap-Haitien
Favorite Haiti book: Gouverneurs de la Rosée
Thing to do while in Haiti: visit la Citadelle
Favorite Haitian Artist: Guy Durosier

Great job, great opportunity for us Haitians to stay in touch

Jemima Pierre - 03/20/99
Occupation: PhD student
Favorite Activity: Dancing
Favorite Haiti spot: Maissade (Hinche)
Favorite Haiti book: Haiti: State Against Nation
Thing to do while in Haiti: Hang out with family
Favorite Haitian Artist: Edwidge Danticat

Thank you so much for putting this page together. It is so nice to have a "taste" of Haiti while isolated in this place called Austin, Texas.

Keep up the good work and good luck!

Ellen Dieujuste - 03/19/99
Email: edieu001-at-odu.edu
Occupation: college student
Favorite Activity: reading
Favorite Haiti spot: Cap-Haitien
Favorite Haiti book: Taste of salt
Thing to do while in Haiti: go to the beach
Favorite Haitian Artist: Emmeline Michel

I am proud to know that there are some Haitians who still believe in our country. This is a beautiful page.

Rosny P. Auguste - 03/19/99
Email: Rauguste-at-co.broward.fl.us
Occupation: Computer Scientist
Favorite Activity: Electronic Projects
Favorite Haiti spot: Jean-Rabel
Thing to do while in Haiti: Beaching, Tarazing, Eating, Ladying, Hitch Hiking
Favorite Haitian Artist: Cubano; T-Vice; Wyclef

I champion this site for its cultural and technical attributes, and heartfill of Haiti. Congratulations to all the staff members and to all of you surfers and contributors to that marvelous, 4 stars website on Haiti. Exhilarating! I am running out of words, but guess I will always find some new words and ideas by visiting often. Fellow surfers, I urge you to do the same. Visit often... Peace!

Antoine, Louis Bernard - 03/19/99
Email: BEN-X-at-worldnet.att.net
Occupation: Physician
Favorite Activity: Writing and reading
Favorite Haiti spot: Gelee/Cayes
Favorite Haiti book: Compere Général Soleil
Thing to do while in Haiti: Go up to the mountain and enjoy the landscape
Favorite Haitian Artist: Dambreville

I recently started to write. My novel on Haiti, Lone Survivor: Judge Jury and Executioner has rently been published by Vantage Press. It is a fantasia about recent events in Haiti. It is an invitation to a national debate in the spirit of healing and reconciliation. Haiti doit survivre ses blessures.

I feel that we have the responsibility to perpetuate Haiti's rich cultural heritage through all forms of art.

I applaud the Windows on Haiti project. Keep it up.

Rhodine Morency-Moreau - 03/18/99
Email: rhodinem-at-hotmail.com
Occupation: student
Favorite Activity: reading
Favorite Haiti book: Aids and Accusation
Thing to do while in Haiti: eat, dance, live

Kathy Sheetz - 03/17/99
Email: kathysheetz-at-hotmail.com
Occupation: nurse
Favorite Activity: stories
Favorite Haiti spot: Fondwa
Favorite Haiti book: The Kingdom of this World
Thing to do while in Haiti: Be with people
Favorite Haitian Artist: Joassaint

This is an amazing site--the best site I have visited. Thanks for your talented efforts.

Jean-Paul Bonnet - 03/17/99
Email: Jomp-at-nac.net
Occupation: Physician

My friend/brother,
For the past three years I have been to Haiti three times. My experiences and journey have been beyond words. The time is very near when Haiti will rise from the dust to be the light of the world. I do believe a new day is dawning and this beautiful country and people will be the torch that guides the way. From the destitution that now exists will rise a true new world where people will live in peace and harmony and hunger and poverty will be a thing of the past. My eyes have seen.

Jean-Paul Bonnet, Family physician

I commend you on your web site and will look forward to our communications in the future. The technology that we have at our fingertips will allow us to rebuild the country.

My vision and journey is about farming and feeding the people of Haiti, as well as creating a model health care system that recognizes basic health care as a human Right. Associated with the delivery of health care will be a modular education system that will ensure education for every child. To anyone reading this, please do not despair. The future is at hand, we must all rise in love,faith and peace. In the darkest hour comes the light of day, and the day will be bright. To a new Haiti!!!

Christelle Ismael - 03/16/99
Email: stalchr-at-yahoo.com
Occupation: college student
Favorite Activity: reading
Favorite Haiti spot: Port-au-Prince
Thing to do while in Haiti: Look at the stars
Favorite Haitian Artist: King Posse

Love what you guys are doing. Thank you for infoming me about my country.

Tara Marie Tracy - 03/15/99
Email: zora76-at-hotmail.com
Occupation: Prevention Specialist
Favorite Activity: gaining wisdom
Favorite Haitian Artist: Wyclef Jean

I am not too knowledgable about Haiti and its culture...but I am very intrigued to learn more... tara tracy

Thor Burnham - 03/14/99
Occupation: student
Favorite Activity: ice-hockey/swing dancing
Favorite Haiti spot: Petit Goave
Favorite Haiti book: History/Kingdom of this world
Thing to do while in Haiti: pale kreyol, tande musik ayisyen
Favorite Haitian Artist: Wilfred Daleus

John Gallini - 03/08/99
Email: gallinjb-at-aol.com
Occupation: Retired Chemical Engineer
Favorite Haiti spot: Cerca Carvajal
Favorite Haiti book: The Rainy Season

Would it be possible for you to prode an English version of Claudette Werleigh's recent commentary?

Georges-Alexis Eustache - 03/06/99
Email: jcournoyer-at-hotmail.com
Occupation: Independent business Owner
Favorite Haiti spot: Dondon
Thing to do while in Haiti: visiting mountains

One of my cousins, more specifically my godfather, just told me about windowsonhaiti and I clicked on it. What a wonderful web site, it's nice to see so many nice things and learn so easily about my father's native country!

Dear Guyto, I'm your cousin, living in Montréal and I'm very proud of what you did on Haiti... Congratulations!


Cassandre Ricot - 03/03/99
Email: cricot-at-ufl.edu
Occupation: student
Thing to do while in Haiti: visit family

Robert Voiland - 03/03/99
Email: voiland-at-wpb.nuwc.navy.mil
Occupation: accountant
Favorite Activity: debate
Favorite Haiti spot: Jacmel, Cité Soleil
Favorite Haiti book: any of historical context
Thing to do while in Haiti: pale avek tout moun

I lived in Haiti for 7 years between 1985-1997. Worked for Mother Teresa at San Fils and Delmas 31. Worked for the Salesian Fathers and lived in Cite'Soleil. Was administrator of Ecole St. Vincent for 4 years.

Was in the streets for 7 fevrier 1986. Was downtown in September 1994 when Americans invaded. Have been shot at by the FRAPH as I tried to defend people being beat up in the street for their affiliation to Lavalas.

I could go on & on. I hope to return soon.

Jan-Yves Woël - 02/28/99
Email: Woelson-at-aol.com
Occupation: clinical trial coordinator
Favorite Activity: sports, web surfing
Favorite Haiti spot: Jacmel
Favorite Haiti book: Krik? Krak! by Edwidge Danticat
Thing to do while in Haiti: watch the sun rise on a beach
Favorite Haitian Artist: Beetova Obas

This web page is home away from home.... This is a projection of the Haiti we want to live in

Nadia Aristide - 02/25/99
Email: n_aristide-at-yahoo.com
Occupation: Student
Favorite Activity: Dancing/Reading/rollerblading
Favorite Haiti spot: St. Marc
Favorite Haiti book: Breath, Eyes, Memory
Thing to do while in Haiti: Visit all the historical sites
Favorite Haitian Artist: T-Vice

I love and am proud of being Haitian or Haitian American. The reason I mentioned both is because some Haitians label me as American and some label me as Haitian. However the most important thing is what I think about myself. I label myself as being Haitian and I love my culture.

Our people may be so serious and mean sometimes, but we have to admit we are the best comedians around. If we all were in a big room together we wouldn't need the television to entertain us, because we would have entertainment amongst ourselves.


Nathaniel Toby Thompkins - 02/22/99
Email: tobyspeaks-at-aol.com
Occupation: writer and consultant
Favorite Activity: music and art

Please help African Americans to gain a more accurate and in depth understanding of Haiti, it's people,culture, and religion. As a people I feel we(African Americans) are very misinformed about Haiti. I have so much to learn and appreciate about your culture and our spiritual and human connection.

Gérard J. Myrthil - 02/21/99
Email: gerard.j.myrthil-at-swipnet.se
Occupation: Industrial chemist

Away from Haiti since 1953 my only visit back to P-au-P was in 1960. Things didn´t look too good then.

Years have gone by.I have lost contact with friends and acquaintances. Finally I had nothing to refer to or show for my ever frustrated "haitianism".

To my Europeans friends Haiti was a non-entity, a product of my sheer imagination, a tonton macoute saga, until I found your site and referred it to neighbors, friends, and foes

Now we,the Myrthils, have become the first choice guinea-pigs. Every Haitian culinary experience inspired by your "H-cuisine" page has been submitted to us (forced upon us) for evaluation of authenticity.

"Haitian cuisine à la swedish (suédoise)" is in vogue around Stockholm. We are seriously contemplating to make ourselves scarce in the future, move in the midst of the icy forests or something...to avoid severe conditions of unwanted obesity and occasional discomfort of benign digestive malfunction.

All that because your site has far deeper repercussions than you intended or expected it to have.

You´re placing Haiti back into civilization while ruining my family's once controlled and well balanced dietary life. However,don´t take too much notice of our present predicament. We´ll survive somehow.

Keep the site going. Keep up the good work. It sustains our pride and sanity so far away from home.

Abigail Duchatelier - 02/17/99
Email: Gail114-at-hotmail.com
Occupation: College student
Favorite Activity: reading
Favorite Haiti spot: Fermathe
Favorite Haiti book: Rizières de Sang
Thing to do while in Haiti: Talk on the phone, visit my friends
Favorite Haitian Artist: K-dans

I was searching like this and that to find people and I found your site.I was happy that Haitians can be represented by something good.

Gaudner Metellus - 02/12/99
Occupation: Civil Engineering student
Favorite Activity: Reading
Favorite Haiti spot: Bon-Repos (la plaine du cul-de-sac)
Thing to do while in Haiti: Hang out with my friends
Favorite Haitian Artist: Loubert Chancy

I admire your efforts on bringing Haiti to another level in every aspect. As a young Haitian living in America, I can proudly advice anyone regardless of their background or ethnicity to visit my country's website and learn something.

Keep up the good work. (Edikasyon se la vi)

David Hobbs - 02/12/99
Occupation: shipping
Favorite Activity: music, partying
Favorite Haiti spot: Jacmel, Pétionville
Thing to do while in Haiti: Wahoo Beach and the Baptist Mission in Kenskoff
Favorite Haitian Artist: Séjourné

I lived in Haiti, for 2 years on business. It was the best time of my life. I mean no disrespest to the people, but I did take them granted. For that I owe them an apology.

What I would like to know is the recipe for the creole chicken, and that rice dish they served at La Paz restraunt on Rue National one. If someone could send it to Email I would be greatful.

Oh yes, Sorry about Email Address. No disrepect intended.

Myrtelle Chery - 02/11/99
Occupation: Project manager/Artist
Favorite Activity: Painting / writing
Favorite Haiti spot: Cayes

I was very pleased to visit this beautiful site that is promoting the richness of Haitian culture. I congratulate Guy and the people who are supporting that outstanding project.

I would like you to visit my own site where I'm promoting my artworks and I would like to know what I should do to have my artwork listed on your site. On my site you will find my resume and know more abour my artistic career. Please do not hesitate to contact me. Thank you.

Anne Russell - 02/09/99
Occupation: consultant in human rights, democracy and governance, conflict management, training and police
Favorite Activity: reading, playing with my daughter
Favorite Haiti spot: Mirebalais, Pik Makaya, Port Salut, Au Bourgne, Citadelle, and of course lakay
Favorite Haiti book: all
Thing to do while in Haiti: just get on a tap-tap and go
Favorite Haitian Artist: Lazard

It's great to see a comprehensive site on Haiti. Keep up the good work. I look forward to many visits.

Kathie Klarreich - 02/05/99
Occupation: journalist

This is the first time I've visited your site. Impressive.

James Anderson - 02/04/99
Occupation: investigator
Favorite Activity: kicking it at the Kinam
Favorite Haiti spot: bar at the Kinam
Favorite Haiti book: Written in Blood
Thing to do while in Haiti: Drink, eat conch, dance to Sweet Mickey
Favorite Haitian Artist: M. Barbancourt

I have only been to Haiti five times, so I have not been everywhere I want to go there, yet. The simple fact is, I go there to relax, not to rush around trying to see things - as if it were even possible. Haiti is my therapy, the place I go to recharge my spiritual energy and get buzzed on five star as often as possible(with no worry about work in the morning). The two activities are not incompatible. Two weeks of Haiti and I am well-prepared to face the rest of the year in the "civilized, Western" environment. Priye Bondieu bay gras Li sou Ayiti!!

Lokken Millis - 02/03/99
Occupation: painter/illustator/art teacher
Favorite Activity: going to Haiti
Favorite Haiti spot: Petit-Trou de Nippes
Favorite Haiti book: Where Art is Joy by S. Rodman
Thing to do while in Haiti: sing and paint with children, swim in La Mer.
Favorite Haitian Artist: Wilson Bigaud

My life has been irrevocably changed by the people of St. Pauls, Petit-Trou. I did art for the last week with 250 intelligent and enthusiastic children. Thank God, there is great potential for me to establish a long term relationship with this small group of people. We are going to do some kick-ass art next year.

My heart is in Petit-Trou. I can't wait to return.

P.S. I met Wilson Bigaud in PauP at the Trinity Cathedral- He is one of the muralists I have studied. Fascinating person. He cut me off a piece of the banyan root and told me to make a tea for my doule. Do you suppose it would work for my heart which feels like ground beef right now??? Viv Ayiti

Jean-Robert Leonidas - 02/03/99
Occupation: physician and writer
Favorite Activity: amateur musician (SAXO)
Favorite Haiti spot: Jérémie, ma ville natale
Favorite Haiti book: Haitian litteray Books, poetry and novels
Thing to do while in Haiti: Visiting the " Villes de Provinces"
Favorite Haitian Artist: Nicole Brice Hyppolite (NBH), aquarelliste et pastéliste

Bravissimo! La page est une réussite sans conteste. Je prend plaisir à la visiter et j'y reviendrai souvent. Tous mes compliments et mes remerciements pour ce morceau de morceau de culture haïtienne à portée de main.

Margaret Mitchell Armand - 02/01/99
Occupation: Licensed Psychotherapist, Supreme Court Certified Family Mediator, Licensed Teacher, Community Activist, Mambo
Favorite Activity: Helping Others
Favorite Haiti spot: Saut-D'eau, Vil au Can, Souvenance, Sukri
Favorite Haiti book: The Magic Orange Tree, The Divine Horsemen Vodou Gods of Haiti
Thing to do while in Haiti: Visit the places our Ancestors worshiped.
Favorite Haitian Artist: Wilson Anacreon, The Children Artist of K-Atis at Tete de L'eau

It's a great site to learn about Haiti and interact with others. Congratulations!

Michael Heinl - 01/30/99
Occupation: writer
Favorite Haiti spot: Plaine du Nord
Thing to do while in Haiti: live, eat, drink, gossip, swim, "bay odyans"
Favorite Haitian Artist: Bazile

Guy Antoine is a voice of sanity and moderation in what often becomes too shrill a dialogue about a small place that engenders big emotions. Kudos to him.

