Manman Ayiti, kilè wap delivre?

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Manman Ayiti, kilè wap delivre?

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The following story is extracted from an anonymous letter sent to the Corbett list on January 16. The letter's intent, we surmise, was to highlight that Haitian society, including the paid propagandists for the current government as well as its opposition and the International Community pay scant attention to faceless victims of political intolerance from either side of the struggle for political power. A striking example of " <a href= ... shtml>Moun pòv, se moun yo ye?</a> " In this particular case, the anonymous writer recounts the harrowing tale of the killing of a common man, thought to be a "Lavalas" supporter. It is our very firm conviction that such acts of intolerance, regardless of the political affiliation of the perpetrators or of the victims, debase ALL OF US, ALL OF HAITIAN SOCIETY. We are all the poorer for the death of
this man. Pity those, who in their fanaticism, their quest for glory or power, their blind partisanship, their class prejudices, their political absolutism, with the hate that consumes their hearts, fail to realize that such vile acts of intolerance should never be dismissed nor encouraged. True, we have come to another sad point of our nation's history when our society has become so polarized that a great number of Haitians cannot even seem to comprehend that it is possible to subscribe, above the political follies of our time, to some basic precepts: full citizenship for all Haitians, a state of Law, justice (the end of the reign of impunity that has greatly afflicted Haiti throughout her bicentennial history), and the social and economic development of our society, starting (for once) from the ranks of the poorest of the poor. Yes, we do believe that "tout moun se moun", and when we read the following story on the Corbett list, it hurt us deeply. Yes, we know that such vici
ous crimes happen on all sides of the political spectrum. We also know that this story is unfortunately not so exceptional... that no one in Haiti is really immune from this cancer that is eroding our nation. So, we pick up the cry from this anonymous writer: "Manman Ayiti, kilè wap delivre?"

Note: We only publish here some relevant excerpts from the letter, as distributed to the Corbett List. If you wish to see it in whole, the reference number of the post is "17964" and you may request a copy from .

Guy S. Antoine
Windows on Haiti

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On this subject of repression I just wished that someone, even some freaking paid government official, would have posted something on Mr. Co
rbett list about that young man showed on Haitian television last week, on TNH and others to be exact, and also images picked up by foreign televisions and showed in other countries but NOT the United States. So sad.

A young man last Wednesday, 7 January I believe, was at an opposition demonstration wearing an "Aristide for 5 years" T-shirt. He was pulled by anti-government partisans. After that, they took some broken glasses, dumped it on the poor guy's head until he was bleeding and near death. He managed to get into a sewer, (twou rigól) but the good partisans of the opposition were not satisfied yet. Now, THIS IS A TRUE STORY. Hell, it was shown on T.V.

They then went into the twou rigól (sewer), with shovel (pèl), and beat him with it until he died.

Alas, there is no outcry for him because he was " a Lavalas chimere". Worse, not even government people on this list who are getting paid let the story out. What a shame! That's Haiti today. Story continues below.

Finally, Radio
Solidarité in Haiti had an interview with opposition people like Paul Denis and Mr. Apaid about it. Fascinating to hear Mr. former Senator Denis's voice stating on the radio, that this guy who died was youn vwayou (a bum). Well, that means therefore he deserved death. Bums and poor are not people and so therefore, you can kill them as you wish...

This is no competition about repression. It is just about human decency. That poor guy -now dead- had no lawyer either, no international media, no nothing. His death is just that of a Lavalas bum, a Lavalas chimere...

Manman Ayiti, kilè wap delivre?

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Nous avons ete les temoins oculaires de cet acte barbare ce jour-la et cettte image cruelle m'empeche jusqu'a date d'organiser ma pensee sur le constat fait de la situation politique reelle du pays natal qui ne correspond pas a la propagande malveillante des medias remuneres par les secteurs anti-peuple.

Heureusement certains journaux dignes de ce nom se differencient toujours par leur denonciation responsable:

Le public a pu voir ces images diffusées par la Télévision nationale (TNH) et aussi par des réseaux à l'étranger, montrant une scène de torture exercée par les manifestants anti-gouvernementaux sur un présumé sympathisant Lavalas. La police, présente en grand nombre, à cette occasion pour assurer la sécurité de la manifestation, a dû tirer des rafales en l'air pour repousser cette horde assoiffée de sang. Évidemment s'il s'était agi d'une victime appartenant à «l`opposition», cet événement aurait connu encore plus d'ampleu
r dans la presse bourgoise et les grands médias internationaux. Surtout qu'en cette occasion encore, le Département d'État et l'OEA ont trouvé moyen de faire porter la responsabilité de la violence au gouvernement haitien!

Extrait de Haiti-progres du 13 janvier.

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