2004 celebration song for Haiti-a painful assignment

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2004 celebration song for Haiti-a painful assignment

Post by Gifrants » Sun Sep 14, 2003 5:02 pm

Two weeks ago, I called a friend of mine in order to let him know that I was going to mail him a copy of my Live Vodou Djazz performance at La Chaumiere which occurred in 1992. The poor man was very upset about the many 2004 festivities scheduled by many different Haitian organizations in the New England areas. What about having one major event, a very official one, where all of us can attend, he asked? I reiterated once again, as I have been doing it since last year, that I did not want to participate at any event that would focus on the past. If there is a festivity, I said, where we intend to lay down the foundations for a better future of Haiti and our fellow Haitians, count me in , otherwise, I stay away. He discounted my remarks only to add that the most painful aspect for him in all of this brouhaha, was there was no song, no music at all to be the theme of this ce

I told him point blank, there is nothing to celebrate about right now, and there is no positive thing to sing about. He said, "Ti fre, something good can be still said." This man has done a lot of positive things for the Haitian community in Boston. I've achieved in Boston in the last 6 years what I did not in New York for 14 years. He did pave the way for all of us to be part of this great community. That was how I agreed to write a song which I hope is going to be the theme of the 2004 celebration at least in Boston. It is a very painful assignment.

First, it upsets so much that Aristide is still in power. The celebration of 2004 is incompatible in my view with the existence of the current government that has become as infamous, even more infamous than the Duvalier regime. Arisitde has failed to understand the enormity of his responsabilities when it comes to laying the foundations for a democratic Haiti, and the incliusion of all in the system of government. The savage repres
sions and killings of those who do not support his policies is highly reprehensible to me at a level such I believe that he should be served a warrant at the inauguration festivity of a new government, and arrested for High treason, embezzlement, and crimes against the Haitian people.

Secondly, the current socio-economic situations are nothing to celebrate about. Are we still going to sing about hope?

Thirdly, the strong phenomenon of acculturation of the Haitian society, added to the state of moral depravation of the intelligentsia, the upper and the middle class is another handicap. I'm dealing with people who for the least 40 years have invented their own way of living with the following equation bluff+lajan=relasyon. There is nothing to do with credentials, we are talking here about real credentials, nothing to do integrity, and responsibility.

It is in the midst of this crap that I have to come up with a song which must convey positive feelings we all obviously can relate to regard
ing Haiti, our country. One must not forget that for the last 20 years I've been playing Haitian music, most Haitians just do not give a damn about what I'm playing. Creativity is a word, and a concept that is rarely applied and used in the mind of most Haitians, even the ones with big credentials. No wonder we are such in a deep chaos.

Neg ki inteljan pou Ayisyen se neg ki malen. Nou ka konprann pouki sa Aristide rele tet li jeni. A simple song about Haiti cannot be either written or sung with words of glory, pride, and good life, true vision. Apre Desan zan, n ap rele anmwe toujou. Sa k pi grav, nou twouve sa nomal. Si nou pa t twouve sa nomal, se nou te genyen vizyon tout bon vre, selebrasyon sa te dwe fet sou yon gouvenman ki reprezante deteminasyon nou, konviksyon nou pou yon Ayiti miyo, e sitou pou yon Ayiti kote diferan klas sosyal yo menmsi yo pa te chante men nan men, men yo te ka kanpe ansanm pou chante ak yon sel vwa. Bondye sel ki konnnen ki jan mwen te ka fini ti rale sa.


Ezili Danto
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The Sacred Power of Words - A vision for Gifrants

Post by Ezili Danto » Fri Sep 19, 2003 6:18 pm


This is Ezili Danto, the flesh and blood woman who writes on this Forum, not whatever you called it - the "Midwayer." And just so you don't mistake the Haitian Lwa again for your "Midwayer", Ezili Danto is an African warrior goddess. No, the African lwa-yo did not have a white mother at the beginning of time, nor was Michael of Nebalon, whoever he is, anywhere around when the first Black woman gave birth to all the races. (See, Gifrants post to Ezili Danto at http://www.haitiforever.com/forum/viewt ... ?p=786#786 )

I've been meaning to get back to you before this and place a post under the "Vodun in the Super Universes" section. But I read your Post subject: 2004 celebration song for Haiti-a painful assignment at and the pain and horrific negativity called, to me, to respond to this instead. But, my response is fla
vored by how appalled I was to read your understanding of Vodun at . There's no point in analyzing what is total trash. (This New Age book of Urantia might have helped you, Gifrants, understand Vodun the way YOU want to see it, but to outright say IT IS HAITIAN Vodun is a ball-faced lie. One undeserving of comment.)

