Denmark is league leader at aiding the third world

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Leonel JB

Denmark is league leader at aiding the third world

Post by Leonel JB » Thu Sep 15, 2005 3:27 am

Denmark tops list of world's 21 richest countries when it comes to helping poorer nations, a US research institute says. However, the same institute warns that the country cannot rest on its laurels, pointing out that the quality of Danish aid has fallen in recent years.

The research institute, Center for Global Development, published its results in US magazine Forign Policy recently, after conducting a study amongst Denmark, the Netherlands, Sweden, Australia, Norway, New Zealand, Finland, Austria, Germany, the United Kingdom, Canada, the United States, Switzerland, Portugal, France, Belgium, Spain, Italy, Ireland, Greece, and Japan.

The institute's report found that Denmark ranked highest when it came to aid, trade, investments, migration, environment, security, and technology.

Danish development aid is the world's best both as regards quantity and quality, given the cou
ntry's size, the Center for Global Development said.

The Netherlands, Sweden, and Australia filled the seats after Denmark, while Norway and New Zealand shared the fifth seat. The United States came in number twelve, scoring few points on Developmental AId and Protection of the Environment.

Japan came in last of the 21 Countries.

While Foreign Policy praised countries for their donations, it also pointed out significant policy inconsistencies. The rich hand out vast sums of foreign aid, but they also put up enormous barriers to Trade. The Foreign Policy article stated < They selflessly send Soldiers to keep the Peace, but then SELL ARMS TO THIRD WORLD THUGS. In the end, are the rich doing more harm than good?>

To answer the question, the Center for Global Development and Forign Policy joined forces three years ago to create the Commitment to development Index to measure how rich countries help or burden poorer countries.

The center said that while the past year had se
en enormous policy changes affecting relations between the world's poorest and richest countries, the order of the generosity amongst the most well off had not been greatly altered.

That's not surprising, the institute said. Government Policies usually change slowly. Trade Policy, for example is mainly the result of painstaking international negotiations, and accordinly, does not turn on a dime.

The report found that while Spain, Sweden, and the United Kingdom had made the biggest efforts to improve their contributions to global development in the last two years, Denmark was one of the few countries where CDi had actually fallen since 2003.

With the index rating dropping to 6.7 in 2005 from 6.8 in 2003, Denmark ranked 18th out of 21 when it came to measuring the improvement of developmental aid programs. Only Australia, New Zealand, and Switzerland saw their aid programs decline further.

But sadly, in all but three policy areas, even Denmark only earns an average score {near 5.0}
. That means that no Country in the index can rest on its laurels. In the year ahead, every nation in the index can do more to help those most in need, the institute admonished.

But despite the slight fall, Denmark's average rating of 6.7 remained 0.1 point higher than that of the Netherlands, and 1.7 point above the United States.

The Danes top the index thanks to an ample and high quality foreign aid program, steady contributions to UN and Nato peacekeeping operations, and their declining greenhouse gas emissions, the Center said.

In its report, the Center for Global Development weighed agreements, events, and policies against one another, such as the G8 decision to drop the debt of 18 developing nations, the unprecedented USD 12 billion raised to help the victims of Asia's tsunami disaster, and the United States and Australia's refusal to ratify the Kyoto protocol.

Article by, The Copenhagen Post, News published in 9-15 September 2005

Leonel JB

Post by Leonel JB » Thu Sep 15, 2005 3:29 am

I always believe that our Country needs to deal with others. Instead of the USA which only brought Exploitation and slaughtering of the Masses.-

Correct me , if I'm wrong?


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