Kristin Gold - 01/29/99
Occupation: student
Favorite Activity: sports
Thing to do while in Haiti: Travel

Thank you so much for this web site. I needed a lot about Haiti for a report and this gave me all the things I couldn't find anywhere else. You helped me finish my report. Thank you so much!

Vittorio Pascal - 01/28/99
Occupation: student
Favorite Haiti spot: Petion Ville
Thing to do while in Haiti: Chill
Favorite Haitian Artist: T-Vice, Mickey

This is a phat site. I especially liked what you had to say about democracy in Haiti.

Anne Kristen Kirby - 01/28/99
Occupation: student

I have never been to Haiti but my dream is to one day go with my best friend who was born and raised in Haiti. I just do NOT understand how people get such a negative attitude towards Haiti. The people who have lived there are the nicest, most intelligent, sweet, caring people. The American's should follow their examples instead of always feeling like they are the best!

Henri Deschamps - June 99
Occupation: Publisher
Favorite Activity: Reading, Traveling with Children
Favorite Haiti spot: Furcy, Foret des Pins, Jeremie
Favorite Haiti book: Ainsi Parla l'Oncle, Les Marrons du Syllabaire
Thing to do while in Haiti: Work
Favorite Haitian Artist: Rose-Marie Desruisseau, Bernard Séjourné

I don't remember exactly how I met Guy Antoine. Most likely e-mail. All I know is that he has become one of my favorite people.

All you need to understand why, is to see his site Windows on Haiti, to read his letters, the essays and texts published there, read his mailings and his posts to Bob Corbett's list, see what he has to say and how he says it.

This particular Guy is a real human being.

I know that sounds real personal but that is what Guy Antoine is all about; a Person working for a People.

He reminds me of what I like best about Haiti and Haitians. We are good people, we have overcome and continue to overcome the most challenging situations all the while maintaining our humanity. And we still believe, against all odds... that life can be beautiful. Yes we do.

And it has not been easy these last 500 years. For those of you have seen the movie "La Vie est Belle", where our extraordinary hero maintained the most positive and optimistic outlook in face of the most treacherous odds, you can imagine what three hundred years of slavery on Hispaniola at the hands of the French may have required in terms of resilience.

His site reflects that struggle and it is packed full of intelligent and thought provoking content; it is serious, fun, lively and above all optimistic for Haiti's children and their futures.

He has done this with no money, more hours than he would like to admit, and created in the process an extensive network of friends and collaborators who help out, because like him they believe, but mostly because they believe in him. That is called leadership.

He is one of the ten pioneers of the Haitian Internet along with people like Ralph Reed of UHHP and Bob Corbett of the Corbett List.

We have been corresponding for quite some time. We have many standing jokes among us and our e-mails have brought me as much pleasure as I can remember in a long time. The guy is an absolute blast, hilarious, brilliant and has a great heart.

Although we have never met, he is a friend, and a damn good one. That is what Guy Antoine is about, a friend to a person, a friend to a people, a friend to a country, and to its ideals and virtues.

What is Windows on Haiti about?

You will have to see for yourself but I can tell you what I like about it.

First and foremost it is about the Haitian People and their struggle. Then it is about a group of men and women, non-Haitian and Haitian, who have congregated around this site and built it because they believe in the future of Haiti, believe in the goodness and virtues of their ancestors, who respect their struggles, and most of all, who do their part, day in day out, to honor those values through their contibutions to Windows on Haiti.

Those of you who know the challenges of a live web site, and of our very live country, know what that represents and the dedication required.

A few e-mails back I told Guy I considered he was one of the finest writers I have read and why I thought so:

I told him I had attended a grueling marketing seminar at Harvard a few years back, racked my brains sleepless nights on hundreds of pages of case studies and did the best I could, but the challenges of the course, the context and the quality of the participants, made me realize I was in way beyond my league. I guess everyone there felt that way at the end because we all sort of dragged in, in desperately sheepish and psychologically destitute form, for the final session.

Our professor, no doubt having destroyed the self-confidence of more than a few executives in his time, reminded us of the value of struggle as the preeminent formative agent. Amen.

His parting words to us were an anecdote about the Painter Paul Gaugin.

Gaugin was painting one of his masterpieces as an apprentice looked on in awed silence, respect and admiration.

As Gaugin signed his name the apprentice asked him how he could paint with such mastery and perfection. Knowing the value of his own struggle he chose truth above modesty and responded:

"Become perfect, then paint naturally"

Become perfect, then write naturally. And to the extent that it can be done by a human being that is what Guy Antoine has done in his attitude and in his writing and what he has shared with us on Windows on Haiti.

I don't know much about his past as we never get around much to discussing the past. I know he has the greatest admiration for his parents because I cried when I read that letter and remember hoping my children would one day feel the same about me. He must have gone through the pressure cooker of life as every person on this earth and he has no doubt struggled with much hardship and imperfection.

A dreamer? No doubt about it and that is often painful for those who care. But, he is a dreamer with muscle, a dreamer with arms and legs and hands. A dreamer that moves is a builder. And he has been building and building and building a window from which all of us can Imagine a better future for Haiti.

What he may not yet realize is that while imagining and struggling to build a better future he has in fact created a better present.

So that for me is what Windows on Haiti and Guy Antoine are about. They are about struggle. The struggle of a person, the struggle of a people.

Every struggle generates heros, and while I'm a little old to partake in hero worship he is as close as I am going to get any time soon.

Let it be acknowledged, struggle has shaped us real good around here. And every Haitian is a hero.

Among the most perfect and the most natural of the new Haitian Heros, you will find Guy Antoine and Windows on Haiti squared and centered; ready, willing, and most of all able.

Guy and I have a date for a walk to Strawberry Fields in Central Park on my next trip to New York. It is one of my favorite places because I have great respect for that most imperfect of perfections: John Lennon, and for his struggles.

What did he learn? He learned to "Imagine".

Have we? Will We? We know someone who is struggling real hard for us to Imagine, and that is Guy Antoine through Windows on Haiti.

Henri Deschamps - 01/15/99
Occupation: Publisher
Favorite Activity: Reading, Traveling with Children
Favorite Haiti spot: Furcy, Foret des Pins, Jeremie
Favorite Haiti book: Ainsi Parla l'Oncle, Les Marrons du Syllabaire
Thing to do while in Haiti: Work
Favorite Haitian Artist: Rose-Marie Desruisseau, Bernard Séjourné

Mr. Antoine,

You have a wonderful site. It is definitely one of my favorites because of the varied nature of the information and content. Also the style and sentiments expressed are quite positive and constructive in nature.

As a publisher I can imagine how tough it is to make and maintain a site of this quality. It has become a very valuable building block of the Haitian Internet and an example for those to follow.

I appreciate both its quality and its "Haitien Longtemps..." good vibrations. Both the "Message" and the "Metamessage" are wholesome and refreshing.

Compliments and Bravo.

We are in the process of building a search engine called Port Haiti and I will make sure you are listed several places and highlighted properly.

Best of luck and best regards,

Henri Deschamps

Jean D. Celin - 01/14/99
Occupation: Student ( Comp Science & Math )
Favorite Activity: Write Computer Programs
Favorite Haiti spot: Les Cayes
Favorite Haiti book: Compère Général Soleil
Thing to do while in Haiti: relax en enjoy the pleasure to be in my country
Favorite Haitian Artist: Leon Dimanche

I really appreciate your work. Great Job ! I am proud of you and also proud to be Haitian. Keep up the good work.

Rene Bonaventure - 01/13/99
Occupation: Systems Analyst

I was very pleased to find your site and very moved by your introduction. You seem to reflect my thoughts as to the national dilemna we face as Haitians (inside or outside Haiti). I am looking forward to visiting and getting to know your site and its contents.

Pietro Giantomasi - 01/13/99
Occupation: Travel Agent, almost retired
Favorite Activity: Soccer, konpa, and so many other things
Favorite Haiti spot: Boutillier at night
Favorite Haiti book: "Les marrons de la liberte"
Thing to do while in Haiti: Go snorkling with the local fishermen, they know the most beautiful spots (Lulie for ex.)
Favorite Haitian Artist: Bernard Sejourne, Tabou combo

I've been to Haiti 5 times already, I love it. Can't wait to go back, it's been over 4 years. The politicians should start doing something for Haiti. Your country has so much potential, not many people have such a beautiful country....

Very interesting page by the way, compliments!

P.S. We, Italians, will never forgive Manno Sanon for the Goal he scored against Dino Zoff in the World Cup 1974 (just kidding).

Manny Ardouin - 01/13/99
Occupation: Health Care Executive
Favorite Activity: Soccer, Distance Runner
Favorite Haiti spot: La Boule. Kenscoff
Favorite Haiti book: Gouverneurs de la Rosée
Thing to do while in Haiti: Going to the beach
Favorite Haitian Artist: Loubert Chancy

This is a very unique way to network among haitians. I do have a Radio show every Sunday in Miami on 88.9 FM. It is aired between 4:00 PM and, 8:00 PM. Check it out when you pass by.

Steve Windows - 01/13/99
Occupation: photographer

I will be arriving in Haiti from San Francisco next month. Is there anything that I should bring with me? Books? Pens? etc.

Joberde Metellus - 01/11/99
Occupation: paraprofessional/law student
Favorite Activity: play sports
Favorite Haiti spot: Anse Rouge, Jean Rabel
Thing to do while in Haiti: visit family and study the people

Being raised in the States and not with much knowledge on my birthplace, this site has opened my mind to my dear Haiti. There is so much to learn, this is an excellent place to begin to understand what Haiti is all about. Thank you all for creating such an educative and inspiring site, that not just our people can read about, but the world. Merci.

Jude Jean-Baptiste - 01/10/99
Occupation: Entrepreneur
Favorite Activity: Surfing the net Kompa music
Favorite Haiti spot: Cap Haitien
Favorite Haiti book: any thing historical
Thing to do while in Haiti: Go to the Beach
Favorite Haitian Artist: Cubano

Let's Get together for 2004!!!!!!!

Marie-Regine Simon - 01/08/99
Occupation: Information system computer analyst
Favorite Activity: Cooking, day dreaming, Dancing, Music
Favorite Haiti spot: La Decouverte
Favorite Haiti book: Gouverneurs de la rosée
Thing to do while in Haiti: Go to the beach, Citadelle la Ferriere, Fort Jacques
Favorite Haitian Artist: Philome Obin, Sweet Mickey

Way to go Guys!

Yvrose Jean - 01/08/99
Occupation: Registered Nurse
Favorite Activity: Travel, Music, and Reading
Favorite Haiti spot: Lascahobas
Favorite Haiti book: Les Poemes de Michel salmador Louis
Thing to do while in Haiti: Relax on a Beautiful beach
Favorite Haitian Artist: Ansy Desroses

This a great site, and you did an excellent job. Keep up the good work!

Carline Murphy - 01/06/99
Occupation: Dental Health Coordinator
Favorite Activity: Hiking, cross country skying, reading, listening to music
Favorite Haiti spot: the countryside
Favorite Haiti book: Divine Horsemen: Voodoo Gods of Haiti by Maya Deren; Preface by Joseph Campbell
Thing to do while in Haiti: travel throughout the country
Favorite Haitian Artist: Maurice Sixto

I have noticed that Haitians are becoming more aware of their culture, and with that they are embracing it with a fervor that was lacking . The more aware they are the less likely they will feel shame and disenchanted with their own people. I am very pleased with the efforts I noticed. Keep the good work...One of these days if not us perhaps our grand children will live or know a Haiti that is totally different from what it has become for the previous generations... Happy New Year to you all!

Maxine Rousseau - 01/06/99
Occupation: RN
Favorite Activity: traveling, dancing, reading, meeting people
Favorite Haiti spot: Home
Thing to do while in Haiti: walk, meet people, the beach.
This is the first time I have visited the site. I enjoyed it. You are doing a wonderful job. Keep up the good work. I will definitely visit again.

David Nealy - 01/05/99
Occupation: chemist, retired
Favorite Activity: learning
Favorite Haiti spot: St Louis du Sud
Thing to do while in Haiti: Talk to the people

Great site!! I came onto this via the Corbett list, which I am enjoying greatly, too. Am interested in doing more translating French or Kreyol to English primarily, but have done it in either direction when necessary. My 5 trips to Haiti have all been different and inspiring. Highlight was 12/95 as an election observer/interpreter. One person I admire greatly is Paul LaTortue, a college professor in Puerto Rico who took a leave of absence a few years ago (for two years, I think) to take the tough job of the Komite Santral de Jestyon and is still there doing this critical job with integrity, I believe. Is spite of all the non-functionality in the Haitian gov't, the work of managing these infrastructure projects goes on, thanks to people like him. BRAVO!!

Eric Carré (Eric²) - 01/05/99
Occupation: Business grad./ Computer Science Student
Favorite Activity: Music, Computers...
Favorite Haiti spot: Aquin, Anse a Pirogues
Favorite Haiti book: anything from Gary Victor
Thing to do while in Haiti: Chill at the beach, Furcy, & Obleon
Favorite Haitian Artist: STRINGS!! Beethova Obas

Very well organized. Nice Job. Keep it up !!!

Jacques Nelson - 01/04/99
Occupation: Sales/Consultant
Favorite Activity: Golf
Favorite Haiti spot: Kenscoff
Thing to do while in Haiti: Travel throughout
Favorite Haitian Artist: Georges Remponeau

I left Haiti in 1965, but have been back almost every year. There is something about your country one never forgets, the sense of feeling home when you go back. You remember all the back roads, the smells, the language, the people you did not see for a long time, it all comes back in a flash and you start dreaming of the day when you will be part of that life again, of these streets, of these back roads, of the language, but then again life goes on. Sorry , I was dreaming for a moment......

John R. Pilling - 01/04/99
Occupation: Environmental Consultant
Favorite Activity: Reading
Favorite Haiti spot: Foothills of Jacmel
Favorite Haiti book: Highroad to Adventure
Thing to do while in Haiti: Walking/Missions Work
Favorite Haitian Artist: Wilson

I thoroughly enjoyed visiting this site. I heard about it via Bob Corbett's e-letter. The "Letter to a Blan" touched my heart and the recollections of a first day in Haiti reminded me of my first day in Haiti and the heart-wrenching emotions it produced. I have since returned to Haiti and have plans to return again si bondye vle. I left a piece of my heart sur la plaine de leogane. Thanks for providing a great resource and forum for all who love Haiti.

Kochnov Jeannoel - 01/03/99
Occupation: College Student
Favorite Activity: Writing
Favorite Haiti spot: N/A
Favorite Haiti book: N/A
Thing to do while in Haiti: Recapture the past and change the present
Favorite Haitian Artist: N/A

As evident from the proliferation of N/A's on my profile in this website's survey, it can be fairly safe to assume that I know very little about Hatian culture. In fact that is why I first came to this site. Having left Haiti at the age of five, I barely remember my homeland, and at times I find myself overcome by jealousy in hearing others reminisce about their homelands. I spoke to my granmother, whom I had not seen since 1988, over the telephone a few days ago and was overwhelmed with emotion when she told me I was in her prayers. I thought it strange that a ninety year-old woman, barely able to walk, and living in a country with problems to numerous to count, could possibly find time in her prayers for me, let alone herself and her country. I am genuinely glad to see a web site such as this one on the net. I believe that the young generation of Haitian-Americans living in America today deserve to learn about their culture which would thus instill in them not only pride but an initiative to help bring Haiti to the form which its founders envisioned.

