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Post by Serge » Tue Jul 22, 2008 2:44 pm

As a quick follow-up to my introductory message to the post on Zimbabwe, we seem to be on the verge in Haiti of shooting ourselves in the foot once more, this time in both feet and both arms.

While the Lower Chamber has ratified Mrs. Pierre-Louis as Prime Minister, the Senate is dragging its feet. The argument now is that a group of 10 Senators is threatening not to vote in favor of Mrs. Pierre-Louis, unless they get assurances from Pres. Preval that the political parties will be integrated into the Cabinet. In other words, the thirst for power is the order of the day. Never mind that those political parties have been discredited and that they have shown their incompetence on more than one occasion.

Meanwhile some other members of Parliament continue to act more moralistic than God himself, their own closets being completely clean, I am sure.

If only they could see beyond the tip of their nose, and for change look at the long term well-being of the country while putting aside their own narrrow interests, we might be feeling better today.

If only.....

Serge .

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Post by Serge » Wed Jul 23, 2008 2:54 pm

Quick follow-up No. 2

Comme je l'ai suggéré dans mon message précédent, le Sénat haitien semble sur le point de se fourrer le droit dans l'oeil , ou plutôt dans les deux yeux, jusqu'au coude. D'un côté , il y a ceux qui disent que le Président Préval doit absolument inclure les partis politiques dans la formation du nouveau Gouvernement, sinon, ils rejetteront Mme Pierre-Louis. De l'autre, Il y en a le groupe des 10 qui semble plus incohérent que jamais et qui semble vouloir rejeter la nomination de Mme Pierre-Louis. L'un de ses membres, le Sénateurr Michel Clérié. vient de donner sa démission du groupe, déclarant qu'il y a trop de "vire tounen, de demele" (ses propres mots) dans le groupe. Par conséquent, il se retire. Le Pasteur Jeune lui déclare qu'il n'y a aucune chance que Mme Pierre-Louis obtienne la ratification au Sénat si elle refuse d'inclure les partis politiques dans le gouvernement.

Peu importe que ces partis aient fait montre d'une incompétence notoire, comme en témoignent les dernières élections. La stratégie de ces messieurs, c'est qu'ils ne soulèveront pas la question morale, si en retour, les partis politiques devront être inclus dans la formation du Gvt.

En réponse à une question du journaliste, à savoir: que se passerait-il si le Gouvernement Préval-Pierre-Louis acceptait de former un gouvernement avec les partis politiques Lespwa et Lavalas?
Réponse du Pasteur Jeune: Nan ka sa, Premye Minis la tonbe imedyatman...

Sénateur Beauplan lui, en plein délire, dénonce un plan du Gvt. visant à éliminer le Parlement au profit de la société civile! Cela fait curieusement écho aux propos d'un certain pesonnage farouchement anti-lavalas qui depuis quelque temps avance ces mêmes propos sur d'autres forums. Incroyable, mais vrai! Autrement dit, "kouri pou lapli, tonbe nan larivyè"!

Voilà où nous en sommes! Plus de 3 mois sans gouvernement; des farceurs qui se veulent des parlementaires avisés, la tête gonflée de leur pouvoir constitutionnel, marchandant de manière indécente l'avenir du pays, moralement et patriotiquement corrompus, pendant qu'ils reçoivent un chèque pour un travail mal fait! ....Pendant que le peuple se démerde pour manger et boire, alors que depuis près de 4 semaines, il ne peut trouver de riz...

J'espère de tout coeur me tromper, mais je souahite que nous ne verrons pas ce peuple prendre encore les rues à la suite du rejet de Mme Pierre-Louis par ce Sénat. Ce qui s'est passé en avril dernier pourrait être un jeu d'enfant comparativement à ce qui pourrait se passer.

Comme le dit Marcus dans la dernière édition d'Haiti en Marche, le Sénat en a-t-il conscience?