But, since you have agreed to write a song to "celebrate" 200-year of Haitian independence, I think, that endeavor should be analyzed in light of your mangled morals and hatred for the "low mental level" as you say of "the Black race." I would suggest you catch yourself a new mindset before attempting to write this song, if you are looking to strike a chord in the Haitian Black psyche. In fact, it's my job to help you, if I can, find something to celebrate in 200 years of Haitian existence.

Gifrants you write: "……there is nothing to celebrate about right now, and there is no positive thing to sing about.

But, your frie
nd, he said, "Ti fre, something good can be still said."

You should listen to your friend.

He sounds like a man with some wisdom.

You write you agreed to write the song, but this is "…a very painful assignment." I will stop here and not go through the rest of what you say. Frankly, it was painful, for me, to read your post Gifrants.

Only a mindless person would send out such poison, and bad vibes and not know it. Never could an authentic Ginen or Vodouist do so. Your speech, Gifrants, (in its totality, on this Forum) is not healing. It falls outside the sophisticated spiritual legacy of Africa that's Ginen incarnate.

Frankly and sincerely, your mental incapacity, Gifrants, bothers me. Torments me every time I read your opinions. It's a big challenge. One I wish I could ignore if I did not see your purpose in my task clearly. You are so disturbed by the appearance and popular lies Haitians take on as "Truth". Where is YOUR inner wisdom, Gifrants?

When you change
Gifrants, part of what is "Haitian" to you, will change. Can't you see that? The poor person pictures poverty, betrayal and helplessness. The rich don't. And poverty and richness is not just a monetary thing, it's a psyche; a way of being. But I just won't point this out, I'll go a few steps further and give you a vision, a way for accomplishing all your dreams and for always looking at Haitians in a positive light.

In your post at (http://www.haitiforever.com/forum/viewt ... ?p=786#786. you gave me some advice, which I hope to find the time to put into practice. You wrote "Pou kalme tet chofe, limen yon chandel blan, mete li nan mitan yon bol blan ki genyen dlo dous ladan chak madi, chak jedi, chak vandredi pandan yon ti bout tan pou pemet la rekonesans e la bonn repriz de vos sens. ) Thank you for helping me out with that Black rage thing Gifrants. But, I don't wish a lobotomy, only a new heaven and a new earth, where the issues of the Black woman will be allowed to share in this earth
's bounties and beauty. But, you are entitled to give me some advice. In the same vein, I hope you will accept this return gift Gifrants, in the spirit it's given.

To be a healer, Gifrants, you must, amongst other things, first understand the power of Your words.

If you understood African and Haitian Vodun philosophy and that the driving power that gives life and efficacy to all things is Nommo, "the word". If you understood this, you would use your sharp mind and talents to transform your disappointments into successes. If you understood that all you see is NOMMO-demonstrated, or, the power of the word manifest, you would be more careful about what you say, what you think, what you write. Your words are water and seed and blood, all in one. They do not return void. But go out to accomplish your wishes in one way or the other. Rendering you this negative mind you are sharing with mass-conscious peoples. This Black self-hatred, incapacity and venom you spew out, at each turn, reflects the handi
work of a spiritual neophyte. A mind that's not at ease with it's own power. An undisciplined mind, consistently controlled by every small world vibrations, is harmful, deadly.

You mentioned elsewhere about my rage and hatred Gifrants, but that's only because you love and pander white psyche destroying yourself and projecting that destruction on to "Haitians, or the Black race's low mental level, in general."

I live and understand very well my paradoxes and purposes. Whosoever is not emitting energies that end up killing the Black woman's issues have nothing to fear from Ezili Danto, the spirit that guides me. And, I've already pointed out a Black woman is the mother of all the races. So think about those two sentences the next time you think I am anti-white. Perhaps it will help you decipher a few things. For, I mean what I say, in all its infinite variations, but most directly about liberating children that could fall down my thigh. I don't pander to anyone who can't get down with that. Don
't do the Black Mammy thing very well. Try Ophrah if that's what you're looking for. White, especially, well-to-to white women psyche rests its weary, suburban-amnesia head on her bosoms every day at four o'clock eastern time. She has her role, like sexy Freda has hers. But, Black children, also, need another Black woman archetype beyond Freda and Black Mammy. One who doesn't pander, nor get seduced or co-opted. One who doesn't infiltrate the larger society, claims their share and then maintains a neutered outlook in order to maintain their accumulated power. Isn't that what people rail to no end about, with Aristide, and Africa's feudal lords, to lesser or greater extent? But, then when faced with someone who doesn't pander, we rear back from this unfamiliarity.