Holly Anne Higbee - 01/02/99 23
Occupation: High School student
Favorite Activity: Traveling and Reading
Favorite Haiti spot: Platon Trou Chou Chou or Petit Goave
Favorite Haiti book: Best Nightmare on Earth
Thing to do while in Haiti: Eat and Experience, Eat and Experience!!
Favorite Haitian Artist: RAM (music) based out of the Olafsson Hotel

My sophomore year of high school I was presented with a chance to visit Haiti on a mission trip with fellow Methodists from a nearby city. I learned so much! It was the best experience of my life. We helped to build a church in the small village of Platon Trou Chou Chou. I went with my holier than thou American attitude thinking of how much I could teach these people, and came back thinking that Haiti should send missionaries to the United States. Their lives are so simple and so free. I plan to go back again and again to learn as much as possible! Thank you for sharing your beautiful country! Holly Anne

Marie Joelle Mith-Joseph - 01/01/99
Occupation: Social Work Sup/Psychotherapist
Favorite Activity: Travelling, arts, doll collecting.
Favorite Haiti spot: La Citadelle
Favorite Haiti book: The Black Jacobins
Thing to do while in Haiti: Eat good Haitian dishes, enjoy the beaches and the natural beauty of the country.
Favorite Haitian Artist: C. Dambreville

I want to congratulate you on this wonderful and much needed website. It is indeed an educational tool for all... Haitians and non Haitians. As an individual who was born in Haiti and raised in New York, I have always been proud of being Haitian and have always appreciated the undisputed richness of our culture. I unfortunately became aware of your website only today and have begun to spread "this good work". Please keep it up!

Frantz Jean - 12/31/98
Occupation: Business manager
Favorite Activity: Surfing the net
Favorite Haiti spot: Port-a-Piment
Favorite Haiti book: Gouverneurs de la Rosée
Thing to do while in Haiti: Hit the beach
Favorite Haitian Artist: Philome Obin

You deserve more than a simple bravo. You gave us back our pride. Thanks to your vision and skills the world may now discover that Haiti is more than just "the poorest country in the western hemisphere."

We strongly urge everyone to get involved by encouraging others to visit "Windows on Haiti" and contribute to its development.

We want you to know that your sleepless nights have not been spent in vain. Haitians everywhere, we are sure, value this extraordinary and marvelous work that you are doing.

YOU, also, deserve the moral and financial support of each and every person who is fortunate enough to surf the net and discover that Haiti and its people are much more than just the "poorest country in the western hemisphere..."

Thanks Guy! Thanks a million! You are an asset to Haiti. Happy New Year!

Frantz Jean

Jean Claude Joseph - 12/30/98
Occupation: Accountant
Favorite Activity: Surfing the net
Favorite Haiti spot: St-Marc
Favorite Haiti book: Toussaint Louverture
Thing to do while in Haiti: Eat mangoes
Favorite Haitian Artist: Sweet Mickey

I enjoy the page on "Memory of Fire" in fact I learned a lot more than before. I wish some of the facts were longer. I hope to see more of the same in the future.

Arie Bouwer - 12/22/98 09:51:04
Occupation: Director
Favorite Activity: Sailing

Very nice!

Jacques Piquion - 12/19/98
Occupation: Programmer
Favorite Activity: Photography, reading
Favorite Haiti spot: A nice chair under a mangot tree
Thing to do while in Haiti: Visit the beach and the moutain
Favorite Haitian Artist: Coupe Cloue

Just taking the time to thank and felicitate you for the great job you are doing with this site.

Mark Despinos - 12/19/98
Occupation: Student

Dear Guy,

This is Carine's son Mark from Florida. My mother was telling me about the website that you created "Windows on Haiti." She recently received an E-mail from you concerning this website asking for comments on Haiti. She asked me to say something as a teen of Haitian descent. As a Haitian-American I would just like to say that today's youth should not be ashamed to be Haitian.

As a person who lives in the state of Florida with all the past negative news about Haitian refugees and voodoo, many Floridians have the impression that Haitians are nothing, but refugees escaping to America on boats, or voodoo worshippers.

Haitian youth should stand up to any wrong things said about other Haitians. For the first time since I have attended an American History class in school; it was actually mentioned that Haiti fought against the French to gain their freedom from slavery even years before slavery in the United States had been abolished. The point that I am trying to show is that no matter where you live, how old you are, or who you know; you should not be ashamed of your heritage or ethnic upbringing. On the other hand the more educated a person is about their heritage the more they can teach others and show ethnic pride.

Pat Gallivan - 12/15/98
I read Corbett every day and love to hear about Haiti and what's happening there.

I belong to a group of people interested in Haiti through the Haiti Parish Twinning Program. We send a group of people from our parish to Dessalines every winter to bring school and medical suplies to St. Claire's Parish. Pere Leobert, our contact, is doing a heroic job operating five elementary schools and is starting to build a secondary school in his parish, all on a shoestring.

Michaelle Landais - 12/15/98
Occupation: Electronics Engineer
Favorite Activity: Reading/Dancing
Favorite Haiti spot: Riviere Froide
Favorite Haiti book: Krik Krak
Thing to do while in Haiti: Laugh and be "YOU"
Favorite Haitian Artist: Douby (Le Matchiavel!)

Mezanmi! a la bèl sa bèl lè nou kenbe tèt nou wo. Konpliman, monchè Guy!

Joan Atkinson - 12/15/98
Occupation: Telemedicine Program Manager
Favorite Activity: staring at my bassett hound
Favorite Haiti spot: Anse Sa Pi Rog (?sp)
Favorite Haiti book: The Bordeaux Narrative
Thing to do while in Haiti: listen to the drums
Favorite Haitian Artist: Mario Benjamin, sculptures of Lionel St. Eloi

After living in Haiti from 1990 through 1997, I'm trying to (in the words of Jesse Jackson) Keep Hope Alive that the place will one day realize even a small portion of its potential.

Natalie Daniel - 12/15/98 and 4/9/99
Occupation: Student
Favorite Activity: Singing
Favorite Haiti spot: Delmas
Favorite Haitian Artist: Tabou Combo
Thing to do while in Haiti: Look around and find favorite book, spot, and artist. Go to the beach.

Just signing in and saying hello. I really like this site and was surprised to find my favorite song "Ayiti Cheri".

I love this website and I do want to see it continue for everyone to see and learn about Haiti.

Legrace Benson - 12/14/98
Occupation: art historian
Favorite Haiti spot: Coast near Aquin
Thing to do while in Haiti: Look at art
Favorite Haitian Artist: ALL!

Emilio Bazile - 12/14/98
Occupation: Physician, Ass. Professor Faculty of medecine, Ottawa University, Ottawa, On, Canada
Favorite Activity: Reading, Family travelling
Favorite Haiti spot: Football (soccer)
Favorite Haiti book: Port-au-Prince au cours des ans
Thing to do while in Haiti: Be with familiy, friends ,participate in community developmenrt in term of heatlth care delivery.
Favorite Haitian Artist: Maurice Sixto, Coupe Cloue

Haiti has always been the place where the intellectual, accademic and cultural progress took place even without technologic tools. Your site may be reprensentative of one Haiti son or daughter who lives outside of the motherland. I hope your initiative help to nullify the destructive notion of "Haitiens Diaspora" versus "Haitiens in Haiti".

Philip Knowles - 12/13/98
Occupation: Retired
Favorite Activity: Many! (Sailing is one)

It would be presumptous to offer "favorites" - but I have read some, have visited Haiti (1995, and several times in the 50's), and I read most of the voluminous mail on Bob Corbett's amazing forum.

I hope to visit and contribute some sweat equity early in 1999.

Adele and Bob DellaValle-Rauth - 12/13/98
Occupation: Peace Activists
Favorite Activity: advocacy - especially lobbying the U.S. GOVERNMENT
Favorite Haiti spot: Saut-d'Eau
Favorite Haiti book: In the parish of the Poor
Thing to do while in Haiti: Visit twinned parishes, groups; reconnect with friends; swim; enjoy Haitian hospitality; celebrate liturgies; catch up on the news; visit art & craft shops
Favorite Haitian Artist: Jean Robert

JoAnn Cunningham - 12/13/98
Occupation: Professor
Favorite Activity: going out to dinner
Favorite Haiti spot: meeting people
Favorite Haiti book:

Faces of the Gods, Vodou and Roman Catholicism in Haiti by Leslie Desmangles, and Framing silence: Revolutionary Novels by Haitian Women by Myriam J.A. Chancy

Calvin Bey - 12/13/98
Occupation: retired, agriculture
Favorite Activity: singing barbershop
Favorite Haiti spot: Village of Hope

E. Lerebours - 12/11/98
Occupation: Physician
Favorite Activity: Photography,Computers
Favorite Haiti spot: Port-Salut
Favorite Haiti book: Port-au-Prince au cours des ans by George Corvington
Thing to do while in Haiti: The beach!
Favorite Haitian Artist: Valcin II

This is my first visit to this very informative website. I think that we should take advantage of the Internet to stay together since we are "the Jews of the next Millenium (C)" You are doing an excellent job !!!

Alexandra Azor - 12/10/98
Occupation: Health Care Consultant - Planner
Favorite Activity: Travel
Favorite Haiti spot: My room at home
Thing to do while in Haiti: "Griot", "Lambi", "The Beach", "Think About What I Will Miss Back In The US"

Wonderful - Informative Website

I have been in the US for 8 years and my educational and professional development have moved me from Chicago to New York and now Seattle. Looking for contacts in Seattle. Any Ideas?

I am a Health Care Consultant. I am originally from Haiti which I left in 1990. I subsequently spent 6 years in Chicago and 2 in NY.

I would like to know if there are any Haitian people in the Seattle area that I could be put in contact with. Thanks!!!!

Rhonda Schofield - 12/08/98
Occupation: teacher
Favorite Activity: learning about different cultures
Favorite Haiti spot: I would like to visit one day

I never knew much about Haiti until I started dating a young man from there. He has told me so many wonderful things about his country. I am dying to visit and to learn more. I'm even trying to get some simple audio tapes teaching the basics of Haitian Creole.

Fritz Jean-Pierre - 12/04/98
Occupation: Med Student

Amber Lynn Munger - 12/02/98
Occupation: student at UNCA
Favorite Activity: travelling to & reading about Haiti
Favorite Haiti spot: Dumay
Favorite Haiti book: The Uses of Haiti
Thing to do while in Haiti: Eat patats
Favorite Haitian Artist: Emeline Michel

I am a student in environmental studies and spent some time last year near Croix-des-Bouquets. During my stay I fell in love with Haiti and have spent the last year learning as much as I can about issues involving Haiti. My major focuses greatly on sustainable development and I hope to work in Haiti after I graduate. But first I need to improve my Kreyol "paske koun ye-a mwen pa kapab sonje anyen!"

Shirley Drouin - 11/26/98
Occupation: Purchasing Agent
Favorite Activity: bicycling
Favorite Haiti spot: Konya Beach
Favorite Haiti book: Bain-de-Saing
Favorite Haitian Artist: Ralph Allen

Greg Stritch - 11/24/98
Occupation: teacher/instrument builder
Favorite Activity: surfing/ playing guitar
Favorite Haiti spot: southwest coast near Cayes
Favorite Haiti book: Redpath, Leger, Leyburn
Thing to do while in Haiti: visit friends and family
Favorite Haitian Artist: Wycliff Jean

I stumbled onto your page through Bob Corbett's group. I appreciate all that you and Bob do to acquaint folks like me with the affairs of Haiti.

I visited Haiti a few years ago with some friends from church nd fell in love. For a relatively uninitiated, I have enjoyed learning about things that have to do with my new home away from home.

Bondye beni ou anpil.

zanmi ou, Greg Stritch
jacksonville florida

Obed Osias - 11/23/98
Occupation: secrétaire
Favorite Activity: dessin
Favorite Haitian Artist: René Jérôme/Tiga/Pascal Smart....

Votre lettre à l'Éditeur dans le magazine "Haïtiens aujourd'hui" qui est très lu par certains en Haïti m'a permis de vous découvrir et m'a incité à vouloir savoir plus sur vos activités; j'ai donc visité votre site, votre page est un succès. CHAPEAU.

Rudy Rowe - 11/22/98
Occupation: Telecom. Specialist
Favorite Activity: Aquarium-African Cichlids, Reading, Music
Favorite Haiti spot: Dondon
Thing to do while in Haiti: Visit family and friends, take it slow
Favorite Haitian Artist: RAM, Mickey, T-Vice

Thanks for providing us with this website. It teaches us the positive aspects of Haiti as the media only focuses on the negative.

You have really accomplished a lot. We are very proud of you, and enjoy your site very much. Congratulations, cous.

Marie-Gerald Beaubrun - 11/21/98
Occupation: Freelance Interpreter
Favorite Activity: Reading, movies, long walks
Favorite Haiti spot: Quisqueya, Montrouis
Favorite Haiti book: Ainsi parla l'oncle, Gouverneurs de la rosée
Thing to do while in Haiti: Going to the beach, eating and drinking coconut. Eating baked conch meat and dancing of course.
Favorite Haitian Artist: Marc Antoine, Ti Tonton

I left Haiti at a young age, therefore I don't have extensive experience of the "cool stuff" other people talk about with such fondness; but I can remember not being able to wait for school vacation, to go back to Mont-Rouis from P-au-P, in order to run around, go to the beach and have people going around to find someone willing to go up a coconut tree and get coconuts for us. Spending the whole day in the sea; going home salty, white and scaly but very happy.

Yves Colon - 11/20/98
Occupation: journalist
Favorite Activity: traveling
Favorite Haiti spot: Jacmel
Favorite Haiti book: Farming of bones
Thing to do while in Haiti: visit family

Thanks for providing this service. You're doing a great job. Any bit of news that you have about Haitians, anything that affects Haitians where you are or elsewhere in the United States and Haiti, put it in.

Fleurise Pierre Davis - 11/19/98
Occupation: Social worker
Favorite Activity: Singing
Favorite Haiti spot: Vertières,Cap-Haitien
Favorite Haiti book: Le manuscrit de Saint-ébène
Thing to do while in Haiti: swimming
Favorite Haitian Artist: Sweet Micky, T-Vice, Fugees

I think it's great that we have a web site that focuses on the positive things about Haiti, and not the negative. It's super! It's wonderful! It's marvelous! Keep up the good work! I love you! Peace!

Tony J. Lamothe - 11/19/98
Occupation: Accountant
Favorite Haiti spot: Moulin sur mer
Thing to do while in Haiti: Visit the countryside
Favorite Haitian Artist: Léon Dimanche

I want to take this opportunity to congratulate all of you involved in bringing us this beautiful website. As a Haitian citizen, I feel proud to find a place in the internet to discuss our lifestyle and our beautiful country Haiti Cheri.

Melinda Miles - 11/17/98
Occupation: Special Projects Coordinator, Hands Together, Inc.
Favorite Activity: work
Favorite Haiti spot: rooftop at Delmas 31, rue Marien #4bis
Favorite Haiti book: The Uses of Haiti, Paul Farmer
Thing to do while in Haiti: drive around P-au-P at night
Favorite Haitian Artist: paul provost

I visited Haiti for the first time in 1993, with Hands Together. I was sixteen and have been passionate about it ever since. I was there about a week ago and in July. I work for Hands Together now, coordinating the volunteer program, traveling to Haiti for project assessment, working on publications and fundraising, etc. If there is anything I can ever offer, please don't hesitate to let me know.

