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Food for thought

Post by DPean » Wed Mar 02, 2005 11:53 am

Somebody wrote "U.N. forces are in Haiti to protect the interests of the U.S. and its allies or partners in crime (foreign and local)". What are those interests? I would like to know. If it was to be defined in medical terms, Haiti is on life support. We produce practically nothing. We just consume. Tourists do not come to Haiti. We do not have anything anyone wants. As a result, Haiti cannot support its population and Haitians are fighting each other for the crumbs. Somebody says "Haiti is divided between the oppressors and the oppressed". I would say "Haiti is divided between those who are in and those who are out”. Those who are in do not want to trade places with those who are out. The youth has lost hope and corruption is widespread.

The problems of Haiti are numerous and a lot of resources are needed. If these resources were made available, I seriously doubt they would not be squandered. It really does not matter
who is in charge. I do not trust the so-called Haitian (morally repugnant) elite. The providers of the funds have a lot to say on the uses of those funds. They may have their own agenda, and those funds might not be put in use to solve Haiti's critical problems.

Some 20 years ago, when Jean-Claude Duvalier left Haiti, many people had hopes for Haiti. I remember people say that Haiti had reached the bottom and things can only improve. “Anyone who takes power now has to be better than the guy who just left.” It seems that we have not reached bottom yet. Today, many people had lost hope. Many people now refer nostalgically to the Duvalier era as Haiti's good old time.

Another strange factor is that the same thing that was happening in 1986 in Haiti was happening in the Philippines. While Haiti has been stepping in one place and moving backward, the Philippines have moved on. One might think it is a racial problem.

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Post by Jonas » Fri Mar 04, 2005 4:33 am

[quote]One might think it is a racial problem.[/quote]

You lost me there. Last time I looked, our neighbors, the Island of Jamaica with its life expectancy of 76 years and 87% literacy rate, and Barbados with its 97% literacy rate, all have all-black governments.

It's not racial, it's cultural.


Re: U.N. forces in Haiti

Post by Gelin_ » Fri Mar 04, 2005 3:59 pm

[quote]U.N. forces are in Haiti to protect the Gold and Copper described in the Canadian Geological Report. [/quote]
Poko......Te gen on ansyen misyonè ki tap travay nan zòn Hinche nan platosantral.....chak semenn dèyè ti djip "land rover" a toujou chaje ak on bann sak tè lap pote potoprens. Pyès moun pa janm mande l dekiprevyen. Poudi.....?


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