Election in Haiti: Why rushing?

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Post by Anacaona_ » Tue Oct 04, 2005 12:33 pm

Bouli Said
[quote]One doesn't know how the CEP registered 2 million people in a split second before the organization set office in popular areas, when it took months to register the first half million.
It is quite interesting to see the number of potential voters increased very fast. It is not impossible. However, taking the fact that registration sites are yet to be found in the whole country, I found the number too high to be true.

On a recently published article by http://us.oneworld.net/article/view/119902/1/, it was revealed that only about 900000 potential voters are registered compared to the about 3 million of the CEP.

I am puzzled by the difference.


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Post by admin » Tue Oct 04, 2005 1:56 pm

I am puzzled too, Anacaona. Here is an exact quote from the article:

[quote]A week before the close of registration, only 870,000 out of about four million potential voters had registered and none had yet received the new national identity cards required to vote, according to the International Crisis Group, a Geneva-based independent research group.[/quote]
So, let's say 1 million people register by the current deadline. How many of those people will actually go and vote? Here is one opinion from Charles Arthur, quoted from the same article:

[quote]''Registering for an ID card is one thing, but traveling to one of the few polling stations and then queuing all day is another,'' says Charles Arthur of the Haiti Support Group, a U.K.-based human rights organization.

Arthur estimates that only about 50 percent of those registered will actually cast thei
r votes, which he said ''would represent a low turnout.'' [/quote]
This would mean that fewer than half a miliion might actually cast their ballots.

Well... A couple of days ago, Patrick Fequière of the CEP sounded the alarm by inviting the United Nations to take charge of the process. The CEP cannot do it alone, he stated, suggesting also that this is no time for nationalism. In other words, the CEP would like to surrender its responsibilities, if not its authority to the U.N. Even its authority is being undermined by statements made recently by interim Prime Minister, Gérard Latortue, on the occasion of the visit from vice-queen Condoleezza Rice.

Latortue explained why he was willing to "repêcher" (bring back to the net) some candidates who had been decertified as opposed to others.

One obvious question for the CEP is why they established so few BV's through the countryside in the first place, if they had hoped to register millions and millions of people. Did they
realistically expect that the peasant masses would be marching to Port-au-Prince and other urban centers to queue up and register at one of the limited number of registration centers? Did they also expect Cité soleil residents and the Haitian elites to mix up in a good-natured way in some affluent neighborhoods, exchanging stories of their day at the office, while some dutiful state employees would equitably address the needs of one and all? Is this what the CEP expected? I don't know. In Haiti, the adventures of Ali Baba sometimes seem indistinguishable from the reality.

So the real question at this point is: Will there be elections in November? Is it wiser for them to hype up whatever meager results they get or to delay the elections until such time when their legitimacy becomes less of an issue?

Leonel JB

Post by Leonel JB » Thu Oct 06, 2005 4:30 am

I don't why I should be surprised.

If they can depose an elected President, everything is possible.

Now, what surprises me, it is all your reactions concerning the number of people registered. Don't you that Haiti has a population of 48 million people. It seems that your math is lousy here!

The real population is 12 millions about. But, by the Bush administration, 12 multiplied by 4 is 48. Don't look surprised? Remember last November, some Counties in Ohio had 4000 people prior to voting time. At the end they grew 4 times bigger.

Who is in charge of the election in haiti?

Nap resi konn jOj


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