Michele Wucker - 11/16/98
Occupation: writer
Favorite Haiti spot: the parts that have sprung up elsewhere -- in New York, Santo Domingo, Miami, around the world
Favorite Haiti book: Alejo Carpentier's The Kingdom of this World

Once you have gone to Haiti you can never leave completely. Thanks, Guy, for keeping open this window.

Gina Sainvil-Nozier - 11/16/98
Occupation: UN/Human Resources
Favorite Activity: Music and Reading
Favorite Haiti spot: Port-Salut
Favorite Haiti book: L'année de toutes les duperies (R. Malval)
Thing to do while in Haiti: Mange Kan'n kale, ale nan lanme, bwe rhum babankou
Favorite Haitian Artist: Sweet Mickey, Maurice Sixto

This is the most articulate Haitian Page on the Web. Congratulations and keep up the good work.

Karine Holly - 11/13/98
Occupation: Credit Manager
Favorite Activity: Swimming
Favorite Haiti spot: Beaches
Thing to do while in Haiti: Tourism
Favorite Haitian Artist: Laurenceau

Patricia Reiher Francis - 11/11/98
Occupation: Bookstore owner
Favorite Activity: Hiking, Japonese Flower arrangement
Favorite Haiti spot: Furcy
Favorite Haiti book: Les chemins de fer de l'Île d'Haiti
Thing to do while in Haiti: Exploring the countryside
Favorite Haitian Artist: F. Samour

First let me take the opportunity to compliment you on a well formatted web-site.I like the wide range of subject matters, specially your recipe corner. My name is Patricia Reiher Francis. I am a proud Haitian living in Exciting New York City and owner of a Haitian Bookstore. For yourself and your readers,we carry all books published on Haiti in French,Kreyol and English.

Continue the great work!


P.S. I love your commentaries in your {A PYE NOU YE} column.

Amy Dix - 11/05/98
Occupation: Ethnomusicology grad. student
Favorite Activity: reading about Haiti
Favorite Haiti spot: I'll let you know after my 1st trip in December!
Favorite Haiti book: The Black Jacobins, Luc Smarth's articles about Haiti
Thing to do while in Haiti: I would like to meet people who work with women's Popular Organizations...
Favorite Haitian Artist: musicians:Boukman Esperyans

If you know anyone who is involved with these groups, email me please!

I have been really amazed at the kindness that Haitians and scholars of Haiti have shown me. Everyone has been really helpful. Mesi Bokou!

Bineta Baro Bin - 11/02/98
Occupation: missionary
Favorite Activity: Working on my "Friends of Haiti" website

Dear Antoine,
I've just tuned in to your website and look forward to being a regular. God has blessed you and I want to encourage you to continue this website and sharing your thoughts because - it is without a doubt a sight under the guidance of the Holy Spirit. God Bless you and your family. I look forward to meeting you, if not on this earth, then above.

Elizabeth Ritza Vieux - 10/30/98
Occupation: graduate student (Indiana University)
Favorite Activity: Talking to my parents and learn from them
Favorite Haiti book: ???
Thing to do while in Haiti: Go to RAM every thursday. to the beach every weekend.
Favorite Haitian Artist: Langichat- (Theodore Beaubrun)

I really would like to contribute somehow to the re-birth of Haiti. I do like my country and it hurts to hear only "bad news" all the time about it. Feels like I'm drifting on a lonely sea (boat people) with no land to hang my hat. There's no place on this planet I would be happier than "HOME". But I have to admit that there's no more home and it's painful. Therefore, when I look into the future, I just see "emptiness". I'm very sad though I may look happy. I'm just . Deep down inside, though I may have a lot of material something will always stop me from being entirely me. Because, I lost my true self, for I cannot really be "ME" outside of Haiti.

A significant Haitian experience: When I went to Haiti for vacation last Christmas, the next morning, what woke me up was that "labapen vendor' singing almost: "Laba........pen. labapen an cho wi. Vini vini vin.........n ach.....te." I was happy and I knew I was in Haiti.

Beaucejour Pierre-Louis - 10/29/98
Occupation: Networking/Fine-Arts
Favorite Activity: Painting
Favorite Haiti spot: Labadee, Cap-Haitien
Favorite Haiti book: Written on the 1915 occupation by : Gerard Pierre-Charles & Suzy Castor
Thing to do while in Haiti: Reuniting with long lost classmates, going to the beaches
Favorite Haitian Artist: Dadou Pasquet

At a time when anything pertaining to Haiti is subject to a vast array of negative depictions by the historically prejudiced US media, it behooves to Haitians to harness all of their efforts toward efficiently conveying the strokes of greatness inherent in Haitian History. Impeccable task, Mr Guy!

Gerry Brierre - 10/29/98
Occupation: sales
Favorite Activity: my children, soccer
Favorite Haiti spot: PAP
Thing to do while in Haiti: visiting the entire country
Favorite Haitian Artist: U. Jn Pierre

I've been in this country for the last 33 years. I only spent 12 back home. Sorry to say, I've only been back twice. I truly love my country. The things I've done for it are unbelievable. I'm in love with my people no matter who they are. I've lived in NY, Detroit, Atlanta, and soon to move to Chicago.

Laurette M. Backer - 10/28/98
Occupation: Manager, Intellectual Property
Favorite Activity: Reading, Cooking
Favorite Haiti spot: be by the sea
Favorite Haiti book: Secrets of Voodoo by Milo Rigaud
Thing to do while in Haiti: Go to the beach, "bak machan fritaille.
Favorite Haitian Artist: Lionel Laurenceau

Dear Guy:

I am really happy that I stumbled on your site while doing research concerning Haitian sites on the web. I particularly enjoyed the recipes that were posted. Great articles and links, sprinkled with Haitian Art.

Great Site! Keep working on it.

Laude Saint-Preux - 10/27/98
Occupation: Student
Favorite Activity: Reading
Thing to do while in Haiti: working on reforestation project

I am grateful to all who have given me the opportunity to express myself on this website. It's one step in reaching out for the Haitian people. Don't give up.

I am surprised to discover how many Haitians are working on behalf of Haiti. It's really a good sign, and this tells me that Haiti will not die. I encourage everyone who is working to make Haiti a better country to continue to do so, for one day we shall all be united in the same heart, same spirit. Keep it up! Don't give up because you are not alone. Believe me!

If we forget ourselves and carry the interest of the Haitian community in our hearts, I am sure things will change. We have no time to burn, for two centuries have almost gone. Although we are struggling over what we want to accomplish in the next century, there is a lot we can do. One thing that matters is that we refuse to acknowledge our mistakes, but choose to blame them on someone else. The other thing is that we don't really want to sacrifice ourselves for the sake of the country. We prefer to suffer humiliation, as if we have no other alternative. But we need to remember that if our ancestors did not sacrifice themselves for our independence, we would still be slaves today. We need to do the same thing once again, for one who does not fight for his freedom should not be entitled to liberty...

One last thought--Learn to speak and write Kreyòl. It is your passport to enter the world of dignity.

Julie Hoover - 10/26/98
Occupation: urban planner--transportation
Favorite Activity: visiting, learning about, trying to help Haiti
Favorite Haiti spot: Art Museum
Favorite Haiti book: The Rainy Season
Thing to do while in Haiti:
1) meet some wonderful Haitian people;
2) find a way to help;
3) check out the art;
4) hang out at the Oloffson.
Favorite Haitian Artists:
1) Hyppolite;
2) Andre Pierre;
3) Serge Jolimeau

A surprisingly large number of people get bitten by the "Haiti bug" and I am definitely one of them. I will love this country forever.

Sally Bostley - 10/25/98
Occupation: music teacher
Favorite Activity: playing music (!)
Favorite Haiti spot: Music camp in Leogane
Favorite Haiti book: The Magic Orange Tree
Thing to do while in Haiti: Play chamber music
Favorite Haitian Artist: Ludovic Lamothe (composer)

I'm a major salesperson for Haiti (even though I'm a blan). I first visited in 1979 to play and teach at Ecole Ste. Trinite and have returned about 15 times. I love to play in the orchestra. I love the evening chamber music. I love the students who are so smart, so talented and who work so hard. I love the kindness of the Haitian people and the absolute beauty of the countryside. I love walking in the mountains on hot summer days because it's cool up there. I love the warm ocean waters at the beach. I love playing the beautiful Haitian classical music and joining the Haitians in playing the European and American classical music. I love visiting my friends and over the years watching their families grow up. I love feeling a part of all of this and treasure all I have learned from my friends and my students.

One of my most beautiful memories is of a torrential rainstorm in Leogane and we were trapped in the dining hall as the rain poured down outside. One of the Haitians sat down at the piano, joined by an American violinist and in the dark pounding storm they played one beautiful Haitian song after another. It was a magical moment suspended in time and surrounded by beautiful music and the forces of nature.

Steve Zurcher - 10/20/98
Email: szurcher-at-aloha.com
Occupation: Minister
Favorite Activity: Computers
Favorite Haiti spot: Mombin Crochu

I lived for a number of years in Mombin Crochu. Located at the base of the highest peak in northeastern Haiti, one can look west down the valley and across the the Plateau Central to the mountains beyond. It was a wonderful place full of wonderful people.

Edson Crevecoeur - 10/20/98
Email: edson.crevecoeur-at-mailexcite.com
Occupation: Healthcare Administrator
Favorite Activity: Being a Father
Favorite Haiti spot: 36 Rue St. Gerard, Port-au-Prince
Favorite Haiti book: The Black Jacobins
Thing to do while in Haiti: Walk around, observe, absorb.
Favorite Haitian Artist: Various

I must say that I am very impressed with your site. I plan to encourage my son to visit and study the contents. Continue to hold the light high.

Tom Hutchison - 10/20/98
Email: hutchtom-at-prodigy.net
Occupation: Child Welfare Administrator in Illinois
Favorite Activity: Playing harmonica, writing stories and poetry
Favorite Haiti spot: Beaumont
Favorite Haiti book: Popo and Fifinia, Lydia Bailey
Thing to do while in Haiti: Go to church, Share a meal with friends

Lucio Juste is my pastor when I visit Haiti. One year, he arranged for several of us to ride horses and donkeys further up into the mountains from Beaumont. We were to pay a visit to his home town in Chardonnet and also to meet his 85 year old father who still lives there. The Papa of Pas Lucio also was the first man in his village to be convinced that Jesus is indeed God and the one God who is the Savior of our Souls. None of us were experienced riders. Two of the men visiting Beaumont are so large that their feet drag on the ground as they sit upon their donkeys. The young men who are going to lead our horses and donkeys up the narrow mountain trails cannot help but laugh at the site of these eight Americans on horseback with straw and wook. One farmer accuses us of strangling his goat when one of our horses encountered his teathered goat at one particularly narrow section of the path. He "sued" us and we had to come up with about $40 in case to restore peace. When we fianlly arrived at Chardonnet it was like homecoming. We were greeted by the whole town, except for those men who were busy in the fields and the women who were preparing the most incredible feast I've ever enjoyed. I know that one of the issues at the church in Chardonnet was the lack of financial support for the pastor of the village church. For our visit, all disagrrements were set aside while we worshipped and sang and prayed together. Pas Lucio's Papa gave us a blessing for our return home. The very young boys of the village were sent with us to escort our donkeys back to Beaumont. After a full day in the sun and a banquet meal, none of us were in good shape for the return trip. We gave people all the way down the mountain cause to laugh and smile. I stopped at one house to greet a woman and to rest my behind. I thought she might give me some sympathy for my suffereing servanthood. She asked me how much I weighed. I couldn't translate to Kreyol (I mean Haitian, no I mean Creole, er Kreyol ...). All she said was, "Oh that poor donkey." She was right. I was the one being blessed. The donkey was carrying the burden. May God bless Haiti with good weather, abundant crops and an economic and political system which properly reflects the generous, strong, and loving character of its people.

Kevin Pina - 10/18/98
Email: kevinpina-at-usa.net
Occupation: filmmaker/progressive entrepeneur
Favorite Activity: vexing the "nasties"
Favorite Haiti spot: Fond Tortue
Favorite Haiti book: Masters of the Dew
Thing to do while in Haiti: work, work and more work
Favorite Haitian Artist: Frantz Lamothe

Thank you for this wonderful sight. It is reassuring to know that we truly are a community.

I continue to pay homage to the spirit and ideas of Father Jean-Marie Vincent through my current work. I owe such a great debt to the Haitian people for teaching me so much about the power of hope and the strength of the human spirit. Hanalee!!

En Solidaridad,


Emmanuel W. Vedrine - 10/15/98
Email: evedrine-at-hotmail.com
Occupation: writer, researcher, translator, certified teacher of French and Spanish and editor-in-chief of E. W. VEDRINE CREOLE PROJECT, Inc.
Favorite Activity: writing, computers
Favorite Haiti spot: Okap, KenskOf, LaplEn

Congratulations, Guy! This is a very educative site and also a great one for research.

Hans Verbrugge - 10/12/98
Email: attema-at-amolf.nl
Occupation: student
Favorite Activity: football "Ajax"
Favorite Haiti spot: Port-au-Prince

I'm living in the Netherlands
and my mother comes from Haiti
and I was born in Haiti
and now I live in Almere.
I'm 10 years old, and I
love my mother and dad.

Also Football "AJAX"

Eva DeHart - 10/12/98
Email: ForHaiti-at-aol.com
Occupation: Mission field worker
Favorite Activity: feeding, clothing, etc.....
Favorite Haiti spot: work: Cap-Haitien; play: Labadee
Thing to do while in Haiti: work in clinic, etc.

For Haiti, with Love, inc.
P O Box 1017
Palm Harbor FL 34683

Interested in help with cargo money. We are getting special nutritionally balanced food packets and, including shipping, can put a meal on the family table in Haiti for 35¢ each. First 2,000 lbs went down 9/24 - next 2,000 lbs scheduled to go next week.

With gardens and food animals all gone after Hurricane Georges, food is very vital.

Michael H. Bryant - 10/12/98
Email: mbryant-at-rmi.net
Occupation: Physician
Favorite Activity: Being aware of God's presence
Favorite Haiti spot: Port-au-Prince

Maggy Theodate - 10/07/98
Email: DIVA718-at-hotmail.com
Occupation: Attorney

Your website is excellent! The essays are thought provoking, the art is beautiful and inspiring, and the events, foods, store, lyrics and other sections are fabulous. Keep up the great work!

Carrol F. Coates - 09/30/98
Email: ccoates-at-binghamton.edu
Occupation: translator (Haitian novels, docs.); teach French language and literature, including Haiti and Africa
Favorite Activity: music; analysis of poetry
Favorite Haiti spot: a number of places that I know only from fiction and will never see as they were!
Favorite Haiti book: the novels of Marie Chauvet (FILLE D'HAITI) and J-S Alexis (LES ARBRES MUSICIENS)
Thing to do while in Haiti: explore (I haven't had an opportunity to do enough)
Favorite Haitian Artist: Hector Hyppolite, Ernst Prophete, and others.

Guy, The page is marvelous, with a fantastic amount of information, which I will be making use of as time allows. It is fantastic to be able to view the paintings and I will be trying soon to get information on Haitian genealogy--I've acquired biographical info very slowly and painfully for a number of years without finding an easy source.

I would like to mention one project on which I am in the early stages, in case others have information. I am collecting texts in Kreyòl and hope to have a substantial bibliography one of these days.

Among documents I already have are manuscripts of several unpublished plays by the late Franck Fouché in both French and Kreyòl, Georges Sylvain's CRIC? CRAC!, Moriso-Lewa, Maude Heurtelou, Deyita, and others.

I learned just last week that a volume of eight plays (that's not all of them) by Feliks Moriso-Lewa was published in Port-au-Prince at just about the moment of his death.

