Haiti Democracy report on Haiti: a brief summary

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Post by admin » Thu Mar 17, 2005 8:20 am

[quote]On the contrary, they are always blasting the police, while they are being pro-Aristide. The press reports show that the MINUSTHA is anti HNP (Haitian National Police) and frankly pro-Aristide. Referring to the shooting by police on Feb 28, he says that he had read it in the news, but the Aristide people had a lot of guns in the crowd. In any case, the police says that it did not do it. [/quote]

Wow! This US Ambassador must truly have gone to Haiti with an open mind!

The MINHUSTA is pro-Aristide (somehow Aristide must be paying their salaries!) The Haitian police says it did not do it... that's all the proof you need, guys.

Saddam Hussein did say he did not have weapons of mass destruction, but no one in the Bush administration listened to him, as they were too fascinated with their own lies. But if the HNP said they did not shoot, then clearly they must be telling
the truth!

I hope that critical thinking will survive these very strange times we are living.

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