Bush Authorized Domestic Spying

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Post by admin » Sun Dec 18, 2005 12:39 pm

Shades of Watergate? Actually, it's worse. The abuses of power by this administration make Richard Nixon look like a saint in comparison. Consider:

- the inhumane detention of immigrants in the U.S.
- the illegal detention of adversaries in secret locations abroad
- the advocacy and express use of torture in Iraq, Afghanistan, Guantanamo
- the active support for international terrorists (like those responsible for blowing up a passenger plane in Cuba)
- the financing and engineering coups d'etat, as in Haiti and Venezuela ("regime change! regime change! get on with the program!," Michel Nau would say, enthusiastically?)
- the criminal neglect of poor black communities in the country, as amply exposed by Katrina
- the no-bid contracts given to "friends" of the Bush family and Dick Cheney in particular
- the disappearance of billions of dollars from Iraq's economy
- the persistent
lies and fear tactics utilized to wage wars while silencing the opposition
- the total disregard of privacy rights and democratic values, while preaching freedom and democracy to all those gullible enough to be willing to be lied to, still

And closer to home, the systematically unfair treatment of Haitian refugees, compared to most others, while assisting the utter destruction of any surviving vestige of participatory democracy and social justice in country. Well, they say, people get the government they deserve. In today's world, no decision by the United States government affects only U.S. citizens. Will the American people and indeed, the world, reclaim lawful and enlightened leadership from a fast declining but ever so dangerous superpower and the worst government it has known in decades?

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