Am working as I get time on a number of Haitian writers including Alexis, Dany Laferriere, Edwidge Danticat, Margaret Papillon, Paulette Poujol Oriol, Marie Chauvet, and others.

Congratulations, and keep up the good work! Salut!

Carrol F. Coates
Romance Langs/Lits--SUNY
Binghamton, NY 13902-6000
tel: (607) 777-4632
fax: (607) 777-2644
email: ccoates-at-binghamton.edu

Patrick Isaac - 09/29/98
Email: PXI-at-NRC.GOV
Favorite Haiti spot: Cap-Haitien

Great job, Guy.

Reginald S. Archer - 09/21/98
Email: tisi-at-grove.ufl.edu
Occupation: Surveyor And mapper
Favorite Activity: sports

Mario Rodriguez - 09/21/98
Email: abumario-at-yahoo.com
Occupation: Hijo de Machepa
Favorite Activity: Estudiar nuestra historia
Favorite Haiti spot: Toda la isla
Favorite Haiti book: Así Habla El Tío
Thing to do while in Haiti: Dar y recibir amor
Favorite Haitian Artist: Toda la población

Nací en la parte española de nuestra bella isla y desde muy temprana edad comenzarón a enseñarme a despreciar y temer todo lo relacionado con Haiti. Pero después con el pasar del tiempo y por la gracia de Dios, mis ojos comenzarón a abrirse, y comencé a estudiar y aprender la verdad y ahora siento amor, admiración y respeto por mis hermanos haitianos. Es el amor que me ha atraido a visitar este site.

Tara Boirard - 09/17/98
Email: tboirard-at-aol.com

I am so excited after going through your web site. It is brilliant! Whenever I feel disgruntled at present circumstances, I will log on for a dose of Positivity. I will be sending your web address to everyone that I know. I think that you are doing an incredible service to everyone with a Haitian Heart.

My father does have a complaint about your site. He wants to know why none of his paintings are on display, and why none of the visitors cited him as their favorite artist. : ) [don't worry, it's the usual protest]


Robert Founier - 09/17/98
Occupation: Linguiste
Favorite Activity: voile
Favorite Haiti spot: Jacmel
Thing to do while in Haiti: parler, regarder
Favorite Haitian Artist: Frankétienne

Lauren White - 09/16/98
Email: groovychyck-at-hotmail.com
Occupation: Application Development Manager
Favorite Activity: Learning !

I love your website ! To be more specific, it is so-o-o-o informative and positive. I have read some of your essays and I am very impressed with your writing skills. Have you published any books or plan to?

The www.howstella.com website became sort of depressing to me since a lot of fingerpointing, name calling and other disrespect started appearing. I am so glad that I took the time to look at your website. I really don't know much about Haitians and their culture so this is a wonderful experience for me. I love to learn about various cultures. I've learned a lot about Pakistan, Vietnam, China because I have had co-workers from these countries. I have never met anyone from Haiti or talked to anyone from there.

Your website is really great, interesting and pleasant to read. The format makes the reading more pleasant to look at. I just wanted to give you encouragement for the ongoing updates on your website because I plan to visit it often to learn more. By the way, I love the essays, books, links and I plan to try some of the recipes also! This is all for now. Keep up the good work! My best to you and your family! Thanks for the education on Haiti!

Best Regards,

Antoine Obeinson - 09/16/98
Email: obeinson22-at-hotmail.com
Occupation: Student
Favorite Activity: Surf the Net
Favorite Haiti spot: Cote de Fer
Favorite Haiti book: Price Mars
Thing to do while in Haiti: Travel and eat.
Favorite Haitian Artist: Boukman Eksperyans

This is the best web page for information on Haiti, and on people that really make the difference on the island.

Rosalind Rubens - 09/15/98
Email: rrubens-at-atlanta-law.net
Occupation: Attorney
Favorite Activity: Reading

I have an interest in the country of Haiti because my maternal grandfather came from Port au Prince. I hope to visit in the next 11 to 18 months. I also enjoy all kinds of Carribean cuisine.

Aly Laurent - 09/15/98
Occupation: Software Engineer
Favorite Activity: Guitar, reading, net-surfing
Favorite Haiti spot: Cavaillon
Favorite Haiti book: Les Comédiens
Thing to do while in Haiti: Hang out with my buddies in Petion-Ville.
Favorite Haitian Artist: Ansy Dérose

This is one of the coolest sites I have ever visited. It has the taste of "Chez nous", and a cutting edge sophistication. Kenbe la!

Tracy D Smothers - 09/15/98
Occupation: Registration Clerk
Favorite Activity: Bowling
Favorite Haitian Artist: Wyclef Jean

One word, "IMPRESSIVE!" Keep up the good work Guy.

Vanessa Trice - 09/15/98
Email: vtrice-at-saunix.sau.edu
Occupation: Computer Analyst
Favorite Activity: Reading, traveling Favorite Haiti spot: Trouin
Favorite Haiti book: Eyes, Breath, Memory
Thing to do while in Haiti: work with a medical mission
Favorite Haitian Artist: Wyclef, Edouard Duval-Carrie

Joseph Félix Augustin - 09/15/98
Email: joseph.augustin-at-mci.com
Occupation: Computer Consultant
Favorite Activity: Computer programming, water sports, soccer, drawing, exploring nature
Favorite Haiti spot: Cap-Haïtien
Thing to do while in Haiti: Visiting Anse d'Azur in Jérémie. Wake up early and visit "marché Kenskoff"
Favorite Haitian Artist: Boukman Eksperyans

Barbara Louis - 09/14/98
Email: blbhsbnd-at-bellsouth.net
Occupation: Probation Officer
Favorite Activity: Cooking, Reading
Favorite Haiti spot: Lascahobas
Favorite Haiti book: Les Jacobins Noirs
Thing to do while in Haiti: Relax
Favorite Haitian Artist: Félix Morisseau

Kindly include me in your mailing lists. I have made several responses to the incendiary statement from "How Stella Got Her Groove Back"...

I am trying to get in contact with some radio stations in Miami to start off a discussion. Please e-mail.

Dalila Despinos - 09/14/98
Email: dratgon-at-gate.net
Occupation: Computer Support Tech.
Favorite Activity: Dancing, Tai Chi, Singing, Reading, Meditation
Favorite Haiti spot: I've never been, but would like to one day visit Jacmel, Port-au-Prince, Cape Haiti, and Hinche
Favorite Haiti book: Night of Fire : The Black Napoleon and the Battle for Haiti
Thing to do while in Haiti: I'd like to dance the Meringue, swim on the beaches, and go horseback riding in the country.
Favorite Haitian Artist: They're all impressive.

I enjoyed visiting the site. Its easy navigation and functioning links were appreciated. Also, I appreciate the time, effort, and dedication you have put into this great sight and in educating others about Haiti. I have added you to my 'favorites' and will visit again.

I am saddened that Haiti and its people are not appreciated for their strengths, beauty, and both historical and historic accomplishments. Our future is bright, though. With information and facts offered by sites of this type, we are sure to prevail.

Jorine Voigt - 09/09/98
Email: jvoigt-at-ufl.edu
Occupation: Student
Favorite Activity: reading,writing and getting involved
Favorite Haiti spot: My family's house
Favorite Haiti book: Krik Krak!
Thing to do while in Haiti: the beach and visit family
Favorite Haitian Artist: Top Vice

Hello Fellow Haitian-Americans,
My name is Jorine Voigt and I am pleased to say I am proud to be Haitian. When I heard that insensitive and thoughtless comment made in the movie, "How Stella Got Her Groove Back" it saddened me. It saddened me to the point, where I could not bare to let it go unchallenged. For years Haitian people have been plagued by stereotypes and malicious connotations. It is time for the injustice to stop. I have not been to Haiti in nine years and this summer I plan on returning to reconnect with my roots. Haitian people are breath-taking, artistic and brillant and we should never forget that;we haveso much to offer society. Stand up for what you believe in and make your presence known.

A Bientôt,
Jorine Voigt

Carlyle E Thomas III (Chucky) - 09/09/98
Email: philly_36-at-yahoo.com
Occupation: Quailiy Auditor
Favorite Activity: dancing

I'm glad to see the site doing so well. I wasn't born in Haiti but grew up with a friend who was. Many thanks to the Piquion family for the childhood memories of all those great parties, and culture.

Guy-Albert Antoine - 09/04/98
Email: skitz14-at-yahoo.com

Hi Dad. Just checking out your web from school.

Brenda C. Robertson - 09/01/98
Occupation: Technical Support Specialist
Favorite Activity: reading, learning about my people

I am a Black American female and never been to Haiti, know just a very little about the culture, but am very interested. I once fell in love with a Haitian man and he was a WONDERFUL person in all aspects of our relationship. If circumstances had permitted, I probably would have married him. It has been quite a few years now and we still stay in touch even though we have our own families and are 500 miles apart. He will always have a very special place in my heart.

I have never been to Haiti, but have quite a few Haitian friends. I would very much like to learn all I can about Haiti and her people. I love the food and the recipes you have listed are very helpful.

David Collesano - 08/31/98
Email: dcc-at-pobox.com
Occupation: Social Work in South Florida
Favorite Activity: Contemplation in action
Favorite Haiti spot: Savanne Zonbi
Favorite Haiti book: The Black Jacobins
Thing to do while in Haiti: Alfabetizasyon andeyò
Favorite Haitian Artist: Louis Louisant

Guy monche: Glad to see the opening of your commentary section.

We have about 120,000 Haitian Americans here in Broward county Florida. When I first came here from the DR in '88, I was one of 3 social workers/community organizers who could speak Kreyol. There are now 5 of us. Come-on down! Pa bliye nesesite ayisyen nan peyi moun.

Ernst Léveillé - 08/30/98
Occupation: Psychotherapist
Favorite Activity: Photography, reading
Favorite Haiti spot: Labadie, Cap Haitien
Favorite Haiti book: Ainsi parla l'oncle
Thing to do while in Haiti: Visit Citadelle Laferriere
Favorite Haitian Artist: Price-Mars

Great site, and I commend you for your efforts toward competence and taste.

Herve Fanini-Lemoine - 08/29/98
Email: Hfaninil-at-aol.com
Occupation: Realtor
Favorite Activity: Music
Favorite Haiti spot: Jacmel
Favorite Haiti book: Le Paysan Haitien
Favorite Haitian Artist: Gourges

I think you are doing a great job for the Haitian community. Your web page is very enlightening and inspires litterature. I will visit again soon. We'll be in touch.

Susan Klein - 08/27/98
Email: sklein1-at-capecod.net
Occupation: Public Health Consultant
Favorite Activity: Hanging out at Gallerie Issa
Favorite Haiti spot: How can you have just one favorite
Favorite Haiti book: "Haiti: High Road to Adventure" by Hugh Cave
Thing to do while in Haiti: I used to love wandering the streets of Port-au-Prince, looking into every nook and cranny by day, and dancing the merengue or compas by night
Favorite Haitian Artist: JE Gourgue

I first went to Haiti in 1969, where I worked for six months with Dr. Ary Bordes--my mentor--doing community-based research in Fond Parisien near the Dominican border. Like everyone who visits Haiti,I fell in love with the country, the people, the ambiance, and have continued to visit--for business and pleasure--over the years. My heart goes out to all of those who have lived through the many political crises, the embargo, and the AIDS epidemic. We have not forgotten you!!!

JStuart Heller - 08/26/98
Email: JStuartH-at-MSN.com
Occupation: Sales / Social Service
Favorite Activity: Reading, Travel, Music
Favorite Haiti book: Krik! Krak!
Favorite Haitian Artist: Emeline Michel

Maybe I'm nuts, but I see numerous parallels between Haitians and the historic Jews (i.e., before their mid-century econcomic rise): the spirit always ready to soar above relentless suffering, the cruel misrepresentation by outsiders, the love of homeland (especially when "in exile") and children, the devotion both to traditional and European cultures. Ah, but this only one reason why I feel such a closeness to Haitians and Haitian culture.

Teresa Sangiuolo - 08/25/98
Email: tsangiuolo-at-aol.com
Occupation: pharmacy tech
Favorite Activity: dancing

Never been to Haiti, would love to visit, my boyfriend is Haitian

Rose P. Arnold - 08/24/98
Email: psu81aka-at-aol.com
Occupation: Retired
Favorite Haiti spot: Port-au-Prince
Thing to do while in Haiti: Swimming

I enjoy hearing from everyone. My love to all, Rose

Charles Arthur - 08/21/98
Email: haitisupport-at-gn.apc.org
Occupation: Coordinator of the Haiti Support Group
Favorite Activity: Drinking
Favorite Haiti spot: Balcony of the Manoir Alexandre hotel in Jacmel
Favorite Haiti book: Sacred Arts of Haitian Vodou, (ed. D. Cosentino) 1995; The Black Jacobins - CLR James, 1938; The Drum and the Hoe - Harold Courlander, 1960; The rainy season - Amy Wilentz, 1989; Bonjour Blanc - Ian Thomson, 1992
Thing to do while in Haiti: Get out into the countryside
Favorite Haitian Artist: Georges Liautaud, André Pierre

I have just finished editing a book with Michael Dash called Libète: a Haiti anthology which will be published later this year by the Latin America Bureau. It could be described thus: This collection of short extracts from already published writing on Haiti provides an informative and wide-ranging introduction to the country's history, politics and culture. Spanning the arrival of the Spanish to the contemporary period, these accessible and colourful extracts, many by Haitian authors, are laid out in ten chapters that together give the most complete picture of Haiti and the way of life of its people yet published in one volume.

The Haiti Support Group has just celebrated its sixth birthday. Formed to alert the British people to the struggle for participatory democracy in Haiti, we are the only organisation in Britain that works exclusively on Haiti. For more information about our work please email me.

Edner C. Monsanto - 08/19/98
Email: Emonsanto-at-aol.com
Occupation: Physician
Favorite Activity: Ambassadeur sans bourse d'Haiti.
Favorite Haiti spot: anba nenpòt kèl tonnèl
Favorite Haitian Artist: Tout, menm sa mwen pa renmen yo.

Virgelin Jure - 08/18/98
Occupation: Etudiant
Favorite Activity: Computers
Favorite Haiti book: Tout Moun se Moun
Favorite Haitian Artist: Alabanza

Norbert and Gertrud Thiel - 08/13/98
Email: 03039902776-0001-at-t-online.de
Occupation: art dealer / education
Favorite Activity: taptap riding
Favorite Haiti spot: Jacmel (so far)
Favorite Haiti book: Written in Blood
Thing to do while in Haiti: learning Creole
Favorite Haitian Artist: Préfète Duffaut

After trying so many times, it is exciting to have finally arrived!

Lisly Chéry - 08/12/98
Occupation: Computer Programmer
Favorite Activity: Reading & writting
Favorite Haiti spot: Lascahobas
Favorite Haiti book: All the history books
Thing to do while in Haiti: Visit the historic places.
Favorite Haitian Artist: Maurice Sixto

Congratulations and thank you for your site. My greatest pleasure is to see or read good and nice things about that country of mine. From the history that guided us to existence we should be better off than we are.. We all should let people know about the real Haiti and its potential and above all we Haitians are the ones that can make the only and real difference. We should learn a thing or two from our ancestors. We should realize that our destiny is one and we are bound to perish together or succeed together. L'Union non seulement fait la Force mais aussi assure le succès. "All for one and one for ALL for a better Haiti!"

