The Imperialists making comeback with their Black Overseers

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The Imperialists making comeback with their Black Overseers

Post by Ezili Danto » Tue Feb 17, 2004 11:04 am


They are back! - The comeback of the old anti-democratic Haitian guard by Ezili Danto (Part I)

La Sosyete:

Look who is speaking for Black Haitians in Washington? A bunch of our "friends" from USAID/U.S. Embassy, OAS and their moun-pa from the Haitian family mafias.

Let's see who is also on the board of the Haiti Democracy Project (HDP), headed by James Morrell, co-founded by the right-wing Boulos family and advised and supported by Mr. Roger Noriega, the U.S. Ambassador to the OAS?

None other than one of our "friend." A former U.S. Ambassador, Timothy Carney, who served as U.S. Ambassador to Haiti from 1998 to 1999.

(See, February 13, 2004, Bloo at: ... world_news , and, Kevin Pina's article at Part 3 of a series "The Bush Administration's End Game for Haiti.")

What does this Haiti Democracy Project stand for?

It stands for what Roger Noriega stands for. It stands for what Boulos, Nadal etc. stand for. Roger Noriega is best known as a Jesse Helms' protege and a noted opponent of popular democracy movements in the South American regions. HDP stands firmly against a participatory and transparent democracy not run exclusively by the Haitian families in Haiti.

Here are some paragraphs of the "news" according to a February 13, 2004, report at[quote]``We do not want Haitian boat people washing up on our shores again,'' Carney said, referring to the period in the 1970s and 1980s when some 50,000 and 80,0
00 Haitians, fleeing poverty and repression under the rule of Jean-Claude ``Baby Doc'' Duvalier, arrived by boat in Florida.

``We're clearly looking at the last days of Aristide in office,'' said Carney, who serves on the board of the Haiti Democracy Project, a Washington-based advocacy group. ``The challenge is how to do it, how it can happen in such a way that you can have a minimum amount of chaos and blood and devastation.'' (Emphasis Added). [/quote]

So, my Haitian peoples, setting aside, for the moment, the fact that that comment makes our Black people sound like some dead fish littering and stinking up a pristine Temple. That we are not human beings with flesh, blood and dreams as those on Mr. Carney's pristine shores. Setting that little racist, callous and cold-blooded remark aside, let's, my Haitian peoples, review the facts:

It's February 2004, and we have:

A former U.S. Ambassador, Mr. Tim Carney, one of the First Worlders' so-called "democracy builders" openly attempting to use the current Gonaive/Hinche crisis to further the virtual media coup - that is to replace the Constitutional government of Haiti without going through elections.

We have this former U.S. official sabotaging the mass electorate in Haiti. Openly advocating regime change and overthrow without a single thought to the rule of international law or for the will of the Haitian people in Haiti.

But what, besides the Bush Administration's global policies of deceit, as evidenced in Iraq, gives Mr. Carney, the nerve to, without fear of reprisal, from the Haitian Diaspora, meddle in Haitian domestic affairs like this?

Carney's authority to scorn, insult and freely show his unadulterated contempt for the Haitian masses, their vote and will come directly from the sanction he gets from Haiti's very own Black overseers. These Black opportunists and
imperial agents, these Category Zeros, who are helping him and the likes of Orlando Marville, Roger Noriega and Luigi Einaudi give some semblance of "Haitian" credibility to the neo-colonialist, right-wing reactionary mission of the Haiti Democracy Project.

The HDP is the chief architect of the mass media propaganda in the U.S. today for Group 184.

Group 184 is made up of 14-Haitian organizations and NGOS funded by USAID, the European Union, France and the International Republican Institute.

HDP is brimming to capacity with the traditional foes to the growth and development of Haiti and the Haitian mass electorate. They want to retake Haiti because their Haitian army is no longer there to control things for them.

These anti-democracy and rule of law people, have, amongst and within their ranks:

Boulos, an HDP founders and funders, who was questioned in the assassination Jean Dominique. Jean Dominique had exposed Boulos for having sold poisoned children's cough syrup through his company Pharval Pharmaceuticals. "Over sixty children died from diethyl alcohol contamination of "Afrebril and Valodon" syrups, the deadly concoction brewed in Boulos private laboratories." (See, Kevin Pina's article at Black Commentator "Part 3 of a series "The Bush Administration's End Game for Haiti.")

The have:

Besides Carney, Dan Whitman also a former U.S. Embassy employee with HDP. According to reports, Whitman was accused of manipulating a witness, Phillip Markington, in the investigation of the Jean Dominique assassination.

HDP's other Haitian associates include, Olivier Nadal, accused and indicted in the Piatre peasant massacre in Haiti in 1990.

Others on the HDP founding or advisory board inclu
de Vicki Carney, a USAID contractor and former U.S. Embassy in Haiti employee; Clinton L. Doggett and Sukhi Dosanje, USAID employees; Ira Lowenthal, infamous in Haiti for being the U.S. operative who first concocted the current Haitian "opposition" under USAID's Democracy Enhancement Project; Former OAS official, Orlando Marville – Chief of OAS electoral mission in Haiti, May-July 2000. According to reports, " It was Marville's office that leaked allegations to the press of incorrect ballot counting methods in the May 2000 parliamentary elections." (See, Black Commentator article.)

And of course, they have, in their back pocket, Luigi Einaudi, Assistant secretary-general of the Organization of American States and Roger Noriega, the U.S. Ambassador to the OAS.

e=18]La Sosyete

Here's the nitty gritty you must know and share with all our peoples in Haiti and abroad and decent law abiding citizens worldwide.

The Haitian peoples enemies live in high places and have deep pockets and nucleic political, media, and arms at the ready. Including 900 U.S. soldiers at the Dominican Republic opening the doors for FRAPH, and ex-Haitian military murderers to enter and arm and bolster the Gonaive terrorists and San Manmans.

So, La Sosyete, first we had the psychological warfare to discourage our protests against what's happening now. First we had the mass disinformation campaign.

