When in the heart of a people a light brighter than the sun burns, when in the spirit of a people a power greater than a volcano thunders, when in the mind of a people a singular purpose arises then that people will overcome all that is superimposed on its will. Haiti will always be a beacon to the freedom achieved by African blacks in the Americas. No matter what others may impose on the people to denigrate them, the heart of the Haitian will always remain that of a triumphant warrior. - Myrtha Thompson, Windows on Haiti, Nov. 17 2003

Bòn Fèt, Ayiti ~ Happy Birthday, Haiti ~ Bonne Fête, Haïti

Ayiti Cheri

A Tribute from Frederick Douglass

Hymne Présidentiel

It's been a pleasure to collect your wishes for Haiti, on the occasion of her bicentennial. Let's work to make those wishes come true.

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