CARICOM and the new government

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CARICOM and the new government

Post by Hyppolite » Fri Mar 19, 2004 9:06 am

I am concerned that the new Latortue government may have put Haiti's economy on a wobbly path to say the least, by suggesting that they may even have to pull out of the CARICOM. Some members of the business class suggest that Cuba and the Dominican Republic, the two larger nations in the Caribbean, are not members of CARICOM and are not interested to. But they are at the same time ignoring some very important issues:

-Cuba and the Dominican Republic, although geographically close to us, are Spanish-speaking countries and also culturally and linguistically parts of the Latin American region, much more so than the Caribbean.
-Also, the Latin American market is much larger than that of the Caribbean with bigger countries and populations than the Caribbean and therefore, more products to sell and more profit to make.
Consequently, it makes perfect sense for these two countries (Cuba and the DR) to be memb
ers of SELA (Systema Econónomico LatinoAmericana), than to be members of
mostly former British colonies in the region smaller in size and population than Haiti.

Interestingly enough, because Haiti is also considered a "Latin American country", the only one in the region with strong Afro influence, we are also members of SELA. I am not sure how active we are but one can verify this claim by clicking on this link:

I understand that Latortue is an economist and based on his initial decisions, I suspect that he had earned at least parts of these credentials. But I am not sure that his attack on CARICOM because Aristide is in Jamaica are neither justified, nor beneficial to the business class in Haiti in the longterm, should he remain president (sorry, Prime Minister) for the next 20 or so months.

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