The Bush/HDP virtual or media Coup D'etat crusade, whereby the world's unsuspecting public where told, ad nauseum two blatant lies 1). That the majority in Haiti no longer supports the freely elected Haitian president and 2). All the "remaing" supporters of Aristide are "thugs".

This done to prepare us for th
e return of the bloody military Haitian army and old FRAPH paramilitary. Thus, U.S. policymakers and insiders are solidly continuing, with no apology, despite the old and current carnage this policy has wrought in Haiti, their long-standing U.S assault on Aristide, and, therefore, on Haiti's fledging democracy, rule of law, the 1987 Haitian Constitution and against our Haitian people's dignity, equal rights, human rights, livelihoods and right to live free and rule themselves.

We have:

Foreign sponsorship of what the Internationals are calling, "human rights groups," but who are, in fact, very narrow special interests groups in Haiti, unable to win freely at elections, that have resorted to fomenting violence, chaos and impasse in Haiti these last four years (no, ten years) because of their political bitterness, incompetence, impotence and/or frustrations.

We have:

This U.S./Euro sponsorship of "NGOs" in Haiti with their "Executive Directors" forging forth an anti-democratic ca
mpaign while the pro-democracy Haitian mass electorate, that duly voted and won the 2000 Presidential election, are suffering under a bitter and barbaric U.S.-led funding embargo.

We have:

The European Union co-financing Initiative de la Societe Civile (ISC) group. Both FONHEP and FNH are members of the ISC. All members of the ISC are also members of the Group of 184. (See, Haiti Support Group)

We have:

The European Union giving a $890,374 GRANT directly to Fondation Nouvelle Haiti and Rosny Desroches. We know Andre Apaid, Jr. heads Fondation Nouvelle Haiti and Rosny Desroches heads of the Fondation Haitienne de l'Enseignement Prive (FONHEP).

We know it's a co-financing. So we still don't know the entire amount these groups are actually getting to do the killings and mass misinformation campaign they are now carrying forth. But we know the duration of the contract was from 21/12/2001 to 21/12/2003.

We have no information yet about automatic renewals, if any. But
we do know these "human rights, media, education, and political parties groups" are getting foreign funding that's MORE, perhaps double, triple (who knows yet?) more than the European Commission's contribution of 773,000 Euros (roughly US$890,374 depending on the exchange rate).

We know that the IRI and NED are the other primary funders of these opposition groups intended to counter the Aristide government.

How much exactly did it take, over these last ten years, for the IRI, the Jesse Helms' and the U.S./Euro right wing to sow the seeds of division, push at the already existing fissures and cracks in our Haitian society? How much so that a mere ten years after the Haitian people, through poured blood, go rid of them, they are now back in full force? We got rid of the likes of Jodel Chamblain and Guy Philippe. But the Dominican Republic and the U.S./Euros have since coddled them. And now, after their so-called "civilian wing" had prepared the terrain with blood, this well-trained military
has been unleashed on us again to finish up the violent overthrow and return the rule of force to Haiti. Who will the U.S./Euros let loose to torment us next in our weakest moment: Toto Constant?

How much U.S./Euro right-wing-dollars did it take to help bring Haitian people's pro-democratic movement to the Gonaive, and now, Hinche FRAPH/Haitian former military takeover?

How much did it take to bring back the old Haitian guard like this? How much to buy Black overseers and imperial agents like Apaid, Deroches, Boulos, Nadal and the other Black opportunists (Category Zeros) who head the 14- organizations under the so-called "Initiative de la Societe Civile (ISC) group. How much to train and equip the right-wing paramilitaries, who are the armed wing of this US/Euro-funded "opposition" in Haiti?

We know its been planned for quite a while. We've seen the rippling muscles and foreign sneakers on those young Haitian men roaming Gonaive and beating and pulverizing, in their drug haze, t
he already dead bodies of the civilian policemen they've killed. Who provided the drugs, the guns, the clothes, the food, the camps for building those muscles up, the extensive war training, the planning? Who paid for it? How much did it take to start this balkanization of Haiti?

According to a recent article by Tom Reeves:[quote]"Most of the M-1s and M-14s seen in the hands of the Gonaives thugs today have been identified as coming from those Haitian army stockpiles left untouched during the U.S. occupation. A few M-16s, though, have begun to appear in Gonaives as well - identical to those given the Dominican army en masse just a few months ago by the U.S. government, in return for Dominican acquiescence in placing 900 U.S. troops alongside Dominican guards at the Dominican frontier - and for the Dominican agreement never to use the International Court to accuse and try U.S. citizens for war crimes."

(Miami Herald, Dec. 6, 2002 and Tom Reeves, article "US Double Game in Haiti" date
d February 16, 2004 and on-line at ZNet | Africa: ... temID=4997 ) [/quote]

We know who paid for it. We know it took since 1994 to get back here again. We know where the arms are coming from. But it's still devastatingly demoralizing to know we live on the same planet, same continent, same neighborhood with the sort of human beings, the sort of criminal minds it took to willfully plan and start this balkanization of Haiti?

Ezili Danto

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Post by Morisseau » Sat Feb 21, 2004 12:41 pm

Hi Ezilidanto!

I cannot congratulate you enough for doing this on our behalf. It sure took you some times and energy to come up with those accuracies. I've checked them myself and the findings matched up easily. We must continue to do our home-work if we want to lead our people in the right path. Truly, these researches bring good credit upon you and the true haitians leaders in the diaspora. Keep up the good work.

Ezili Danto
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The U.S. shock and awe in Haiti's villages and outer cities

Post by Ezili Danto » Sun Feb 22, 2004 6:50 pm

La Sosyete,

One e Respe

I've finished the additional parts for "The Imperialists making comeback with their Black Overseers: They are back! - The comeback of the old anti-democratic Haitian guard" by Ezili Danto

But before I post them, I'd like to insert these three voices and personal testimonies: Tom F. Driver's response to Amy Wilenz; and, Paul Farmer and Jennifer Harbury call for justice, not impunity to reign, once again, in Haiti.

