Caribbean news in English

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Charles Arthur
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Caribbean news in English

Post by Charles Arthur » Tue Sep 06, 2005 8:32 am

Announcing a new service provided by AlterPresse, the alternative Haitian news agency - Caribbean news in English.

Eye on the Caribbean is a brief review of news from the Caribbean region: politics, economics, the environment, human rights, refugees, and culture.

Recent topics covered include: Caribbean reactions to Hurricane Katrina; the end of the St Kitts sugar industry; a Jamaican journalist's advice on battling HIV/AIDS; Cuban women's call for political representation; and Trinidad and Tobago's soccer World Cup hopes.

Eye on the Caribbean is realised by Charles Arthur, and is provided in a partnership between the Haiti Support Group and AlterPresse as a cont
ribution to Haiti's greater integration within the Caribbean region.

The Haiti Support Group is a British solidarity organisation working in support of the Haitian people's struggle for human rights, participatory democracy and equitable development - since 1992.

AlterPresse is a Haitian alternative information network launched in 2001 by the Groupe Medialternatif. AlterPresse covers news of the political process, the economy, social movements, human rights groups, development organisations, and cultural issues - in French, Creole, Spanish - and now English.

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