Is it a coincidence? (Narcotics strategy and coups d'état)

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Speak only for yourself. Sit down and do not be counted. I will take up the slack.

You are not helping us with statements like "everyone of us lack" courage.

I have reacted as efficiently as I know how, by emailing anyone who I thought should know and apprising them of the real truth of what is happening in Haiti. They can and may turn a blind eye and a deaf ear, but history will reflect the truth. Because whatever is done in darkness will come to light. Laws have been broken here.


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Just a friendly intervention

Post by admin » Mon Mar 01, 2004 12:00 pm

Nocomment, you said: "Thanks to our History I will not allow hate between you and me."

I am glad you feel that way, but the word "hate" is too strong a word to apply in this case. It should not be even conceivable. We are natural allies and I can easily see Beneatha and you in the same camp, fighting for the same cause, although in different forms. If everybody did everything the exact same way, we would not go very far, would we?

As you know, when it comes to personal expression, internet forums carry grave risks in the sense that they are nearly as spontaneous as interventions in a chat room or face to face conversations. But unlike chat rooms, what we write at any time stays for a very long time. The drawback: easy misunderstandings, offense when no offense might have been intended. So, I am glad to see you air it out, that's your right, but please consider that Beneatha probably did not intend to disrespect you either.

At this very diificult time for Haiti, we all need to be partners in the struggle. Some of us can write, some of us can speak, some of us can contribute economically, some of us can influence the politics of Haitian politicians, American politicians, and other decision-makers.

I do disagree with you only when you say: "I believe that the answers for our country is economical and not political." Economics without the politics is feeding into the same pattern of social injustice that has made Haiti such a backward country. Politics, without the economics, is ultimately, as you emphasized, a waste of time. The answers for our country MUST COMBINE economics and politics, ideology and pragmatism. We need a complete package, not just elements of a package.

Last word: Let us build alliances with our natural partners: African Americans, Caribbean people, Caribbean-Americans, Labor unions, socialists, etc. We NEED them and they NEED us too. For our cause to succeed, we need to work together with a lot of the American and Canadian electorates.

We cannot do it ALONE.


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