Undercovers in Airplanes

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Leonel JB

Undercovers in Airplanes

Post by Leonel JB » Thu Dec 08, 2005 6:42 am

People, yesterday at Miami International, a Costarican American citizen got killed after leaving the airplane and based on the Marshalls on board, he claimed that he had a bomb...

Now, every headline from the Media is portaying this Victim as responsible for his own death.

My questions are these, why the Marshalls are the only ones hearing the threat? After leaving the plane, what was the danger to the passengers? I believe that the Marshalls have the expertise to shoot someone in the arms to disable him.
I've been doing some thinking about this incident which is very similar to any story where a Minority gets shot. They always tend to blame the victim instead of analyzing the incident.

Of Course, we are gonna hear from people saying that the victim deserves what he got. But, myself, I think a real investigation would prove otherwise. I've seen so many times how the Law officers are using the kil
ling of anyone for their own advantage...

But killing innocent people only happen to minorities. Remember these two white suppremacist from Oklahoma or Dakota who were stopped by State Troopers. One of the brothers started shooting. One officer had the vehicle's door opened with his gun drawn. He did not shoot one single bullet, resulting on the guys escaping. Now, why is there such double standard?

Ourselves, when we got stopped for routine check, you're better not scratching yourself even if you got bitten by a bug.
Anyway, I am not against Marshalls on planes. But, do we give green light to these people who can abuse their power most of the times.

Sa nou panse, frE ak sE m yo?


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Post by admin » Thu Dec 08, 2005 11:53 am

Marilyn, your questions are right on target. The climate of fear generated by such killings works in favor of the government which can feel even more bold in promoting Pariot Act II, while they are working on Patriot Act III, to deny even more basic rights and privileges to those they do not like for reasons of class and color. Prisons and detention centers are being erected all around us. The detainees are afraid to talk about mistreatment or violations of their basic human rights, because when they do, they are placed in solitary and their chances for appeal are reduced from near zero to nearest zero. Detention centers have become deportation factories, with attendant lawyers and judges put there to accelerate the process. While the press has been very timid in exposing the outrageous realities of selective xenophobia in the United States, the government continues to build a Gulag in our midst. A Gulag we think we may safely ignore until som
eone we know happens to get snared by it.

No, FEMA cannot do a decent job protecting U.S. citizens in cases of natural disasters, but DHS may perform an exemplary job shooting to death people who may have said this or that, and who knows what actually transpired. As you said, the dead cannot speak for themselves.

Are we supposed to feel SAFER by the shooting to death of a panicked individual? Does the feeling of safety take a backseat to generalized FEAR that prevents people from saying HELL NO! THAT IS NOT WHAT WE EXPECT FROM A RESPONSIBLE GOVERNMENT!

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