Also, I urge everyone wanting to arm himself or herself with current, truthful information on Haiti to read all the works of Kevin Pina on the Black Commentator and, to read and/or listen to last Thursday, February 19, 2004, WBAI Amy Goodman'
s interview "History Repeating: Is A Coup Brewing in Haiti?" at: ... 19/1517210

Sometime this week, when this touring and speaking schedule allows and after I've finished our own press release and urgent action alert, I shall make time to finish, for this Forum, my own personal testimonies - the need to reinforce our Haitian people under siege by this foreign-sponsored Haitian shock and awe in our outer villages because, after years of hammering the Black overseers and imperialist, could not take Port-au-Prince because Cite Soleil and the Haitian mass electorate, has been empowered. It's my contention that if we do not negotiate the little bit of democracy we have with these foreign supported criminals. If we do all we can to bring them all, including Andre Apaid, to international criminal trials, like the post-World War II Nuremberg trials, for engendering this forced carnage and taking foreign monies and arms to kil
l-off Haitian civilians who wouldn't elect them to office, then once this foreign sponsored, criminal-conducted Blitz Krieg has been met and countered by us and if we didn't reconcile with injustice, our democracy would have grown much stronger.

I shall be back soon with Part II, to delineate the historical, factual and current neo-colonialist strategy used against us; to analyze and put a factual framework to the Metayer/Gonaive situation and place it in proper Haitian historical perspective. Also, I shall outline how the OAS and the internationals have always been a broker for the opposition and still are. But, for now there are people whose homes have been burnt with no place to go; Raboteau victims in hiding again in Gonaive who need food, shelter and monies. A demoralizing campaign against our Haitian peoples, at home and abroad, that must be repeatedly confronted with heart, faith, hope and truth. But when I get a breath, I will witness to these last 10, 15 years o
f Haitian history, in an effort to speak to what I've experienced and lived, not been told or researched in Haiti, since 1986, in the struggle to make Haiti a Black ruled independent nation. Today, I am just plain too angryto write. But later, apre pran san mwen, I shall also attempt to address this facile dismissal as "conspiracy theorist" the facts above-presented in Part I above, and, the great myth that the US/Euros have no interest in keeping Haiti a Black ruled U.S. colony.

For now, here are three warriors for human rights, Haitian self-rule, economic democracy and sovereignty. They are not even Haitian. But, these Blans are the type of decent human beings that keep me from condemning the whole darn "white race" for what they have done and are doing to my peoples in Haiti, in Africa, America - the world. But these warriors give me hope, help me to go deeper then this world's constructed and global racially
stratified system, for they stand against the devaluing of any life, even Haitian life and, unlike many in the so-called "progressive" community, are unafraid to speak truth to power on behalf of our Haitian people. For these particular human rights warriors, unlike for many others, both, in our Black & white human rights community, it's not about their own personal self-interest, a double standard, their white privileges or, for certain Black opportunist - their "Black freedmen privileges", or, bitterness with Aristide mistakes, or keeping a job or grabbing for power, it's about doing the right thing.

Moderator's notes:

- See Tom Driver's response to Amy Wilentz's recent article in the Nation:

- See Harbury and Farmer on the situation in Guatemala and Haiti:


Kenbe fem pep m
wen. Pa lage. N ap we pi ta.

Ezili Danto
Li led li la

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Ezili Danto adds her voice to this urgent call to action

Post by Ezili Danto » Tue Feb 24, 2004 12:55 pm

La Sosyete;

Below is, Brian Concanon, another lawyer's urgent call for action and the Haitian Action Committee's urgent appeal. Please consider getting involved to stop the carnage in Haiti. There were, at least reported, some 21 Commandos/terrorists who arrived in Gonaive a week ago to overthrow the duly elected Haitian president. It is now being "reported," by the corporate press, that there are now 200 armed terrorist. No news reports tell us where these additional terrorist come from, unless they are being homegrown and fastly commandeered into death-squad service. Soon our young children in the peaceful hamlets and villages of Haiti will all be armed with foreign manufactured guns (M-16s) and foreign imported drugs, just as has taken place all over Africa. Like Lauren Gbagbo's Ivory Coast, Haiti will slide down into further chaos with this new U.S/
France tag team, out to undermined the Black republics development and popular ruled democracy both in Haiti and in Africa. Help stop Haiti from going back to rule by force. Help stop the force carnage and call on the U.S. to unequivocally support the Haitian police (by, for instance, unblocking delivery of tear gas and other needed equipment bought and paid for, by Haiti, that are currently being blocked by the U.S.). Call upon U.S./Euro policymakers to unequivocally support the duly elected Haitian people and president now facing this most deadly military opponent. Call on the so-called opposition in Haiti to gain their power to rule the Haitian people with a ballot not a bullet!

Let's stop being confused and paralyzed by the disinformation campaign against the Haitian people, and please, please heed Brian Concannon and the Haitian Action Committee's urgent call to action.

Dear Friends:

As you know, a catastrophe is occurring in Haiti. People are now being hunted down, tor
tured and killed because they support the elected government, just as they were a decade ago. People like those I have worked with for the last eight years, who fought frustrating, persistent and non-violent battles for justice, in the hopes that they could break the cycle of violence that has plagued Haiti's history.

Those fighting with hope have been successful: Haiti has enjoyed over nine years of uninterrupted democracy, the most in its history. But those fighting with guns are back, and all that our collaborators and so many others have fought for is now in jeopardy.

The violence can be stopped. Probably not by the Haitian police, who are outgunned. Certainly not by the population, although many will die trying. The violence can only be stopped if the American people require our government to immediately stop supporting the terrorists and their allies, and immediately start supporting the embattled Haitian police.

Please take some time to respond to the urgent action alert below
from the Haiti Action Committee. It is a matter of life and death. Please circulate it, by email, in your office, your church, your school, anywhere it may reach someone willing to help people who have suffered enough.

