Bazin calls for inclusion of Fanmi Lavalas

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Charles Arthur
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Bazin calls for inclusion of Fanmi Lavalas

Post by Charles Arthur » Mon Feb 21, 2005 1:04 pm

[quote]Port-au-Prince, February 8, 2005 (AHP)- The leader of the MIDH party (Movement for the Establishment of Democracy in Haiti) Marc Bazin, indicated Tuesday that no serious election is possible in Haiti without Lavalas, which constitutes the majority party.

There are many people who are way off base as they attempt to have people believe that Lavalas is no longer popular, said Bazin.

"I could act like certain other political leaders, but I myself am a realist, I am willing to see the reality in front of me", said the MIDH leader. He explained that he has met with many people who do not express themselves in public. "The majority of them are sympathetic to Lavalas", he observed, adding that a dialogue is indispensable. [/quote]

I never thought there would come a time when Bazin appears as one of the most sensible political leaders in Haiti - says a lot ab
out the rest of them....

Leonel JB

Post by Leonel JB » Tue Feb 22, 2005 5:49 am

I would like to disagree with you sometimes, but you are always right as far as I'm concerned. You are so clean with your observations. Pa gen trou vid.

I guess Bazin is very well coached as a Politician. But, no one is asking for the return of the democratically elected President so far. Tout moun vle fE on kou tou.

Selections seem to be the way to go in Haiti a la GBush, Apaid-Boulos, Ti Jandam-Zenglendo/Makout.

Sa m wE pou Ayiti, Antwàn nan Gomye pa wè l. Renmen tout kab pèdi tout wi...

L'union fait la Force!

Charles Arthur
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What's so great about JBA?

Post by Charles Arthur » Wed Feb 23, 2005 2:08 pm

Marilyn wrote:
[quote]One of the stated goals of U.S. Foreign Policy, this time around, is to embrace Lavalas WITHOUT Aristide.

And some folks will surely fall for the ploy.

There were many, many problems with the Fanmi Lavalas Party government of 2000-2004. One of those problems was the attempt to create the cult of Titid.

Really, it is a disgrace that so many young people have given - are giving - their energy, their lives, to the service of this cult.

Yes, I admit that individuals can represent political ideas and movements, but Aristide - certainly since 1994 on - was no Lenin, not even a Castro. Please can we lay this myth to rest.

What is it that Titid has done for the 85% majority, apart from abolish the FAD'H?....The increased number of new state schools, thanks Rene Preval and his OPL government. The HIV/AIDS initiatives, thanks Paul F
armer. The literacy campaign, show me some evidence - not propaganda. The agrarian reform - nothing. Support for peasant organisations - nothing. Support for workers and trade unions - nothing. Support for the informal sector - the pyramid savings scheme collapse. An end to corruption - nothing. An end to impunity - nothing . And on and on...

If Fanmi Lavalas has something to offer, let's hear what it is. Sadly, all we have ever heard is 'Aristide for 5 years', 'Aristide for life'. Now all we ever hear is 'Aristide must return.' Is that it?

Leonel JB

Post by Leonel JB » Thu Feb 24, 2005 4:41 am

Charles, believe me. I am not trying to defend Aristide. But, there is something very clear and that is: THE MAN WAS DEMOCRATICALLY ELECTED.-

WE have to stop with this "Coup d'Etat 's mentalite" (If we don't like a President, we have to replace him forcefully.)

By the way, I believe there was a Financial embargo on his administration. How was it possible to push his programs forward?

Why this hatred towards this man? Maybe, Jean Claude D. was doing better based on what I've read from a lot of Aristide'Haters???

I didn't like the guy before, but now with the opposition inabilities to present a real motive or argument. I think that I was wrong.

[quote]Aristide was no Lenin, not even CASTRO[/quote]

What do you mean by NOT EVEN CASTRO?


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