Anne Shroeder - 08/09/98
Email: anne-at-language-works.com
Occupation: webmaster
Favorite Activity: working with animals
Favorite Haiti spot: Jacmel
Favorite Haiti book: Breath, Eyes, Memory
Thing to do while in Haiti: talk to the people!
Favorite Haitian Artist: Musician - Beethova Obas

Your site is very well done, easy to navigate, and gives a really wonderful and organized view into Haiti.

Pierre Jean-Noel - 08/07/98
Email: szjj01a-at-prodigy.com
Occupation: Physician
Favorite Activity: Surfing the WEB/Reading
Favorite Haiti spot: Gonaives
Favorite Haiti book: Fort Dimanche, Fort Lan-Mort
Thing to do while in Haiti: Go to the beach
Favorite Haitian Artist: Joe Laveaux

Congratulations on a job well done! Please visit the homepage of the Haitian-American Psychiatric Association. Keep up the good work.

Tony Malebranche - 08/04/98

I love the site.

Farah Florestant - 08/02/98
Occupation: Student
Favorite Activity: Dancing, reading, music
Favorite Haiti spot: Boutillier, Sans Souci, Citadelle, Labadille
Favorite Haiti book: "Fort Dimanche, Fort La Mort", "Un General Parle"
Thing to do while in Haiti: go to: Beach, Citadelle, Fort Jacques, Labadille
Favorite Haitian Artist: Ansito Mercier, Doudy Theart, Michel Soukard

This is a very interesting site and I wish it all the best. My thanks and congratulations to my cousin Guy for such a nice job.

Ralph Delly - 08/01/98
Occupation: Journaliste
Favorite Activity: writing/reading
Favorite Haiti spot: Lago deli
Favorite Haiti book: Hadriana dans tous mes reves
Thing to do while in Haiti: visiting the countryside

Edeline Mitton - 07/27/98
Occupation: Program Coordinator at SUNY HSC Brooklyn
Favorite Activity: Building Dbase/web pages on my PC & reading.
Favorite Haiti spot: Any beach
Favorite Haiti book: The Black Jacobins
Thing to do while in Haiti: Eat & listen to people talk, especially in the small towns (Funny)
Favorite Haitian Artist: My brother - R. Jean-Louis, M. Wah & Laurenceau

Great page! Job well done and I love your wallpaper.

Pat Colucci - 07/26/98
Occupation: systems analyst...oh, and also 'independent activist and writer'

First let me congratulate Guy on creating this website! Good work, buddy! I have never been to Haiti, but over the years have heard and read about the goings on there. I've been fortunate enough to have the benefit of many personal stories of life in Haiti from our very own webmaster himself, Mr Antoine!

It's been my personal association with Guy that has fostered my interest in Haitian affairs, (and in the Rum!). Also critical in my awareness of Haiti has been the cutting edge news coverage from Pacifica Radio WBAI (99.5 fm, NYC), which has been extensive and comprehensive since the Duvalier downfall (in 1986?). So, both from Guy and WBAI, I have been greatly enriched in my awareness and appreciation for Haitian issues and culture. I thank them deeply for this! I hope this website will someday grow and develop to the point where it could help build support for the ongoing struggle for social justice and human rights in Haiti, especially among non-Haitian U.S. people. Best wishes, Guy!

Myrline - 07/20/98
Email: MyrlineD-at-IBM.NET
Occupation: Student
Favorite Activity: Reading
Favorite Haiti spot: Croix-Des-Bouquets
Thing to do while in Haiti: Sleep under a mango tree

Guy, thanks for giving the Haiti of my chilhood back to me.

John Shaw - 07/18/98
Email: jmshaw-at-igc.apc.org
Occupation: student of Native American History
Favorite Activity: yoga
Favorite Haiti book: The Haiti Files

Gabrielle Hopkins - 07/17/98
Occupation: Entrepreneur
Favorite Activity: Gourmet Cooking
Favorite Haiti spot: Cap Rouge
Favorite Haiti book: The Magic Island
Thing to do while in Haiti: Get out of P-A-P

Marie Piquion J. - 07/14/98
Email: Marietj-at-aol.com
Occupation: Rehab Therapist
Favorite Activity: Traveling, if only I had the time, money, energy, and opportunity!!!
Thing to do while in Haiti: Visit and eat...

I came to the US long ago as a small child and have only gone back to Haiti on two occassions. I enjoyed being there, visiting family, hearing stories from before I can remember, seeing the country, enjoying the people and the culture. My children ask me many questions about Haiti and ask "when can we go?" Soon I say. But until we get the opportunity to go we will visit Haiti via the internet. Thank you for Windows on Haiti.

Janet Higbie - 07/10/98
Email: caribo-at-gis.net

My first glimpse of Haiti was through a computer monitor, as a newspaper copy editor, handling stories about rebellions, resignations, elections, coups, invasions, disasters and more. I've gotten to know it better through another computer connection, Bob Corbett's list, and a couple of visits to Haiti itself. Now comes another computer connection, Windows on Haiti, which will open many eyes and minds. From whatever vantage point, it's a magical, maddening and intoxicating place.

Jeannette Petit - 07/10/98
Email: five74-at-yahoo.com
Occupation: Student
Favorite Activity: Bowling, reading, and dancing
Favorite Haitian Artist: Beethova Obas

It was very cool surfing through your site.

Jeannette Petit - 10/20/98

I have signed this guestbook before, but what is different this time is that I have read something that has really touched me. I just read "Restavek", and I congratulate Guy Antoine for writing such a very nice and instructive essay.

The fourth paragraph is the part that I liked the most because of these two sentences: "If we have become educated enough to be able to recognize right from wrong, then we should think of how to make others see the light, instead of just telling Haitians how bad they really are . We should one day walk up to the little girl and lift the block of ice from her head, rather than walking along in a reproaching manner."

I wish that "chak ayisyen" could read this part and start by changing their negative attitude into a positive one (I am talking about those Haitians who critizize every single thing without producing or contributing to anything) because by doing so , I believe that "chanjman ke chak ayisyen reve a ka realize".

Joël Des Rosiers - 07/08/98
Email: desrosj-at-hotmail.com
Occupation: physician, writer
Favorite Activity: Read and write, tennis
Favorite Spot in Haiti: Côtes des Arcadins, Jacmel
Favorite Book on Haiti: Gouverneurs de la Rosée
Favorite Haitian Artist: Stivenson Magloire, Olivier

Très beau site. Mes félicitations pour la qualité des images et les liens sur John James Audubon. Je lui consacre un chapitre dans mon essai Théories Caraïbes, Poétique du déracinement, édition Tryptique, 1996.

Deirdre Odufu - 07/06/98
Email: dodufu-at-sprintmail.com
Favorite Activity: Listening to jazz

Your web page was fantastic. I really enjoyed reading all about Haitian culture and viewing the the images. As a Guyanese, it is great to be able to learn so much about a neighboring country. My son cannot wait for a school project on West Indian Culture so that he can share the information that he read on your website. Keep up the good work and do not forget to give us a sample of Haitian music. THANKS

Marvette Darien - 07/05/98
Email: marvd-at-cwjamaica.com
Occupation: Journalist/communications consultant
Favorite Activity: Writing, reading, weight training
Favorite Book on Haiti: Black Jacobins, C.L.R. James

I'm now kicking myself that it took me this long to visit the site. Très magnifique! I'm simply bowled over by the art samples, and mightily impressed with the site design, given my budding interest in web site construction. This is simply a marvelous job.

Linda Kjeldgaard - 06/30/98
Email: linda-at-kjeldgaard.com

Please keep up your work and know it is appreciated by many.



Jean-Paul Manuel - 06/23/98
Email: jean-paul.manuel-at-usa.net
Occupation: Recherches Généalogiques, Historiques & Culturelles sur Haïti
Favorite Activity: Recherches

We have very much enjoyed your site and thank you so much for linking ours! Much luck for the future

Estelle & Jean-Paul

Ashadé Manuel - 06/23/98
Email: ashade.manuel-at-usa.net
Occupation: Etudiant
Favorite Activity: Voyage
Favorite Haiti spot: Partout, sauf anba lavil
Favorite Artist: Carole Mawoule

C'est super! J'ai beaucoup apprécié, mais il faudrait faire un coin "Anba Tonèl Ti-moun yo"! Merci

Louis Philippe Arty - 06/23/98
Occupation: Student
Favorite Activity: Collection of Haitian Stamps

I really liked your pages, I find them very informative! Thank you

Carole Mawoule - 06/23/98
Email: mawoule-at-usa.net
Occupation: Haitian Singer
Favorite Activity: Singing
Favorite Haiti spot: Léogane
Favorite Haiti book: Sacred Arts of Vodou

Youn bel kout chapo pou youn bèl piès travay! Mwen byen kontan wè bèl travay k'ap fèt sou internasyonal-la!

Estelle Beauvoir Manuel - 06/23/98
Email: flavodoun-at-vodoun.com
Occupation: Haitian Culture

You have done a marvelous job, and I have really enjoyed being around! I will be back! Much Luck and success!

Frantz Rowe - 06/21/98
Email: Tifanf-at-ix.netcom.com

Hey Guy, Nice job your web page it very nice and informative.

Johane Thomas Ingram - 06/19/98
Email: Mairojo-at-aol.com
Occupation: Operations Asst,
Favorite Activity: Traveling
Favorite Haiti spot: Cap-Haitien
Favorite Haiti book: Any historical book on this dynamic country
Favorite Artist: Hippolyte

Thank you. I especially enjoy the art,essays,and recipes. I hope to try my hand at making many of the scrumptious delicacies we Haitians all love. Thanks again for this wonderful website, and I look forward to visiting often. Keep up the good work!!

Nadège Célestin - 06/19/98
Favorite Artist: Laurenceau

Bravo mille fois! On ne le dira jamais assez. C'est un travail formidable et gigantesque, d'utilité culturelle et publique... Mes papilles salivent à l'idée d'exécuter les recettes. Merci!

Jean Saint-Vil ( Afrikayiti ) - 06/18/98
Email: jafrikayiti-at-hotmail.com
Occupation: Administratè
Favorite Activity: Viv lavi
Favorite Haiti spot: Stade Sylvio Cator
Favorite Haiti book: Gouverneurs de la Rosée (J. Roumain); Haiti la Citadelle Abrégée ( Patrick Bellegarde-Smith)
Favorite Artist: Boukman Eksperyans / Beethovas Obas

Monchè Guy, anpil anpil respè pou ou. Paj la kanpe dyanm. Alò, fwa sa a, NOU LA EPI NOU BÈL! Chak okazyon mwen wè travay yon pitit kay byen tabli konsa mwen konnen, yon manyè osnon yon lòt, Mannwèl vivan toujou. Kouray ak lespwa gonfle nan venn mwen paske m sèten Annayiz (Ayiti Cheri) gentan gwòs. Kidonk, kanmenm, lavi gen pou l boujonnen demen. Mèsi pou sa kanmarad. Kontinye vale teren sou bèl chimen sa a.

N.B. I really enjoyed reading "A pye nou ye" and " Nou lèd nou la". Certainly, I will make sure to visit very often.

"Depi nan Ginen, bon nèg ap ede nèg!"
"Lanmou pi fò pase lanmò!"

Ingegerd Nissen Petersen - 06/16/98
Occupation: teacher (French/English), editor of text Books for French teaching, translator of Haitian literature.
Favorite Activity: Music, gardening, Emailing.
Favorite Haiti book: Gérard Barthélemy: Le Pays en Dehors, Léon-Francois Hoffmann: Couleurs, Croyances, Creole, Deita: Mon Pays Inconnu, and of course Amy Wilentz: The Rainy Season.
Favorite Artist: Literature: Louis-Philippe Dalembert, Emile Ollivier, J.J. Dominique, Dany Laferrière, Jacques Roumain, Jacques Stephen Alexis, Gary Victor, Edwidge Danticat (Krik? Krak!) and many more...
In art: traditional painters, long gone as well as contemporary ones, and the metal sculptors.

How can I ever get around all the fantastic material you have collected - every time I return to your Windows you have changed something, and there is more to look at. It's just great!

South African Virtual Art Gallery - 06/09/98
Enjoyed the art, merci beaucoup! Keep up the good work.

Sandi Chadwick - 06/09/98
Occupation: music instructor
Favorite Activity: singing Kreyòl worship songs
Favorite Haiti spot: the beautiful, remote village of Bwadlorens!
Favorite Artist: Loved all the Haitian art we saw, as well as some beautiful crafts, hands down winner--the breathtaking art in the Cathedral in P-au-P.

Thank you, thank you!! I got all choked up as I saw the artwork from the Cathedral once again. My trip to Haiti as part of a small missions team changed my life!! It is the first time I felt fully alive. Haiti's people are a people triumphant! I was humbled by their amazing faith in God despite often overwhelming circumstances. It certainly challenged my American watered-down version of Christianity when I saw their high-powered faith. I fell in love with Haiti and her people and long for the day when I can return once again. Mèsi anpil for a small taste of the place I love!! Can't wait to try out the recipes too!! Maybe someday my fried plantains will taste almost as good as those of Mdm. Niniz!!

Bon Dye Beni Ou!!


Pat Lamont - 06/08/98
Email: lablanca-at-hotmail.com
Occupation: Retired
Favorite Activity: Haiti.Haiti.Haiti.Haiti.Haiti...
Favorite Haiti spot: Jacmel!!!!!!!!!!!!

Bonjou... Can't believe I found this site. God is good. Got a note in my Email and followed it,you are marvellous! there is NO place in the world like AYITI. I love it. I went first in 1990 and I would not let a year go by without spending a couple of monhs there. I am homesick and finding this site was a gift.

I've been in Port-au-Prince, Petionville, Leogane and a number of the small villages but Jacmel wins hands down. Of course, I have good friends there now, and I miss them. Nothing like a swim with 2 dozen kids along. Love it. Even learning a little Kreyòl. Pa bon, men m'eseye.

I'm finding some good Ayisyen zanmi isit, and that really helps. At least I get good kreyol food once in a while. What I'm really looking for now is someone in Jacmel in Ayiti who is on Email. Anybody out there? I'm happy to communicate with anyone about Ayiti, so... write, whoever.

Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. Now I know where to go when I get homesick. Maybe I'll cry a little but it'll be a good place to be until I get back to the real thing. Mèsi anpil. M' renmen'w.


Lesley-Ann Werleigh - 06/08/98
Email: law78-at-hotmail.com
Occupation: student
Favorite Activity: traveling, reading, dancing... enjoying life
Favorite Haiti spot: Laboule 12, Baie des Arcadins, the old Cathedral of Port-au-Prince : -) : -) : -)
Favorite Haiti book: Krik Krak

Love, Lesley-Ann

Jessy Trouillot - 06/08/98
Occupation: Medical Lab Supervisor
Favorite Activity: Reading and Baking
Favorite Haiti spot: La Mer Frappée, Kenscoff
Favorite Haiti book: Compère Général Soleil, Sucre Amer
Favorite Artists: Françoise Jean, Ralph Allen, Jn Pierre Théart

I spent my lunch hour looking at Haitian paintings. It is so wonderful to be able to continue my art education on the Internet and learn about what's new in the library...

Leyla-Claude Werleigh - 06/05/98
Email: leyla.c-at-zaz.com.br
Occupation: Student
Favorite Activity: traveling, hiking, eco-tourism, reading
Favorite Haiti spot: Baie des Arcadins, Baie du Cap-Haitien, Citadelle, Sans Souci
Favorite Haiti book: The Comedians, Lafanmi BonPlezi, Compère Général Soleil
Favorite Artist: Dambreville, Séjourné

In times when things are far from being at their best, it's nice to know that there is a way to go back home and feel good about being there. Windows on Haiti. It reminds me of how Great a country, a culture and a people we have. It reminds me that Haiti is worth the fight and that we have to continue the struggle. Thanks!!!

