Special interests holding democracy hostage is unacceptable

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Special interests holding democracy hostage is unacceptable

Post by Ezili Danto » Wed Dec 31, 2003 4:51 pm

One e Respe to all;

I am writing this from Haiti.

The priority is to spend my precious hours here paying respect to the ancestors for being the first to put liberty to application and for all they did for Haitians, all Africans and humanity in general. I want to take it all in. I don't want to spend time answering e-mails, and writing responses to opinions and essays. That's for another time. Yet, I am compelled to comment now, before the big day, on NOAH's intervention.

Before I do so, I want to comment on the fact that the mainstream media seemed to have replaced the traditional role of the Haitian army in staging Coup D'etat in Haiti. It's an international conspiracy orchestrated by forces which have always been against the very existence of Haiti. For, it appears to me the misinformation and lies currently circulating about what is happening in Haiti are the
height of hypocrisy and journalistic fraud. I have been here, in Port-au-Prince/Petionville since Dec. 26, 2003. I can personally witness that there is NO mass violence, or, mass genocide in Haiti to date, as has been reported by opportunistic/Blan peyi Haitian mercenaries and by their mainstream corporate press.

Additionally, I have a very dear friend who went straight to Gonaives and, contrary to what is being disseminated on the internet and news forums, there is not any bombs dropping on the people in Gonaives or mass genocide in their streets. That, of course, is what these mean spirited forces want, but the people are not cooperating. What I see is the Haitian people working hard towards putting the final touches to monuments and public spaces designated for the big fete and commemoration ceremonies. What I see is pride and resilience.

From my standpoint, the vast majority of people are determined to enjoy tomorrow (January 1, 2004) without event.

Yet the foreign media I run into
only ask: What do Haitians have to celebrate. Do you realize the TV stations are all pro-government? That's their focus. Nothing else. The majority Haitian people's mandate desires and wish to celebrate in peace and unity the amazing feat of their ancestors is beside the point.

I am told, though, that this is not the news circulating in the mainstream press in the US cities. I wish to inform all Haitians that the news of the demise of electoral democracy in Haiti is greatly exaggerated.

On December 29, 2003, I witness one of the largest street demonstrations where the people, stood up, all, in unison to say no to violence and yes to respecting the legal mandate of the current government. They are hungry and without access and means, but they do not wish their voice, as expressed, in the last presidential elections, to be disrespected, ignored or arbitrated away. You cannot imagine how tenaciously they express this commitment. Which is why the NOAH proposal baffle

The so-called opposition, unelected by the people and with little legitimacy, except for that granted to them by the European Union and USAID millions, appear to be winning the a media Coup D'etat.

But whose voice do they represent other than the voice of the imperialist who is financing them.* And why should the mighty dollar and racism towards the poor Black majority in Haiti unhinge a democratic process and rule of law institutionalization the Haitian majority have paid in blood to start? (See, below reliable information provided by the Haiti Support Group on funds given to Haiti's current “opposition groups” by the internationals who have an embargo on the rest of Haitian society and its duly elected government.) I am baffled by the notion that a non-profit organization in the US, even one that is as legitimate and respected as NOAH, may set out to imply or directly suggest that the ELECTED LEADERS of
Haiti (that is, the Parliamentarians, the President , Prime Minister and cabinet members) somehow subject themselves to binding arbitration from unelected, special interests organizations and "leaders." On what planet would this make sense?????

I am baffled.Find no legal standing, in accordance with the 1987 Constitution, for such a proposition – it seems extra-Constitutional.

If however, the suggestion is towards unifying different special interests sectors within Haitian society to present a unified platform for consideration and dialogue to these legitimate elected and appointed leaders, then I am with that. But, if the various special interests of the elites believe they can, through, fraudulent media exposes, force Haitians into binding arbitration, where their voices count MORE than that of the majority of the Haitians. Don't even think it. It's illegal, unconstitutional and compromises Haitian sovereignty and the basic principle of self-determination.

Just one more q
uick note before I sign off for this year: Just to give you an example of the corporate media's hypocrisy and manipulations, before he joined the special interest group commonly known as "the opposition" in Haiti, Danny Toussaint was consistently referred to in the mainstream and ultra conservative Haitian press as the "contested Senator Toussaint." Likewise with the others. Toussaint was also routinely referred to, when he worked with the Lavalas government, as a "suspected criminal" by the press and international media.

