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Ezili Danto
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Fabrications embolding the minority to commit more violence

Post by Ezili Danto » Mon Feb 02, 2004 12:50 am

No it's no game. The Bush White House aided by USAID laboratory rats "the Haitian opposition" and the corporate media are inciting civil war in Haiti. It's serious as a heart attack business. Live free or die Haitian business. It's especially insulting to our ancestors in this, 2004 year, in this our bicentennial year.

Among other things, our right-wing foes are;

Mis-using our dead:

Mis-susing the cadaver of the deceased, Maxime Desalmour, kidnapped from his family at the funeral. The unreported or under-reported facts indicate that a certain Maxime Desalmour was killed during a January 7, 2004 minority opposition demonstration. This January 7th demonstration turned violent when the opposition organizers failed to adhere to the demonstration route discussed with the police. Three people were killed that January 7, 2004 day. Two of whi
ch were pro-government or Fanmi Lavalas, including a pro-government supporter whose brutal beating and dumping-into-a-sewer by the opposition mob was captured on video. (See, "Manman Ayiti, kilè wap delivre?" )

The fact that the opposition is consistently breaking the law and not following the licensed route for their demonstration, thus provoking confrontation with the men and women of the Haitian police charged to keep order, is rarely emphasized. The mainstream press rarely highlights the death or torture, not less, at these demonstrations of non-opposition people like the young man with the "Aristide for 5 years" T-shirt who was beaten to death and dumped into a twou rigól. Nor the stealing of cadavers for political purposes.

The mainstream U.S. press continued to refer to Maxime Desalmour as a "student", eventhough Desalmour had actually graduated from the University in 93-94 according to a Haitian press

Later on, when it was acknowledged by Mr. Desalmour's family that the coffin had been kidnapped by the minority opposition after the church funeral service that morning and that the family of the deceased was pursuing the coffin all day; later on when the Red Cross spoke with the family and the coffin was put into the Red Cross vehicle with the objective of getting the coffin to the cemetery in Jacmel, no mainstream press person covered this macabre aspect and the uses of the dead to further political gains by the minority opposition in Haiti and their right wing U.S. supporters.

But said mainstream press, from Reuters, to AP, to Washington, have no problem currently mis-using the death of another Haitian, also not a student, but according to his own grieving wife, a pro-Aristide government person who was accidentally hit by a tear gas canister. The opposition even went so far as to go to hospital to demonstrate, though the ac
cident victim, Renel Victor, was, according to his wife, a Fanmi Lavalas person and was NOT one of them. But, it seems, as usual, this repugnant minority opposition needed to act for the international cameras and get it reported that "another university student" fell victim to "Aristide's repressive police" and was "blown-up" as NPR reported Michael Norton's account. For by then, the tear gas canister had become a tear gas GRENADE) for the horrified U.S. listeners trained to believe everything negative they hear about Haitians and especially about the Aristide government to absorb. (See Michael Norton's AP report originating out of Port-au-Prince on Jan 28, 2004. See also, US. State Department dire warnings and January 30, 2004 Reuters report re-posted this very Forum still referring to Renel Victor as a "student" at : [quote]In the latest violence,
a Haitian university student was killed on Wednesday after being hit in the torso by a tear gas canister fired by police as pro- and anti-government protests gripped the poor Caribbean country. (Reuters, Jan. 30, 2004)[/quote]

The point is there has been a systematic effort to show that all who have died are Haitian University "students."

The point is to spin the news to show that the opposition is exercising its civil disobedience rights and is being repressed by Haitian thugs and the Aristide "politicized" police. But the verifiable truth is the number of non-opposition people who have died since the 2000 elections compared to those in oppositions killed is astronomical. Why do the mainstream journalists not put that number into the balance? Why? because the right-wing wants to place in public this fabrication that these few students (since their launching into the mix on Dec. 5, 2003) are non-violent, idealistic students into pushing the government
to respect the rights of the poor and oppressed in Haiti. That couldn't further from the truth.

For, in fact these "students" are used as cover by the opposition and do not represent the overwhelming majority of Haiti's future. But the opposition needed a cover. Since for four years they have been unable to deliver for their foreign masters. So the fabrication is to use the "students" and make as if Aristide repressive regime and "chimeres" are squashing "innocent lives".

