A Patrick Elie Interview (with Jafrikayiti)

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A Patrick Elie Interview (with Jafrikayiti)

Post by admin » Wed Oct 20, 2004 1:29 am

Listen to...

Patrick Elie radio interview with Jafrikayiti on October 17, 2004. It is broken in several small segments encoded in wma sound format :
  • segment 1[/*:m]
  • segment 2[/*:m]
  • segment 3[/*:m]
  • segment 4[/*:m]
  • segment 5[/*:m]
  • segment 6[/*:m]
  • segment 7[/*:m]
  • segment 8[/*:m]
  • segment 9[/*:m]
  • segment 10[/*:m]
If your PC is sound-equipped and you still cannot hear any sound, be sure to download and install an mp3/wma audio player, such as Windows Media Player, available at no cost.

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