The Haitian Crisis (Senou)

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Jean Colin

Post by Jean Colin » Fri Feb 27, 2004 4:05 pm

"The citizen of three countries fought for the Freedom of this great nation, American, French and also the Haitian Freedom Fighters. On October 9, 1779, without the intervention of our ancestors during the Siege of Savannah the outcome of the war could be very different. This coming October, we expect to have a Haitian Monument in Savannah."


This is incorrect!

There were only two countries involved. The slaves of St. Domingue joined the Battle of Savannah under the flag of the French army and the command of a French General named Lafayette.

Haiti did not exist until another 25 years later, in 1804.

It is very dangerous and scary to take credit for what we did as slaves -- "fouet du commander" -- it is not in our best interest to do so. The Haitian Revolution was about the freedom of Africans in the Americas -- slaves -- which had nothing to do with what our poor ancestors died for in Georgia.

However, there bodies were used and their blood was spelled for someone else benefits the same way the sweat and energy of the "commanders" were used to punish their fellow slaves and do the dirty jobs of French soldiers or a French plantation owners.

If Haitians came to Georgia, they would have liberated their fellow Africans in the Americas and stop slavery more than 75 years before Abraham Lincoln put his signature on the Emancipation Declaration. The Battle of Savannah was not about us and this noble cause.

Let us hope, that our children, in the future, will not have to die, again, in wars that they don't belong in.

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