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Post by » Mon Nov 21, 2005 6:41 pm

Received from an unnamed source in response to a characterization that appeared previously on this forum:


If she is strident,
It's because of the noise in your mind trying desperately to drown the truth that she offers.

If she is loud,
It's to counterbalance the thundering blasts intimidating sons and daughters of Haiti.

If she is vociferous,
It's in answer to your silence to injustice, you the passive and
civilized one.

If she is clamorous,
It's as mere reflex to your highly paid media setting the poor for the kill.

If she is blatant,
It's that her offensive bellowing comes from the gut wrenching
spectacle of skulls blown-off by saviors' bullets, the "d'une Pierre deux coups" of the bullet that kills baby and mother.

If she is obstreperous,
It's to protect the lonely voice carrying the hopes of multitudes,
marked expendable and set for destr

If she is, again, strident,
It's because you fear to speak above a whisper,
Attract attention,
For you look like them, those deemed expandable.

To those condemn[ed] by this nightmare,
Her voice is a serene lullaby,
Promising peace, security to all future generations.

Her voice may sing the blues
But like the lady of yesteryears,
She converts the masses in despair into actors of a new plan;
Brings clarity to "the" moment of decision.


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