Haiti Democracy Project Advice for Sham Elections

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Cali Ruchala

Post by Cali Ruchala » Tue Jul 12, 2005 11:58 am

[quote]His family relative, ***** *******, serves as the primary website programmer or an "independent contractor" for the Haiti Democracy Project. He receives an hourly wage of $75 for his programming services.[/quote]

Am I the only one feeling somewhat repelled by this? Who cares who he hires and who he doesn't and for how much--provided it's even true? It's one thing if he's having JC Duvalier over for tea and crumpets, quite another if his (nephew? cousin? brother? son?) designs his website.

In my opinion, the HDP could have been a powerful, sort of third party advocate, but the wed themselves unconditionally to Latortue. You could I guess call them the "Anybody But Aristide" Party. Some may say this was by design, but given where Morrell came from, I don't know. I pay as little attention as possible to "think tanks," which are all devoted to legitimizing propaganda in one form or another, and reli
ed upon by lazy journalists looking for the "expert" quote to seal their story.

In the past, Jim Morrell has stated that their entire budget is no more than a couple of thousand dollars. That might have changed. While I'd like to know if they're being supported by IRI, NDI (please don't pretend they're any different, because they're not), or working on various contracts for USAID, this article doesn't help much. It's actually the equivalent of "Many men beat their wives, but it's not clear that Mr. Smith does."

[quote]In early April of 2005 Chris Morrell deleted the Haiti Democracy Project's online message board due to the postings of "Lavalas supporters".[/quote]

Or, possibly, because nobody ever posted there, which sort of suggests something about how influential they were.

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