Open letter to the US secretary of state: Mr. Colin Powell.

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Open letter to the US secretary of state: Mr. Colin Powell.

Post by Morisseau » Sun Feb 29, 2004 3:39 am

Mr. Secretary,

Last time I checked you out, you were from a Jamaican family immigrated in the US, a successful 4 star US General and now the very first black to be appointed as "secretary of state" in US history. However, checking you out now tells us a little more about your additional titles. Because you're failing from having him (Aristide) to "resign voluntarily", it is now proving that you are plotting a reckless assassination of the democratically elected president of Haiti Mr. Jean-Bertrand ARISTIDE.

Now, we all know that you have to please your masters in order for you to keep your job. However, after deliberately lying to the world about Iraq's WMD at the UN, do you truly believe that you have to plot the physical, mental and political "assassination" of ARISTIDE? Do you actually "have to"?

Reality check, Mr. Secretary: You are fulfilling the dream of a "selected" US president against an "elected" Haitian one. We come to understand that this is not the first time you ever kill anyone but this time Mr. Secretary, if you were to think about it, you are not simply killing one more worthless little Haitian negro as you and your masters wish but the dreams and aspirations of a generation that chooses to live in dignity.

Usually, when carrying the master's criminal order in a similar situation, one should use their own judgment based on the moral values (if any) that shaped him or her and act accordingly. There is absolutely no need to remind us that Haiti does not produce OIL Mr. Secretary, it is obvious. Otherwise, this administration would stand by the democratic principle that's slowly but surely gathering us together in this region despite our political culture. History will judge all of us sir. Because of your position of power, opportunists and people that are afraid for their lives choose not to stand up to you and call you by your earned names: ASSASSIN, LIAR and SOLD OUT.

Do it Mr. secretary then tell the world about your excuse: "I WAS JUST DOING MY JOB!". We are not afraid anymore. After playing this harsh scenario in our heads, we have finally made up our minds, sir. The physical, mental and political death of ARISTIDE will not wash away our dreams for a better Haiti. Don't waste your time and our time. Why don't you just do it? Common assassin, be a man about it.

Quit manipulating the world's opinion to accept this bloody fact by presenting the Haitian president as a mercenary right before you do it. Besides the story you are suggesting to the rest of the world, we are writing our own, Mr. Secretary. A little reminder though: DISCREDIT will not last, for people with courage will double-check history, WE ARE WRITING THE REAL ONE! How good are these world bodies when you choose to bypass them every single time you want to fulfill both yours and your master's ego? Hpw about the peace agreements signed by Haiti with OAS and UN? What about the so-called "global war on terror" and "drug traffickers"? We know you are trying your best to force the president to "resign voluntarily" so you can cover up your real face, right? Maybe, if that fits best, have him captured by your special forces/navy seal/delta force dispatched recently and operating undercover then hand him over to rebel forces pretending they did it themselves and either force him to resign or else kill him. If that is really the case Mr. Secretary, don't worry about it, we already know it. "DOMESTIC NEGRO KILLING FARM NEGROES" once again, that's what it is. But you know what sir, the masters are laughing at us.


Ps: Wash yourself up, you have ARISTIDE blood all over your clothes Mr. assassin...Just saying loudly what everyone else is saying quietly... We got our eyes on your every move.

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