Info on 3/29 Demonstration and MINUSTAH's role

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Info on 3/29 Demonstration and MINUSTAH's role

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Forwarded by the Haitian Lawyers' Leadership Network

[quote]Today's demonstration-MINUSTAH supports the murderous police once again

Info on Demonstration shared by someone in Haiti:

I just saw Radio Ginen's footage of today's events. This is what was shown (just the facts, no editorializing):

Apparently, things broke down when Gen. Heleno (shown on camera with an army helmet) claiming that MINUSTAH's demonstration permit (shown on camera) was not valid because the demonstrators had not simultaneously informed BOTH MINUSTAH and the PNH with the necessary advance notice. MINUSTAH alone does not suffice.

The demonstration's organizers then made the argument that they cannot be filing the permit request with the PNH when it is the same PNH that is gunning demonstrators down at demonstrations.

The argument became heated and high-volume,
with choice words exchanged, after which Heleno declared "It's your country, not mine. I'm not the legal authority here, the PNH is. You must recognize their authority," and the crowd chanting "MINUSTAH must go" before Heleno retreated to his vehicle.

The demonstration continued, but MINUSTAH blocked off the planned demonstration pathway, and the crowd could not get to the Palace area. (Final destination was Constitution Square, near the Palace (Champ de Mars).) Chaos ensued, shooting, several people injured with gunshot wounds, apparently from MINUSTAH.

Gen. Heleno (in a military helmet) to the organizers of the demonstration: "This demonstration permit is annuled, because you didn't file an exact copy with the police." "The PNH is the legal institution of Haiti, that you must recognize."

When asked about inquiries into the fatal shootings by the PNH into the crowd at previous demonstrators): "That's not my problem. That's not our problem."

When asked what MINUSTAH is doi
ng in Haiti, angry response: "I work very hard for your security, and you are now troubling public order."
(Shown leaving)

Demonstrators: 'MINUSTAH completely dispersed the demo. People are frustrated, MINUSTAH didn't let people demonstrators. Juan Gabriel Valdes gave the assurance allowing the people to demonstrate, and it's not being respected. There is a "kouri" (free-for-all). MINUSTAH's spokesperson assured us security, along the route we planned with MINUSTAH. That was our program, to demand that the constitution be respected. MINUSTAH shot tear gas and crushed the demonstration. Shooting is occurring. MINUSTAH is firing on us. Latortue asked us for 48 hour notice. We gave them 72. Why are they shooting us?

The constitution is 18 years old. Today, all Haitians celebrating the 18th year, but it's desolaton and insecurity. The occupiers and the sell-outs are holding the country's hostage. (Micha Gaillard, Paul Denis, 184.) "Social contract" = Journalists, Police, students are dying,
no one has security, any way Latortue and Boniface are giving the country away to US,C,F, but the final victory will be for the people in struggle.'


Forwarded by the Haitian Lawyers' Leadership Network[/quote]

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