Is there a three-way split of the Lavalas movement?

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Is there a three-way split of the Lavalas movement?

Post by admin » Fri Oct 21, 2005 12:38 pm

Based on various press articles and announcements republished right here on this forum, it would seem that what we have is more than just three parties competing for the Lavalas electorate, but the evidence of serious cracks in the structure of leadership of "Lavalas". To boot:

1) Read maryse Narcisse on Jean-Bertrand Aristide's position: NO TO ELECTIONS, until some conditions are met.

2) Read Yvon Massac's appeal for Lavalassiens to support Marc Bazin. I beleive that in that camp, you will also find Leslie Voltaire, Yvon Feuiile, Gérard Gilles, Rudy Hériveaux, and others. I am not absolutely sure about each and everyone's position, but that is what I seem to have detected. In other words: YES TO ELECTIONS (under Marc Bazin's leadership)

3) Then you have the candidacy of forner Lavalas president, René Préval. His supporters too call on Lavalassiens to support his can
didacy. In other words: YES TO ELECTIONS (under Rene Preval's leadership)

At this point, which of those three positions is closer to the mindset of the Lavalas electorate. Whose signals will they follow in greater numbers? Will they vote or won't they vote?

Does the FANMI LAVALAS PARTY still maintain the leadership of the LAVALAS MOVEMENT? If not, who does? Is it up for grabs? Do the poor people of Haiti know better than our entire crop of politicians and intellectuals?

Interesting questions that call for your individual and frank insights.


Post by T-dodo » Fri Oct 21, 2005 1:09 pm

The other question is:"Does it serve the interest of the Lavalas movement in being fragmented?" Who will benefit of the absence of Lavalas at the polls or the fragmentation of the movement? At this point, can a boycott of the lections by Lavalas benefit them?


Post by Gelin_ » Fri Oct 21, 2005 1:13 pm


go back to 1990 and you may understand what's going on. At that time, Marc Bazin was seen by many as a not so good choice for the electorate. The slogan was "nou pap al nan eleksyon ranje sa a". If I remember well, at about 48 h before the deadline, Aristide showed up (with K-Plim by his side): "nou pral pran eleksyon an e nap pran l lavalasseman". We all know what happened?

I guess they are playing smart again...smarter, I might add.


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