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Posted: Wed Sep 07, 2005 4:00 pm
by admin
Michel, have you caught a virus or something?

Posted: Thu Sep 08, 2005 4:22 am
by Leonel JB
Michel, the past month you made a complete U-turn, and that was great.

Then, you re becoming the Old Michel again...

I remember very well, at the beginning, you wanted Lavalas to participate in NOvember. Because, you were thinking about the Poors in Haiti. Now, that your wishes came true. Kounye a, w ap voksifere!

Did you or did not want Lavalas to be part of that Election in November?

Ou manje manje bliye, FrE.

Sometimes, It feels like someone is pulling your strings and make you behave a certain way. I wonder why?

By the way, I don't think anyone came out on the forum as Lavalassien. Maybe I'm wrong, but, you always have to point fingers at people on WOH. We have so many of your quotes and thoughts to prove how dangerous or malicious you can be sometimes...

You are really someome whom I would love to meet.

NEg gwo ponyEt, loin de cela , Mon Frere. I don't get it!

L'union fait
la Force


Re: Lavalas Pral Nan (S)eleksyions! Is It Too Little Too Lat

Posted: Thu Sep 08, 2005 8:27 am
by Gelin_
[quote]An pil Lavalasien sou forum sa te fe seman 3 fwa ke Lavalas pa pr'al nan eleksyion si demam sa yo pa agweye....My heart goes to Yeye, Jaf, Serge, Guy, Marilyn, JGPalmis, Athur Charles, Zanfanginen, Gelin</B>, Leonel, Jean Marie, Hyppolite, Toussaint, Padel, Nekita, Anacaona, Erzuli Danto, e tout band neg gwo pouyet e fam gwo jipon and all the others who put up a good fight until the end of this ordeal.
Sadly, your good wasn't good enough to tip the balance in your favor![/quote]
Michel, if you do that to me again ONE MORE TIME, I'll stop debating with you once and for all. It's only a matter of principle. Either you don't see clearly or you don't care or respect the opinions of others. Petèt ou anba 4kanpe....!


Posted: Thu Sep 08, 2005 9:06 am
by admin
Gelin, it's up to you, but quite frankly, you do not even have to wait one more time. When I read Michel's last post, I did wonder whether he caught a virus or someone spiked his punch, as he managed to misrepresent every single person he cited on the forum. Based on the diverse opinions that I have read from them for months and years, I feel confident in saying that Michel could not come up with any message from the 8,000+ message archive to back up his wild assertions.

And what a grouping of individuals that is! First a "Yeye" (has anyone ever come across that member name???), then seemingly everyone else he could think of ("Athur Charles? ? ?") and calling them all "Lavalassien" including "Toussaint! ! !" So, according to this Michel fellow, Marcien Toussaint has been a Lavalassien rouge. I wonder what Michel knows that we do not know... Anyway, one could now deduce that Gifrants is no longer on a hill
fighting by himself. He has plenty of company, according to Michel. I wonder, does Michel understand at all what he reads? How does he come up with that stuff???

Michel, for your information, there has been NO ONE (absolutely no one!!) on this forum to have sworn that Lavalas would not participate in elections if certain demands were not met. You read me right: ABSOLUTELY NO ONE. How did you get it so wrong? And I must also now ask you what has been on everyone's mind lately: is someone pulling your strings?

Michel, on this forum, I have always tried to attract members who can display critical reading, critical thinking, and an independence of mind. I do not care whether anyone is a member of a political party, and I certainly do not try to meddle in partisan politics. For the most part, they disgust me. I only vote in American elections and, at that, I consider myself an independent. So, bug off with your wild assertions and accusations. You simply cannot back them up, even though th
e archives are right here under your nose.

I continue to call for the respect of human rights in Haiti, for the release of all political prisoners, and for an end to the systematic repression of Haitian citizens in poor neighboorhods, perceived as being sympathetic to the Lavalas Party or to President Jean-Bertrand Aristide. Whatever way you want to misinterpret my demands, feel free to entertain your misconceptions to yourself. I would greatly appreciate it.