I keep my concern. I know what's it's for. Like I say, no Mammy lives here. Don't live to nurture, pander or coddle white psyche. Or, Blacks who love white more than self - even to the extent of pilfering the African Lwas and giving them a
white lineage. Go to ladder-climbing Conloleesy Lice for that. I am not one of these Blacks who redeem white people and consistently find Black anger has no legitimacy, no real justification. Or, that we have a problem when the Powers-that-be decide we have a problem. Or, that the only real characters, with legitimate problems, are white people. It's true, I must admit I have never been as smart as ladder-climbing Category One or Condoleesy Lice ("Category Zero). Cannot stomach their politics or their pandering. Category Zero, are Black overseers, of lesser and greater degree, who exhibit the typical neocon arrogance of their white bosses and patrons (Category One). Artists, on the other hand, deal with moving issues and uplift and empower people. Or, show people, of all the races, a unique way of seeing ordinary or extraordinary things. These are some of the functions of art, song, painting, writing, et cetera.

If you are an artist, then why are you dealing with important issues but keeping us-Haiti
ans and Black peoples, in the dirt with no uplift?

Kindly wake up Gifrants, from the soul sleep of mass education and your own brainwashing. You, are your own deadly foe.

According to the Kongo Religion, from which much of Vodun is derived, words are can be seeds, words have taste, smell, beauty. Words can be medicine or poison. Words can be bombs or balms.

In totality, your words, on this Forum, evidences how you have been hypnotized by popular thoughts about Haiti and Haitians. The thoughts Haitians themselves emit of sin, sickness, poverty, misery and death. When one expects bad, it comes. That's the psychology of superstition. People are powerful beings. They can harness energies. Project inner negativity into manifestations. Then, their affairs will outpicture their negative expectations. I know someone who always thought she was sick, today she is very, very sick. Another always said she never got a cold, today she is still very healthy. Haitians are always talking about the loug
arou who ate someone's child. They've never seen it. But whenever someone dies. They say this. These popular beliefs are just superstitions. But when you expect bad, it will come about somehow. So, in a sense, we are unknowingly killing ourselves and then blaming it on Vodun. I am amazingly intolerant of this soul sleep of ours. Especially knowing what I know about who we are and who our ancestors were. It's time for Haitian peoples to wake up. That's a job for you and I Gifrants.

But, Gifrants, if you continually look at Haitians with fear, you will only find what you keep looking for. I always find the opposite because that's what I look for; that's what I know. Which, is why we have such different experiences with "Haitians" Gifrants. Why? Because my dear Gifrants, blessings come THROUGH YOU not to you.

What you say, write, think, you reinforce. You make easier to manifest. That's also the psychology of superstition. Stop expecting betrayal. Bless the past, don't look back. Live in the now
. Make a change in your subconscious and therefore in the world. Face life situations fearlesslessly. You say Jesus is the only Light for you. Well, if that's so. Listen to his teachings. He said "I've overcome the world." So, accept this Gifrants, await your blessings, not betrayal and death. What you voice you attract. Neutralize your bad vibes -stop sending all that negativity onto my Haitians peoples, please. This Vodouist smashes then before they leave your lips. Thank you, but no thanks you.

Change begins with "The Man In The Mirror" you see each morning. YOU.

Please, Gifrants, don't use your wonderful talents so mindlessly. Don't write a Haitian bi-centennial song with your heart so full of poison and negative attitude. What you send out in word or deed will return to you directly and, may never reach us. So you are your own deadly foe/ If you only give criticism you will receive criticism. What you image, through your imaging faculty, will come to past.

This is my problem wit
h Hip Hop rappers. What I've spent years speaking up about before I became involved with Haitian liberation. I've written about how singing about ghettos and the ghetto life is one thing but becomes a misuse of power when that's all it is with no vision of the four walls beyond such life. That is not "art." It's won't last if it doesn't uplift. So don't use your talents and power so mindlesslessly. What you image, is impressed into your subconscious first, and than out into the world and that is what you will see manifest. Unlike the European viewpoint, in the African (Yoruba/Kongo, etc) worldview, things contemplated, experienced and lived are not separable - one piece, (or the mind, body and soul), cannot be subtracted from the other. If one is destroyed, diminished or desecrated, so is the other.

