Tarzan et ses gentils "altermondialistes" sauvent

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Leonel JB

Post by Leonel JB » Sun Jul 10, 2005 3:32 am

D'apres ce texte, je me demande si on a un autre alternatif?

On peut passer toute une vie a parler de notre Afrocentrisme. Mais ca a prouve que l'Afrique reste toujours le continent le plus pauvre.-

je ne pourrais pas oser critiquer "Live 8". En bon anglais: What have I done for Africa lately?

On pourrait avoir ce concert a l'egard de n'importe quelle cause. Mais on a choisi l'Afrique. Personnellement, j'apprecie ce geste aussi noble.-

I always pick the right fight as far as I'm concerned.

Passer notre vie a contempler et parler de nos Cicatrices ne changera rien comme d'habitude.

Beggars can not be choosers, if I remember well. Correct me if I'm wrong.

Oui, le racisme existait et existe toujours. Oui, l'Afrique a ete et est exploitee par les blancs. Mais on ne doit pas refuser quand quelqu'un ethniquement different essaierait d'aider l'Afrique.

Perhaps Shanda has a better way
of helping!

I would like to ask all African descents for One thousand dollars to help the Motherland?

The truth, nothing but the truth,

Demagogues are not welcome.

L'union fait la force

Leonel JB

Post by Leonel JB » Mon Jul 11, 2005 4:13 am

Jaf, I would like to agree with you. But, on this issue, I can't. For the simple fact that a lot of Westerners gave their life for the causes of Africa, I did not and won't!

Let's take Bono, what will he gain for going overthere?

We need to make the difference between the Racist Government or administration of a Country (ies), versus their private citizens good deeds.-

Human beings are born selfish. Ourselves, we worry mostly about our immediate Relatives than anyone else. It's one of the reasons that we can save money or buy some material things (superflux) than really helping a suffering Human in Africa.

For someone to have a concert to raise money for Africa, I have to raise my hat to him or her. Of course, they are going to be criticized. But, personally, I can rely on my intellect to see what is right or wrong.

About reducing Africa's debt, or Haiti for instance, is up to whoever or whichever organiza
tion who lent the money. Any Country has the right to denying or accepting the loans. Everyone made their choices without reading the fine prints. That had happened to me and a lot of us. It is up to the bank to forego my loan or else. I can not say that the Credit card company has to wipe everything because I can not pay. IT is up to the Company. Noone forced me to take that loan or "Ponya".

This is Capitalism. You need to pay your debts. You can ask for a renegotiation, but it's up to the Lenders.

And I really think that some Afrocentric people think that African descent people are plainly stupid. For instance, they think that we were fooled on taking a loan or doing things that we were not supposed to do. Or thinking that the CIA infested our neighborhood with Crack Cocaine etc etc.

WE are smart like anyone else. We can make decisions like anyone else. It is an insult to think otherwise.

By the way, I regret a lot of past loans (student loans). But, I realize that I did not r
ead the fine prints thoroughly. Perhaps, I need to ask for debt reduction for those unfair loans.

I think a lot of Afrocentrists have low self esteem. If you read their fine prints, you will see evidence of their self Hatred???

L'union fait la force,

Leonel JB

Post by Leonel JB » Thu Jul 14, 2005 5:03 am

NO Jaf, I am not missing any point and I don't think it is ironic that the CIA infested Black neighborhoods. I think it is ironic when we are calling Fire instead of extinguishing it!

[quote]Yes, the problem is not them. They have already shown their intentions. The problem is "US Africans" who refuse to wake up to the harsh realities of a morally bancrupt world. We want to believe in benevolence that has never existed and never will.

Jaf, you really think that Africans are sleeping or psychologically handicapped. For, we are so immature to understand the very complex game that is playing...

I think again that you are wrong, my friend. We can spend our lifetime circling around the topic. Obviously, we have divergent views.

Myself, I will give credit where it is due without regards to race. And I will say it again, we have to worry about our enemies within. They could be Uncle to
ms who love to do the klan's jobs (if you know wanna mean), and the so-called Afrocentrists who are blaiming every white person for their misfortune or their own failures.-

Mwen met van nan vwal mwen, na pale pita.

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