The 'political class' likes the idea of money for nothing

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Charles Arthur
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The 'political class' likes the idea of money for nothing

Post by Charles Arthur » Mon Jan 17, 2005 2:06 pm

Signal FM web site news item dated 12 January 2005:

"The political class is reacting favourably to the proposed idea of funding for political parties. The leader of KID welcomed Prime Minister Latortue's declarations on the subject with some satisfaction. Evans Paul hopes however that the international community would involve itself directly in this kind of funding, and asks the government to make sure that the international aid money received for political parties is disbursed without any favouristism.

For his part, Hubert de Ronceray suggests that the goverenment's intention to financially assist the political parties is in line with reasonable expectations of its duties. The leader of the Grand Front Centre-Droit expressed his satisfaction and hopes that the Prime Minister Gérard Latortue keeps to his word.

In the same vein, the leader of the Front pour la Reco
nstruction Nationale says he shares Gérard Latortue's idea. For Guy Philippe, it's a good idea if the international community agrees. This financial assistance would help all parties involved in the coming elections to organise themselves better. However, Guy Philippe is worried that the international community will favour some parties over others."

Charles Arthur writes: That is my rapid translation from the French. All those 'radio politicians' - ones who are good for endless quotes but don't actually bother to draw up any programme, let alone present it to the electorate - are licking their lips at the thought of the possible pay-outs.

My question is why stop there? Presumably, Leopold Berlanger and his 'impartial election observers' will be getting a fair whack too. Why not get the international community to fund those who are planning to vote, as well as those planning to put up candidates? Why not fund those foreign media outfits planning to report on the elections? Why not pay
all of us on the Windowsonhaiti forum to speculate about the elections? What better way to use the loans that future generations of poor Haitians will have to pay back? What a joke!

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