What's happening with the elections?

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Leonel JB

Post by Leonel JB » Tue Mar 15, 2005 5:14 am

Maintenant revenons a nos moutons!

Jean-Marie, we gonna have election in November which is in seven to eight months. How many Presidential candidates so far?

How many Political parties involved? What will happen to Lavalas while almost everyone is asking for the return of Aristide?

Georges Bush would enjoy a such popularity...

What made the previous elections so wrong which will differ in November?

A la traka ak "NEW WORLD ORDER" sa...

Gwo Peyi= Demokraci

It seems like they have a special democratic pill or drugs, just put it in intravenously then every country will be democratic, their way...

I agree with everything that you've stated before, Jean-Marie. But, like I said, we need to neutralize the carcinogenic forces which are: The military (grenn nan bouda{jis pou pep ayisyen, yo pap janm batay ak lot moun ak zam}), Makout, MRE, and most of all IntElektyel ti sousou etc...

The qu
estion is: is it possible? Can we have a real Revolution in Haiti? How long this would take?

It is not easy to work with people who hate your guts. I am referring to this scorn that the Elite has vis a vis du peuple ou masses in Haiti.

Watch my word, I wouldn't be surprised to see a very unpopular President in November. A la GBush. A Apaid by American demand???

Everything is possible. A year ago a democratically elected President was kidnapped by Foreign Forces and there is nothing that we could do about it.
La Raison du plus Fort demeure toujours la Meilleure, that is the motto of the most influential countries.

In real life ,today, David can not defeat Goliath...

L'union fait la Force!

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