JAFRIQUE Stands Up Against the Tyrany of the US in Haiti

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Empress Verite

JAFRIQUE Stands Up Against the Tyrany of the US in Haiti

Post by Empress Verite » Wed Dec 08, 2004 5:10 pm

One and Respe!

Thanks JAF for keeping it real and having the courage to do so!

Haitian-Canadian Activist Denounces Bush and Martin

HBN, OTTAWA, Canada, Fri. Dec. 3: “Free the ballot! Stop the bully and his bullets!”

That's what Haitian-Canadian activist, Jean Saint-Vil, wants for his native country. Vil was among those protesting against President Bush, during his recent trip to Canada.

Said Vil, “Bush commits the crime in Haiti, he sends Paul Martin to cover it up. We say hell NO! The whole world must know! Our Canada must not become an agent serving to cover up the racist crimes of emperor Bush in Haiti.” – Hardbeatnews.com

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Post by admin » Wed Dec 08, 2004 5:58 pm

Yes, Jafrikayiti's voice is getting recognized more and more, with each passing day. Here's the full copy of his speech:

Free the ballot ! Stop the bully and his bullets !

Speech delivered by Jean Saint-Vil at the massive demonstration against the presence of warlord G.W. Bush in Ottawa, Canada on Nov. 30 2004

[quote]Bush commits the crime in Haiti, he sends Paul Martin to cover it up.

We say Hell NO! The whole world must know!

Notre Canada ne doit point devenir un agent qui sert à camoufler les crimes racistes de l'empereur Bush en Haiti!

In Haiti, our brothers and sisters resisting the racist coup d'état and occupation defiantly extend their hand showing the 5 fingers that represent the full presidential mandate of their abducted, duly-elected leader. Let us show our solidarity with Haiti
as she demands that Baby Bush and his stooges respect their ballot.

5 ans sans coup d'état !

To free the ballot we must stop the bully and his bullets! But time is not on our side. Human rights organizations one after the other keep confirming that the number of political prisoners is increasing daily while the Bush-installed puppet regime, the foreign forces as well as the CIA death squads on the ground are all involved in mass assassinations in the poor neighbourhoods, especially targeting streets kids as CBC reported just yesterday.

Les actes crapuleux, racistes et illégaux commis en nos noms par les gouvernements de Bush, Chirac et Martin, nous déshonorent, nous horrifient, et nous révoltent ! Nous, peuple Canadien, disons haut et fort : Non à l'hypocrisie ! Vive la vrai démocratie et la solidarité sincère des peuples !

Allende, Lumumba, Sankara, Estimé, Aristide…
Trop de fois les peuples appauvris se sont choisi des leaders progressistes, seulement pour les voir destitués par les puissances néo-coloniales.

When a young and confused skinhead at the street corner yells at a black person “nigger go back to Africa” we can all blame it on stupidity and ignorance but what do you say when, in the middle of 2004, the President of the United States of America conspires with the President of France and the Prime Minister of Canada to kidnap the duly elected President of Haiti, shove him into a U.S. plane and dump him in the middle of the Central African Republic ?

Patrice Lumumba said the gold of the Congo must benefit the people of the Congo. They murdered him.

Thomas Sankarra declared that Africa should not be crippled by a cynical reversed foreign debt. They murdered him.

Jean-Bertrand Aristide demanded that France returns the billions of dollars stolen from the enslaved Africans after they had won their freedom…Bush and C
hirac ganged up to kidnap him in the middle of the night then dumped the man in the Central African Republic.

How long shall we stand and look while they kill our leaders or replace them by Uncle Tom puppets?

Those who broke Haiti must be forced to pay REPARATIONS

Those who stole from Haitians must be forced to pay RESTITUTION !

And I end by saying that to free the ballot we must stop the bully and his bullets

One humanity ! one planet ! one love!

Notre humanité est une ! notre planète unique ! notre seul salut : la solidarité !

Amandla ![/quote]

Empress Verite


Post by Empress Verite » Thu Dec 09, 2004 2:59 am

One and Respe!

Great speech! I thought that I saw it posted here before or maybe it was on another site. Still, I enjoy it very much and I am in awe of the courage that it took to think it, write it and deliver it in front of the world community. Haiti has not lost the battle yet s/he has her progeny fighting for her and you are one of them standing firm with the mind, pen, and voice.


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