Dr Roger Malebranche

Post by Dr Roger Malebranche » Wed Jul 23, 2008 5:04 pm

Hi Serge :
I have been low key on Ann Pale because I realized once again that Haitians will always be " partisans politiques farouches ". In other words my guys are always right and your guys are always wrong. I have been in the US for so long that I have lost that Haitian mentality. I don't have guys, I don't have parties. I want our country to get out of the quicksand, stand up and move forwards and keep moving forwards.
Having political factions in Haiti has been an exercise in futility. Haitians assign flashy, name catching monikers to their political parties and this is all they do. They then get drunk with their perceived importance. Look at the turmoil in a BIG, RICH, WELL EDUCATED country like the USA because of partisan politics (and they only have 2 main ones) and you can figure for yourself the quagmire our country is in with all those little factions, each one more ignorant than the other, each one more intransigeant than the other. I have been following with dismay the attacks on Madame Michele Pierre Louis whose crime seems to be that she is a strong, educated, intelligent Haitian woman... The obious deduction : she must be LESBIAN... Classical Haitian way to look at things and reach an intelligent conclusion. Mrs Pierre Louis must be out of her mind to want to associate with that group of retarded. And look at what happened to the one before her.
In our local Upstate newspaper this past monday there was a full page article about Haiti. I was amazed because I live in WHITELAND USA, upstate NY near Saratoga and news from Haiti are never worthy of being printed in the newspapers. The news were about hunger in our land and staring at me were 5 naked little Haitian children with all appearances of advanced KWASHIORKOR. I don't know if our well fed politicians are aware of those Haitian problems. Apparently they are not.
I was happy to read your take on Zimbabwe. It is time that us Blacks start talking to each other, reaching power agreements and working diligently for the welfare of those countries we are from and which depend on our decisions for progress in a difficult future. I have been waiting 3/4 of a century to see the dawn of those days in Haiti. In our country when you think things cannot get any worse, they DO get worse.
I think Haiti has been cursed from the beginnings.
Looking at those naked, sick, hungry, black, desperate Haitian children I said to myself : " God, they must be so proud of being the descendants of heroic slaves, the children of Toussaint, Dessalines, Petion ". "They must be so proud one day they will be able to read and write Kreyol ". And then reality sets in. Our glorious past is just what it is, THE PAST. And it will take more than SLOGANS and the Kreyolization of Haiti to earn respect in the world. There is serious work to be done and we need serious, competent people (even people from the diaspora ) to do it. Parties with nothing to offer besides big names will not save Haiti.
Do I sound bitter, Serge ? You bet I am.

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Post by Serge » Wed Jul 23, 2008 10:26 pm

Hi Roger,

Good to hear from you. I hope not to be too long, but you know, when one starts writing, sometimes, one looses control, so I do not want to bore you too much.

Let me start with your last sentence "Do I sound bitter Serge? You bet I am".

Roger, so am I, so am I. If one had any doubt, my last post on the quick follow-up shows how much I am frustrated and vexed by the behaviour of these guys in Parliament who have lost all perspective of country. As I said, we are shooting ourselves everywhere. I agree with you that those multiple factions, the "particules" have spectacularly failed and have been an element of blockage.

However, I am not quite sure how you can conclude from all these discussions that Haitians "will always be partisans politiques farouches. " I for one can safely say that I have not been a "partisan politique farouche". Passionate, most likely yes, as my latest posts show; liking a good argument, yes. But let us not exagerate. The passion is in all of us, you included and to me, that is healthy and welcomed, otherwise you and I would not be intervening like we are on this forum. And you know Haitians are not the only people who react like this.

I do have to take issue with this passage of your post:

"I have been following with dismay the attacks on Madame Michele Pierre Louis whose crime seems to be that she is a strong, educated, intelligent Haitian woman... The obious deduction : she must be LESBIAN... Classical Haitian way to look at things and reach an intelligent conclusion. Mrs Pierre Louis must be out of her mind to want to associate with that group of retarded."

