Mass killing by Brazilian military police,in RIO.

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Mass killing by Brazilian military police,in RIO.

Post by Jonas » Sun Apr 03, 2005 9:40 am

Let's just hope that General Heleino Rubeiro didn't bring some of these "beasts" with him.




Rio de Janeiro, April 1

At least 30 people killed in drive-by shootings in two gritty working class suburbs late Thursday night and early Friday, in what the local authorities described as perhaps the worst blood bath in the history of this often violent metropolis.

At a news conference here on Friday, the secretary of public security for the state of Rio de Janeiro, Marcelo Itagiba, strongly hinted that the gunmen were military police officers angered by a recent campaign to crack down on police violence and corruption. Arrests of rogue officers may hav
e incited others "who do not know how to use uniforms and badges" to take reprisals against the civilian population they are supposed to defend, he said.

"We have an operation to weed out bad cops," Mr Itagiba added. "If this was the police, they will be the first ones to be exposed and unmasked, because they are not police officers, they are beasts.

Witnesses said the victims, who included a 7-year-old and some teenagers were mowed down by four men in a white car. Some of the dead were shot as they stood outside a carwash, while others were killed in front of a bar, at a Plaza called Bible Square, running toward a highway for safety or as they were simply walking down the street on an unseasonably warm autumn night.

Earlier this week, two men in the same area, one a convicted drug dealer, were abducted from a bar and killed, with the head of one of them then being thrown over a wall into a police station.

According to local
news accounts, surveillance cameras showed eight men, seven in police uniforms, driving up to the station and dumping the bodies.

On the basis of that information, eight military police officers were arrested on Wednesday.

Rights groups in Brazil and abroad have long criticized police forces here for their violent behavior, including dozens of summary executions. In recent years, accusations that the police offer protection to and take bribes from the drug gangs that control Rio's slums have also proliferated.

Until Thursday's mass killing, which local news organizations immediately begin calling a "slaughter" and "massacre", the most notorious act of violence here had occurred in 1993.
In that incident, 21 people were killed in a squatter slum, in what the authorities later said was retaliation for the killing of a group of police officers reportedly involved in drug trafficking there.

A few weeks before that, gunmen sprayed bullets at 45 street children who were sleeping o
utside a downtown church here, killing 8 of them. Military police officers were also accused of carrying out those killings, but three of the six charged were absolved by a jury more than a decade later... [/quote]

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Post by admin » Sun Apr 03, 2005 11:13 am

Jonas, have you seen the movie "City of God" ? If you have not, try to rent it.

Are these the forces that are going to pacify Cité Soleil?

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