Taaffe Anderson - 06/01/98
Email: andersot-at-fdhc.state.fl.us
Occupation: Senior Health Policy Analyst II
Favorite Activity: Shopping for art
Favorite Haiti spot: Cap Haitian
Favorite Haiti book: Sacred Arts of Haitian Vodun
Favorite Artist: Serge Jolimeaux

I love the site! Spent two hours last week looking at art and ordering books. I go to Haiti as part of the Governor (Chiles)'s Florida/Haiti Initiative. Am going next Sunday-Wednesday.

Marian Pierre-Louis - 05/30/98
Email: LucMalou-at-aol.com
Favorite Haiti spot: Wahoo Bay Beach
Favorite Artist: André Pierre / Marcel Wah

Peggy J. Remé - 05/29/98
Email: preme-at-mail.dol.state.nc.us
Occupation: Safety Compliance Officer
Favorite Activity: Shopping
Favorite Haiti spot: The marketplaces for bargain shopping...especially for foods like "acra" and "douce".
Favorite Artist: Claude Dambreville

Nice site! Beautiful art! Thank you for giving us access to Haiti, especially when one doesn't visit there often.

Jim Frisken - 05/22/98
Email: bk087-at-scn.org
Occupation: geologist (retired)
Favorite Activity: study of the music and cultures of the African diaspora, with a special interest in Haiti
Favorite Haiti spot: Jacmel
Favorite Haiti book: Bonjour Blanc, by Ian Thomson (travel Lit.)
Favorite Artists: Stivenson Magloire (art), Dadou Pasquet and Magnum Band (music)

I've had a long time interest in Caribbean culture and started collecting the music of Cuba in the 1950s. Haiti has been a much more enigmatic interest, drawing me into its allure indirectly with such odd movies as "I Walked With a Zombie", Books like "The Invisibles: Voodoo Gods of Haiti" by Francis Huxley, and the early field recordings of Maya Deren "The Divine Horsemen: The Voodoo Gods of Haiti", and also "Voodoo Trance Music: Ritual Drums of Haiti", which led me to the study of Vodou and Haitian drumming. Bob Corbett's , and other Haitian web sites, have greatly expanded my knowledge and range of interests.

Fred Wardenburg - 05/19/98
Email: 1815east-at-msn.com
Occupation: Musician
Favorite Activity: Playing Jazz

Thanks for starting this page...I'll keep up on it.

Nancy Laleau - 05/20/98
Email: nlaleau-at-aol.com
Occupation: social worker/therapist
Favorite Activity: scuba diving
Favorite Haiti spot: road to Kenscoff [before all the traffic]
Favorite Haiti book: The Rainy Season
Favorite Artist: Florestant

Tonight I accessed windowsonhaiti for the first time. I don't know what to say! It blew me away! There is so much more there than I would have imagined, it's almost like taking a quick trip back to Haiti. (Fact is, it brings tears to my eyes.) What I don't understand is, how come there is all this talent, brains, artistic ability, organizational ability, etc., unlimited pools of talent in every area, and yet the country...--well I do know the history, and the socioeconomic and political issues, have read a lot, and even lived 4 years there (1968, 1969, 1993-96) and have experienced a lot there... I know the US has always been pressing and manipulating, etc., and still, as one of my friends said the other day in a different context, "You can't seem to wrap your mind around it, huh?" (Meaning I just don't get it.)

Thanks for such a magnificent piece of organizing and creative work!

Also, I noticed in your bio that your favorite place is Camp Perrin. When I was working with the Civilian Observer Mission in Les Cayes, I went to Camp Perrin occasionally, and while there, I met a very unusual artist--an old man who collects discarded furniture (sofas, chairs, etc.) and other things, cuts them up, modifies, and reassembles them as "conceptual art" I think he said. They may be able to be opened up, turned sideways, etc. I think this old guy is a true original, but I have never seen or heard of him anywhere except in my visits to his atelier (about a block or so off the main street, kind of built into a low hillside of tropical rainforest). I have some photos of his work (but they are in storage in Hawaii at the moment, I think). I met him because another MICIVIH colleague, a man from Martinique namemd Philippe Montjolie, I think, was intrigued with his work and took me to meet him. At the moment I don't remember his name, but if you have hung around Camp Perrin, you might know him. I think he used to be a school teacher. I would sure like to see someone do something for him! He is not living in destitution, but he sure doesn't have much money to work with, and he tries to make a living peddling some of the smaller artifacts he creates (elaborate wine bottle box-covers, etc.). I think he also works in a handicraft shop (or did the last time I was there, around January 1996. He's pretty old--probably in his mid-70s, and you know how health and life span are in Haiti--he could live to be 100 or he could be dead already and I don't even know it. His stuff is not typical voodoo art, and I have no idea where he gets his ideas. I never saw anything like it anywhere.

I have thought for a long time that Haiti is a microcosm of most of the problems facing civilization and humanity--that was why I gave it my all when there was a chance to stand and fight (in 1993 after the UN pulled out). I keep looking for the place to stand, the solid ground... I keep thinking, that if Haiti could pull off its liberation (first in 1804, and perhaps again 200 years later) then there might be hope for humanity... where to stand, what to do... your web site seems to me an excellent place to put oneself, and a most worthy piece of work.

Once again--thanks for a magnificent work. I am sure to be spending a lot of time on windowsonhaiti!

Date: 06/18/98

My first introduction to Haiti was through its music. I lived in Washington, D.C., and a friend took me out dancing to a nightclub on Connecticut Avenue called "Junkanoo," where a magnificent group led by Max Thisfeld played. They sang international songs as well as Haitian melodies, and soon I got invited to their parties, where not only couples gathered, but grand-mère, babies, cousins, and everybody was warm and friendly. That was what first fascinated me about Haiti--I thought "This is the way to BE. If they are like that here in exile, I wonder what their country is like!" So when I had a chance to go visit Haiti, I did--in 1967 (Music is the voice of the soul...) I don't think people outside realize how incredibly creative the Haitian people are and have been. I have never seen art of an intensity and vitality as what I saw in Haiti. It is this paradox that keeps me connected to Haiti: I keep feeling that there is a deep fountain of humanity, a wellspring of spirituality, that has been in Haiti for whatever reason, ever since the beginning. That is why what happens in Haiti seems to me to be emblematic of humankind's struggles for freedom and life everywhere on the planet.

I have thought that part of the creativity rests in the value placed on individuality and spontaneity in Haitian (and African) cultures. But I think another part of it rests in the terrible suffering people have endured. I know that I have done most of my own creative work, either writing or painting, when I was suffering and had no one to talk with about it.

(Here in the States) massive public education promotes a widespread standardization of perception, thinking, and expression. This has social benefits, of course, but it also makes people somewhat homogeneous. They try to please teachers, they unconsciously or deliberately suppress impulses that "go outside the lines," and as their thoughts become standardized, their feelings become suppressed, muted, forgotten. So we get Madison Avenue and Hollywood brilliance, but shallow and devoid of soul. Somewhere, however, we still yearn for the lost soul. And when Haitian art and music hit us with full force--well, what do you think!

Nancy Laleau

Nicole Isaac - 05/15/98
Email: cocona-at-msn.com
Occupation: Educator
Favorite Activity: Reading, Mizik engaje
Favorite Haiti spot: Paroi, vacation site outside of Cap Haitien
Favorite Haiti book: The Rainy Season, by Amy Wilentz; Haiti: State against Nation, by Michel Rolph-Trouillot
Favorite Artist: Boukman Esperyans

Guy, this is a beautiful product. Thank you for all the time and care you devoted to accomplish such a superb site. I mostly enjoy the Haitian Art Sampler. It gives outsiders a positive window on Haiti and reacquaint me with the creativity of my compatriots. I will be a frequent visitor. Again, Thank you and keep up the good work.

Madison Smartt Bell - 05/15/98
Email: mbell-at-goucher.edu
Occupation: Writer/teacher
Favorite Haiti spot: Cap Haitien and the Northern Region generally.
Favorite Haiti book: On the Haitian Revolution: Silencing the Past by Michel-Rolph Trouillot; on the Second Revolution and Aristide: Haiti and New World Order by Alex Dupuy; The Rainy Season by Amy Wilentz; on general Haitian History: Written In Blood by Heinl & Heinl; on Vodou: Divine Horsemen by Maya Deren; Faces of the Gods by Leslie Desmangles; The Serpent and the Rainbow by Wade Davis; on the Duvalierist period and its roots: "Haiti: State Against Nation" by Michel Rolph Trouillot; on Haitian culture generally: Haiti, History and the Gods by Joan Dayan; Dans La Splendeur D'un Apres-Midi D'Histoire by Gerard Barthelémy; on the pre-revolutionary colonial period: the memoirs of Pere Labat; Contemporary Haitian novel: Rue des Pas Perdus by Lyonel Trouillot... and many more!
Favorite Artist: Guidel Presume

I became interested in Haiti first through some anthropological works about Vodou I had read (esp. The Invisibles by Francis Huxley which I think remains interesting though somewhat limited by comparison to more recent work) and secondly through the personal story of Toussaint Louverture (Ralph Korngold's short biography, Citizen Toussaint, was the first thing I read and I still think it's a good introduction to Toussaint).

When I began to study Haitian history and religion more broadly and intensively, and especially when I began to travel there... well, it changed my life. That is, the experience of Haiti radically changed the way I see the whole history of the Western Hemisphere, as well as my own ant-like appearance within it...

Fequière Vilsaint - 05/14/98
Email: educa-at-aol.com
Occupation: Biol/biochemist
Favorite Activity: Writing, non fiction
Favorite Haiti spot: Ti Boucan
Favorite Haiti book: The Bonplezi Family

Congratulations for this e-visual place of Haiti. I enjoyed the Audubon stamps, and most of the links and info. But my best spot is the "koupe Dwet" recipes. Kenbe Guy.

Vilaire - 05/10/98 19: 11: 05
Email: evilaire-at-pigseye.kennesaw.edu
Occupation: student
Favorite Haiti spot: Jolie Beach
Favorite Artist: Jn Claude Legagneur; Carol Vilaire

As an Haitian-American it is comforting to me that Haiti is not forgotten by everyone. I always tell people I meet that Haiti is unlike any other country and the people in a class by themselves. I thank God that I was blessed with so rich a culture. Thank you for giving everyone the opportunity of learning about me!

Geneviève Pluviose - 05/09/98
Email: gpluviose-at-erols.com
Occupation: Engineer
Favorite Activity: Reading
Favorite Artist: Emmeline Michel

Very nice site!

Stephen Collins - 05/07/98
Email: collins-at-mtco.com
Occupation: Executive Director, Haitian Christian Outreach
Favorite Activity: Being with my family
Favorite Haiti spot: Any Beach
Favorite Haiti book: Written in Blood and The Rainy Season

Haiti is a wonderful land. The people are very special.

Paul Philippe Anglade - 05/07/98
Email: angladep-at-bigfoot.com
Favorite Haiti spot: Aquin, Les Anglais, and every other square inch of the country
Favorite Haiti book: All of them..but "Gouverneurs de la Rosée" rates as #1
Favorite Artist: The yet unknown painters working hard at making a living...

Great concept this page...Guy and others like him are to be commended for closing the gap between the "haves" and "have-nots" that will be even more extremely apparent in the next century and will mostly be centered about information technology in its many shapes and forms...

Florence Délimon - 05/06/98
Email: fdd7929-at-garnet.acns.fsu.edu
Occupation: Graduate Student, Education
Favorite Activity: Reading
Favorite Haiti spot: La Plaine des Cayes
Favorite Haiti book: Les Jacobins Noirs
Favorite Artist: Justin Lhérisson

Cher Guy, Thank you very much for such an interesting site. So many links, so many interests, so many people from different horizons loving Haiti. I would like to see more on Haitian Literature, Haitian History, on ethnographic and social studies on Haiti, on women in politics, arts, etc... All in all, this is absolutely a GREAT Endeavour. Thank you for working so hard on it and sharing it with us.

Els Vervloet - 05/06/98
Email: vervloet-at-acn2.net
Occupation: dep.manager
Favorite Activity: reading
Favorite Haiti spot: Callebasse
Favorite Artist: Philippe Doudard

I like this web page, gives a lot of information

Karen F. Davis - 05/05/98
Email: kdavis-at-marygrove.edu
Occupation: humanities professor
Favorite Activity: walking
Favorite Haiti book: most recently read!

I "fell into" Haiti backwards, trying to hook up with a general Caribbean group here in Detroit, & was artfully finagled into working with our local Haitian cultural organization, about 5 years ago. Now I edit the group's newsletter, eat Haitian cooking every day, have Haitian paintings on my walls, love konpa, & take lessons from my husband, who's a Haitian master drummer. How did all this happen? (Smile)

Thanks, Guy.

Dave Fonda - 05/04/98
Email: fonphoto-at-snip.net
Occupation: Photographer
Favorite Activity: Documentary Photography
Favorite Haiti spot: Jacmel

Sa je pa wè, kè pa tounen

Ed. note: See Dave's pictures in the Photography Sampler

Ralph Chéry - 05/04/98
Email: raool-at-colba.net
Occupation: student majoring in Electrical Engineering
Favorite Activity: Reading
Favorite Haiti spot: Kenscoff
Favorite Haiti book: From Dessalines to Duvalier by Nicholls
Favorite Artists: J.E. Gourgue (painter) and T-Vice (musical band), Lhérisson (author), etc.

Haiti, what a small name for such a great country.My favourite times in Haiti are the carnival period where everybody go insane and the Holiday season with the "fanals" and the soup "joumou" on the 1st of January. I've always enjoyed eating fritaille and drinking kola couronne after school with my friends.It was not sophisticated stuff but that's the beauty of Haiti, every simple gesture has a charm to it. I hope we evolve as a society and keep our great culture alive . As the meringue says: "Ayiti cheri, pi bèl peyi pase ou, nan pwen...."

David Lyall - 05/03/98
Email: dlyall-at-cruzio.com
Occupation: Bus Driver, Trade Unionist
Favorite Activity: mizik
Favorite Haiti spot: Cap Haitien
Favorite Haiti book: All Souls Rising

I read a history of Haiti in the early 70's and was fascinated. A hero nation. Wonderful. After my second visit, for Kanaval in 1998 I am fully in love. Where else will a god come into the living room to actually speak words of farewell? Ogoun told me to return. I shall.

Guy S. Antoine - 05/03/98
Occupation: Computers, computers, computers
Favorite Activity: The Internet, is there anything else?
Favorite Haiti spot: Cap, Dondon, Camp Perrin
Favorite Haiti book: The Black Jacobins
Favorite Artist: Valcin II

Windows on Haiti has been my voice since the end of April 1998. It is my way of singing of my love for Haiti, and though my voice may be feeble at the moment, I will keep practicing and making it stronger as I go along.

To define my philosophy in the simplest of terms, I am against social barriers, let it be racism, nationalism, sexism, or class prejudice. In Haiti, our vaunted nationalism often translates into pride in our History and total neglect of our Present. We were the First enslaved people to successfully fight for our Freedom and Independence as a Nation. Yet today, we receive our dictates from abroad, and we are at the mercy of the international lending institutions. Worse yet, we count in our midst the greatest number of slaves in America today: in the "bateyes" of the Dominican Republic, and in the homes of our cities, which are populated with "restaveks". Just where is Toussaint Louverture for them today?

