Latest Human Rights Report on Haiti

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Post by Jonas » Fri Jan 21, 2005 5:48 pm


Wi monchè si yon nonm pa gen yon "strong stomach" (kòm ameriken di l), ou pa gade foto sa yo.

Rapò sa a, genlè deja ap mete lespri ti nèg an boulatya, piske mwen sot tande MARVEL DANDIN sou RADYO KISKEYA, ki ap chache diskredite rapò an.

Misye deja di se yon avoka ki te manm fondasyon ARISTIDE POU DEMOKRASI, ki ede mete rapò an deyò.

Sou menm woulib lan, mwen pa ta kwè ke Radyo Kiskeya ta ka rive si ba.

Yo jwenn mwayen pou yo rapòte yon nouvèl, ak kòm sous Harry Joseph.

Dapre nouvèl lan, ta sipoze gen de santèn nan patizan Aristide yo, ki ap antrene nan Dominikani ak yon peyi Karikòm, ke l pa nonmen e moun sa yo ta sipoze, dapre JOSEPH, debake an Ayiti pou al kreye dezòd, pou yo sa retounen Aristide sou pouvwa.

Pou moun ki konnen nèg Harry Joseph sa a, ki te gen yon emisyon radyo nan Nouyòk, ki te konn voye monte kont Aristide ak de manti si tèlman ekstravagan, ke pa t gen anpil moun ki te k
onn pran misye oserye.

Se nèg sa a, yon pwòch Ray Joseph (Ayiti Obsèvatè) ke mesye defakto yo nonmen vis-konsil nan Sen Domeng e se li ke Radyo Kiskeya pran kòm sous.

Marvel Dandin pa fouti di li pa konn kilès Harry Joseph ye.

Sa k rive mesye sa yo menm?


Leonel JB

Post by Leonel JB » Sat Jan 22, 2005 12:40 pm

Serge, komanman ou fè m sezi ak foto sa yo...

Mwen reyèlman pa konn kisa m ta di.

Ou pa bezwen lavalas, pou w wè kalite krim sa yo. Ou pa bezwen lavalas, pou w konprann enjistis kap pase a.

Mwen ta renmen konnen oumenm ki ansyen jandam, divalyeris, latortiyis, apaidis, makout, koudetayis, sa w panse de krim sa yo?

Sak mouri yo eske se moun ouswa se bèt yo ye?

Lè yo tap bay moun pè lebrun, nou te rele byen fò "Se sovajri". Kounyè ya chat pran lang nou. Nou pap di oun mo.

Serge, se reyalite, ou byen fèt mete yo pou n ka genyen oun ide de sa kap pase sou Latòti/Apaid/Bush ak teroris an Ayiti.

L'Union fait la Force.


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Post by admin » Tue Jan 25, 2005 9:59 am

Very considerate post, Michel, with a good line of suggestions. I agree with your approach. In the times that we live, most battles are fought in the media. Who controls the media generally determines the outcome.

That is certainly true of this U.S. administration in spite of its very grave failings. They understood right away that in order to repeat their electoral selection, they had to control the Press and they did it with abandon. A round of applause for Michael Powell! He did his job masterfully. I think he outshines his dad, in the sense that he asserted himself much more, while his dad just deferred to the neo-conservatives (Rumsfeld, Wolfowitz, Rice, and co.) while trying to keep the aura of the good guy. Whereas Colin appeared to resist initially all of Bush's unjust policies (like in Haiti and Iraq), you could safely predict that somewhere along the way, he would retreat... and he always did. I understa
nd that was part of the overall game. But Colin's image has been irremediably dented. Michael, on the other hand! Why, the world could go to hell in a handbasket, but he would make sure that we will not be treated to another wardrobe malfunction for this coming Super Bowl. God, what would happen to the troops in Iraq, if amid all the usual bump and grind on display every year during the Super Bowl half-time show, we were suddenly treated to a panties malfunction, the world would come to an end!! All those soldiers in Iraq would have died in vain. (Janet Jackson, please, you can still do it, but not on network television! You don't have a venue? Well, there's my living room...for a start.)

No, Michael Powell was a super-hero! He fined and slashed his way through the regulations. He would allow the most intense consolidation of the media in anyone's memory (See It's the Media, stupid!). And just by coincidence that heroic consolidation happened to favor the party in power. lucky can Bush get? (See Mainstream media finally displays true colors Advantage: Bush. Advantage: the War on Iraq. Advantage: the crudest violations of immigrants' rights in the State of Florida. Advantage: the continued repression of Lavalas partisans in Haiti. Advantage: the neoconservative agenda. Advantage: the Military Industrial Complex, because a majority of the little guys think that it truly stands for their special interest, be it homophobia, the slashing of taxes (the undying, constantly renewed, irresistible promise), prayer in public schools, et cetera. Advantage: the Republican Party, because they seem to have always understood better than the Democrats how the game is really played .

It's the media, stupid.

A report is only good, if there are people to read it, and to republish it, and to rebroadc
ast it, and to comment on it, and to organize around it, etc.

The best academic research on human rights is only that, academic, if we don't take action to let the world see it.

How much help would have actually been sent to tsunami victims if those terrible images had not saturated the media?

In Haiti, the media seems only interested in the bad negro politics, the negroes who don't have the wherewithal to master the art of Western democracy. According to U.S. rules of the game, with the exotic Caribbean flavor, of course.

But as Michel has suggested, it's up to us to let them know that two can play at this game. Sure, the media will not be interested to report truthfully on the gravest violations of human rights in Haiti since they re-engineered democracy for us on February 29, 2004. Since Aristide was directly responsible for the most egregious of human rights violations in Haiti during his term, we must then have a
tropical paradise now in Haiti... just as we do in Iraq! Damn, life must be good after Aristide and after Saddam Hussein. The U.S. is spreading freedom, repeat after me "f-r-e-e-d-o-m", throughout the world. They broke the Axis of Evil, now they are going to tackle the Outposts of Tyranny. Let's go to the videotape! (Thanks to Michael, baby, we'll only show you what is good for you.)

Until enough of us throw back to their faces the realities of our lives.

Until we say no more...

Come on, Janet, you can dance for me! What's that strange thing you're wearing? Can I take a closer look? Don't be afraid, Michael Powell is not watching... you can go back to following the script they had written for you. Another malfunction would be more than welcome, because there are so many realities we would prefer to dismiss.

Wouldn't we all ?

Charles Arthur
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Post by Charles Arthur » Tue Jan 25, 2005 10:03 am

Michel Nau asks: [quote]Should we wait for the mainstream Human Rights Organizations such as Amnesty International, Human Rights Watch, and the United Nations Human Rights to submit their 2004 report?[/quote]

I say why wait? Amnesty International's annual report is still being written, but they have already issued reports that are highly critical of the extent of human rights violations under the interim government (see below). Human Rights Watch has already issued its annual report: ... of=ENG-HTI ... of=ENG-HTI

Charles Arthur


Post by Gelin_ » Tue Jan 25, 2005 11:47 am

Rapò sa a di anpil anpil, mèsi serge.

Men foto yo montre aklè sa k ap pase frè nou yo ak sè nou yo. Se nan on sikonstans konsa ou tande kèk moun ki gen lekouraj pou kouri bri se ke madichon bondye ki sou peyi dayiti.


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