Remember, this strategy for a "student-cover" was devised after four years of getting nowhere with their initial "opposition" propaganda campaigns that mostly revolved around the "harassment" of the media and the blatant use of the death, may he rest in peace, of Jean Dominique. As if, in life, Mr. Dominique would have supported these undemocratic, prejudice professors who, like the professor in Tisentaniz can't see the plight of the restaveks in their very own homes. These "Marxist" or "far left" or whatever "intellectuals
" are so into their theories and French pronunciations, and so removed, like PABDA, from the grassroots people organization that they can sit at their cushy University jobs and accept foreign invitations and make speeches and put student lives on the line, have the sick die while they read their little books and incite more strikes and more demonstrations and more violence.

Point two is that part of their misinformation campaign is to show that Aristide is using the Haitian police to repress the opposition. The understanding the mainstream press reports bombards us with, is that, the opposition, is or equals, the Haitian majority.

Thus, a prominent but elderly Haitian-American woman, Alina Sixto, goes to Haiti to help organize the bi-centennial celebrations. For her efforts in Gonaive, her mother's house is burnt down, her 87-year-old mother terrorized near death. Others are similarly harassed and terrorized in Gonaive, the opposition people burn down their houses.
But we only hear about the "student" demonstrator who was hit by a tear gas canister. No one talks about, for instance, the dead body the opposition stole from a funeral to conduct a demonstration the other day. Or, as Paul Farmer reported, that he came across the carnage of these opposition people where 5 from a Ministry where en route to some government business and four where killed by these opposition militias. It seems, AP/Reuters/New York Times/Wall Street Journal don't spend any time if it's an ordinary Haitian that's killed. Their campaign is to oust Aristide, and everything else is beside the point. This murderous minority opposition is left to go on its rampage Scot-free.

Why? Because Haiti has a history of being ruled by dictators who repress and torture the innocent, defenseless population. Now the right-wing who helped to create that history in Haiti, they are, in effect, using the death of all the innocent at Fort Dimanche, the glory of the 1960s Civil Righ
ts student demonstrations in the U.S., the work of peaceful activists throughout the world, to tap into the public's learned presuppositions. They support Coup d'etat and get us killed. The right wing supported apartheid in the U.S. and got us killed. Today our freedom fighters very fight is being used against us in Haiti. They are, in effect saying that Aristide is doing what they themselves had done in Haiti. But since that cannot stand verification, they fabricate their stories to make it seem credible. Using students as cover and the idea of peaceful demonstrations as umbrella to gain the momentum they could not gain without the subterfuges. Is this incredible, barbarous, Machiavellian or what? Our Haitian dead are being used, our Haitian history is being abused, our suffering is being used and we seem to be able to just stare in disbelief.

Point three: In this our bi-centennial year, all the friends of Haiti who haven't yet been scared
off, (Danny Glover, Ron Daniels, Paul Farmer, et...) are all being isolated and bombarded by the radical right wing. Many have lost lucrative contracts just because they are supporting Haitian rights and/or sponsoring an event to celebrate the year 2004 with us. Why? Because this right wing campaign equates any celebration of Haiti's independence to mean "support for Aristide."

Since 2000, only two journalists have been killed in Haiti and reliable sources say one of those journalist wasn't killed for his professional work but as a revenge killing. Yet, the pattern of misinformation, half truths, outright fabrication and smear campaign against, not only the Haitian people, but against, allowing Haitians to, without obstructions, freely celebrate this bi-centennial year continues. The mainstream press' reports along with the US State Department reports serve only to EMBOLDEN and empower the 2% to 4% undemocratic few within the Haitian populati
on, referred to as the "opposition" to continue to block and boycott planned bi-centennial events like crusingintohistory and others, to continue to burn, murder with impunity and to continue keep our children from going to school in Haiti and to continue to financially obstruct the livelihood of the already poor urban workers and rural peasants in Haiti.

To that extent we, in the Diaspora are being financially and materially disadvantaged and irreparably hurt by these fabrication of the mainstream press; to that extent it's way past time to mobilize and show our ancestors we won't allow this sacred 2004 year to be used by our historical foes to further their own undemocratic, immoral agendas; to that extent we need to protect our true friends of Haiti who are being isolated and boycotted simply because they want to help Haitians celebrate their ancestors 200-year old achievement, or want to tell the real story of Haiti to the world.

It's important that we come out of the woodwork and say c
learly and in unison: If the minority opposition groups in Haiti want Aristide to be replaced, they must do so through a democratic process, not by violent street demonstrations and strikes that are being passed-off in the Western media as "civil disobedience" and certainly not by another coup d'etat. We must come together and expose the lies about our people and say to all and sundry "Most of the Haitian people in Haiti have not urged Aristide to resign. And that the majority of Haiti's citizens freely elected Aristide and wish him to remain in power until his term expires." That Haitians have a right to self-determination and self-rule just like all other nations.

