Chronique 170 - Djakout #1- On the upswing!

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Chronique 170 - Djakout #1- On the upswing!

Post by Serge » Sat Jan 20, 2018 1:11 pm

Djakout #1’s numerous fans have a good reason to feel happy after listening to the latest release of the band entitled “Nou pap dòmi deyò”. From a personal point of view, I consider this album as one of the best of Djakout Mizik #1.

From the first notes , the CD rocks and makes you want to get up and jump, literally. The music is tight, the chorus does an excellent job and is quite lively throughout the 12 songs that compose the CD. I particularly like the chorus lines in tunes no. 2 “Habitude”, no. 3 “Yon sèl mennaj”; no. 5 “Sote kòd”, no. 7 “Ti peyi sa a”. There seems to have been a special effort in the arrangements to give the chorus a more prominent role on this CD.
The music reflects a sense of joyful fun which is contagious. Add to that the effort made by the band to show versatility and creativity in its sound and you end up with a successful work. Indeed, there is nothing monotonous on this album. Each song has something different, is pleasing to your ear. For example tunes no. 9 “Yon Fwal ye” written by conga player Hervé Antenor (Shabba) and 12 “ So kabrit”, written by keyboardist Réginald Bastien, are played on a nice African soukous beat that shows a definite attraction of these two musicians for this beat so close to our konpa.

I would be remiss if I did not mention the remarkable work of keyboardist Reginal Bastien on this CD. Indeed, he is listed as the author of the lyrics in 8 of the 12 songs on the CD, while he co-wrote the lyrics with other musicians on the 4 other songs. That is no small achievement. I especially like tune no. 5 “Sote kòd”, in which he puts emphasis on the necessity for all of us to exercise as an obligation, exhorting us to be careful and take stock of our body, so that we can take good care of it. Played on a furious konp beat, you will not stand still listening to it. The lyrics on tune no. 7 “Ti peyi sa a” will also retain your attention. Those lyrics express a poignant nostalgia about his country, as he is feeling so sad that he cannot freely go out; his mind is not at ease, because of the fear of violence in the streets. He wishes he were a butterfly, so that he could fly anywhere he wants. This is tragic.

The only criticism I have is not related to the music, but rather to the cover of the CD, in which the musicians are shown wearing the costumes of characters from movie hits like : Power Ranger, Batman and the like. It seems to me – and this is my very personal view- that this choice was rather ill-suited for a band coming from Haiti. But, this is a very mild criticism compared to the fun you will have listening to this CD and this should not prevent you from buying your copy if you have not yet. This is a dynamic CD.

Serge Bellegarde for Windows on Haiti, January 2018
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