Le Grand Sud sur fond de Crise politique...

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Post by T-dodo » Wed Mar 02, 2005 8:51 pm


Thank you for posting this piece. Again, it is not only people of Jeremie who appreciate the beauty of our beloved city. Non-Jeremians do, as well. But, Marcus, I assume he wrote this, exagerated when he said that all the streets in Jérémie were paved with ardoquin. The city would have been much nicer if this was true. In reality, it is mostly the neighborhoods of Bordes, Rochasse, La Source and Caracoli to Ste Helène that are paved. I will forgive him for being overtaken by the beauty of the city where I breathed my first fresh air.

Malheureusement, le centre-ville n'est pas asphalté, au moins quand j'y étais in October. C'est très difficile de penser qu'on a pu asphalter toute une ville en Haiti en moins de six mois. But, like many other people who visited our dear city, its beauty made an impression on him. Let's hope someone with vision - Haitians were not doted with much of that, unfortunately - in Haiti would se
e his editorial and decide to take advantage of the natural beauty of the place.


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