Pep-mwen, mobilize in 2004. In the coming US-presidential election season, this radical right wing cannot stand a mobilized, unified and connected-to-progressive-coalition Haitian Diaspora exposing said Bush neocons policies in Haiti and toward Haitians as racist, murderous, or that it has been using the weight of the federal govern
ment and the credibility of the mainstream press to launch these sort of regime change tactics in Haiti.

I feel right now I am just a voice in the wilderness. Reaching no one. Yet, to remain quiet is not an option. Each one teach one and let's join hands, for our dignity, for our ancestors, to stand up for our basic humanity.

Ezili Danto

Ezili Danto
Posts: 197
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We won't forget who was there for us.

Post by Ezili Danto » Mon Feb 02, 2004 8:50 pm

Jaf, my brother

I can't tell you how happy I am you are back and on the scene. This stuff can be overwhelming. And I know it's time to stop being stunned and get on the offensive. I know that. And I am trying.

So, I want to emphasize something you just wrote:[quote]"Let the historical record show that on January 1, 2004 not a single white Head of State stood in solidarity with the Africans who were first to break the chains of racial slavery on the American continent!"[/quote]

Yes, I noted it when I was sitting there with thousands of the richest-in-spirit-but-poorest-in-material-goods-people on this Hemisphere; when I was on Palace grounds on January 1, 2004. NEVER am I likely to forget or let Haitians forget it. Only our Black brother from South Africa showed up. The only Black nuclear power in the world. So that's was good enough
for us. Our brother for Benin also showed up and Prime Minister Christie along with Maxine Waters, Ron Daniels and Danny Glover.

Yep I noticed. The Haitian people won't forget. Not as long as I am breathing. But one note: The Haitian government should take note the next time it panders to white powers at the expense of its own Haitian nationals and Black people in general. It should ask itself "who was there for us in our time of need? Where the hell where the Kennedy's and such..... Yeah right. What? Scared off by the State Department. But a lone Black woman, Maxime Waters, could make it, stand the pressure? Had the courage! What kind of commitment to equality, justice, fairness and freedom are those who didn't make it evidencing?

It was an insult to us as a people. And I am sick and tired of this self-hatred we've got going that makes us choose foreigners over our own, each and every time. It's plain embarrassing. Believe me when I say, though Haitian fratricide is against my religion, m
wen pa ap voye roch kache men. Kenbe fèm Jaf and mèsi.

Ezili Danto

Pitit Ginen

Post by Pitit Ginen » Sat Feb 14, 2004 11:55 pm

Mezanmi, lonè ak anpil respè,

Refleksyon sa a nou pra l li pi ba a, mwen te pibliye l sou sit entènèt Se rezon sa a ki fè brase lide sa a nan lang franse. Mwen vini ak tèks sila a nan lakou Windows lan, yon manyè pou m ka tou pote yon repons sou kèk lide ki parèt nan fowòm sa a pa gen lontan de sa. M ap panse patikilyèman a koze sa a ke YAw Abobo te ekri : "yo kache bagay ke Cheikh Anta Diop ekri yo dekwa pou pèp nwa pa dekouvri yo". Analiz mwen an pote yon repons klè sou pwen sa.

Gen yon mouvman ki demare nan lakou Ottawa, sa pa gen lontan, ki rele Jaku Konbit. Nan premye reyinyon gwoup sa ke m te patisipe, mwen te pwopoze ke nou te etidye kouman nou te ka mete kanpe kèk biblyotèk piblik ann Ayiti. Mwen te presize tou ke biblyotèk sa yo ta sipoze ame ak liv ki chita sou listwa moun nwa, sitou sa ke ekriven nwa ekri--sa pa mete sou kote liv ke lòt pèp ekri e ki pale de ras nou an. Se malere ke lide sa a p at pase
tout swit. Fwa sa a mwen vle defann lide sa a nan pwochen chita tande zanmi sa yo gen pou fèt.

