Bush administration tries to suppress evidence

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Leonel JB

Post by Leonel JB » Sat Feb 12, 2005 12:14 am

Zanf, this report does not surprise me or a lot of us. Although, I may say that, America or Americans were and are still being duped by the worst administration. The most incompetent group of people.

People need to wake up, man. This administration would not care to have a few thousand dead people on behalf of their political agenda.

Remember, their approval rate was very low prior to Sept. 11th. Their domestic and foreign programs were a complete F-. Even though, they still have the same grade as far as I'm concerned. But, for a lot of Americans, this administration had given them their "Freedom and Liberty" (how ever absurd this sounds).

Until today, I believe that they could have stopped the success or Tragedy of that horrible and dreadful day (Sept. 11th)?

Sept. 10th was enough to stop the progression of the next day. They ( Bushies) know that, it was possible for the great US of A to ground every plane on Sept.1
1th, and arrest the already suspected Hijackers?

Well, people, Politicians are very dirty. They only care about their approval rates and big Corporations. They do care about you and I, or any soldier in Iraq or elsewhere. Our life means nothing to them. Maybe, one day the Truth will come out or all truth. Even the real cause of Arafat's death?


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