Kiskeya fait concurrence à Métropole: la voix des MRE

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Post by admin » Sat Jun 25, 2005 5:29 pm

Jaf, I know that you don't have much time these days. Two small kids, and perhaps working on the third one... but come on, man! In a courtroom situation, I would protest: "Your honor, he is leading the witness!"

Your own commentary is limited to one phrase, and it precedes the article that you offer to our examination. You know our preferred protocol : First, present the evidence, as a stand-alone entry (so everyone has a chance to make up their mind about it independently, if even for a brief moment), then you advance your own conclusions (however brief !)

Instead, this is what you have done: You have presented your verdict in the title of the thread ("la voix des MRE"); your conclusion is then followed by your commentary ("Sa k ta di sa pou Kiskeya?"); and finally you present an article that is meant to support your previously announced conclusion ("Kiskeya fait concurrence à Métropole: la voix des MRE").

Now perhaps, we
should try doing it backwards, as that leads to less political grandstanding, deeper analysis of the issue, and more solid argumentation of whatever differences there may be with others that have a different opinion.

Let me pass the ball back to you, but don't be so quick to shoot on goal. A few more passes may be necessary to make your goals unstoppable.

A few questions:

1) Are the elites in Haiti overwhelmingly MRE or is there also a significant non-MRE component?

2) IF there is, and if we accept that Kiskeya and Metropole are the voice of the MRE (media do switch allegiances, that's a fact of life everywhere) what radio stations are the organs of this non-MRE component (if any)?

3) Are they on a level playing field? I am not talking in terms of money, but in terms of exposure. For instance, if Kiskeya switched allegiances, has some other radio sprung in its place to make up for the loss?

4) What is your overall assessment of the media in Haiti at this moment
? Is a dialogue taking place at all, or is everyone talking past each other, as is usually the case in Haiti?

As for Kiskeya, let go, man! Rather than expressing regrets, you should just accept the situation for what it is and strategize around that knowledge, based on current values, in order to maximize the reach of your own message!

At least you know exactly where they stand. And that should be encouraged. One should be vastly more fearful of opponents that do not say a word.

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Post by admin » Sun Jun 26, 2005 12:25 am

Don't despair, Jaf! Gen moun ki renmen peyi a toujou.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

Antouka men yon ti blag pou aleje lèchoz:

Men Eta Peyi a

Yon ti moun yo rele TOTO mande papa li on jou:
"Papa ki sa ou ye, mwen we se ou ki pase tout lòd nan kay la?"
Papa l reponn: "mwen se gouvenman kay la"
Toto mande: "e manman m, ki sa li ye?"
Papa l reponn: "manman ou, se boujwazi a"
Toto: "e bòn lan papa, ki sa li ye?"
Papa: "La bonne represente le peuple."
Toto: e mwen papa ki sa mwen reprezante?"
Papa: "ou menm pitit mwen, ou se avni peyi a."

2 jou pase, e yon bon maten Toto kaka sou li, epi lap cheche
ou moun ki pou chanje rad li. Li rantre nan chanm manman li,
manman l ap domi. Li rantre nan chanm bòn lan, li wè papa l kap opere bòn lan.

Toto reflechi epi li di byen fò: "A bon, mwen konprann, boujwazi ap dòmi, gouvènman ap plimen pèp la, epi avni peyi a nan k

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

Vle pa vle, Jaf, odè sa tèlman monte, yap oblije leve siye Toto wi!

Leonel JB

Post by Leonel JB » Sun Jun 26, 2005 3:32 am

Ou retire seksyon blag la, epi wap voye monte!!!

Mwen renmen blag sa, Guy. Men se pou Avni la aprann siye kaka l pou kont li... Nan tout peyi, gouvEnman ap plimen PEP, men sel diferans, nan tiE mond lan yo pa peye pEp la byen. Men, Boujwazi sipoze ret je klE, veye GouvEnman pou l pa mache plimen pEp la e pi met kontwol sou lavni peyi a pou l pa ap grennen kaka tout kote l pase...

Going back to your question. I always thought and still think there is non MRE in the Haitian "Bourgeoisie". As I've said some times earlier, it is not easy for some of them to show their true Ideologies and standings on the issues. For, when you have so many of your acquaintances and siblings as MRE, it is not safe to voice your opinions.

Personnally, I think, myself and a lot of us like to generalize a group of people without a well thorough analysis. I think, it is wrong, and I am still working to change on that aspect.

My other question a
lso is this, Is MRE responsible for our situation right now?

How about some of the Masses, are they also contributing to Haiti's misery or misfortune (whatever, we may call it)?

Twop bagay kontribie ak pwoblem Ayiti. Bato a prEt pou koule, nou pa konn ki les ki kaptEnn ak Maren yo?

We need to act quickly, frankly, I don't wanna use the past anymore. We have a present and Future which are more important in the drowning of the Titanic...

WE HAVE TO MOVE FORWARD. How will I and a lot of us help this drowning Country?

Let's go forward to tackle our real problems, not MRE, Lavalas, Cats or Dogs. Sometimes, I dont even have a clue on how to help my Country?

We need to send a S.O.S.

L'union fait la force,

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