At the start of the most recent and disastrously implemented US/UN embargo against Haiti (a prelude to restore a democratic form of government), a Haitian middle-class youth was asked if he were worried by such an embargo. He casually responded : "Non! Sa k pou manje ap toujou manje, sa k pou trouve elektrisite ap toujou trouve l." (Those who "should" eat will always eat, those who "should" have electricity will get it somehow.) Unwittingly, in this one statement, he betrayed the tragedy of the Haitian People. Haiti will never again be a great country, until we start treating all of her people as our brothers and sisters, deserving the same opportunities that many of us take for granted due to fortunate but accidental circumstances.

In colonial times, Haiti was a country with entrenched social divisions: classes of grands blancs, petits blancs, affranchis, and slaves. 1804 was supposed to have done away with all of that. As we are nearing 2004, are we any closer to a unified people than we were back then?

Barely 19, I came to the United States to pursue university studies. Though I have visited Haiti many times since, I have never returned to stay. Now I have reached "middle age" and have become a U.S. citizen, a condition which greatly eases international travel, and affords me the privilege to vote for my individual and group interests in the place where I reside. In my heart, however, I will ALWAYS be Haitian.

I want my children to learn everything about the Haitian culture of their parents and ancestors. I have retraced for them my vast family tree, going back all the way to a slave named Chicotte. I teach them about the Haiti I know every chance I get, but in the end I want them to make their own choices and grow up to become productive and compassionate human beings in whatever corner of the world they may choose to live in.

That's largely the story of the generation of my peers, friends, and relatives. Not all of them. Some have chosen to go back, at great personal sacrifice. For the most part though, we were raised to leave Haiti behind, not explicitly but subconciously in a relentless and most powerful manner. Now when I go back to Haiti, after the first few minutes of exhilaration at the airport upon setting foot on the soil that gave me birth and breathing the air that invigorated my unforgettably joyful youth, reality sets in. A reality that is as inscrutable as ever. A reality that asks: Why would a people choose to do this to itself? A reality that wonders why more White people seem interested in saving Haiti than Haitians in Haiti, a reality that begs the question of what role the vast Haitian Diaspora has to play in it.

One thing for sure, I am today a Haitian-American. And whatever that means, it is precisely what I make of it, through my personal choices, dictated from personal values and not by ideologies. I hope that my actions as a Haitian-American, in tandem with those of my friends all over the world, and specifically Haitians in Haiti, will help close the circle one day: In her entire History, Haiti has undeniably given so much (blood, tears, and guts) to the rest of the world, we must never lose hope that one day those riches she gave away in human and material terms will come back to re-energize her. Perhaps one day, we will stop shamelessly referring to her as the "poorest country in the Western Hemisphere", and shaking our head in disbelief of her abject misery. No country that has given so much could "intrinsically" be the poorest country. We have to change the forces that shape the exodus of her people and her riches. We have to finally become a unified people. Let us stop saying "L'Union Fait La Force" in a vain way, while stabbing each other in the back. Let us act instead on that worthy principle in our personal lives and in our connectedness with Haiti. Only then will the circle become complete.

This website is a modest step intended to help close the circle. I invite you to join me in doing what you can, in whatever manner you choose, no matter what people might say of your efforts, as long as you do it in good faith and for the good of Haiti, as it makes sense to you, in accordance to your ability and your set of moral values. Listen to that inner voice, and reach out! Haiti needs all of us.

I have just told you about my perspective and reasons for developing this website. Please take the time to sign my guestbook and tell us something about yourself and what Haiti truly means to you.

I thank you and look forward to your visits. And don't forget to bring some friends along.

Jack and Meme Alvord - 5/02/98, 11/16/98
Email: alvord-at-lightspeed.net
Occupation: Psychologist
Favorite Activity: Computers/Dance
Favorite Haiti spots: Jacmel/Pestil/Petionville/Oloffson
Favorite Haiti book: The Aroma of Coffee
Thing to do while in Haiti: Attend Voodoo dances
Favorite Artists: Blain, RAM, Prince Jean Jo Lafontant

A Jacmelian regular, and often around the Oloffson, Prince Jean Jo Lafontant was a complex human being. He spoke several languages, as do many Haitians, and he taught Creole and French and English to tourists and in a small school in Jacmel. His style of paintings seemed to run from clever collages to a dead-end in the crafty production of painted coco husks.

I knew Jean Jo for many years and was saddened though not too surprised at his early death, probably around thirty to thirty-five. A very prolific artist always hustling for art supplies, he was colorful, bright and often good company for the tourists whose love for Haiti exceeded their ability to speak, understand and comprehend this wonderful place made even more interesting by Jean Joe Lafontant.

I am the only blan living with twa belle Haitian Fille suere. We dance, fight, play, cry all together. I learned about Haiti from the MacRaes of Jacmel and loved Max and Jane. They demanded my total concentration for years and guided me right or wrong into the most magnificent experiences of my life, world wide travel and experiences and a few loves.

Viva Haiti Chérie

Kathy Dorcé - 04/30/98
Email: LAKAT47-at-aol.com
Occupation: Haitian Art Sales
Favorite Activity: travel
Favorite Haiti spot: Jacmel
Favorite Haiti book: The Rainy Season by Amy Wilenz
Favorite Artist: Martino Dorcé ;)

I first knew Haiti when I went on a 14 day cruise through the Caribbean in 1979 and met some Haitian crew members who told me about their country in such a poignant way, so that when I got there, I saw Haiti with loving eyes. I went back each year first staying at the Beau Rivage (no longer there) and then the Oloffson (my favorite!). Didn't like going to Petionville, but rather liked walking downtown Port-au-Prince. I felt so safe there.....a woman alone......friendly people everywhere. The spirit of Haiti entered me the first time I stepped foot there and is in me today. I am possessed. I bought some beautiful watercolors one year but not from the artist, then next year I went back and asked to meet the artist. To make a long story short, we met, we fell in love, I returned home, I came back two months later and married him in PaP, he joined me in California three months after that and here we are today, 11 years later. Someday I hope to live in Haiti......we shall see.

Barb Rothacher - 04/30/98
Email: lespetitamis-at-worldnet.att.net
Occupation: Writer, teacher -special education
Favorite Activity: reading, activism, conversing
Favorite Haiti spot: Jacmel
Favorite Haiti book: Would love recommendations
Favorite Artist: Alphonse, Exil, Dorcinil, Calixte

Initially my interest in Haiti came through the art. The more I explored, the more fascinating, yet tragic, I found this little country. I was invited to the Corbett line and am so glad that I can view daily the running drama of this island. The Haitian-Americans I have been able to correspond with are intelligent, fervent, embrace democracy but have a frustrated anxiety for their homeland. From that determination not to quit and not to forget Haiti this internet with websites like these will change what is happening. I really believe that. The ideas, the humanistic endeavors, the passions are pulling together and over the months, the internet has produced a techno-city with the express purpose of reseeding the soils of culture that is so evident n Haiti.. No one leads, everyone is molding the clay of the recreation of a people... slowly. A speech here, a protest there, an outrage, some hope, the wonder of subsisting, the spirits of success waiting for the proper and strong wind to gently blow through and stir up compassion into actions which will bring the shine back to the eyes of the children, food for the countryside, education available to all, the treatment of women with fairness, and a justice system to produce the security that is needed to continue to grow.

Amy Wilentz - 04/30/98
Email: amywile-at-panix.com
Occupation: writer
Favorite Haiti spot: Bombardopolis
Favorite Haiti book: Still: The Comedians
Favorite Artist: Philomé Obin

So many recipes, so little time to cook. Today is Independence Day in Israel, a country much more immature than Haiti, and they are barbecuing in all the parks, and every time I smell charcoal burning it takes me right back to Haiti, makes me want mayi moulen NOW. This is my first visit to a Haitian Website, and it makes me feel right at home. I love the a pye nou ye section but find myself sadly replaced in 1998 with Anna Wardenburg. This is cruel, as I have always known one banann from another. Ah, well.

Max Blanchet - 04/29/98
Email: MaxBlanchet-at-Worldnet.att.net

Guy: Nice job! Using the info on your page, I have been able to access some interesting sites on Haiti I did not know anything about.

Regards & thanks,

Jean Gracia - 04/29/98
Occupation: licensed practical nurse
Favorite Activity: real estate buff

This is a great home page for all of those that are interested in Haiti. Whether you are a newly discovered Haitian like myself or a hard core Haitian this Website will entice us all. Thanks

Stewart King - 04/29/98
Email: stumo-at-teleport.com
Occupation: historian
Favorite Activity: reading
Favorite Haiti spot: Port Salut
Favorite Haiti book: Titid's _Parish of the Poor_

I love the Corbett list because it's both wide-ranging and yet stays on-topic, for the most part. The people are both light-hearted and serious. The contradictions of Haiti itself are re-created as a challenge for all of us. And the flame wars and useless bumf are kept to a minimum.

Ruth Kahn - 04/28/98
Email: webmaster-at-medalia.net
Occupation: art dealer/webmaster
Favorite Artist: Yves Lafontant

I fell in love with Haiti in 1975 during a wonderful mid-winter vacation in the sun. I waited for over 20 years to get back...and found that in many repects, it was just as I remembered. The warmth and hospitality that I encountered was like no where else. Thank you for creating a site that will help people to see all the good that Haiti has to offer.

Ray Torres - 04/28/98
Email: Rtorres304-at-aol.com
Favorite Activity: working for justice: Witness for Peace & Fonkoze
Favorite Haiti spot: Fondwa, village S. of PaP
Favorite Haiti book: Of Rice and Blood

I find working and investing in FONKOZE, Fondasyon Kole Zepòl: Haiti's alternative bank for the Organized Poor a vote for a democratic economy in Haiti. I like having my money where my mouth is.

Ron Marr - 04/28/98
Email: rmarr-at-netropolis.net
Occupation: Real Estate Dev & Mgt

Congratulations & thanks on your new site.

H.D. Richardson - 04/27/98
Occupation: Security Consultant
Favorite Activity: Anything you can do in the Caribbean
Favorite Haiti spot: Have only seen PAP & Petionville
Favorite Haiti book: Looking for good historical one
Favorite Artist: Saw some excellent works while I was down there, but don't know the artists.

Haiti, what an interesting place. I have traveled extensively in the Caribbean and Central America, but was warned about Haiti...You either love it or hate it! Well, so far I'm definitely in love with it. From what I saw the week I was there, Haiti has so much to offer if it can just get on its feet. Hope to go back soon.

Bob Corbett - 04/27/98
Email: bcorbett-at-netcom.com
Occupation: Run a Haiti list!
Favorite Activity: Good food, wine and folks
Favorite Haiti spot: Pandiassou (near Hinche)
Favorite Haiti book: Too difficult to choose!
Favorite Artist: Wilson Bigaud

Guy, I'm jealous. What a wonderful page, and your delightful wit makes it even better! Thanks for this great service. Bob

Andrea Médard - 04/27/98
Email: amedard-at-gte.net
Occupation: B.S. Animal Science and en route for a BSN/RN, too! And then an MSN and a PhD and then who knows what else!
Favorite Activities: Enjoying my children/the Internet/animals/horticulture/aviation/learning something new & different
Favorite Haiti spot: Home
Favorite Artists: Mario Benjamin (painting) & Amah Médard (vocal!)

Mon cher Guy, Your pages are very well presented, have high esthetic value, are well-conceived and will lead to an excellent source and variety of information. Compliments! Excellent! Félicitations! (You get the idea!!) Comme tu as bien réussi ton 'website'! (And I have already sent your page of recipes to my son!)

jani lewis - 04/27/98
Email: janilewis-at-hotmail.com
Occupation: writer/marketing
Favorite Activity: working with teenagers
Favorite Haiti spot: St. Louis du Nord

spent three weeks at northwest haiti christian mission over the holidays ...fell in love with the place and the people. i've really enjoyed info i have been getting from bob. my 18-year old daughter is called to missions and is quite likely to return for a year or so in the near future, any helpful info or contacts for that would be appreciated.

Thanks, God bless.

markel thylefors - 04/27/98
Email: markel.thylefors-at-sant.gu.se
Occupation: research
Favorite Activity: Researching
Favorite Haiti spot: Any shady place with a cup of coffee
Favorite Haiti book: Laferrière, 'An Aroma of Coffee', Dayan 'Haiti, History and the Gods'

Guirlaine Célius - 04/27/98
Email: gcelius-at-lucent.com
Occupation: System Engineer
Favorite Activity: Working on school project for Haiti
Favorite Haiti spot: in the country side
Favorite Haiti book: The Black Jacobins

Guy, thanks for having this page. I've added it to my Bookmarks and plan to stop by frequently. Already, it promises to be an exciting place to visit and to network.

Tom F. Driver - 04/27/98
Email: tfd3-at-columbia.edu
Occupation: Educator, writer, photographer, activist
Favorite Activity: Making the computer behave
Favorite Haiti spot: The mountains on the way to Jacmel
Favorite Haiti book: The Divine Horsemen, by Maya Deren
Favorite Artist: Andre Pierre

Before I went to Haiti, long ago, I thought it was a terrible place. Hadn't everyone told me so? Well, there were some exceptions, but I didn't believe them. What changed my mind was Haiti herself, and this happened between the time my plane landed and I got to the hotel having crossed the city by taxi. Oh, Haiti! How did you bewitch me? Since that day it has been my mission to open the eyes of the world, especially the people in the USA, to the beauties of Haiti, which are certainly for the eye to see but even more for the soul to feel. People often ask me if there is hope for Haiti. I reply that when I am in the USA I get discouraged about that, but when I am in Haiti I see hope everywhere. Mwen respekte Ayiti.

Lauri Bushey - 04/25/98
Occupation: Missionary
Favorite Activity: the beach
Favorite Haiti spot: my apartment

Bon Jour! Fun to have this great page. Good job!

Mitzi Dumas Thomas - 04/22/98
Occupation: English Teacher in Korea
Favorite Activity: Reading,Golfing,skiing,walking long distance
Favorite Haiti spot: Jacmel, Cape Haitian, Labadi

I am happy to be able to copy some of these recipes and I definitely will make some Haitian food for some of our Haitian Soldiers that are stationed here in Korea. I sure would like to have a recipe on Gâteau Moka, Lambi Creole, Harensol, Chicktaile (sp) and Cremasse. Being so far away from it all over here in Asia it sure is nice to get some news. I enjoy reading the information Corbett and others passes on about what's going on in and around Haiti. Thank you all!!

Carole and Carl Vorst - 04/22/98
Email: cvorst-at-i1.net
Occupation: Educator and Engineer
Favorite Haiti spot: House of Hope, Port-au-Prince

Carl and I are directors of House of Hope, a children' home in Port-au-Prince. We are still working full-time and plan to "retire" to Haiti. We have 32 children presently with plans to expand in the next year. We have a small piece of property north of the airport and hope to begin construction in the next few months. We feel the key to helping others is useful education. We are interested in communicating with others who share our love for Haiti.

Bruce Wharram - 04/21/98
Email: bruce.wharram-at-sylvania.sev.org
Occupation: Retired General Motors Engineer
Favorite Activity: Wood working
Favorite Haiti spot: Cotin & Flamands
Favorite Haiti book: The Rainy Season

My family and I have been going to Haiti on short-term mission trips every year since I retired in 1987, except for two years when the political climate prevented our trips. Our next trip will be this August (1998) to Dariol, on the southern coast between Jacmel and Aquin, continuing to work on the construction of a school building. We have come to dearly love the Haitian peasants that we've worked with. This is an excellent, well done Home Page covering all aspects of Haiti. Much appreciated.