What the National Lawyer's Guild says about NCHR

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What the National Lawyer's Guild says about NCHR

Post by admin » Thu Apr 22, 2004 10:55 am

[quote]-NCHR is a well-funded and equipped human rights agency that purports to take all cases, regardless of political affiliation.

-NCHR however, could not name a single case in which a Lavalas supporter was a victim.

-NCHR took the delegation into a large meeting room where the wall was adorned with a large wanted poster featuring Aristide and his cabinet, in small photos, across the top. It named Aristide a dictator guilty of human rights abuses. Among a long list of other charges, it condemned him for the murder of John Dominique and included a large photo of Dominique's dead body. The poster calls for the arrest and imprisonment of Aristide and his associates.

-The Delegation suggested that NCHR's neutrality and inclusiveness might be better expressed with additio
nal posters condemning, for example, FRAPH, Jodel Chamblain, Jean Tatoune Baptiste, Ti Kenley, etc. While the Director and the staff acknowledged the existence of all of those named, they laughed at the suggestion of adding other wanted posters to the office.

-The Delegation noted that many of the newsletters, open letters, and advisories available in the NCHR waiting room refer to Aristide as a dictator and that none of them concern abuses against supporters of the elected government or Lavalas.

-NCHR was asked if they would investigate the 1000 bodies dumped and buried by the morgue during the last few weeks at Titanye, and the alleged malfunctioning of the refrigeration at the morgue. The director and his staff denied ever knowing about these events, laughed, and said none of it was true.

-NCHR was asked if it would investigate the dumped bodies at Piste D'Aviation. The director and his staff laughed and denied that it was true. The Delegation then showed NCHR the photographs we ha
d taken of the ashes and fresh human skeletons. In response, the NCHR director told us that the General Hospital routinely dumps bodies at the Piste D'Aviation.[/quote]

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