Souvan nou pale de pèp nwa a ki pa konn istwa l. Pafwa, nou pa menm mande pouki. Anpil lòt fwa, lè nou reponn kesyon sa a, nou pale de blan ki fè si, kolon ka p kontinye fè sa. Men, nou menm ka p chache, ka p fouye, ka p panse, se kisa nou fè devan yon sityasyon konsa? Nan sans sa a, Jaf parèt kòm yon gwo referans ak de gwo dokiman li fè soti deja. Gen anpil lòt bagay ki dwe fèt :

1_ Mete kanpe anpil biblyotèk sou pye nan kat kwen peyi nou. Mwen pa p pale de biblyotèk ki chaje ak roman fatra. Ma p aple de liv ki chita sou listwa pèp nou, ras nou. Menm liv ki denigre ras nou an dwe la tou. Se zouti brase lide, refleksyon yo ye. Eske pèp ki nan grangou enterese nan lekti? Wi, yo enterese nan sa !!!

2_ Mete òganizasyon sou pye(anndan kou deyò peyi a) kote etidyan ak pwofesè angaje nan tradwi liv ak dokiman enpòtan. Se yon koze ki te pale deja nan fowòm sa dayè.

3_ "Pwofes
è militan" dwe goumen pou yo antre nan edikasyon jèn nou yo obligasyon pou yo li yon kantitre otè nwa chak ane. Se yon inisyativ ki ta dwe koumanse depi nan primè.

4_ Nou bezwen anpil, sa mwen rele "Entèlektyèl Militan", ki pou angaje yo nan lekòl ak nan ledikasyon nasyonal ak misyon pou yo enfliyanse lespri jèn nou yo ak chanje mòd sistèm edikatif esklavajis nou gen nan peyi nou an. Fè "AFROSANTRIS" antre nan lekòl nou yo pra l mande bra, sèvo, konviksyon ak detèminasyon pitit edike peyi a.

5_ Chache simaye lide sou "afrosantris" la nan mitan òganizasyon popilè, etidyan, nan mouvman alfa, peyizan. Nou konnen pa gen pèp ki ka vanse si li pa konn valè listwa li. Se sèl mwayen pou kolon yo pa jwe nan tèt li.

Sa m dwe fè? Sa l dwe fè? Sa n dwe? Repons lan se patisipe, goumen pou yon gwo mouvman konsyantizasyon jenès nou an. Kouman na p espere, mande chanjman, alòske gwoup moun ki responsab chanjman sa a pa chanje li menm. Tonnè boule m! se pa yon jwèt. De twa grenn moun paka f
è mirak sa a(...)

Koulye a, mwen vini ak tèsk la :

Nos scientistes dans l' ombre

Qui sommes-nous? Des têtes pensantes ou plutôt des marionnettes que les autres peuvent manipuler comme de vulgaires imbéciles? Pouvons-nous (la race noire et les peuples noirs) décider de notre destinée en laissant derrière les chaines mentales de la servitude, la mendicité, l' aliénation, le complexe d' infériorité? Pouvons-nous, à l' instar des Asiatiques, établir notre Respect et retrouver notre Fierté dans le monde? La réponse à ces questions est Oui. Mais faudrait-il au départ poser les vraies questions et pointer du doigt les véritables problèmes de notre race.

Cette parenthèse ouverte sur cet autre scientifique, Emeagwalli, nous offre une belle occasion d' aborder brièvement certains points importants. C' est désolant de constater que la plupart de mes frères continuent de croire en la toute puissance des médias occidentaux. On est consterné que ces derniers aient omis de parler de ce g
énie noir, Emeagwalli. La question fondamentale reste : pour combien de temps encore allons-nous nous agenouiller devant les colons? Il semble que sans eux, il nous est impossible de retrouver notre estime de soi. Qui devaient faire connaitre nos scientistes? Les blancs ou bien les intellectuels noirs qui devaient les faire découvrir dans nos écoles?

J' ai fait toutes mes études en Haiti, du primaire à la terminale(philo), pas une seule fois j' avais vu dans un livre ou entendu aucun de mes profs mentionner, voire parler d' un scientifique noir. Avons-nous jamais posé la question, à savoir : pourquoi nos scientifiques sont complètement absents de nos manuels scolaires de mathématiques? De l' Afrique aux Antilles, c' est le même constat. Qui sont responsables de cet état de faits? Les colons ou bien nous-mêmes qui devons faire connaitre nos génies auprès de nos écoliers et jeunes étudiants?