PEACE, Brian

Haiti - Urgent Action Alert

Moderator's note: See
Additional Background

Secretary of State Colin Powell has publicly stated his support for Haiti's Constitution and its elected officials, but there are reasons to doubt the U.S. commitment to this position.

1. The terrorist leaders have strong U.S. connections

The U.S. has long-standing ties to the terrorist leadership. The two top leaders, Guy Philippe and Louis Jodel Chamblain, both received U.S. help and have been protected by the Dominican Republic's army, despite several
requests for their return to face charges in Haiti. The Dominican army receives extensive U.S. assistance, including U.S. advisers near the Haitian border, and a year ago, a shipment of 20,000 M-16 rifles, many of which are believed to be in use in Haiti today. Guy Philippe was a soldier in the Haitian army (FADH) during the brutal 1991-1994 de facto dictatorship. He received specialized U.S. training in Ecuador, and at U.S. insistence was integrated into the top police leadership. He fled in October 2000 after revelations that he was planning a coup with other top police officials. He planned two subsequent coup attempts in 2001. After the second attempt he was arrested, but later released, by Dominican authorities.

Louis Jodel Chamblain was the number two leader of FRAPH, a violent paramilitary organization founded with U.S. encouragement in 1993. The UN, the U.S. State Department and human rights groups attribute hundreds of murders and tens of thousands of other crimes against humanity in
1993 and 1994 to FRAPH. U.S. government sources have confirmed the claims of FRAPH's top leader, Emmanuel Constant, that U.S. intelligence officials encouraged him in his activities, and paid him a monthly salary (see ).
Constant has been allowed to live freely in New York, despite a 1995 deportation order and a 2000 murder conviction. The Dominican Republic allowed both Chamblain and Philippe to operate from its territory.

2. The U.S. has given a veto to the formal opposition in
Port-au-Prince, which is closely linked to the armed terrorists.

The so-called civilian opposition is closely linked to the violent
opposition. Although some of its members, under U.S. pressure, have recently distanced themselves from the violent methods, they continue to publicly and explicitly support the violent groups' goals. The violent groups have, over the course of several months, maintained that they are collaborating with the civilian oppositi
on. Civilian demonstrations in Port-au-Prince have been planned to coincide with violent actions, and have been intentionally provocative, placing increased pressure on an over-extended police force. Last weekend, civilian opposition leaders called for a delay in responding to the international compromise proposal, in order to give the terrorists time to attack Cap Haitian, which they did on Sunday.

The civilian opposition also has extensive ties to past Haitian
dictatorships. The most prominent member of the opposition, Andre Apaid, had his assets frozen by the U.S. Treasury for his support for the 1991-1994 de facto dictatorship. He is an American citizen, whose support for violent regime change in Haiti violates the U.S. Neutrality Act. He acquired his Haitian citizenship with documents fraudulently claiming that he was born in Haiti, when he was born in New York. He led the fight to keep the Haitian minimum wage at its current rate, about $1.60/day. Another prominent member of the oppos
ition, Leslie Manigat, was installed as President by a military dictatorship in 1987 three months after the dictatorship cancelled elections by allowing paramilitary and military massacres at polling sites. Several other members, including Hubert de Ronceray, were prominent Duvalierists. Others, including Evans Paul, collaborated with the de facto

3. The U.S. has explicitly conditioned assistance for Haiti's
Constitutional authorities on their accepting opposition demands for unconstitutional transfers of power.

Secretary Powell conditioned U.S. help in Haiti's fight against
terrorism on the Haitian government accepting a Prime Minister ratified by the U.S.- supported opposition, not by Parliament, as the Constitution requires. This policy is little more than sitting back and letting murderers and torturers do our work for us. It is a violation, not only of Haiti's Constitution, but of American democratic principles, and of international law such as the OAS Charter

Another condition that the U.S. is trying to force on the Haitian government is the release of former dictator Prosper Avril. A Miami Federal Judge found that Avril "bears personal responsibility for a systematic pattern of egregious human rights abuses in Haiti during his military rule of September 1988 until March 1990," and awarded some of his victims $43 million in damages because Avril bore "personal responsibility for the interrogation and torture of eachâ |." Last December, Avril was indicted in Haitian courts for his role in the 1990 Piatre peasant massacre, and he is being held pending trial.

4. The U.S. has a long and shameful history of undermining democracy in Haiti

Although the U.S. has done many things to support Haitian democracy, it has also persistently undermined it. Our intelligence services abused training programs for Haiti's police as recruitment centers enough to cause the American director of the training program to complain. She was fired (Legal Times, Ma
rch 1, 1999). For three years we have imposed sanctions on Haiti, including a development assistance embargo and an embargo on police supplies, which now even includes tear gas. Although we publicly criticized the 1991 coup d'etat and the subsequent dictatorship, we continued to train the army's soldiers in the U.S., and supported FRAPH, the paramilitary terrorist group. Many of the top coup leaders were paid by the CIA (New York Times, November 1, 1993). The CIA tried to intervene in Haiti's 1987 election to undercut the influence of Mr. Aristide, who was not even a candidate (the SenateIntelligence Committee heard about, and stopped, the program. L.A. Times, October 30, 1993). In 1993, U.S. intelligence helped prepare and circulate a fraudulent report that President Aristide was mentally ill.

Kenbe djamn, pa lage.
Ezili Danto

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Post by Morisseau » Tue Feb 24, 2004 5:40 pm

Unfortunately zanfanginen, the struggle for a better Haiti continues. But this time, the haitian people, in fact, the whole world is witnessing who's really at fault. Don't you feel ashame sometimes for sharing the same blood and heritage with some of us? They choose the wrong path to save their political careers for they are more concerned about what they get out of it than what Haiti as a whole benefits from it. Let's just wait and see how the big BOSS is gonna rescue them this time. Where are all the international pacts signed by Haiti? Are they any good when they go against the Master's will in Washington? Make no mistake about it, the assassination of Aristide is being plotted and will be carried out at any given minute. Be ready, firm and strong for we all know the majority will once again pass this test. "En me renversant, on n'a abattu a St Domingue que le tronc de l'arbre de la liberte des noirs. Il repoussera par ses racines par
ce qu'elles sont profondes et nombreuses".

