God's Chosen Candidates!

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God's Chosen Candidates!

Post by Anacaona_ » Mon Apr 25, 2005 4:45 pm

As we come closer to the Haitian s “election” process of 2005, we have seen a couple of opportunist trying to use faith to catch people's attention. We have seen a couple of presidential candidates claiming themselves as God's messenger to save Haiti. So four, four hopeful presidential candidates have come under one slogan that can be summarized as “Christ for Haiti and Haiti for Christ” as their motto to gain public awareness.

Our God's sent candidates have different vision for Haiti, given that they win in the upcoming “Selections”. (By the way, I have no idea if this is the selection nationale de football.”) One of the candidates stated that « on reconnaît ces élus aux valeurs qu'ils défendent pour changer la société. » He also stated that it is necessary to use the values of the Christian faith in Haitian politics. On another side of the country, we find a pastor, also chosen by God to run Haiti, who will reclaim Haiti from the devil and dedicate her to Jesus. Yet we find another pastor who actually will proclaim a day of thanksgiving in honor of God if he is elected “avec l'aide de Dieu.” Lastly, we find another candidate who actually will continue the work of the apostles by not “gaspiye lajan leta.”

In light of history, we come to know politician as people who use words “pou fè timoun dodo.” We all know that the person that we elect is never the same person that takes office since their words never match their actions. They always fail to keep their promises at a very high percentage. Because of their behavior, they come to realize that we have no trust for them at all, and therefore, they are trying to use our spirituality as a way to win our trust back.

Today, as they are trying to use faith as a way to gain believers, they do not realize that:

1. God does not bargain. As human, we will do everything so that we may get what is best for us. For God, I am positive that it is diff
erent. I was born and raised in the Christian Church. I was taught at an early age that God has absolute power and he always accomplished whatever he says. Therefore, he would never allow himself to bet on four candidates so that he could have a better chance of winning.

They have predicted that there would be about (or at least) 50 candidates. So the chance for any of the potential 50 or more candidates, the chance of winning is ≤ 1/50. Since, God, presumably send four candidates, then the probability of having a God's chosen candidate will be about 4/50.

All jokes aside! If God was to send a candidate in the upcoming “selection”, it would have been exactly one candidate since God knows that there could be no more than one president in any country at any given time. “Well, if he is thinking as our so called intellectuals, then there could be a president in space.” Therefore, to send four candidates would be to create more trouble in a troublesome country.

2. God does not lie. Since in a five year period, according to the Haitian Constitution of 1987, there could be one president (unless USA, France and Canada say otherwise) and only one person can win, then He, as the Supreme Being, knows that in real life it is impossible to send four candidates when there will be only one president. And therefore, He would be a deceiver.

I have stated earlier that politicians use words “pou fè timoun dodo”. As a result, we have come to know them as deceivers. (Probably now they are being deceived). Anyway, I have tried to use probability to see to how far politicians would go to deceive people.

I assume that the God's chosen candidates form a random variable that follows a binomial distribution with n = 4 and p as probability of not tell the truth. (i.e. X~b(n,p) ). Since there could be no more than one God's chosen candidate, then we know that at least three of them are not telling the truth. So, using the assumed distribution, I found that P(X ≥ 3) = p^3*(4-3p). Knowing that our politicians lie most of the time, we then know that there is a very high percentage of the lying about their anointment. Therefore, that number above is very alarming. (I am joking now). Anyway, I recommend to Ann pale user to try using some p value between .5 and 1, and see it yourself.

May God BLess You All!



Post by Gelin_ » Tue Apr 26, 2005 2:53 pm

Back in 1987, we had Valdimir Jean and Hugo Noel who supposedly were sent by God himself to lead the country. What I'd like to see is a conference with all those "chosen" candidates where they could sit down and discuss with each other how they got their message.

I remember how Hugo Noel interpreted the presence of Joseph Hebreux next to P. Avril as a prophetic sign because there was a young "hébreux called Joseph" who took control of the entire egyptian kingdom (in the book of Genesis). Since Joseph was a young "hébreux", and given the fact that Joseph Hébreux was fairly young compared with Prosper Avril, God must be telling us something....:o)


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