That's why when you start writing and talking in this Forum, it passes through my skin like a knife. STOP. You cannot be that ignorant of your true power and destiny.

Your written words condemn you
more than it does the "Haitians you are imaging." Understand the power of the sacred word and use it carefully to built what you want to see manifest in the world. Not to state things as they are before your carnal sight with no additional input testifying to your power to elevate and create what could be. There's no wisdom in this

Erase your fear and feelings of insecurity. Try faith in your own good, obliterating all your mental pictures of old hurts, of lack, failure, and betrayal. Don't objectify what you want to destroy by incessantly talking about what is bad in the Haitian community. Destroy these records of hate, dislike and fear. Neutralize, neutralize, and neutralize. Your Lord Jesus called it "forgive, forgive, forgive." You can attain what you see yourself attaining. Start by your spoken word. NOMO. Prepare for what you want when there isn't the slightest sign of it in sight. That's courage. Haiti needs this courage. The Bible calls it faith and wisdom. "Now faith is the substance of thing
s hoped for, the evidence of things not seen…" (Hebrews 11:1). Get some, my man puh….leeeze. You are that point from which creation flows, NTU. Your blessings, and by extensions all blessings, are not independent from you. Hold to the paradoxes. You are Haitian and can hold on to contradictions without getting a European aneurysm. In Vodun, there exists a central point, call it the Pota Mitan, call your vertical ambulatory axis, your body – a central point within you where the living and dead, the real and imaginary, the past and the future, high and low, communicable and incommunicable are no longer conceived of as contradictory. (See, page 101 of Muntu: African Culture And the Western World by Janhaeinz Jahn.)

To finish: Here is the vision -knowing the sacred power of the imaging faculty and the sacred power of words - I will hold steady for you Gifrants. Success, a heart full of cheer. Yes, I know that popular Haitian belief holds that "kè kontan" is frivolous and shallow. But it's not. I wish you
a heart full of more cheer, Gifrants. I hold a vision of you full of health, wealth, kè kontan and perfect self-expression. (Try reading Muntu: African Culture And The Western World by Janhaeinz Jahn. Or even easier yet, Florence Scovel Chinn's "The Game of Life" which I've pretty much internalized and paraphrased herein as they enlighten and reinforce Kongo/Dahomean/Fon esoteric teachings from which Haitian Vodun is derived.) Please stop sending us malediktyon. I wish you would picture the same for me and for all Haiti's peoples. Ou konen nou beswen inyon de de pou fè sa nou beswen paret. Ede mwen, souple vye frè.

I will share this dream with you Gifrants.

I have a passport that allows me to go anywhere in the world. I left Haiti very early. Yet, it bothers me tremendously that other little Haitian girls and boys don't get the opportunity to grow and fulfill their dreams like I have. But I am dreaming for them and working to provide them that access I've been granted.

Most H
aitians, if not most people in the world, feel that coming to America is hitting the jackpot. I don't say it's true. I debate that. But, I have that luxury. Those outside "Paradise" don't have this luxury of debate. But, everyone knows I am with Petion, the first Pan-Americanist in this Hemisphere. Right? So I'd like to keep the liberation he started going by pushing for dual-citizenship and the ability for Haitians to afford US citizenship if that is what makes them feel rich.

They say there are three million Haitians abroad. And 8 million at home.

Is getting "access" so far away, Gifrants…… Be a visionary Gifrants. That's what Haitian children need their adults to be, not complainers.

Ezili Danto

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Post by admin » Sun Sep 21, 2003 1:58 am

The whole world owes Haiti a debt of gratitude and support. In the latter part of the 17th and the entire 18th century, France enriched herself beyond measure by way of a thorough exploitation of Haiti's riches and the transplanted Africans' slave labor. Haiti's revolutionary war totally derailed Napoleon's designs on North American territory. Further, the former slaves' victory fired the imagination of freedom seeking people the world over, including not only the oppressed people of the world, but poets, philosophers, freedom fighters, and ordinary people like you and me. The world would have been much different today, had the Haitian revolution failed. Certainly, it would have been poorer in spirit.

Let's give something back to Haiti, doing our bit to help insure that the Haitian people one day get to benefit à part entière from the Revolution of Freedom and Emancipation for which their forefathers gave their
lives, and for which all of humanity can justifiably be proud. In the annals of the world, there is not a more sweeping tale of the triumph of a people's aspiration to be FREE.