Patriotiquement votre.


Ezili Danto
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A show of force for democracy in Haiti

Post by Ezili Danto » Sat Feb 28, 2004 1:21 pm

I lift up my eyes to the hills.
From whence does my hel come from?

My help come from Africa![quote]"ARMES SUD-AFRICAINES ?

.....Selon le journal Beeld de Johannesburg, la police sud-africaine compte envoyer la semaine prochaine 150 fusils R1, 5.000 cartouches, 200 bombes fumigènes et 200 gilets pare-balles aux forces gouvenementales d'Haiti.

Les policiers étant peu nombreux dans les rues de la capitale, Aristide a engagé ses partisans à ériger des barricades la nuit pour bloquer toute attaque des rebelles.

"Si vous pensez que des barricades sont nécessaires, oui, vous pouvez le faire (...) mais quand le soleil se lève et que les gens doivent aller au travail, il faut qu'ils puissent travailler", a dit le président.

Aristide, qui a exclu à maintes reprises de démissionner bien que plusieurs grandes puissances l'y aient incité, a recommandé aux 46.000 fonction
naires du pays de se rendre au travail lundi, ajoutant: "Je serai aussi dans mon bureau lundi." [/quote]

Zanset yo e Ti Moun yo vini! We shall not be move. From Rada to Petwo - Africa's sacred trust is rising, exumed from its burial ground. Nou la!!

No compromise. Elections is the only way to power in Haiti. The ballot not the bullet. ....a la so.

Ezili Danto

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The right to life means the right to self-defense

Post by Ezili Danto » Sat Feb 28, 2004 10:11 pm

No Comment, salu!

One e respe and thank you for your comment.

When a criminal walks into your home with a gun and the intention to kill you and take over all your belongings - do you or do you not have the right to self-defense?

First you say "halt, or I will shoot!" That's called a show of force - deterrence. It is sometimes required by law as a warning to the intruder that you too, can cause lethal harm, unless the intrusion is so sudden, you have no time but to grab your gun and shoot. But if you're cornered in Port-au-Prince with no support and you're outgunned, then what?

Will prayer alone work, even after you've (President Aristide) already agreed the opposition may come in and share the house and they've said no. They want your liberty, if not your life.

No Comment: I've got family in Port-au-Prince and a vested inter
est in the rule of law and development of democracy in Haiti. I want both kept alive not killed dead because some convicted criminals and death squad leaders, supported by U.S. media and U.S. funding and Special Forces' training and equipped and armed with U.S. M16s and M60s and other war machinery made-in-the-U.S.of-A are summarily executing my brothers and sisters in Haiti.

If pretty thoughts would help, I would write you a poem. But right now the intruder is almost at my front door. ; ;

No law, domestic, international or even moral, requires the owner of a house to run away and go hide when a burglar/intruder invades their house! In fact, except in some very specific cases, the risk was on the intruder. So without legal authority (a warrant, for instance), unless he first knocks, identifies himself and purpose, and waits for permission to enter, the homeowner may shoot first and ask questions later.

The intruder in Haiti is a well-known criminal with my sister, my mother, my brother and my child's blood already on his hands.

This cutthroat, with no intention of talking but shooting, (if not raping and torturing me and mines first), is at my door. He's already set my house on fire and is looking through the rubble to kill me off. He has no respect for my Haitian life, my property, my liberty, or my vote. Reportedly, the only thing he's concerned about is not crossing Roger Noreiga, the Bush Administration and sweatshop kingpin, Andre Apaid, Jr and his ilk. The Bush Administration has the U.S. coast guard at my backdoor so I can't take to the seas and leave my burning house.

What do you wish me to do? Tell South Africa, Venezuela or the Black men and law enforcement officers from the U.S. willing to come in and stand with the People of Haiti to leave us to our fate?

If help might
be standing behind my would-be assassins, with their own M60 guns and machinery, to protect my right to life, liberty and democracy, shall I tell them to go home and leave me to my fate?

Dessaline fought. Cecile Fatiman and Marie Jeanne fought for their lives. Today Haitians are fighting for their right to live free again. But, hey I would prefer to sing you a song if that would get these peoples gone.

But Bush has said "peacekeepers" won't come in until there has been a "political solution." The Haitian people in Port-au-Prince have responded: We already have a "political solution. It's called the vote." Respect our will, the five-year mandate and go to elections!

But the opposition won't go to elections. It appears, they have brought in their armed wing and/or are also relying on their US/Euro "peacekeepers" to assure they won't ever have to go to legitimately free elections to rule Haiti's people. I stand for rule by the b
allot, not the bullet. But if you reject the vote, then come into my humble abode, my small, overcrowded house with a Rambo machine-gun and the merciless intention to kill me dead, should I not defend myself? If I can find a means, that is. Grenadie a la so....

Avek respe,

Ezili Danto

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Last night, the U.S. summarily executed Democracy in Haiti

Post by Ezili Danto » Sun Feb 29, 2004 2:33 pm

Guy writes today:

"We will either wait for the second or third coming of Christ, or we will decide to do the job together, because a single leader cannot resist the fury of an empire."

That resonates, Guy. All Haitians must look outwards together. And, I hope if nothing else, we drop our personal bitterness, disappointments and ambiguities and do come together and continue to mobilize. Aristide left Haiti this morning at 6:45 a.m. But we cannot allow Haiti to return to the rule of force and concerned Haitians must continue to work to insists on fair and prompt elections and the installation of democratically elected Haitian officials in both the legislative and executive branches.

Does it even matter "the conditions" - (i.e. by the barrel of a gun?) which forced last night's decisio
n as violence breaks out through the capital and our people die in droves?

