American Justice in Haiti

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American Justice in Haiti

Post by admin » Sat Jul 23, 2005 2:03 pm

Common Sense by John Maxwell
[quote]American Justice in Haiti
John Maxwell
In Port au Prince, Haiti, the most important man is the American Ambassador, Mr Thomas Foley. It was he, accompanied by a detachment of US Marines, who arrived before dawn in February last year, to ‘assist' the lawfully elected President of the country to leave. The President called it a kidnapping, and it is hard to see how else it could be described.

Now, Mr Foley has done a good deed. He has apparently arranged that the Catholic priest, Fr. Gerard Jean Juste, will not be summarily executed by the assassins who now rule Haiti. Fr. Jean Juste went to Haiti on a visit last week and was arrested and beaten up by goons working for the government.

Fr. Jean Juste has been living in Miami since his release from prison in October last year. He went
back to Haiti to visit his flock after the UN mission –MINUSTAH – attacked and slaughtered an uncounted number of poor slum dwellers two weeks ago. He was then arrested, charged with something that happened in Haiti while he was in Miami, released, then beaten up when he attended a funeral, re-arrested and thrown into prison, this time, allegedly, for the murder of the journalist whose funeral he was attending. Also arrested was his friend, Professor Bill Quigley, an American professor of law. Action by Haitian activists in the United States has apparently gained the priest some security in his prison cell, but no one, except Ambassador Foley, can say whether he lives or dies within the next few days.


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