The privilege of writing a song for our nation's bicentennial should be a humbling but joyous assignment. That's what birthdays are for. Not to wallow in misery and self-pity, bitterness and negativity, but to celebrate what is good about us, whether past or present. My advice to Gifrants, if he sees no good in us at the present and no reason to celebrate the past, is to reject the assignment. Il faut être conséquent avec soi-même.

May Michael de Nebadon, the Primary and Secondary Midwayers, and all those to whom belongs the Central Isle of Paradise open your eyes, Gifrants, to a new way of looking at the world. Peace and blessings be unto you rather than curses and damnation.

Then let your talent radiate with the positive energy you will have received.


Reply to both Ezili Danto and Guysanto

Post by Gifrants » Sun Sep 21, 2003 5:55 pm

Why don't you keep your advice for yourselves, this time?

Obviously, on both the Vodou and assignment issues, we do not share the same brainwaves, and we are not on the same path.

There are many ways to find God. Go on your way, and I go on your mine. Regarding my work as an artist, I doubt either one of you can influence what I feel, what I think and even less what I believe.

Love and peace, my friends.



To Ezili Danto

Post by Gifrants » Sun Sep 21, 2003 6:23 pm

I do not feel offended at all by your remarks, and your opinions about my character.

I do not need to justify by belief to you. You do not have to do so either. There is one thing I know about spiritualism. No one can jump from a to z. One goes from a to b, from b to c. It is a very steady process, a path on which only the purety of your soul sustain your advancement.

I won't dare say you need a pscychologist. I won't dare say you need some soul searching. But, however, I will tell you this. Everything is life is not really about life the way we know it. A Native American, a very wise man, siad once: To live is to dream, to die is to live. You are not dreaming and you are not living either. I believe you need some help. I mean no disrespect. I mean no offense. If you feel offended, please, I'm begging you, forgive me. I sincerely believe you need some help.

Whatever you may think of me, whatever you may
say about me, just remember, I believe you need help. I"m not the one who can help you. It's OK also I'm wrong about that. This is why I would decline from now on to reply to anything you will eventually write on this Forum. I'm not angry at all. I don't want to deal with your knowledge. I can't dig it. I confess.



To Erzili Danto

Post by Gifrants » Sun Sep 21, 2003 6:31 pm

Erzili Danto said to me Gifrants?

If you are an artist, then why are you dealing with important issues but keeping us-Haitians and Black peoples, in the dirt with no uplift?

Whom do you think you are talking to?

Mache, se pa de bagay w konnen. Fe vi w. Blye Gifrants. OK. M pa kwe mwen genyen pou sa w gen tan pou li a, tande.

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Post by admin » Mon Sep 22, 2003 12:03 pm

[quote]Why don't you keep your advice for yourselves, this time? [/quote]
Mille excuses, Gifrants! Se tèt chofe mwen ki te fè m ekri:
[quote]My advice to Gifrants...[/quote]
I should follow your advice to Ezili Danto, when you told her:[quote]Pou kalme tet chofe, limen yon chandel blan, mete li nan mitan yon bol blan ki genyen dlo dous ladan chak madi, chak jedi, chak vandredi pandan yon ti bout tan pou pemet la rekonesans e la bonn repriz de vos sens.[/quote]
Unless that prescription applies only to women (I have always stayed away from Midol), it probably would do me good to take your advice (to Ezili Danto) as to not giving you advice (your admonition to both Ezili Danto and myself).

For monolingual speakers, let me attempt to t
ranslate that celestial recipe:[quote]To calm your hot-headedness, light a white candle, put it in the middle of a white bowl containing spring water, every Tuesday, Thursday and Friday for a little while to pave way for thanks giving and coming back firmly to your senses.[/quote]
Great advice! However, given my absent-mindedness (I am just a computer program), I wonder what would happen should I forget to light the candle on Tuesday, Thursday and Friday and do so instead on Monday, Wednesday, Saturday or Sunday...

In any case, I present my excuses to Gifrants and this time instead of advising "if he sees no good in us at the present and no reason to celebrate the past, reject the assignment", I shall simply state the following:

If one sees no good in Haitians at the present and no reason to celebrate the past, then it might be advisable not to undertake the painful assignment to writ
e a song for the circumstance... But if one does submit to the pain regardless, then... ... ... "take a couple of aspirins and call me in the morning".


