Bush Calls Chirac to Thank France on Haiti

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Bush Calls Chirac to Thank France on Haiti

Post by admin » Tue Mar 02, 2004 2:50 pm

Bush Calls Chirac to Thank France on Haiti

PARIS (Reuters) - President Bush telephoned French President Jacques Chirac Tuesday to hail their countries' cooperation over the Haiti crisis, the latest sign of a gradual thaw in U.S.-French relations.

France and the United States, which fell out last year over Paris's opposition to the U.S.-led Iraq war, led pressure on Haiti President Jean-Bertrand Aristide to step down and have sent troops to restore order after an armed rebellion.

Bush called "to hail the excellent U.S.-French cooperation on Haiti and thank France for its efforts," Chirac spokeswoman Catherine Colonna said, adding that Chirac also expressed his satisfaction about the tight coordination of their diplomacy.

Bilateral U.S.-French relations hit a low last year. Some top U.S. officials asked whether France still considered
itself an ally and said it could expect punishment for the way it conducted its anti-war campaign.

Since then France has promised substantial debt relief for Iraq once power has been handed over to a sovereign government and Washington has relented on an initial ban on French firms bidding for major reconstruction contracts there.

Relations are still dogged by differences in areas such as trade, which prompted new European Union sanctions Monday.

Bush has not yet accepted an invitation to attend ceremonies in Normandy this June marking the 60th anniversary of the D-Day landings, but a German official visiting Washington this week said it was clear Bush would go to the high-profile event.

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Post by Jonas » Tue Mar 02, 2004 7:14 pm

France has played a major role in Aristide's overthrow.
Bush was under pressure to stop the ""rebels"" advance by, among others,the Black Caucus.
Powell under pressure ,had to use ""diplomatese"" when he said the U.S wouldn't accept an overthrow of the legitimate government by thugs.
All of a sudden,the foreign minister of France declared that Aristide had to resign ,to prevent further bloodshed.
It was a case of """good cop,bad cop"".
The French had provided cover to the Bush administration in order for them to achieve their nefarious plan.
Poor Haiti.

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Post by admin » Tue Mar 02, 2004 8:33 pm

Zanfanginen, the $21 billion demand did not make the French angry, it just got them thinking: After Haiti gets whatever share of the sum they asked, which countries would be next in line? What about a sizable portion of the African continent?

Then, after the French, other countries of the European Union had to feel somewhat nervous too, and France was anxious to show that she was still capable of acting like a Leader, especially if it meant making up with the United States in the process.

Coincidentally, Santa Sam has been distributing presents early this year: after Haliburton had its share, there is still enough to distribute some contracts here to the Canadians and some contracts there to the French, but only if they stopped being as naughty as they were the year before.

So, all the ducks were lined up in a row:

a) the liabilities (an unending cycle of demands of restitution
and reparation from former colonies)

b) the assets (Napoleonic leadership or whatever remains of it they could muster, Francophony not being a satisfying substitute)

c) being on the Emperor's good side --after all, whatever influence and contracts the French had in Iraq prior to the war, had evaporated along with the WMD, so what principles remained there to defend?

d) the goodies to come from not staying any longer on the exclusion list: that is the chance to participate in the rebuilding of Iraq (for humanitarian reasons, of course).

So, how much did a Third World leader weigh against all those factors? I don't think the French needed to be angry to make their decision. They only had to wait for the proper alignment of the stars.

As a bonus, they get to show the Haitians how much the mother country loves them.

Bon anniversaire, mes chers enfants!

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