HAITI: A Country Never Dies (A CBC Radio One Special Report)

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HAITI: A Country Never Dies (A CBC Radio One Special Report)

Post by admin » Tue Feb 24, 2004 3:22 am

Thanks to Marilyn Mason for this link to David Gutnick (CBC Radio One)'s report on Haiti available this week on-line at this url :


The commentary (in and out of Cité Soleil) is extremely interesting. Give it a listen!

Here's more information:

English (CBC Radio One) : http://www.cbc.ca/haiti/

French (radio Canada) : http://radio-canada.ca/url.asp?/nouvell ... index.html

Note that those are distinct reports and not translations of each other. The reporters and the contents of the reports are different, so if you are multilingual, listen to both. I am also most curious about the Creole connection, hoping that it will be more than just bits and pieces of conversation.

The following is my recommendation, not an endorsement of any particular point of view. If you please, listen, regardless of what you may think of the biases of the Canadian (or American) media towards the situation in Haiti. Listen to the "opposition voices". Listen to the interview with Jean-Bertrand Aristide. (I listened -in particular- to his answers to the proposal of an international peacekeeping force in Haiti... raising the specter of not only a new American Occupation but a French Occupation as well, in this 200th anniversary of Haiti's illusory independence. Our independence may only have been a dream, but even that dream is distorted now to the point of becoming unrecognizable.) Listen to the commentary from the Canadian hosts, but listen intently to the Haitian voices as well (not enough of them, unfortunately!), whether they be from President Aristide, from Opposition members, or from ordinary Haitians (more of them, please!) Listen to them all and then make up your mind. At this point, I feel s
ad and angry. Nothing that Aristide or his Opposition says in these reports (and others) has comforted me one bit. However, listening to their voices is making things ever more clearer for me.

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