Perhaps, it's important to remember the facts. If all Haitians would look outwards together; understand finally "the fury of empire" to be the greater enemy as I have been pointing out since I returned from Haiti in 1995, maybe then we can marshal the focus to get us the resources to fight back and save Haitian lives and our fledging democracy......still.

Late last night, before I went to sleep, reportedly there were 50 U.S. Marines in Haiti to protect the U.S. Embassy. This morning we are told there are 500 U.S. Marines in Haiti and that Aristide was "escorted out of the country with the help! of U.S. security forces and that France is securing Aristide's exile in Morocco!. Isn't Morocco, a sort of French military outpost. The equivalent of deportation to a modern day Fort-de-Joux! No? Like the Jura Mountains where Toussaint Louverture died?

he warrior, Jean-Jacques Dessalines, always understood to confront the colonial army, not the Affranchis and Black overseers, was the primary goal. His orders were well directed and focussed. Perhaps if Toussaint had not always been politically ambiguous as to the purpose of the whole struggle - he may not have ended up condemned to prison in Fort-de-Joux, as Aristide in perhaps Morrocco, today?

But let's remember, even before Toussaint had been kidnapped and deported to the Jura Mountains, the mobilization that led the indigenous Haitian army to our first independence was already under way.

As I write this post, the people in Haiti are converging on the Palace, feeling lost and betrayed and angry. Will our European masters crowd them off into a football field and kill them off, or what? Beat any resistance left out of them?

Our masters have announced and decreed that Herald Abraham, the former head of the Haitian army is back at the helm. That Yvon Neptune is too close to Aristide to
be acceptable or credible to our U.S/Euro rulers and that (Haitian Supreme Court) Justice Boniface Alexandre will assumed the interim Presidency with Herald Abraham guiding his hand.

The Haitian army is back, reinstalled in Haiti, while the President the People voted for is in some boat, off somewhere.

No reporter has yet asked why the 450 more Marines overnight, if it's not even more? To what purpose where these extra Marines there as "peacekeepers" weren't expected until a "political solution" was reached?

Was this a kidnapping as with Chavez? Or did Aristide leave freely because of the U.S./Euro pressures. What does say about U.S. current involvement in this new regime to be headed by

[quote]``I don't know what's going on, but we are just as much as part of this coup d'etat as the rebels, looters or anyone else,'' Rangel, D-N.Y., said on ABC's ``This Week.''[/quote]

[quote]Rep. Barbara Lee, D-Calif., said that in a country ``wher
e a true democracy has recently emerged after decades of autocratic rule,'' the elected president ``has been pushed out by an administration anxious to get rid of him.''[/quote]

Here is a letter from an American citizen on the ground and in Haiti right now to the State Department. La Sosyete, the work has only just begun. Let's keep sending our letters. Lets continue the mobilization of Haiti's indigenous People army, at home and abroad. Let's continue to denounce the violent, undemocratic transfer of power imposed by the U.S. and its allies, and to advocate for the pro-democracy supporters in Haiti, who, as we have seen in Cap Haitien, are subject to summary execution.

Our people are outgunned but not defenseless in Haiti. Nou la!

And we, in the Diaspora, know who may call their dogs off of them, right now. Let's take back our country from these fascists. Let's push the current real rulers of Haiti - the State Department and U.S. Embassy - to stop the killings, go t
o free elections, send their FRAPH/FADH dogs back to the Dominican Republic. Kouraj.

Kenbe la, pa lage.
Ezili Danto


Dear Friends,

This message is mainly addressed to two contact
persons in the USA State Government; the two names
listed first. I am sending copies to you so that you
will have a better idea of what is going on in Haiti,
and who has caused it.

Dear Messrs. Tilghman and Connell,

Greetings to you from Haiti on this MOST unhappy
day. Pressure from the USA...a supposed bastion of
democracy, has finally caused the fall of the fragile
democracy in Haiti. Action by the USA has finally
allowed the murderous thugs of the rebel army in the
north of our country to rejoice in believing that they
have won; that they have caused President Aristide to
leave. I can't believe that MY country (I am a US
citizen and have been an Orthodox
missionary priest in
Haiti for 18 years!) has used its brute force to
topple the elected president of Haiti. I simply can't
believe it! This is a sad day for me, and it will
prove to be an extremely sad day for the USA since
they will be blamed for the catastrophe, not only by
Haitians, but by supporters of democracy throughout
the world.

Fortunately for me, I am well-known in Haiti by the
Haitians and they will not associate my US citizenship
with the recent activities of the US Government. But,
believe me, for the first time in my life (which is 69
years) I am embarrassed and somewhat ashamed of being
associated with the present government of the USA.

There are many persons in the USA that are opposed
to numerous activities by their government, but they
have not risen as rebels, nor called upon a foreign
government to help them rid the country of President
Bush. There are serious questions regarding the
validity of Bush's election, but
there has not been an
attempt to overthrow him. (Even though many would
support such a move!) The USA is a supposed democracy,
and in a democracy the voice of the people; the voice
of the majority rules the day. We must wait for the
end of the term of George Bush to be rid of him; we
cannot merely "push him out".

But believe me, this "one-term" President Bush will
go down in history as not only having gained his
position under much questioning and suspicion, but as
the one who accepted and believed much information
which was slanted and biased. (eg: WMD's in Iraq and
the unpopularity of Aristide in Haiti.)

Believe me, my friends, the US government has made
a serious error today. It has allowed the murderers
and convicted thugs to "win their battle", and there
will be bloodshed, one way or another. Maybe there are
those in Secretary Powell's crowd that believe they
have saved Haiti from a bloodbath, but they will soon
see that they were
terribly incorrect. I live in one
of the safer areas and the shooting and looting has
already begun. I could not get out to conduct church
services this morning because of thugs running up and
down in front of our house firing rifles. Some of the
faithful members of our congregation were scared and
had to take cover and run home. This has been caused
by the USA as a result of its acting on false
information from those who wish to continue their
illicit activities under thre protection of the
Haitian government....and now under the protection of
the US Government!