Posted: Thu Sep 08, 2005 9:25 am
by T-dodo
[quote]My heart goes to Yeye, Jaf, Serge, Guy, Marilyn, JGPalmis, Athur Charles, Zanfanginen, Gelin, Leonel, Jean Marie, Hyppolite, Toussaint, Padel, Nekita, Anacaona, Erzuli Danto, e tout band neg gwo pouyet e fam gwo jipon and all the others who put up a good fight until the end of this ordeal.
Sadly, your good wasn't good enough to tip the balance in your favor! [/quote]


I don't get it! Pou ki sa kè ou fè ou mal pou mwen? Ki sa mwen fè ki fè ou rele mwen "yon nèg gwo pouyet?" Ki batay ou panse mwen pèdi an?

My comments on this forum are based on my common sense of democratic principles and no political affiliations or leanings. My only political affiliation, if any, is with all the people who love Haiti and would like it to do better. I beleive all Haitians fall into that group of people even though we may disagree sometimes on the means to get there. When people, parties,
or administration take action which I beleive do not contribute to the betterment of Haiti I comment on them. My comments are not calls for action nor are they provided for the defense of a particular group or people nor are they advocacies for a particular group or way of thinking. They are just opinions.

If you are in the business of discouraging opinions, that you may find sometimes not in agreement with yours, tell me and I won't exchange ideas with you on this board. As naive as it may sound, I thought we were just exchanging ideas for entertainment. I left a forum before because of overzealous members. I hope you won't take me down that lane again.

Posted: Fri Sep 09, 2005 8:15 am
by Gelin_
[quote]Gelin, it's up to you, but quite frankly, you do not even have to wait one more time...[/quote]
We all make all sorts of mistakes in dealing with people. I want to give Michel another opportunity to show that he can AT LEAST acknowlege or respect the opinions of others even when he disagrees with them. It's one thing to disagree with someone, but it's quite another thing to twist and misrepresent their statement (even when the original is available for all to see). In my book, Michel deserves one more chance to show that he can repeat a statement FIRST and then present his opinion/position on the subject. That should be elementary.


Posted: Fri Sep 09, 2005 11:46 am
by T-dodo

I could not have said bit better. Thanks for the reply. It reflects better the way I feel on that subject.

Posted: Sat Sep 10, 2005 7:32 pm
by Michel Nau_
Jafrikaiti wrote: [quote]This last post from Michel speaks clearly to the reason I consider it useless for me to answer the obvious provocations that he has been making on the forum.[/quote] I asked you for your opinion about the Lavalas Party that decided to go to the next elections, and to have Jean Juste, instead of other members from the chain of command to represent them. You haven't been able to give a straight answer. As usual, you took “une fuite en avant” by doing personal attack and calling the question useless and provocative.

Telling the Haitian people to boycott the elections and not to exercise their constitutional right is useless and provocative.
Calling government official names like Uncle Tom, MRE, and mafia is useless and provocative.
Calling the MINUSTAH is doing an ethnic cleansing and an ongoing slaughter of the poor in Haiti is useless and provocative.

Jaf wrote: [quote]So, it remains my opinion that Michel is here on a mission to make people on this forum waste precious time and energy chasing distractions.[/quote]
Jaf, the participation of the Lavalas Party in the next elections is not a distraction; but changed the whole spectrum, and in a sense legitimize it. Your constant dumping of garbage in important debate like this is your way to distract the readers. You could still use your precious time if you have any left to redeem yourself and express your sincere opinion about the Lavalas Party going to the polls.
You felt betray after all you have done to boycott the elections and to promote the return of Jean Bertrand Aristide.
What compel Aristide to take this decision?
De qui previent? Ki sak pou li nan jwet sa?
Jaf, you need to question authority!! That's all I am asking you. If you can't, di ke ou bwe pwa! There is nothing wrong with that.

Malcom X questioned Elijah Mohame
d's morality, integrity, and ethic. I think you need to do the same thing too!! It's over!! Jean Bertrand Aristide is gone, and has relinquished the rest of his time as President of Haiti. Doing so, he is no longer the head of the Party “donc pourquoi tout ce mystère?? »

Now it's time for you to work for Haiti, and the Haitian people, and not wasting your time pledging adherence to a Party or a man.