What the National Lawyer's Guild says about CARLI

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What the National Lawyer's Guild says about CARLI

Post by admin » Thu Apr 22, 2004 10:59 am

[quote]-CARLI has an IFES and USAID-sponsored Hotline for victims of human rights abuses. CARLI then publishes a list each month of the names of the abusers using conclusory language condemning the person for the acts (typically murder and attempted murder) and calling for their immediate arrest.

-There is no evidence that CARLI conducts any investigation before condemning the named person. The person condemned to the list is never contacted to answer to the allegations.

-CARLI insisted that it conducts a thorough investigation of each of the 60 to 100 monthly calls and verifies all information beyond a reasonable doubt before publicly condemning a person by naming him/her, CARLI has no full time staff, there are only two lawyers at the office, and all are volunteers.

n-The February list contained the names of approximately 85 human rights violators against whom calls were made in February, and their political affiliations. All were Lavalas supporters or HNP.

-Prior lists observed also contained only people named who are deemed by the list to be Lavalas supporters.

-Completed hotline intake forms observed used terms such as supporter of the dictator Aristide.

-CARLI leaflets issued to the public to publicize the hotline are written in French, not Creole.

-CARLI insists that it will investigate cases involving Lavalas victims, but admits that none have come forward.

-CARLI gives that list to the police, other government agencies, USAID, and the U.S. Embassy, and other copies are distributed to the public. The lists contains the name and party affiliation of the condemned, but does not contain their home addresses.

-CARLI was asked if it would consider ceasing the publication of the list because it was forcing innocent people i
nto hiding and to fear for their lives, preventing people from returning to their jobs and schools, and, as a non-judicial forum, was creating the possibility of a extra-judicial execution squads, and non-judicial arrest warrants. CARLI refused.

-The Delegation met with people who are now in hiding because their names appear on the CARLI list. All deny being involved in any human rights abuses, and insist that the list exists to serve the political ends of the opposition and to instill fear. [/quote]

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