Haiti Debt

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Leonel JB

Post by Leonel JB » Thu Jan 13, 2005 3:55 am

Excuse me Michel,

"THE Senate represents Haiti".

Michel, sorry to tell you that, GW University obviously did not teach about Haitian Politics...

Which government that you are refering to: Duvalier or Aristide. For the latter, everyone knows that he did not receive MONEY from the Gods of the Earth. There was an embargo, to catalyze his failure.

Duvalier and Senate, I don't think that you are suggesting anything here.

Perhaps you're talking about Boniface/Latortue (Youri). Representing the people, you are really funny my friend.

Marylin, I always enjoy your threads on Haiti. You show me that you really understand what is going on. Great job, Sister!

L'union Fait la Force

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