Members of the new 'national dialogue' commission

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Members of the new 'national dialogue' commission

Post by Charles Arthur » Wed Jun 01, 2005 5:53 am

Yvon Feuillé, Lavalas Family party Senator;

Goodwork Noël, member of Guy Philippe's Front de Reconstruction Nationale party and a former departmental police chief;

Max Beauvoir, one of country's best-known houngans (Vodou priests);

Joseph Gayot, former archbishop of Cap-Haitien;

Edouard Paultre, leader of the Haitian Protestant Federation, member of the Group of 184;

Mme Dominique Bazin, executive director of the Franco-Haitian Chamber of Commerce and Industry, member of the Group of 184;

Gérard Blot, leader of the Tèt Ansanm party, and former minister of public administration in the Aristide/Werleigh government,

Narcisse Fièvre, lecturer at the private Quiskeya University;

Yves Cadet, former minister of the environment in the Préval/Alexis government, and linked at that time to the Espace de Concertation coalition of centre-right parti

Mme Marie Mause Jeune, Kolektif Fanm Pou Developman;

Volvick Rémy Joseph, leader of the neo-Duvalierist party, the National Cooperative Action Movement (MKN), a former health minister under President Jean-Claude Duvalier, and a former member of the electoral council under President Aristide (2002-3);

Jean Robert Vaval, a member of the Konakom party and former minister of culture in the Préval/Alexis government.


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