I believe you are mixing a number of issues here. I do not agree when you say the following "....the obvious deduction: she must be a lesbian..."
From my point of view, whether she is a lesbian or not is not the real issue for these guys. It happens that the rumor is out (until she says anything about it , as far as I am concerned, this is still a rumor, and even if she were to admit it, who cares?) and those guys quickly hid behind it . But to me, the real issue is that Haitian society is esentially a macho society, where men feel that they can do or say whatever they want, behave like they want, as if it were a God-given right. Mrs. Pierre-Louis is a nuisance to them: she is competent, she knows the terrain and she is not willing to compromise under the table, to promise this or that to the senators and deputies.

The morality issue did not stick, so what came out today in the Senate is that the condition for her approval would be a guarantee for the political parties in the future cabinet. If there was no "morality" issue, those senators would have found something else, because the end game for these jokers is : give me my piece of cake then you home free. Otherwise....

I am really sorry that you feel that Mrs. Pierre-Louis "must be out of her mind to want to associate with that group of retarded.." While you say that you want your "country to get out of the quicksand, stand up and mover forwards", you turn around and say that a person who has the potential to do just that must be "out of her mind". This woman is not a newcomer on the field. She has wide experience, is a long-time activist and made a conscious choice to work in Haiti for the benefit of us all. By accepting this job, she is not "associating" with anyone; if anything, I would say that she is sacrificing herself for her country, because she has done a wonderful job at FOKAL and she could have quietly continued to do her job there, reaping up awards left and right for her efficient management and work among the poor people of Haiti.

I do not think it is fair to say that she must be out of her mind. This sentence is most indicative of the kind of bitterness and frustration that you and I and many others on this forum feel about Haiti and sometimes, we do not realize what we are saying.

O.K. I will leave you with this last thought. Speaking of the past, we should always be proud of our glorious past, for the simple reason that 1) history is history and 2), if you take your past and sweep under the rug because, as you say, it is the past, you will never know where the mistakes were made and how to correct what needs to be corrected, or redone completely. The past is precious for your present and your futur.

I am not quite sure what you mean by your reference to "the Kreyolization" of Haiti. If your are talking about a question of language, I would submit that you are wrongly trivializing the Kreyòl language, since the language of a people is much more than a manner of expression, it is representative of a whole culture and you and I can be quite proud of our culture.

Yes indeed, there is serious work to be done and far from being out of her mind, Mrs Pierre-Louis is ready to grapple with the task, however difficult it is, as she acknowledged. Whether those "retarded" are ready for it, that is the issue. And that is where the bitterness and the frustration set in.

Bon, map kanpe la, paske mwen pale twòp deja.

Kenbe fèm!


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Post by jafrikayiti » Mon Jul 28, 2008 9:49 pm

The fact that so-called parliamentarians are making deals on behalf of the so-called political parties - as a condition of ratifying the choice of PM, is a symptom, not the disease itself.

Question: From whence do these "parties" hold their power?

Answer: The embassies (now the biggest one is in Tabarre). Talk about imagery and obsession!

As far as Mrs. Pierre-Louis is concerned, I would like to hear more about her plans than about her track record with Fokal. The article published by Haiti en Marche a few weeks ago was a rare one that dealt with the most important aspect of her nomination - from my point of view - the relationship between the State and the NGO world. What will a Pierre-Louis PM do to bring order in that situation? or will she work to further erode the power of the State in favor of the NGO - which are non-Haitian Governmental organizations but I am not so sure they are as non FOREIGN Governmental - as they are non Haitian.

Aragon speeks of imperialism, it is not a concept but a reality. How we deal with that reality will determine whether we make progress or continue to run around in circles.

By the way Roger, speaking about the Kreyolization of Haiti is like liquifying the ocean. Se Kreyòl nou ye. Tout lòt koze k ap pale se literati.



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