Open letter to Prime Minister P.J.Patterson of Jamaica

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Jean Colin

Open letter to Prime Minister P.J.Patterson of Jamaica

Post by Jean Colin » Fri Jan 30, 2004 10:23 am

Petition for a leader during Haiti's time of uncertainty.

As a fellow African in the Americas, it is perfectly legitimate for you to play an important role in Haitian affairs, participate in our struggle for freedom and justice and more importantly, intervene and assist in the resolution of our family's disputes -- economical, political and otherwise.

One of Haiti's greatest hero, Boukman, was also of Jamaican descent. In these difficult and dangerous times in our history as a nation, we need your leadership as much as we needed his during our successful revolution.

I am sure that it has been a great privilege and honor to represent Jamaica and Caricom all over the world. And, you have done a wonderful job and performed your duties with great distinction and excellence.

But, I dare say that it would be an even greater honor for you to save a nation, unique in
the history of the world, especially, as Haiti celebrate the 200th anniversary of its Independence. The timing could not be better!

This service to our homeland and this celebration of our common heritage would, of course, have very little to do with the principle of National Sovereignty and foreign intervention. It's just between you, the Haitian people and Toussaint Louverture legacy in the Caribbean Region.

It is very unfortunate that 200 years after this great victory over injustice, colonial exploitation and cruelty of men on its fellow human beings, that we, Haitians, of all people, would turn against one another and fight these same evils within and among ourselves, putting in jeopardy the very survival of our young and immature democracy.

Prime Minister Patterson, Haiti deserves your leadership and guidance and we are grateful! Please help us take charge of our people welfare, our national and international affairs and pilot in this fragile "boat-nation" until we get ourselve
s together, reach a permanent and peaceful solution to our political, social and economic nightmare and help us celebration 2004 on safe and solid ground.

Do it for Boukman
Do it for Toussaint Louverture
Don't let them down
Don't let us down!

Jean F. Colin
Cooper City, FL 33330

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