Thank you for caring! (Note from Jean Saint-Vil)

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Thank you for caring! (Note from Jean Saint-Vil)

Post by admin » Sat Mar 06, 2004 2:07 pm

"What I seek to accomplish is simply to serve with my feeble capacity truth and justice at the risk of pleasing no one." Albert Einstein (his last written statement found April 18, 1955)

Dear colleagues,

I know that you are saddened to see the nightmarish violence that is currently engulfing my native Haiti (so far members of my immediate family seem to have been spared). Some of you have already expressed your sympathies to me. I sincerely thank you for this and would feel ungrateful if I did not take this opportunity to share with you what I know about it all. I think such info may help us all better understand the situation and cope with it.

Below is an article published this morning in the french paper "Liberation" which explains how the Haitian President was effectively kidnapped by U.S. Marines and taken to the air at gunpoint in the ea
rly hours of Feb 29th.

«Il ne voulait pas partir, les Américains l'ont forcé»

lundi 01 mars 2004

One of the sad elements of this current situation is the fact that our tax dollars are, as we speak, being misused to feed us lies and half-truths on a daily basis about what our elected leaders and their representatives abroad are doing IN OUR NAMES !. Radio-Canada, although well aware of the conditions surrounding this scandalous coup d'état and kidnapping very early on, still continues to push the official "resignation" lie. Just like it took 40 years for us "common folks" to learn how the Congo's Patrice Lumumba was assassinated by order of the Belgians and the Americans (by then all the criminals were in their 90s).

Before you read the next text, which I published in November 2002, please realise that people like myself who are resolved to call into account the States of France, the United States of North-America, The Unit
ed Kingdom etc... for the crimes they have committed and continue to commit against Africans everywhere, we do make the important distinction between what "states" have done in the name of their citizens from what individuals themselves do and are responsible for. There are many non-Africans, whites or otherwise who have done and continue to do courageous and tremendous good towards Africans and vice versa. General Romero D'allaire who with exemplary courage recently wrote "shaking hands with the devil" about his gut-wrenching experience in Rwanda, Dr. Paul Farmer in Haiti ( ) are only two of many such individuals. A colleague told me the other day how ashamed she felt to learn the following from me: France, after exploiting the Africans of Haiti over 300 years of racial slavery, having lost the battle of Vertières (November 18, 1803) which liberated the Africans who then proceeded to create the free Republic of Haiti on January 1, 1804....Twenty-one years later, in 1825
France, by official edict of its monarch of the time, Charles X, imposed a ransom of 150 Million Francs to the Haitians ( ... rlesX.html ) . Haiti, by then, besieged by hostile slave-owning superpowers on all sides (Britain in Jamaica, The United-States, Spain in Puerto-Rico and Cuba) was forced to accept paying that rasonm collected at gun point.....This payment which was made over more than 100 years effectively crippled Haiti while France built the Chateau of Versailles and other goodies. So, my colleague said to me she was disgusted to be only now learning such a thing and she felt ashamed. But, why should one feel responsibility for what one was not even aware of? Outraged yes ! but not ashame. We are not responsible from crimes committed in our name, without our consent. The States which committed these crimes are the ones that deserve to be held accountable.

My point in writing this to you dear colleagues is to let you in something very special an
d important to me. The struggle for truth, justice and reparations in which I and many others are engaged on behalf our our empoverished African peoples is not one to shame, embarrass or harm our non-African friends. I realise that most of you will be shocked reading the historical facts exposed in the attached text titled: "Time to Stop Resisting Haiti's Resistance". So, why am I sending it to you? Because I believe you are truly sincere people who deserve to know these facts as you form your own opinions about the tragic events happening in our world today. Truth is a liberator. Let's garner the courage to speak truth to power for a better world today and tomorrow.

"Time to Stop Resisting Haiti's Resistance" by Jean Saint-Vil (November 2002)

"We will have to repent in this generation not merely for the hateful words and actions of the bad people but for the appalling silence of the good people." Dr. Martin Luther King


Jean E. Saint-Vil

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