A tragic political mistake

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A tragic political mistake

Post by Hyppolite » Fri Sep 09, 2005 10:08 am

Those in power now are getting ready to get a BIG surprise. I won't say anything else but will at least explain the gist of it. I know that Haitian brothers and sisters tend to be conspirationist, but what I'm saying is just logical deduction based on my own understanding of our own national, and international politics.

By being so hard-nosed on the issues of Neptune, Privert, So Anne, and of course Jean Juste, the traditionalists in Haiti, aided by their human rights organization RNDDH, are making a tragic political mistake. They will lose it all.

The international community will teach them a subtle yet, appropriate lesson that all will learn about and understand much later. Those who will be safe and sound are the likes of: Dorleans (current Justice Minister), Latortue (for at least having had the courage to suggest a so-called amnesty, and a few other Haitian politicians l
ike Marc Bazin. All the rest will, in the not-so-distant future, call the American government a pro-Lavalas group.

I am besides myself, virtually bursting out laughing. Those guys are simply, so amorphous politically.

These are the first and last things I will say on this thread. I have my ti chèz ba on the patio, my Barbancourt glass in hand, smiling with devilish wit.

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