To put it succinctly: THE USA HAS PULLED A COUP
D'ETAT ON HAITI! Other coups (and I have lived through
many)in Haiti were pulled by opposition politicians
and military leaders, but this one was pulled by the
US Government.

Shame, shame. Many human lives will be lost as a
result of this coup, and the blame is on your

Father Michael Graves in Haiti


Ezili Danto
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An "agreement" was signed under U.S. military arms

Post by Ezili Danto » Sun Feb 29, 2004 5:04 pm

A trusted source on the ground in Haiti indicates that "Neptune and his cabinet are in office for the next week according to the deal.

What deal?

Another friend, out in California, reports that while the corporate media fakes blindness and innocence, KPFA's Dennis Bernstein, continues his excellent live coverage of the current situation reporting the latest news (about noon on 2/29/2004) that Aristide has been kidnapped and Prime Minister Neptune was
coerced into saying to the public that Aristide resigned.

When will these international criminals pay for their crimes against humanity, Haitians in particular?

Soon, they'll have some Black overseer Haitian on TV spining their story for them and congratualating the U.S. for a "clean" transfer to their ideal Euro/US consensus candidate. The one the Haitian people never voted for.

Ezili Danto

Ezili Danto
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Moun ki fe bagay sa, jodi a -yo swaf dlo lan zye!

Post by Ezili Danto » Mon Mar 01, 2004 1:17 am

I write this for myself, for Haiti, for those who died today, for those who have been led out in handcuffs by the U.S., for the voiceless and those voices that have been cut off. I write to remember. I write to keep from wailing Amwe! until my lungs burst. I write to keep from getting an aneurysm. I write to breathe.


This morning very early I got a phone call that Aristide had resigned. I wasn't shocked, just skeptical. I did not believe, for one moment, Aristide had resigned on his own free will. Not for one minute. I began to ferret out the real deal.

I had spoken to an insider the night before. Aristide was committed to standing his ground, fighting and dying for the People's right to democracy if he had to.

Tonight (2/29/04) I did an interview on 1190 am, below are some of the points I made. I am also writing here to remember the
commitments I've made this day, on behalf of the Ancestors, and the dying in Haiti.

Haitian fratricide allowed for the Empire to eat up our divisions and make this February 29, 2004 Coup D'etat comeback:

For ten years now, I've been asking, pleading with all Haitians, of all hues, classes and political affiliations, to stop their constant criticism and bitterness and take up a development project and carry it out for themselves. To be self-reliant and creators. I've pointed out that Aristide is just one man and not a messiah with all the answers.

For ten years now, I've warned that Haitian divisions would be used to bring back rule by force and the dreaded, racist, Empire and their Tonton Macoutes.

For ten years now, most of what I've read and heard from "educated Haitians" is that the problem is Haitian themselves, especially Lavalas and the poor Black masses, and not the U.S. and their Black opportunists.

Today, I want those people to go to Port-au-Prince and try and speak against Guy Philippe and Louis Jodel Chamblain to their faces as they did with Aristide and see how long they live! Go step over the dead bodies now littering all corners of Haiti, the houses burning and face these U.S.-supported Macoutes behind dark glasses and then tell me it was worst under Aristide!

Today, the home of the mayor of Port-au-Prince was attacked. No one knows now where he is.

Today, the home of the major of Petionville was also attacked. Two people in his household where killed. No one knows where he is.

Today, former Congressmen, Ron Dellums alleges that Secretary of State, Collin Powell, told him, point blank yesterday, that President Aristide had no choice but to 1) either get on an airplane and leave Haiti, or, 2) leave Haiti in a box! Ohh, what a great Statesman that Powell. (Guy Antoine, I apologize again and again for ever thinking this man had some redeeming attributes - like you said his character was revealed way b
ack as an accomplice in the My Lai massacres in Vietnam!) The man is total right-wing puppet and a proven menace to the Black race and poor brown and non-Anglo-Saxon peoples worldwide. If there was any justice in this world, he and his bosses would be behind bars for crimes against humanity.

In Handcuffs

According to the well known journalist, Kevin Pina, early this morning 2/29/04, at 5:30 am, under the guise of a meeting with U.S. Ambassador, James Foley, President Aristide was lured to the Haitian National Palace where he was manacled in handcuffs and escorted at, gun point, by 10 U.S. Marines onto an unmarked airplane. Amwe Amwe Amwe.

A presidential guard corroborated the report and an ABC news reporter, who Kevin Pina, says absolutely refuses, for fear of reprisals, to give his name.

Mrs. Aristide was also escorted out of the Palace by the U.S. Marines/Special forces. What did this Haitian mother of two little girls do, to deserve to be so ill treated? What crime is she charged with by the US/Euros? Who will be mother to her small babies? Where is she, how frightened? And doesn't she deserve more than this from her own U.S. government! What makes Apaid worthier? Murderers and death squad leaders Guy Phillip and Louis Jodel Chamblain, worthier of a place in Port-au-Prince and the Haitian National Palace. Amwe, the shame of it all. How it burns. How it hurts to see fourteen hard years go down the drain! And, I am lucky because there are Haitians who can go further back to the Duvalier years. How does one ask them to contain their anguish today as they see the Macoutes riding around Port-au-Prince in U.S. vans and the people back in hiding?. I don't know.

The Haitian National Palace is now overrun by U.S. soldiers - what a desecration in 2004.

Guy Phillip is in Port-au-Prince

I have an unconfirmed report, from a KPFA listener, that Guy Phillip and Louis Jodel Chamblain were seen, in a CNN picture, showing them in a van with U.S. soldiers escorting them through Port-au-Prince!

There are no words I can muster for this outrageous, immoral, illegal, depraved and contemptuous actions and carrying-ons of United States Ambassador Foley, Colin Powell, Roger Noreiga, Otto Reich, etc..