Il est grand temps de prendre notre destinée en main! Il est grand temps que nos élites reconnaissen
t la nécessité de travailler et de consentir des sacrifices pour le bien-être de la postérité !!! Nos soi-disant intellectuels ne comprennent même pas que leur supposée "fierté" est une illusion stupide, dans la mesure oú la "fierte" individuelle ne peut être détachée du "Respect" collectif. Les pays asiatiques ne seraient jamais là ils sont aujourd' hui s' il n' y existait pas une conscience collective inébranlable. Faut-il vite souligner que cette conscience n' est pas le fruit du hasard. Qu' on se souvienne de la révolution culturelle en Chine par exemple; de Mahatir ainsi que ses colaborateurs qui ont accompli un travail admirable en Malaisie. Or, c' est exactement cette essence (ce profond sentiment d' appartenance) qui fait mortellement défaut aux élites noires enfermées dans un faux complexe de supériorité par rapport à leurs compatriotes misérables. Il est vrai que cette mentalité imbécile résulte de l' impitoyable lavage de cerveau conduit pendant l' esclavage. Y a t-il espoir à ce que nos é
léments instruits découvrent le sentiment d' appartenance? Des signes encourageants peuvent être observés chez une poignée d' entre eux. Mais, jusqu' oú ce phénomène va s' étendre? Dur à dire...

On ne peut rien construire sur les valeurs des autres. Surtout pas avec des images qui nous sont complètement étrangères (cette exclusivité de visages de colons dans nos manuels scolaires.) Pourtant, nous constatons qu' en ce début du 21ème siècle, les signes de l' Afrocentrisme se cachent encore dans l' ombre. Je dis bien dans l' ombre, car il est encourageant de voir que certains de nos éléments instruits réalisent la nécessité de cette démarche d' une éducation proprement africaine de nos étudiants. Les étudiants asaitiques n' ont pas eu besoin d' adopter une quelconque langue des colons pour être des génies dans tous les domaines. Étonnemment, la majorité de nos soi-disant intellectuels nous laissent entendre que les Antillais et les Africains ne peuvent rien produire à partir de leurs langues ma
ternelles. Heureusement que quelques uns-- ne serait-ce qu' une poignée, c' est pas négligeable-- pensent et veulent prouver le contraire.

Récemment, lors de la réorganisation de l' Union des États Africains, quatre langues officielles ont été adoptées, dont l' anglais, le françias, l' espagnole et l' arabe. On remarquera qu' aucune langue africaine n' a été retenue comme officielle. Or, à ceux qui nous diront qu' il n' existe que des milliers de dialectes en Afrique, qu' ils sachent qu' il y a deux langues parlées par la plus grande majorité des Africains : le Swahili et l' Ingala. Pourquoi l'une de ces deux langues n' a pas été retenue? Eh bien, ces soi-disant intellectuels noirs africains ont bien décidé de ne jamais se départir de leur mentalité d' esclaves. Comme toujours, ils sont prèts à satisfaire leurs maitres ouvertement au détriment de leurs propres compatriotes, quitte à nier leurs propres valeurs.

Un livre présentant certains de nos scientifiques a été publié par u
n Haitien sous le titre : "Inventeurs et Savants Noirs". Malheureusement que cet ouvrage est trop peu voluminuex par rapport au nombre incalculable de nos Têtes Fulgurantes qui existent dans le monde. Par exemple un Maurice Ashley, une Shirley Ann Jackson n' y sont même pas mentionnés. En plus, on y retrouve très peu d' images. Ce livre devra nécessairement être réedité dans un format encyclopédique, et dans plusieurs langues antillaises et africaines.

Pour ceux qui s' en doutent : les étudiants noirs ont cruellement besoin de références scientiques qui leur ressemblent, c' est -à-dire d' autres noirs, pour qu' ils puissent solidifier leur estime de soi et croire irréversiblement en leurs potentialités et les développer au plus haut niveau. N' importe quel petit blanc idiot peut faire douter nos enfants de leurs capacités. Malcom X est notre exemple le plus fameux... Il est par ailleurs grand temps que la promotion de la science devienne la grande priorité dans nos écoles. Citez-moi un seul pays
noir oú sortent chaque année quelques créateurs noirs? C' est ainsi que les Asiatiques ont posé leurs marques en créant à l' intérieur même de leurs propres pays. Nos scientistes feraient mieux d' encadrer le plus de jeunes noirs possible. Autrement dit, leur existence ne serait que symbolique. Ou ils continueront de s' enfermer dans leurs tours d' ivoire. Rien de plus, rien de moins. Finalement, cette question de scientistes noirs sous les verroux est de la pure fiction (...)

La Race Noire saura-t-elle, un jour, regarder vers le soleil???

Pitit Ginen.

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