May Michael de Nebadon, the Primary and Secondary Midwayers, and all those to whom belongs the Central Isle of Paradise bring you peace and blessings rather than curses and damnation. Then let your talent radiate with the positive energy you will have received. (my wish to all, not an advice)


To Guysanto

Post by Gifrants » Mon Sep 22, 2003 10:20 pm

Guysanto said:

The whole world owes Haiti a debt of gratitude and support.

As far as I'm concerned, if any Native American were to read this, he would ask himself what the Americans owe him or her.

As far as I'm concerned, I resent the pitiful cowardishness with which more than 90% of Haitians are FACING THEIR TRUE RESPONSIBILITIES.


You want to keep talking. Keep talking. I can care less about those superficial opinions. I'm dealing every second, every minute, every hour, every day and every night with the FACT THAT I'M HAITIAN AND I MUST DO SOMETHING FOR MY COUNTRY RIGHT NOW, AND AT THE SAME TIME LAY DOWN SOMETHIN



Why don't you contemplate your limitations, my man? and give me a break.


The best most of you can do about Haiti is talking, talking and only talking. The best most of you can say can ONLY RELATE TO THE PAST. WHAT A HELL ARE YOU DOING RIGHT NOW?

It is about Haiti. I do not fool around, I make no joke when it comes to my country, my man. This is a painful assignment. IT IS A PAINFUL ASSIGNMENT BECAUSE AFTER 40 YEARS OF DICTATORSHIP, I'M NOT SUPPOSED TO



Nou sanble, nou pa menm. Nou fout sanble, nou pa menm. Ki le n a sispann ranse ak bagay serye?

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Post by admin » Tue Sep 23, 2003 1:38 am

Gifrants, you are quite the comedian! (Predictability is the stuff of humor.)

Naturally, you would lose your temper and you would call me a "COWARD". As you said to Jaf once: "LACH... LACH... OU FOUT LACH!" And you would follow that with an ostentatious display of nationalism: "WHO IS READY TO DIE FOR HAITI? I'M." And punctuating it with (the expected): "ARE YOU?"

Yes, man! Gifrants, the hero. We, the cowards. And the coup de grâce: "Nou sanble, nou pa menm." Except that today, it was not enough... "Nou fout sanble..."

I am reeling, Gifrants.

You ask: "Why don't you contemplate your limitations, my man?" Yes, I do, man... though my limitations as a mere mortal are not as daunting in comparison to those of a Man-God. I am accepting who I am, Gifrants. I am not a Musician-God, I am not a Hero-God. I am not... sanble nou pa menm, anverite. Glory to my Lord!

Then comes the matter of our present government and boogie-woogie... Aristide! OK, man. You want to talk about it? Let's TALK about it. I have been ready since before you were born. You want to FIGHT about it? Then box against your shadow, man. Here I am, here we all are, to talk issues. To determine what is right, what is wrong. There is plenty wrong, dead wrong with the Haitian government today (there is some right too, by the way) and I believe I can address those issues without swear words, expletives, terms of disrespect, cockiness, hot-headedness, baiting nationalism and self-glorification. Can you? I repeat: CAN YOU?

It's easier, of course, to disparage others, to curse, to say that you are ready to die for your country (you've been saying that for a long time!), to peremptorily assign to yourself virtues of bravery and fiery nationalism while "finger pointing" others and calling them "cowards". That's easy stuff, Gifrants. Anyone, I mean anyone, could do that. There's got to be more...

You say: "WHAT A HELL ARE YOU DOING RIGHT NOW?" and assure us: "I'M DOING IT WITH MY MUSIC." Interesting statements, Gifrants. Tell us (if we are worthy) exactly what you are doing with your music. In which way is it helping Haiti get out of its morass? I am not saying this with prejudice. You made the statement, you back it up!

You are a musician. You are an artist. Who could deny it? But in which way have your lyrics and melodies begun to transform Haitian society? I understand your good intentions, but what makes you so superior to me, so superior to the rest of us to make you feel that you are in any way entitled to hold your nose in disdain? Please tell.

Getting back to Aristide, you call him "AN UGLY BLACK, AN UGLY HAITIAN... A PUNK... A MALICIOUS S.O.B." OK... FINE... (well, not so fine, but... passons!) Now that you have gotten those expletives off your chest, let's tackle the problems the Ha
itian government is mishandling, one by one, and talk of how they should be handled. Is this the best we can do? On this forum, yes. In our private, public (or showbiz) lives, maybe we can do more... much more, in fact! But on this forum, it would be a significant milestone if we just sat down and talked about Haitian politics without vituperation. Can we, can you?

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