But I assure you, today I am recommitted to defend the human rights of Haitians at home and abroad that have been so egregiously trampled upon. Today, I have no patience with people sitting on the fence. I've always known the enemy. Today, I hold and charge Secretary of State Colin Powell, Chenny, Rice, Bush the lesser, Roger Noreiga as accomplices in the killings of all the Haitian police and civilians who have died since February 5, if not before, and all the Haitian people this very minute being killed by their armed and trained death squad leaders, their convicted murderers and accused by the DEA (Guy Philippe) drug traffickers now parading around Port-au-Prince under U.S/Euro. protection
while my Haitian people die in droves!

The complicity of certain human rights organizations:

Also charged with this abomination is the complicity of certain human rights organizations, financed by the right wing that have been used by the right wing to demonize Aristide, Lavalas and Haitian youths, in general, as "thugs" and "chimeres." In particular, these organizations have not been balanced in reporting the far more killings of pro-Aristide militants as they have in reporting the fewer deaths in the opposition camps. This appeared to have helped to embolden the opposition and set gasoline to an otherwise small blaze, leading to today's violent overthrow rule by force and this 2004 U.S/Euro invasion/occupation of Haiti.

Chief amongst these groups is NCHR , Amnesty international and Reporters Without Borders, who first may have led the disinformation and misinformation campaigns fed, fueled and funded by the Roger Noreiga State Department, then picked up and published practically verbatim by the corporate press and media. They too are accomplices in today's debacle. At the very least, they have undermined their own organizations stated goals and human rights mission statements.

Nothing, and I mean nothing President Aristide has ever done or not done in Haiti justifies that he and his wife be led out in handcuffs by the United States special forces. It's equivalent to handcuffing the dignity of the Haitian people, the symbol of the masses, with no sense of the impropriety! It is arrogant, contemptuous, criminal and way past insulting. No U.S. Ambassador to Haiti will ever be trusted again by a non-etranje pro-Ayisyen official! It would be the height of folly!!!

No one knows where Aristide might be right now. There is a report that the Antigua Prime Minister granted permission for an aircraft carrying President Aristide and his wife to stop there for fueling.

No one, not even his lawyer, Ira Kurzman, knows where he is. For reportedly he replied, "Aristide was at the National Palace" when he first heard the news of Aristide's resignation!. This morning, that statement was the first hard evidenced I had that my gut reaction was not wrong, that something was dreadfully awry. And, Aristide did not go off his own free will!

It is speculated that Aristide would not go on Haitian National Television and read the prepared resignation speech. Who knows what sort of pressures he faced from these U.S. thugs simply because he was the Haitian president. Aristide was, as top OAS official, OAS Assistant-Secretary General Luigi Einaudi, has during Haiti bi-centennial "running Haiti." So much so that he brought down the wrath of the international community whose racist arrogance, egos and fragile psyches simply could not countenance a Black man ruling a country despite their embargoes, paid opposition, lies, fabrications and media slants.

Since their paid assassins, Philippe and Chamblain, could not enter Port-au-Prince without a U.S. escort, the U.S. Ambassador betrayed Aristide and U.S. soldiers did the work that Philippe and Chamblain could not do alone. Without this U.S. coup D'etat, the people of Port-au-Prince would have repulsed U.S.-puppets, Philippe and Chamblain and their other cohorts. That could not be allowed.

I hope I am wrong. But it is unlikely that Aristide, and possibly his wife, will ever be seen alive again. For they have a story to tell that must not be told. Amwe, what is humanity coming to. Damnation, set fwa!

The mainstream media's role in Haiti's 33rd Coup D'etat:

The U.S. supported destabilization campaign and then the U.S. kidnapping, at gunpoint, of a Constitutionally elected President cannot be condemned enough. CNN's coverage today was simply contemptuous. ABC, NBC, FOX ect. were not much different. D. Bernstein of KPFA was the only journalistic light throughout the day.

CNN, I am told, actually had Guy Phillip, a murderer, an accused DEA drug trafficker, with Wolf Blitzer, reclining in his satisfaction, asking if Phillip intended to be President! How many more insults must the Haitian people suffer! How much more are we to take without going insane?

I've heard Haitian women today wail in a way I've never heard before. I've not cried all day and promise my self I will not. I've gotten over being shocked by the barbarity, the inhumanity, the depravity, of the rich and powerful a long time ago. But, "Moun yo pa kapab ankor. Se kè Neg e Negres Arada Ayisyen kap bat tabou ou tande la." (See, Marguerite Laurent the Bwa Kayiman Play.)

But the scars are deep and I commit the rest of my breathing days to avenge these wrongs Haiti's children are suffering and surviving with. This is an attack on African people and I am simply tired of it all.

If Aristide and/or his wife turn up dead, the U.S., especially Foley, Bush, Powell and Noreiga, must be charged for his murder in a court of law, along with the leaders of this so-called opposition in Haiti.

I shall try my best to continue to speak for and defend the right of Haitians to choose their own leader; to have their vote respected, to defend the right of Haitians seeking asylum not to be repatriated without a hearing or indefinitely detained; to defend the right of Haitians not to be killed with impunity and to defend Black people from having to be so psychologically ravaged as Haitians have been since forever, (my entire lifetime), especially today (2/29/04) by the US/Euro powers with nuclear resources and no moral conscience - ki swaf dlo lan zye!

I sign off for the day with the only prayer that will do for this occasion:

Bon Dje ki fè la tè. Ki fè soley ki klere nou enro. Bon Dje ki soulve lanmè. Ki fè gronde loray. Bon Dje nou ki gen zorey pou tande. Ou ki kache nan niaj. Kap gade nou kote ou ye la. Ou we tout sa blan fè nou sibi. Dje blan yo mande krim. Bon Dje ki nan nou an vle byen fè. Bon Dje nou an ki si bon, ki si jis, li ordone vanjans. Se li kap kondui branou pou nou ranpote la viktwa. Se li kap ba nou asistans. Nou tout fet pou nou jete potre dje Blan yo ki swaf dlo lan zye. (See excepts from Marguerite Laurent's Bwa Kayiman Play at

Ezili Danto
Li led li la

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