Today, now that he has switched sides, and is solidly anti-the-Haitian-people's-vote-for-Aristide, suddenly Danny Toussaint's voice is LEGITIMATE to these special interests groups. For today, if you pick up the mainstream press, Toussaint, is unreservedly referred to as "Senator Toussaint." No longer is he the "contested Senator Toussaint." Thus, everywhere you read he is being quoted left and right. This shows us-Haitians clearly the ruse of the embarg
o. It speaks volumes. The hypocrisy of the "your-ballot-tabulation-was-wrong" spiel. For it is logical if you are a "contested senator" you should always be "contested." Right? Thus, in Haiti, it would seem, to be LEGITIMATE one must denounce the current government and call for a violent and unconstitutional overthrow.

Do this and you will be offered money, passport to foreign lands, promises of future "electoral" position in Haiti and who knows what else by the internationals and their Black opportunist blan peyi cohorts.

In solidarity,
Happy Birthday Haiti. Kenbe fem, pa lage.
Ayiti, manman libete, you are the pioneer in the human rights struggle in this Hemisphere. Nou La avek wou. From, yon pitit libete.

Ezili Danto
Li led li la
* [quote]Thanks to information provided to the Haiti Support Group by the European Commission (EC) staff in Brussels and the EC delegation in Port-au-Prince, we are able to shed some light on this sub

• The European Commission is co-financing a Human Rights / Democracy project with Haiti's Initiative de la Societe Civile (ISC) group. The European Commission's contribution is 773,000 Euros (US$890,374 at today's exchange rate). The duration of the contract is from 21/12/2001 to 21/12/2003.

• The official recipients of this disbursement are M. Rosny Desroches and the Fondation Nouvelle Haiti. Rosny Desroches is the spokesperson for the Initiative de la Societe Civile. The Fondation Nouvelle Haiti (FNH) is a member of the Initiative de la Societe Civile group.

According to the EC delegation in Port-au-Prince, the reason why the amounts have been disbursed to the FNH and Rosny Desroches, rather than the ISC, is that the ISC had not been officially registered with the Haitian authorities at the time when the grant was authorised.

Regarding funding for the Group of 184:
It is known that Rosny Desroches is head of the Fondation Haitienne de l'Enseignement Prive (FONHEP),
and that the FNH is run by M. Andre Apaid Jnr. Both FONHEP and FNH are members of the ISC. All members of the ISC are also members of the Group of 184. Indeed, Andre Apaid Jnr. is the Group of 184's main spokesperson.

According to the EC, M. Desroches and the FNH are charged with disbursing the EC funds to "human rights groups" in Haiti. Fourteen organisations are listed by the EC as among those receiving EC funding via M. Desroches and the FNH. These 14 organisations are:
FNH - Fondation Nouvelle Haiti;
CCIH - Chambre de commerce et d'industrie;
CNEH - Confederation Nationale des educateurs haitiens;
OGITH - Organisation generale independante des travailleurs haitiens;
CRESFED - Centre de Recherche et de Formation Economique et Sociale;
MOUFHED - Mouvement des femmes haitiennes pour l'education et le developpement;
CEDH - Centre oecumenique des droits humains;
Commission Justice et Paix;
Femmes en democratie;
KOP (Coordination des organisations populaires);
nCEPRODHD - Centre pour la promotion des droits humains et de la democratie en Haiti;
FPDH - Fondation pour la Promotion des droits de l'homme;
CREDH - Centre de recherche pour le developpement humain;
CED - Collectif pour l'education et le developpement.

The first seven organisations in the above list are members of the Group of 184:

• As we have already mentioned, the FNH is run by Andre Apaid Jnr. - the Group of 184's main spokesperson.

• The head of the CICH, Maurice Lafortune, has also appeared in public as a Group of 184 spokesperson.

• The CNEH and the OGITH are trade unions, both members of the Group of 184.

• The CRESFED is a non-governmental organisation headed by Suzy Castor, a leading member of the Organisation du Peuple en Lutte political party.

• The MOUFHED is a non-governmental organisation headed by Jessie Benoit, a leading member of the Konakom political party.

• The CEDH is a human rights organisation headed by Jean-Claude B
ajeux, one of the founders, and a former secretary-general, of the Konakom political party.

The Organisation du Peuple en Lutte and Konakom political parties are members of the Democratic Convergence coalition.

While on the subject of foreign funding for organisations in Haiti, we also note that the United States Agency for International Development (USAID) allocated US$3,050,000 (just over three million dollars) to "civil society, the media, human rights organisations and political parties" for its Government and Democracy programme in Haiti in the fiscal year 2003 (year ending September 2003).[/quote]

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