About the presidential elections in Haiti

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Michel Nau_

Post by Michel Nau_ » Mon Sep 26, 2005 9:53 pm

Serge wrote: [quote]How could a guy like this (Frank Romain) end up on a list of presidential candidates? That is the question. [/quote] I am sure that a lot of people should be able to answer this question Serge, but allow me to make a wild guess.
My answer is FEAR, FEAR and FEAR!!!
People are afraid of criminals. During my days in Haiti, I have seen notorious individuals, some of them in their twenties making grand entrances in soccer and volleyball games, kermeses, and other social events where young and not so young women were lining off and ready to fall in those guys' arms and young men ready to ask for an autograph.
It's pathetic!!

The only way to cure the Haitian's society of this disease is to have a government which is ready to put into place a good judicial system, where impunity would not be tolerated and innocent victims could step for
ward without fear and testify against those people.

A guy like Frank Romain should not be running for president, but put in a glass cage right in the middle of Port-au-Prince where people could see a REAL criminal in his worse moments.


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