Hear the drumbeat for the restitution of the Haitian Army

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Hear the drumbeat for the restitution of the Haitian Army

Post by admin » Thu Mar 18, 2004 8:24 am

[quote]17 March - New Interior minister, ex-General Herard Abraham, told the AP that a Haitian army could help a multinational force disarm the population. Abraham said a commission will study how to recreate the army - a corrupt and brutal force before Aristide disbanded it in 1995. "With the instability and the amount of guns that are spread around the country, we need a force that can proceed with disarmament," Abraham said. Canada sent 170 more soldiers to Haiti on Wednesday, joining more than 2,600 U.S., French and Chilean troops.

The peacekeepers launched a nationwide disarmament campaign with a ceremony in the vast harbor-side slum of Cite Soleil - an event marked by residents' demands that Aristide return. Residents handed over more than 50 assault rifles, pistols and shotguns to a small convoy of French troops accompanied by Haitian police. "This is the people's
initiative," said Col. Daniel LePlatois. "We're hoping that all the slums will adopt the same position."

"The incentive for us is that we're hoping Jean-Bertrand Aristide will return," said 25-year-old Jondek Chery as he surrendered a sub-machine gun. "But if not, we'd rather have (foreign troops) here than the former army." (AP)[/quote]

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